Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action

The End of Metal Gear Mondays - Part 4

November 22, 2021 Metal Gear Mondays
The End of Metal Gear Mondays - Part 4
Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action
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Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action
The End of Metal Gear Mondays - Part 4
Nov 22, 2021
Metal Gear Mondays

"To do the right thing you sometimes have to leave the things you care about behind. Treasure those memories. No matter what happens, keep them safe." 

- Big Boss

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Show Notes Transcript

"To do the right thing you sometimes have to leave the things you care about behind. Treasure those memories. No matter what happens, keep them safe." 

- Big Boss

If you're interested in joining the Discord and becoming a part of the community in the wake of the finale, find the invite link here:

Support the Show.

Psst... did you know that you could converse with fellow listeners on our Discord? Yes, even now. Right this very moment.

Find more cool links and goodies on our Linktree. And, we have to mention the amazing Metal Gear Mondays Interactive Database that "Dragonhide" put together for us. You can search for anything across every episode. Super cool!

And, if you need to contact the show, feel free to do so using this link.

You're listening to Metal Gear Mondays, the greatest Metal Gear podcast ever.

Open! There was my phone going ding at the end of that, just like a little fairy.

Here's to you, dear listeners.

Ladies, gentlemen, boys, and girls, here listening to Metal Gear Mondays.

The most thorough Metal Gear podcast on the Internet.

As always and forever, I'm one of your hosts, Alessio Summerfield.

And this final time, I'm joined by Sam Wright.

That's me.

I'm going to try not to fuck with my seven pens this final episode, just for you as a treat for the listeners.

I am also joined by Isaac Lim.

It's Isaac Lim.

It's Peppo.

Shock Jack, DJ Isaac.


Isaac, have you gone on and made a career out of the shock jack?

Do you have a couple of calls since that?

Do you answer them as like sick 94.7?

Syndicated radio.

Yes, I'm also joined by James Reichm¸h.

Hey, AKA Jimmy Stinger.

Happy to be back on my favorite podcast on the Citadel.

Happen to be back on my favorite podcast.

Wait, wait, don't tell me.

Much like the legend of the Blair Witch, we brought James so that he could stand in the corner with his back to us as we are killed in the sacrificial slaughter for the podcast.


One of my favorite activities.

It's the second time that Blair Witch, I think, has been brought up in the last five episodes.

Well, yeah, so I am at a loss for words because this is the last goddamn time we're doing this.

Holy shit, man.

I mean, how much do you think HBO Max is going to have to pay y'all to come back in 15 years?

Not a lot.

They're like low tier contract probably.


Can you keep that to yourself?

We haven't.

Oh, I'll do it for a free subscription.

Oh, sure.

You're right.

Before we get off to a rip roar and start, I do want to tease right here at the front that this is going to be the most fucking insane episode of the show.

Hands down.

This is like the ultimate listener response episode we've ever done.

Plus, there's just a bonkers interview coming up too.

Don't say listener response because I noticed that people don't listen to this episode.

Oh, shit.

This is the main line.

This is the main line episode.

But it's the last one.

Surely they'll listen to this one.

Yeah, that's why I've been calling it Metal Gear Monday.

The end of Metal Gear Mondays part four.

Yeah, that's smart.

That's smart.

Before we get into like the fucking vortex, it's about to be this like surreal nightmare zone.

I'm laughing because I'm reading this list of names that we're about to get into and on the first page before.

Did you get to boy pussy?

I sure did.

Oh my God.

That's a good one.

This is my favorite.

I do love that as we as we lead into the finale, you're like every time, unless you describe as the process, he's like, let's dig in for this long dark nightmare.

It's a Halloween episode rolled into one.

We're going to come out the other side as completely different people.

But yeah, let's roll through the let's roll through the patrons who have supported us through thick and thin, except for half this list who bailed.

But I just yeah, we're going to give a big shout out to all of our patrons.

So yeah, much love.

Much like we're celebrating hosts past past and present patrons past and present.

We're also celebrating.


And not in a super sped up chipmunk voice.


On the first actually.


So I'm going to just take this first little chunk.

I guess and then we'll kick it over and then James, if you want to take the last little chunk.


All right, let's rock and roll.

All right.

So here we go with in order.

I think this is an order of patronage.

Maybe not.

Who cares?

Random order.

It doesn't feel like it.

But it's all random.



Here we go.

Thank you.

Skyler Blackwell, Joseph Bird is Raul Emilio Roya's Johnny Flores Jr.

James Davis, Joseph Flores, James Platt, Lee, Yarker, Sam, Sherrod, 9th soccer for 20th

and soccer for two six boy plus he 69 for 20 Ligma.

Ligma nuts.

Tori are.

Take it away, Sam.

What I am not what a chunk.

What a chunk.

Shameless moves Darcy Susan Alex, Sina Dino, Sam B, Nate Peterson, Renato Quiva, Jack

Falvey, the fourth CJ Garcia, a C fun killer Seymour, one GP, Gina St.

Chris Stokes, Justin Egan, Stephen Hoffman, Greg Purcell, Eric Morris, Evan Cortez, Ruben

Blanco, Alex H, Alex Regara, being boy.

I think you want to take some more?


Y'all don't understand.

I needed to get the beam.

All the good ones.

No, I got the good.

James Seishon Seishon Seishon Sean Thomas Moose.

Hold on.

Hold on.

I like that Isaac didn't even give it multiple takes.

He just said the same thing three times.

Yeah, just.

I think it's so in the Italian to be Chi-Chon Chi-Chon, but I don't know if it's that Italian.

No, I don't.

Thomas Moose.

Thomas Moose Samuel VA Virginia Warren Minnix, Mr.

Cropes Lexi Eurola, Jason Sir.

Sorry, sorry.

I'm sorry.


Hey, on Nico Avone, Neil Avonius, Danny Cooler, Dragonide, charity gauge,

cracks, I guess I got it.

James Baron M. Ibrahim Chris Chad Bederidge, Cody


All right.

I'm a zip through this until Scott Fox and then that's you, James.

All right.

Let's see.

Caitlin Conner, John Johnson, Tyler Washington, Alex Kennedy, Mark Arden, David Sosa Gonzalez,

Cody, Rob Glass, Gregory, John Ross, Justin Norton, Calvin Vincentini, Jesus Christ,

Joey Dagger, Bill Jesus Christ is not a patron.

I was just saying that Adam Gartner, Nebula 487, Joshua James, David Matt.

I'm a pure civic junior titchy.

Chris Hampton, James Baldwin, Winifred Casters, Tio Alex, Mitch Hines, Simon Lee, Sean loser,

Frederick G, Steven Chen, Chine Chen, Keith Reynolds, Aaron Good, Ben Lewis, Chase Cortez,

Wolf Rischette, Francisco Golas, Retell Clayton, Henrik Ness.

Are you kidding me?

Henrik Ness, the fucking composer of our things?

Are you kidding?

I literally didn't.

I had no idea.



Brandon Parks, Louis Marine Jr., Matt, Toby Rothenburg, No Super FX Podcast, Michael A.

Nielsen, Liquid Metal Mike, Zachary Steele, Nick Ziegler, Dean, Tyler Nunez, Thomas Connelly,

Sam Lemke, Rachel Frank, Will Boyer, tuner, Tori Cortez, Brady, RiverB210.

All right.

Then we're running it out with Scott Fox, Brandon Wright, Jamie Christopher, Sam Whitaker,

Raven Knight, Nick Frida, Devin Reed, Kyle, Andrew F., Akira H. Bergman, Josh W. Wiley.

Dude, I've missed that guy.

I've talked to that guy forever.

Hey, if you're listening, now's the time to reach out.

Cole Duncan, Matt Lemninovic, Jackie Boy, Adam Bradbury, like the Adam Bradbury.

That's great.

David Leiden, Matt Slydden.

Hold on.

Leiden, Leiden, Leiden, Leiden, Leiden, Leiden, Leiden, Leiden, Leiden.

One of them.

Matt Slydden.

No, it's a really long bit, James.

No, I remember the bit and I was here.

Alejandro Conseco, Andreas Garcia Jr., binge media, bleeding mask.

I almost thought it was because I'm, selects like that as a bleeding form mask and I'm

like, yeah, the Jim Carrey movie is worth bleeding for.

Brian Serret, Daryl Palembo, Dean Dale, Italian Joe.

Hey, gotta go over here.

And Brown and then rounding it out with the one, the only, Stephen P.

You know what, I'm gonna double down. Jesus Christ.

And Jesus Christ.

He actually, so he patronized really early and then quit and then patronized again.

That's why we said it.

Yeah, three days later, he patronized again.

Three days grace.

Adam, if you're listening, now's the time to reach out.


Fuck yeah.

Well, cool.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's paint a picture of what is happening on the very last episode of Metal Gear Mondays.

Say goodbye.

So I have spent a good chunk of time trying to get everybody who's ever had anything to do with this show be a part of this last episode.

And a lot of these messages are fucking amazing.

And they came courtesy of just a lot of, I don't know, just a lot of work on everybody's part.

So I am very excited.

And just for the record, James, Isaac and Sam have not heard a majority, if not all of these audio messages.

He spent a lot of time telling us how great they were and then not telling us what they were.


So my, listen, all I'm saying is they better be good.

Otherwise, I'm coming to find you and beat me up.

Give you a word.

You take your lunch.

I'm missing a tooth and I'm like, at least you came to visit me.

Oh, no, I'm kidding.

No, definitely that was not a jab at all.

I just, I know.

It wouldn't be an opening to Metal Gear Mondays if we didn't accuse Alessio of being passive aggressive.


Lessons will be I'll come out and I'll do it.

I'll come find you.

I'll tell you all about it.

Don't, don't, don't be careful.

But they feel like Zach James needs to come battle you for the bubby crown.

Yeah, that's my, that's my call.

That's how I call a colon Zach.

If I really need them.




Well, cool.


So the way it's going to break down is like this.

So we're going to do guest farewell messages first and this includes these are non interview

participants that were on the show.

Two of them have technically been on for interviews, but I would say a majority of their appearances

whereas non interviews.

So we'll do guest farewell messages.

Then we're going to move on to past interview farewell messages.

Then we're going to do very last listener responses and that is audio and written.

I'm not going to tell you when we're going to do the final super surprise interview.

So then you have to fucking listen to this entire episode before we get into that.

James, what the fuck have you been doing since you were last on this show?

Oh, what have I been doing?

Well, you know, sometimes you find yourself in a place, a land that may look much like

your own and someday some man may offer you a couple of pills and you may choose to take

one and depending on which one you take, you will have very drastically different days.

And we'll just leave it at that.

So you're in New Jersey is what you're telling me.

I took a long trip in New Jersey.

No, I've been, I've actually been doing a, lately I've been learning to code.

I've been learning C sharp and I've been learning some unity.

And I've been been trying to learn a lot about narrative design and honing my skills as a writer

and can be launching a website soon and getting back out on the prowl for work.

Oh, damn.


I always say ain't no better James than a James on the prowl.

Yeah, you did.

You did always say that.


It's like, it's nice.

I mean, unless it would go out anywhere, it'd be like, you know what I always say.

It's weird.

James gets on all fours and starts like purring.


It's part of my, it's part of my, part of my process really.

One of Alessio's famous catchphrases that he always says.

All right.

Well, you know what?

Let's get into these farewell messages.

Yeah, let's do it.

So we'll do one.

We'll talk a little bit about it and then we'll do another one.

Just kind of go that way.

I wanted to start with the one, the only, the very first special guest in all of Metal Gear Mondays.

Cole Roth.

Did you hear that noise?

Hey there.

This is Cole from DuckFeed TV.

I guested back on, I think it was the first episode of the Metal Gear Solid 3 snake eater


Had a good time.

Had a good time goofing around with you all.

Sorry again.

That one went so long.

That just kind of, kind of happens.

I wanted to congratulate you on going for six years.

That is a real accomplishment, even in something as fun as doing this kind of recap show.

I wish all of you the best in whatever comes next.

And yeah, I will spare you any kind of impression or reference on the sign off here because

I'm positive other people could be funnier with it than I could.

Take care everybody.

What's that sound?

Oh, what a sweet, sweet man.

That was super sweet.

That was super, super sweet.

I still, I still think about when Alessia, when he came to visit Aaron and James and

I in Ohio and you met Cole and Gary and I still have that picture somewhere of you looking

like the cheesiest fourth grader eating like Clifford the Big Red Doll or something like

for the first time.

Yeah, it's like whenever you take a kid to see Santa Claus for the first time, like that

was the dumb fucking look on my face.

It's pretty good.

Thank you, Cole Ross.

Yeah, that's cool.

Yeah, and he was like the first of many, I think.


I remember when y'all, y'all got him as a guest.

I remember Alessia, you telling me that story.

It's really cool.

I was very excited.

I'm getting emotional, guys.

The whole baby, the best is yet to come.

I really, before we go into the next one, I just thought the listeners want to know that

I've chosen, since I can't find my fidget cube, I've taken to playing with a depleted

9-volt battery that I haven't got on the way to discard properly yet.

This podcast is actually a race against time to save Sam's life now.

It's like slowly making its way towards my tongue.

As we keep recording, Sam's like, I'm now fidgeting with a bottle of drain out.

I'm like, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I'm now fidgeting with this open window.


Oh, no.


I just want to let you guys know I'm doing gun tricks with my dad's little finger.

I'm flipping them like off the line.


So coming up next, we have one of my favorite guests from the Metal Gear Solid 4 season,

our very own professional wrestler, AEW wrestler, Craven Knight.

Oh, Craven.

He told me he didn't.

He told me he lied to me.



Does he really wrestle for AEW?

Yeah, he really does.

Well, I'll talk about it here in a second.

That's cool as hell.

Yeah, let's play the message.

Hey there, everyone.

This is Craven Knight.

For those who don't know me, I am one of the fans that got to join in on the fun of discussing

Metal Gear Solid on this great show, Metal Gear Mondays, during the Book Club days of

talking about Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots.

Alessio gave me the choice of which section I wanted to talk about, and I chose our revisit

to Shadow Moses, as I think that is one of the best sections in any video game ever.

Metal Gear Mondays is as important to me as Metal Gear Solid itself, as I was working

full-time and having the quasi-luxury of being able to listen to podcasts all day as I work.

I would search for a Metal Gear Solid centric podcast periodically.

Every few months, I would just check once it hit me.

And most of the time, I'll come up short.

Something would be there, but it wasn't that many episodes, or they were really short,

or there just wasn't really anything to really stick with.

And then after a few months, I checked again, and there's Metal Gear Mondays.

Number one, I think the name sounds really cool.

Number two, there's a few episodes that have already been posted, and they're at good length.

And I listened to it, and I just really enjoyed the discussion.

I enjoyed listening to Alessio and Sam, and enjoyed the deep dives into the series.

As to this day, I still look for media that talks about the series and deep dives into everything.

Even finding things that may not even be there, or things that we didn't see originally,

it's so fun to just to hear people talk about it.

Especially a series that has a fandom that typically can be pretty toxic.

The community of Metal Gear Mondays definitely feels the opposite of that.

And I wish I got to join in on the discussion with the community more.

The Discord just felt a little overwhelming and a little bit hard to keep up with for me.

And that's where I learned Discord's are just not my thing.

But really appreciate this show.

Metal Gear Mondays was just a great ride.

It's hard to hear that it's coming to an end, but I'm very grateful for the time that we all had with it.

With the transitions, with hosts and formats and all that.

I just stuck with it, and it was a good ride.

Thank you Alessio. Thank you Sam.

I regret that Sam and I never got to have a banter about professional wrestling,

as we're both mutual wrestling fans.

But also thank you to everyone else involved that kept this show going.

I appreciate all of you.

And as a huge Metal Gear Solid fan, I can say this from the bottom of my heart,

that Metal Gear Mondays will always be more than just a box to me.

Thank you all. Peace, love, chicken grease. Cravenite out.

And if I can steal anything from professional wrestling, it would be this.

Best of luck to all your future endeavors. Bye everyone.


What a fucking hunk.

What a man.

Okay, number one. Alessio, did you tell him not to tell me that he sent something in?

No, I did not.

Because I messaged him. So I've got something to say about this cool stuff.

I think he sent something after he talked to you, because I think he thought.

I talked to him like two hours ago.

I think he thought the deadline was later than or earlier than it was because he did ask me.

He was like, Hey, did I miss the deadline? I was like, No, no, no. Feel free.

Well, regardless. So Craven is great. I will say that I do.

I wish that we did have the moment to banter about wrestling on the podcast.

Because we are both fans of wrestling. Craven's a fucking wrestler.

Craven and I actually, so I wanted to bring this up because the reason why I messaged him was to congratulate him.

So all elite wrestling.

Shout out to Chad and Tyler. We've been bantering about AEW on the discord in the last couple of days.

AEW is like for the first time in years, since maybe WCW.

There's been like a legitimate like wrestling WWE competition on television.

And it's very good. And they have these two YouTube shows called AEW Dark and AEW Dark Elevation on Monday and Tuesdays.

And I was just scrolling through Reddit and they every week they post the announced cards for the Dark and Elevation shows and for Tynomite and all these other shows.

And I'm going through and it's Tuesday as we're recording this and it's AEW Dark tonight.

And I'm looking here. It's like, okay. And on Friday and Dark Order is wrestling places, blah, blah, blah.

And who did I see on the card but Craven Knight wrestling Scorpio Sky?

Yeah. What the fuck? That's what I know.

And so I'm just like, well, shit. Okay. So I messaged him and congratulated him.

Dark and Dark Elevation like Dynamite and Rampage are on TNT.

Dynamite is about to be on TBS in the New Year or whatever.

But can I jump in real quick? Yeah.

I know what every single one of these words mean individually, but in this context, I have zero idea.

They have AW all the way wrestling.

There's Dynamite and there's some TNT involved. There are dark things.

Yeah. So Dark.

Okay. They have they have show illuminate the dark with your TNT.

Is that what's happening? Fumbling in the AEW Dark with Isaac Lim.

We so all the wrestling is the company and they have a bunch of shows.

They have their Monday shows called Dark Elevation. Are they all? Yes, they are.

The Tuesday show is just dark.

Their Wednesday show is on the channel TNT.

So when they go dark, when they tell their wrestlers like, hey, we're going to go dark for the week of Thanksgiving.

Does it confuse people as to whether or not they're working or not?


Wednesday is on TNT.

TBS on January.

God damn it. TNT is Dynamite.

And then they have a Friday show on TNT called Dynamite.

Yeah. Yeah. Hell yeah.

It's an hour long. It's badass.

But Tuesday is dark.

And the important thing is Craven is wrestling in AEW.

He had to imagine AEW with Scorpio Sky. It's fucking badass.

That's so cool.

And if you go on to reference it is Tuesday right now and it is dark outside.

Yes, that's true.

Daylight Savings, I'm in the second day.

But yeah, so it's dark and Dark Elevation are free on the YouTube channel.

So if you go to All Elite Wrestling on YouTube and look for the November 16th episode of Dark,

Craven wrestled Scorpio Sky on Dark and that is really badass.

That's super badass. Hell yeah.

Can I also just say how cool it is?

It's one thing that stuck out to me in Craven's message, which is beautiful, is like,

and this I've heard a lot of people say this, that listen to the show,

they would listen to the show and they're drive to work or while they're at work.

And it's just so cool seeing none of the impact that like this series of games has had on such a deep level.

But you know, like you guys being with people as they go throughout their days and you know,

having such a deep amount of content on it.

It's really cool and special what y'all did.

Hey, you did it too, James.

Yeah, you were there.

I'm, you know, thank you.


I think it's like, it's, it's,

We had a whole, we had a whole, we planted a flag last episode and had a whole James Rake Meath Love Hour.


We, I think it's, it's, it's really, I don't think that it's,

I'm able to convey with the correct words how much it means to me that he said that Metal Gear Mondays means as much to him as Metal Gear does.

That is nuts.

And I don't know, that's just incredibly meaningful to me and I appreciate that a lot.

So, yeah, it's pretty, it's pretty bananas.

Coming up next, well, so first and foremost, I just want to say,

ditto to everything that you guys said,

but I also want to give a quick shout out to the fact that Craven Knight low key does some of the most amazing like action figure modifying that I have ever seen in my life.


So cool.

Like he'll just take like a G.I. Joe or something like a generic dude and then be like,

Hey, I handmade like a phenomenal looking Batman or like Skeletor or something.

You know what I mean?

And it's like, whoa, my God.


I think that's some like, like legit, like, yeah, way, way crazy stuff.

So yeah, definitely.

It's awesome.

Coming up next is another guest from the show from days of old.

This is our friend, TJ Wark.

TJ Wark.

We even played some of his band's music on the show at one point.

So, yeah, hell yeah, to TJ Wark.

And I'm going to go ahead and play his message and then we'll speak, spit a little,

spit a little sugar.



Some sweet sugar.

Spit some sweet sugar.

All right.

Let's do it.

Hey, Metal Gear Mondays.

This is TJ Wark.

I just wanted to say I'm going to miss you guys.

It was so much fun to be on the show back in the day and to just play along while listening

to you guys.

It was funny as hell.

Well, there'll be an empty spot in my playlist.

See you guys later.

So to echo what Sam said earlier about Craven, when he was like, there's no compliment above

being compared to Metal Gear.

This one was mine where there's no compliment to me that is higher than TJ saying, I guess

there's going to be an empty spot on my playlist.





But it was real.


Much love to TJ.

The name of his band as well as After the Fall and they're actually doing some cool shit.

Moving forward.


So don't keep an eye out.

Sam, you had a fun Chocobo story.

So one of the things that I'm pretty sure we've probably mentioned it on the podcast when

he first wrote into the show, but TJ's last name work is the like onomatopoeia that gets

used for Chocobos in the Final Fantasy series.

And is onomatopoeia the right word for that?

I don't think it is.


You know, the word for the sound that the Chocobo makes.

And in Final Fantasy 15, I named my Chocobo TJ in honor.

So shifting out of old school MGM, our next one is our next recording is from a dear, dear

friend of the podcast who has appeared on many an episode and has also been our in the

field correspondent for some things in Japan.

So this is from Alice Chang.

Hey, everyone.

It's Alice.

I just wanted to come on quick and say thank you to all the listeners of Metal Gear Mondays.

I know this has been a project that has been so near and dear to so many people for so

long that it's almost unreal that it's finally ending.

I wanted to give a special shout out to Alessio Sam and Isaac who very much welcomed me with

open arms when I pretty much like demanded to please let me be on the show.

I still this day have no idea why they were like, yeah, sure, come on an episode, but

I'm still really grateful, especially because I feel like Metal Gear to this day is still

my favorite video game for sure.

And I think its ability to connect with people on this very deep psychological level just

kind of is a testament to why this podcast has been so successful and has meant so much

to so many people.

I mean, I know for me it was such a savior at my job.

When I worked corporate, it used to like bring me so much happiness every Monday when it

was just like such a drag.

I just remember like ugly laughing in my office to myself to this podcast.

So thanks again for everyone who listened, everyone who dealt with my chaotic antics on

this show and especially to Alessio Sam and Isaac for being so cool and letting me be a

part of it.

See ya.


I want to circle back to what you said while we were listening to Alessio because that's

like just our undercurrents not in here.

But like, yeah, Alice, Alice, if you think your show is chaotic, the death stranding shit.

Oh my God.

I always love that we were able to give her the opportunity to speak to Christopher.

Oh, yeah, 100%.

That is, yeah, one of my standout.

My other standout memory involving Alice is when she told me that she was listening to

episode 50.5 where we were reviewing The Phantom Queen, which for anybody who doesn't know

the adult parody film.

Metal Rear Solid, The Phantom Queen.


She was talking to me about listening to that episode and then she accidentally unplugged

her headphones and her entire office heard what she was listening to.

Oh God, I love it.


The second hand embarrassment is real.

That's incredible.

Once again, through line of this show, keeping people company through the capitalistic hell

that we all live in.

You know what?

I think I'm going to start, I'm going to write strongly worded letters to various companies

across the United States and say, hey, I was involved in keeping your workers happy.

If we could receive some sort of confidence.

Were you made happier by the Metal Gear Mondays?

I guessed you may be inside.

I'll define that.

That's like, yeah, amazing.

You were a loved one who had misothelioma.

Have you been struck by a vehicle where somebody closed their eyes and took their hands off

the wheel while listening to Metal Gear Mondays?

Have you been a victim of Jesus taking the wheel?

I think I've literally told people to close their eyes while driving multiple times.

It's true.

You did it literally.

I'm pretty sure last episode.

I think you did it in this episode.

Yeah, potentially.

I heard you say it recently.

Yeah, I'm going to need stats on how many vehicle acts.

Unless you violated OSHA.



We're going to move on to our first longer message, but it's a good one.

And this is actually sent to us, I think, on my birthday this year.


So happy 32nd birthday, Alessio.

Here's a message from Ryan Payton.

What have you got there?

Hey, everybody.

This is Ryan Payton and just wanted to wish a big congratulations to the Metal Gear Mondays

crew for putting together an amazing amount of content, great content, being great partners

to work with, being so pleasant and positive, and also for the community for just being

there and supporting the show and for your love of the Metal Gear franchise.

I have to imagine that running the show in a franchise that's fairly dormant these days

has got to be really difficult.

And I don't know if that's the reason why you all are sunsetting this really great series,

but if that's part of the reason I wouldn't blame you because we can only look so far

at the catalog so many times, right?

Granted, there's the movie that's coming up and then there's all the rumors about a possible

Metal Gear Solid 1 remake, which I really hope happens.

And who knows in the future if Konami decides to dust off its back catalog even more?

I think that's a reason for excitement.

Personally, I love to see a studio put together a Metal Gear portable collection that allows

players to experience Metal Gear Asset 1, Metal Gear Asset 2, and Metal Gear Solid

portable ops for the first time outside of the PSP and PlayStation Vita platform.

And heck, somebody somewhere has got to figure out a way to help have a developer help get

Metal Gear Solid 4 out of the PlayStation 3 platform and onto modern consoles and PC.

I mean, that would be amazing.

That's something I hope to see one day as well.

And also new content as well.

So we'll see, right?

But in the meantime, I just hope that you all are really proud of the work that you did.

And I'm excited for you all to move on to other things.

And also I'm excited for newcomers to this podcast series.

Anybody who's stumbling on is going to just come across a treasure trove of great interviews,

great content, great discussions, very thoughtful work.

And so, yeah, I tip my hat to you all.

Best of luck moving forward and hopefully, you know, the best is yet to come.


Wow, the best is yet to come.

We just, we have messages from so many hunks on this episode.


Is it safe to say, is this the definitive Metal Gear Metal Gear podcast?

Obviously, the definitive Metal Gear Metal Gear podcast.

I mean, I'm going to call it the definitive Metal Gear podcast.

It's got to be, right?

It's definitely the most definitive Metal Gear Mondays podcast.

Only one I've ever heard of.

Hell, yeah.

I will say one of the things, one of my big regrets, because Ryan is out in Japan now

and it's good for him.

Smart man, middle of the fucking 2016 election cycle.

He's like, I'm out of here.

But I regret that we never got a chance to go get our Red Robin at the Redmond Red Robin

because the Bell V Square won't close as we talked about in the episode that we were together.

No, he's a super sweet guy.

I mean, I just, I know I mentioned it on the final episode of Metal Gear Mondays Revengeance.

And I think we mentioned it on the round table as well.

But I just want to thank Ryan Payton for contacting Sam, who then contacted me, who then related to the new hosts.

But he heard, which is crazy.

That makes me think he's got to be a listener.

Ryan heard that they were doing the Portable Ops season as an upcoming season and then reached out to all of us who related to the new hosts.

And he, what they would do, and James, I thought it was super fucking cool and I wish we would have done it on some of our seasons.

But they would do a normal episode, then he would guest and talk about that part of the game as far as like from the development side.

And then they would do another episode, then he would come back on and talk and then they would do another.

It was fucking amazing.

That's super cool.

Yeah, for sure.

So I just want to say thanks to Ryan from the Old Guys for taking the time to be available for the podcast.

I'm one degree of separation from you, Suzuki.

Thanks, Ryan Payton.

The other thing too is that when he mentioned that message that it was going to stand because, as you said before, once the podcast, we're going to continue hosting the show.

People can still come back and find it and listen to it and enjoy it.

But he said something it was going to, it was like this show.

Hold on, hold on.

We're not going to continue hosting the show.

The show will continue to exist.

We could be hosted online.

Before we get listener letters.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

What's the next episode?

Yeah, we're not hosting the show.

The show is being hosted online so people can continue listening to the Matt catalog.

James is hosting it by himself.

That's why he's here.

He's shouting in the void for a while.

What's out of kind up to now?

This is the transition episode.

The Jimmy Stinger Power Hour.

Oh, yes.

Yeah, it's the end of Metal Gear Mondays, but it's the beginning of Metal Gear Rikemuth.

Metal Gear Rikemuth Revenge.

But no, he mentioned it was like this treasure trove of just like interviews and content and stuff like that.

And I remember like, when we were initially getting the actors and stuff to start jumping in on the podcast and doing interviews, we explained it to them.

It's like, we want this to be like this time capsule of the series.

And I feel like that's kind of what we've done.

Like it's just this, it'll just be there as like this monument to the series that we love so much.

Oh yeah.

That's pretty cool.

Okay, so we've got three more left on this section of the show.

I am going to elect that we hear from two guests back to back.

And these two guests.

Without commenting in between?

Yeah, no commenting in between.

These guests are me and Sam's dads.

No way.

That's so cool.

Yay, you guys made me cry.

James, did you ever listen to So For Father's Day?

We did an episode where Sam introduced his dad to my dad.

Oh no, no.

They bonded over there sharing military.

Oh, that's so cool guys.

Yeah, they were talking about the Air Force and Metal Gear.

I do just want to throw this out there.

I don't think my dad understood the assignment quite as well as Alessio's dad did.

We'll talk about my dad the overachiever after that.

Remember that trick.

This is Tim, aka Sam's dad.

I just like to let you know that I am very proud of what you've accomplished.

And I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Why is there a box here?

Hello, this is John Somerville.

I'm sitting here eating these Ocean Spray Greek yogurt and cranberry thingies.

You ever had those?

They're beautiful.

I need to stay away from these.

I'm going to be fat again.

I'm going to talk to you this evening about my son, Alessio, in his show that's finishing Metal Gear Mondays.

I'm kind of sad to see the series end.

This Hideo Kojima Konami game has been around for a long time.

These bipedal walking tanks shooting nuclear weapons.

Maybe Alessio liked it because his dad worked around nukes in the Air Force.

I don't know.

I know we started out with the game where you shoot Nazis.

What was it called?


Yeah, he really liked that.

I'm sure they had something to do with this choice of this game.

I noticed that it released two years before his birthday.

That means he would have caught up with it around 10 or 11 years old.

I'm thinking that's the reason he talked up Metal Gear Solid so much.

The original Metal Gear was much too early for him to really get into.

It's around the PlayStation one time period.

I'm thinking that he got into this perhaps for the first time.

Yeah, so Alessio, about Alessio, when he was young, it wasn't just playing video games.

He wanted to talk about video games and sometimes he would talk for hours.

He'd ask me so many questions I had no idea how to answer.

Sometimes I really should have looked into the game and played a little more with him and things like that.

But I never had been into video games.

My brother, Mike, was into those, not me.

But like I say, the solid version with the cyberpunk dystopian philosophical type stuff.

He used to always talk about the philosophy and the things you learn,

especially with the role-playing games he used to do.

So it was a big deal for him, the games.

It wasn't like a brain dead kid just sitting on a couch.

It meant something to him.

I think you guys have found out that this show meant something to him.

And you've been able to share, Alessio's life, and the other two fellows as well.

Sorry, I don't mean to leave you guys out, but Alessio's my son.

But yeah, it's really, you know, I only caught it like half a dozen times

and I bragged to my students that I teach.

I teach high school.

So I bragged to them about my son having the Metal Gear Mondays.

And we even listened to it a couple of times in class

until, of course, we were barraged with a bunch of curse words one time.

But that's something I try to keep my kids away from.

I try to teach them differently.

But anyway, it was good fun listening to you guys for this long.

And if you hadn't been on so long, I probably wouldn't have caught it the sixth time.

So thank you for staying on.

I think also he likes this Metal Gear Solid because it's adaptation to other media,

especially comics and stuff like that, you know, the Snake and Big Boss and all that.

Those are words I've heard in the house.

So Alessio and your friends whose names, as you can tell, I've forgotten

because I didn't write them down.

My goodness.

Anyway, Sam I think is one and I can't remember the other kid's name.

I'm so sorry, but I say kid.

You're not kids anymore, but it seemed like that's when you started.

But anyway, enjoy your lives.

And I hope that you find something else to kill time with, you know.

I'm kidding.

I know you guys stay busy, but I love you guys.

Have a good one.

Thank you again.


That was a lot.

Mr. Silverfield.

I just want to fill this out.

I have I've been friends with Alessio for a long time.

We've talked about this.

I've been friends with Alessio for for 10 plus years at this point.

Isaac has been friends with Alessio for 20 plus years.


And he thought about it too.

He thought hard.

He did.

He's saying Sam, I think is one.

I can't remember the other guys.

Yeah, my dad.

Well, so one thing too that I really want to camp out on for a second is the fact that

my dad said because my dad's on my dad currently is teaching like high school

students at like a private military academy school.


And my dad straight up goes.

She shared the podcast with my students.

We've listened to it a couple of times, but we've had to stop when it gets real.

I like the idea that my dad was like, what's the Phantom P.

Let's click on this episode.

Well, as you know, Otacon stays nasty.



All right, let's close this section off with one last message.

And this comes from our good friend.



Also going to plug his show right here.

So when Metal Gear Mondays is over, you should all shift over to listening to the Kojima



It's good.

Hey, all.

This is Nitroid from the Kojima frequency.

Congratulations to all of you for the absolutely stellar run and for everything you've accomplished

over the past six years.

Hey, all.

This is Nitroid from the Kojima frequency.

Congratulations to all of you for the absolutely stellar run and for everything you've accomplished

over the past six years.

Aside from the many deep dives and interviews you've done, you were also kind enough to

invite me on to reminisce over the history behind the Metal Gear fan community.

You've certainly earned your place in that history with Metal Gear Mondays.

I wish nothing but the best of luck to each of you in the future.

Everybody's wishing us a lot of luck.

Do they know something that we don't?

Yeah, everybody's wishing me a lot of luck.

I love that Craven and my dad both wish us the best for our future endeavors at the



What's happening?

What endeavors do they know about?

Are we going to die after this?

What they don't know is that at the moment this episode publishes to the internet, all

of our hearts are going to stop.

Oh, no.

I don't know about future endeavors, but current endeavors,

I saw Sam just throwing that out.

Versus it's called out.

A quick trademark Summerfield family morbidity question.


If one of us died, do you think you'd be okay with listening to the show again knowing that

their voice is in there?

Well, I wouldn't listen to anything because I'm dead.

Yeah, of course.

But I'm saying like if Isaac died or if I died or if Sam died.

Would I still listen to the podcast?


It's like 300 hours of our existence imprinted onto the internet.

Yeah, that is true.

The living tribunal will always come back.

It's true.

I would listen to-

I would unconsciously listen to the cloud, you know?

I'd listen to the episode that I did with Alessia where I don't know anything about

Metal Gear.

Oh, I forgot about that one.

Me being a sentimental person.

I have like, I make sure, and this is, I make sure to save the most recent voice mail message

from my grandma.

No totally.

I'll delete the one right before it and keep the most recent one just so I have her voice

just in case.

So I feel like having this like 300 something, 270 episode podcast where I can like go back

and if something like that were to happen, I could be like, oh, I miss Alessia.

I'll listen to this.


It's super cool.

And for it to be like such a fun thing that like we all shared, it's neat.

It's a little time capsule.

I mean, Alessia, it's kind of what we said about Dev Diary, you know, in a lot of ways


It's cool.

Like we create these little time capsules of all these different periods and I don't


If I ever had kids, I'm pulling the whole show down.

Yeah, that's smart.

Yeah, yeah.

Honestly, yeah.

They can't know about the Phantom Pain.

Oh no.

So guys, we're going to shift over to a very exciting part of the show.

This is going to be all of our past interviews.

I say all this is going to be a whole section.

This is going to be past interviews.

These are our past interviews trying to say hello.

So we're going to start in a weird spot.

We're going to start with co-host for Nitroid.

We're going to start with fingers.

Yeah, the box.

Metal Gear Mondays.

What's up, everybody?

It's fingers with a one of three for the I and the E.

Congrats to you guys for hitting over 200 episodes.

That is impressive on its own.

Six years is a long time to be doing a podcast.

I know just for the little bit over a year that I've been doing the Kajima frequency,

it's been a ton of work.

So I can only imagine what you guys have been doing on the back end to keep it going with

booking constant guests and all that.

It's a lot of work, but I wanted to thank you for having me on your show.

It was a lot of fun.

I actually got some feedback saying like, hey, where's this energy at?

Usually, you know, you guys definitely tapped into something with me, you know,

an interview level where, you know, it was a lot of fun and we had, you know,

just an overall good conversation.

Yeah, I wanted to wish everybody behind the project well on your future endeavors

and congrats on 200 plus episodes.

You're pretty good.

A cardboard box.

Future endeavors again.

Dude, what is up?

Yeah, it's weird.

They all know.

What's up with the future endeavors?

Future endeavors for the third time.

Are we going to die?

Somebody's got a secret.

I'm just really scared.

This is what this is what Alexia has been leading us up to.

Yeah, at the very, very end, the listener response just says, look behind you and then everybody.

Look behind you.

Suddenly a door appears in all of our rooms that wasn't there before.

Jesus Christ.

That's very creepy.

But yeah, listen to the Kojima frequency podcast that that's good.

And then also fingers music on YouTube and bank and all of us and bank and all of the social media is on his YouTube as well.

But fingers music with a one to three for the I and the E.

It's just that's one of those cinnamon in a minute.

Just real gratifying to say, you know, one of the things.

One of the three for the I and the E.

I well, so I I'm glad he said that because I every time I tried to like write out credit or like mentioned him.

I've been like, how do you fucking do this?

And I never put together.

It was just two numbers that were placed.

That's a good way to remember.

Oh, yes.

Moving us forward through time actually backwards through time in this case, we're going to go.

We're going to go talk to our favorite translator and one of our favorite voice directors, Jeremy Bloustine.

Jeremy is Jeremy.


This is Jeremy Bloustine from Dragon Baby.

I want to say a big thanks for all the memories to the greatest Metal Gear podcast that ever existed.

Hot damn.

He said it.

He said it.

Yeah, there it is.


Guys, we shortened sweet.

We did it.

Yeah, we did it.

Short, sweet and powerful Jeremy Bloustine.

Oh, yeah.

I imagine that's what he's like in real life to short, sweet and powerful.

God bless you, Jeremy Bloustine.

I hope that you brought a little piece of Long Island with you to Japan.

And it's been interesting to live in New York after talking to you about New York.

He's a good human being.

Very good guy.

Without further ado, since we're doing voice directors, I present you with Chris Zimmerman-Salter.

Here she goes, guys.

This is the voice director for all things Metal Gear as well as a whole bunch of other stuff.

Like an amazing amount of stuff.

That's right.

I'm sliding down inside and out pseudo chronological order.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chris Zimmerman-Salter's resume is, I think her resume could legitimately be an entire

podcast just covering her stuff.

Coming soon to a podcast.



Zimmerman-Salter Sundays.

No, it's insane.


It's like Eternal Darkness, a whole bunch of God of Wars, all the Legacy of Cain things,

Killer Seven, all the Metal Gear games, tons of shit in here.

Tomb Raider, a ton of them.

Yeah, she does a lot of stuff.

Scooby-Doo, Resident Evil.

Hey, I'm playing one of the things she directed, Resident Evil Revelations 2 right now.

Thanks, Chris.

Coming at you, pre-recorded.

Chris Zimmerman-Salter here to say a fond farewell to Metal Gear Mondays.

I want to say a big thank you and shout out to both Alessio and Sam for all the hard work

they've done over the past several years.

And to let you all know that Who Played Eve goes with me.

Good luck, everybody.

Thank you for listening.

And I have one last thing to say.

I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap jaw space with the tuning fork

draw blink on Hari Kiri Rock.

I need scissors 61.

Bye, guys.


I love it.

I need scissors 61.

It's like my favorite moment in a Metal Gear, I think, since I knew Chris.

That's incredible.

Yeah, she's great.

I wish we knew Who Played Eve was.

Yeah, I wish she would quit.

I wish she would quit teasing us about that.


Coming up next is our favorite woman from Down Under, Donna Burke, baby.

Oh, cheeky.

The I Droid herself, ladies and gentlemen.

And a phenomenal singer, of course, on top of that.

So I present you with Donna Burke.

Hello, Metal Gear Mondays Revengeance.

This is Donna Burke here, the I Droid and your regular woe ho.

Listen, I'd love to please remain clear of the strike zone.

Oh, geez.

I'd love to give you a message, but I'm having some difficulties.

Staff assignment complete.

Oh, sorry about that.

I've got a glitch for my personality.

Nothing big.

The I Droid is taking over, but her to use that this is your last podcast.

Alliance Disbanded Development Complete.

Oh, well, anyway, congrats on your 200 episode.

Done with John from Alliance.

Alessio, Chris, Tori, Warren, can you hear me?

Is anyone listening? Caution, you are about to leave the mission area.


That was so good.

Literally, I mentioned, I mentioned, I mentioned, I think in one of the last couple of episodes,

but like her calling me cheeky was just a delight.

Yeah, she's amazing.

I love Donneberg.



As, as also told on a previous episode, I think I said that I would be her man servant.

Well, you asked us who of all of our interviews would you would love to like be lovers with,

which was a strange question to ask.

And then you immediately said, Dada.

Sandstorm approaching.

Oh, no.

Uh, yes.

Okay, I'm done.

Moving ahead in the timeline, we're actually going to hear from Die Hardman from Death Stranding.


What a delightful guy.

Oh, Tommy Earl Jenkins.

Sam, you conducted this interview.

Do you want to tell us about it after we hear from him?

Yeah, of course.

All right, let's do it.

Hey, this is Tommy Earl Jenkins, AKA Die Hardman from Death Stranding.

I just want to give a big shout out to all of the Metal Gear Mondays listeners and to the hosts for bringing this fantastic podcast to the gaming community.

And even though the show might be ending, it's not ending.

You've got memories that will live on forever.

And I want to thank you for making my experience on your podcast an incredibly memorable one.

So remember, this is not goodbye.

It's until we meet again.

So keep on keeping on.

Die Hardman out.

Hell yeah.


Do you think he wears that mask in real life?

I hope so.

I feel like I've seen him post on Twitter with the mask before.

So I, yeah, why not?

Why wouldn't you?

It's a cool mask.

I'm going to go out on a limb.

I'm going to go out on an Isaac limb here and say, I think Tommy Earl Jenkins' performance in Death Stranding was the best one in the game.

Yeah, Tommy is a great actor.

His like big emotional moment at the end of that game was incredible.

And talking to him, like he's just such a delightful, delightful guy, very friendly.

And it was really cool talking to him because, because like we learned a little bit about like what it was like in Germany around the time that the fucking walls fell.

Like it was cool.

It was just cool to talk to him.

So he's a very cool guy.

And I really enjoyed.

I think Chris and I talked to him when we did his interview.

We had a really good time talking to him.

Yeah, it's a great episode.

I went back and listened to it again.

I think for the first time since it aired when I was cutting together clips for part three, and it was awesome.

Coming up next is her good friend, Kim, my guest, Meiling herself.

What a amazing, positive, cheerful human being.

I want to say, because before we play it, I texted this to you when I listened to it, but you did that little clippy thing in episode three where it was just like, I'm so and so, I'm so and so blah, blah, blah from the interviews and just ending it with, with them.

And we're doing a podcast and her going, it's like magic was like, it just warmed my heart.

She's such a delightful human being.

Yeah, she's excellent.

All right, here we go guys.

Kim, my guest.

Hey, this is Kim I and I just wanted to thank Alessio, Warren, Tori and Chris and everyone involved in Metal Gear Mondays for all the work they did to explore the legend that is Metal Gear.


What amazing work you did.

And it really shows what you can do when you have a passion for something.

So how about one last quote from Meiling?

Hello Meiling here.

Like I always say, find your passion and well, go for it.

You might create the next Metal Gear or even save the world from climate change.

Go for it.

Meiling signing off.

God bless you, Kim.

My goodness.

What a great message, but I sure as well.

Create the next Metal Gear.

Yeah, please.

That sounds bad for the world.

Yeah, absolutely.

James, if you can make your own Metal Gear, what would you call it?

Stinger, slings, sharks.

Snake, we need you to infiltrate St. Louis, Missouri.

Rumors are coming back to us that Metal Gear slinger slinger slings sharks.

Oh, man.

You know another near and dear to my heart, sweetheart of Metal Gear Mondays.

It's no one other than Debbie May West.

Mrs. Fred Meyer, excuse me, Miss Fred Meyer herself.


Debbie May West.

Well, la la la la la la la la la la la la.


Hi, it's Debbie May West, Merrill Silverberg just wanting to shout out to all the fans

and listeners of Metal Gear Mondays who will be shutting down their program.

And I just want to thank them for having me.

I think it was a while back that I was on the show.

But anyway, I just wanted to say hello to everyone for a while and everyone just keep

on playing and keep on having a great time.

All right, lots of love, everyone.

And by the way, I'm no rookie.


Oh, wow.

I love it.

Debbie, I love you.

I love her.

Her trying to say la la la la la la la la la la.

Her trying to do that was like me trying to say David Leiden Lydden.

Hello, Lally Lule Lattin Loopy Lou.


So I'm going to play this next person with no introduction because I don't think they

need one.

And then we're going to talk about something special that they're going to be doing.

Snake, it's Otacon.

Snake, I just learned that Metal Gear Mondays is ending its run.

Snake, what are we going to do with our Mondays now?

Snake, are you listening to me?

Ow, why was that?

Oh, it's just a cardboard box.

Wait a minute.

Snake, are you under there?




This is Christopher Randolph, otherwise known as Otacon and his father Huey in the Metal

Gear series.

I just want to wish Metal Gear Mondays a very happy closing.

You guys have been amazing throughout your entire run and it's been a really good one

and all of us associated with the game really enjoyed it.

So thank you so much and on to better things.

Hopefully there'll be a reason to bring it back every now and then.

Anyway, thanks you guys.

All the best.

Please don't put that evil on us, Christopher Randolph.

I will say though, I'm sure that it was a nice city, but I'm going to take it as official.

Apparently the entire cast of Metal Gear Solid listens to Metal Gear Mondays.

That's exactly what I heard.

I have no doubt.

My favorite thing about interviewing Christopher was finding out about his passion for baking.

Oh yeah.

That was so nice.

It's so crazy.

I do want to take this time right here to plug something for Christopher actually.

So he has never, ever, ever done a convention, ever.

Oh, he's going to be at C2E2, isn't he?

Yeah, he's going to be at C2E2 in Chicago in December.

Yes, Christopher, if you guys want to go see David and Christopher in one place, David and Hal,

it's his first time ever at a con or with David.

So if you live in Chicago, I'm talking to you, Tyler Washington, if you're near Chicago,

you should seek him out.

He's a good dude.

Very good people.

All right.

Well, I think that's it for these.

Oh, wait a minute.

Hold on.

No, there's actually one more.

Oh, you're doing a thing.

Oh, I guess do a fucking sneak thing.

Yeah, he is.

Sneak thing, the sneak king, a zekeel summer thing.

All things must come to an end, but this is particularly sad.

I very much enjoyed being interviewed by Sam and Isaac and Alessio.

I wanted to thank you for your support and to thank the audience for being so amazing

and for having such great taste in video games and video game characters.

So I want to thank you again and wish you nothing but love and success and happiness for your future.

But going forward isn't always easy.

If I could offer any advice, it might be try to remember the basics of CQC,

do your best to avoid getting into any unnecessary crab battles.

And in this era of the FoxDi virus, as you go forward into the world,

any time you have to go outside, please take a cardboard box.

You'll just feel more comfortable in the box.

Thanks, you guys, for everything.

Listen, anytime you're feeling down, either you or your audience, just remember this.

Metal Gear Mondays, you're pretty good.




That was something else.

That went places, man.

Isaac, how does it feel to be noticed by Senpai?



Yeah, I just can't.

I like how that was Isaac's one.

That was amazing.

Thanks, David.

There were certain people, I swear to God, there were certain people we interviewed that I probably sound like a super annoying pest,

but I think like every two or three days, I was just like, hey, it's me again.

I hope everything's okay.

Some people responded immediately.

They were like, fuck yeah, I remember you guys.

Here's a message right away.

Yeah, I went to Tommy because I messaged him on Twitter and he was just like, yeah, I can do something.

That was my direction.

Tommy, I don't think it was a question, but he sent me something very quickly and it was great.

Yeah, I don't know.

I appreciate it.

It's still surreal to me that we got to talk to all those people that did the characters from this game series that we grew up with.

It never ceases to amaze me how awesome it was that we got the opportunity to do that.

Yeah, the whole thing is incredibly surreal.

I'm like meeting Cam Clark and David Hader in person and having inside jokes with them.

It's just like, what the hell is this world?

It's wild and cool.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

The highlight to my life when I'm on my deathbed, what I'm going to be thinking about is running through a laser tag arena,

listening to the doom soundtrack and being on the same team as M. Bison and Solid Snake and being the MVP for the day.

Yeah, what the fuck? That was the weirdest moment of my life.

That's so cool.

I loved it.

And then getting called out on a panel by David Hader for doing that was fucking amazing.

Yeah, we were right front row on that panel and they were just like, those guys.

Yeah, stay away from those freaks.

Hell yeah.

Well, you know what guys?

Speaking of interviews, I kind of feel like I'm feeling a little charitable.

What do you guys think? Do you think this is where we lose it? This is where it goes?

I think we should open the floodgates.

Oh, no.

Oh, no. Do we need?

Is there anything that we should do here to make it special?

Does anybody have any final requests before we lead into this?

Do we just go in straight away?

I think we just go in dry, honestly.

We could go in dry.

You know what? Fuck it. Let's just go in dry.

I want it all the way.

Hi, I'm Casey Calvert, otherwise known as Hushie from Metal Rear Solid, the Phantom Pean.


The most surreal thing I've heard on this podcast.


Crazy much.


So, yeah, just doing a, you know, just a regular Google search as a Metal Gear fan brought us to this amazing film.

Nothing suspect at all.

Yeah, nothing unusual.

Yeah, no incognito tabs needed.


Three VPNs and two incognito windows.

Casey, the thing that I 100% have got to know is,

do you even know what Metal Gear is?

I did not when they hired me to make this movie.

I'm going to be perfectly honest with you.

Follow up question.

Did the fans scare the shit out of you when they do us?

No, you know, so I got the booking.

The way it works in porn is you just, they contact your agent, they tell you you're hired for this job.

You know, you can say like, no, thank you.

I don't want to do that job.

But you just find out that you have been booked.

And so I was like, oh, I'm doing a parody.

Let me look up the source material.

So I did a little bit of Googling and I watched a little bit of gameplay.

And then went to work.

And then, I don't know, would you maybe know what year it was?

I can't remember when I shot that scene.

Oh man, I can't remember.

Yeah, so the game came out in like 2015.

So I think it would have to be probably between 2015, 2017, something like that, I would assume.

That makes sense based on the length of my hair when I was.

I actually, funnily enough, I've had the IMDb page for it pulled up in February 8th, 2017.

That's when it was released.

Okay, so I bet we shot in like December of 2016.


Would be my guess.

And I have been hearing from fans about this scene ever since, all the time.

That's crazy.

Was this the only parody thing that you've done?

No, I've actually done, I've done quite a few.

I guess my main parody claim to fame is that I was the first Jessica Jones ever on film.

So before there was a Netflix show, I was Jessica Jones.

That's amazing.

But, you know, parodies used to be a really, really, really big thing in the industry.

They're not so much anymore, but they're fun.

That's awesome.

How involved do you get with the process of like, because you said your agent will call you and tell you,

but are there occasions where you like see something like on a casting call and say,

I want to do that?

Or how involved do you get with casting stuff?

It doesn't really work that way.

People don't even really necessarily announce that they're casting.

They just hire you.

They're, you know, companies and producers and directors are very familiar with the talent pool.

They just hire you if they want you to do the job.

Granted, like as a director, I'm very involved, but as performer, you just kind of get hired.

Does that make it kind of like, I guess, because how long have you been in the business for?

I have been naked on the internet since 2011.

What a way to put it.

So I guess so with with like the directors and agents at all being like really familiar,

does that make it kind of hard to break into the business because of that?

Or how did you find it breaking in?

No, it's not necessarily hard to break in.

I also got very lucky.

My agent, his name is Mark Spiegler and he's kind of known as the best agent in the business.

And I got very lucky with him.

Breaking into mainstream.

I mean, it's really, it's really easy to be a sex worker and make it on the internet these days with only fans and everything else.

It's very easy.

It's much easier than it was when I started.

You get an agent, you tell your agent what kind of work you're available for and then people start to book you.

And as long as you are a professional and show up on time and do a good job, they continue to hire you.

Seems pretty normal.

It's really pretty normal.

I was going to say, it sounds just like network TV that I work in.

That's amazing.

Casey, so I'm curious.

I did not realize until we were looking you up before we sent off our email.

Were you so before you started in the industry, were you still in Gainesville, Florida?


So weirdly enough, I lived in Gainesville, Florida for like eight years and both of my parents are like UF alumni.

Oh, that was amazing.

It was super weird.

I was like, oh.

Yeah, yeah.

I am also a Gator.

I graduated from UF.

I grew up in Gainesville.

That's crazy.


My family's still there.


Yeah, I think so.

My dad's family is all rural, northern Florida, hardcore redneck, Lake City, Liva.


I know exactly where that is.

But I was definitely living in Gainesville probably all the way up until 2001.

So it's just such a new year.

I know we were definitely there at the same time.



That's phenomenal.

I think so outside of that.

So I mean, I don't know.

So I kind of want to get through the rest of the sort of like obligatory metal gear questions

before we before we continue down the road because I 100% want to talk to you about like now that you're writing and directing and like let's talk about primary and some other stuff.

But I guess just to kind of scratch off the rest of the rest of the sort of metal gear and imparity questions, I was curious, like, can you walk us through this?

Like, was it a single shoot day?

Did you guys do pickups?

Nope, it was a single shoot day.

If I remember correctly, I arrived at the location where we were shooting the night before because we did not shoot this in Los Angeles.

So we were going to be respectful of browsers and not say where we shot this, but it was not Los Angeles, which is pretty normal.

Did you go to the Ukraine?

No, I took about a one hour flight and arrived in the desert.

Then we woke up very early the next morning and drove out into the middle of nowhere.

Oh, shit.

Yeah, what is that like?

Are there like PA's standing around to like beat people up?

Like, what happens?

We were so, so far in the middle of nowhere, we didn't have any issues with any other people being around.

We just like really went out into the desert.

Because I guess, well, this is me showing my ass a little bit because I think if you really pay attention to a lot of porn, when they start outside, it always like transitions inside.


This was all outdoors.

So I guess that makes sense.


We just really, really, really went out there.

I'm a very risk averse kind of person and I am not interested in getting arrested for shooting porn in the public place.


So we like for me to be comfortable doing this, we drove for a long time on dirt roads and just like went out there.

Beyond the hour long flight.


It was a very, very, very long day.

This might be a total dull question, but I mean, does that fuck with your performance?

Like while you're out there, are you just like constantly nervous or were you able to feel like it relieved enough to do the job?

In terms of getting busted or like having a bystander walk up upon us while we're in the middle of fucking.

I calmed down about that after about an hour when it was really, really, really quiet.

But that being said, it was fucking freezing.

Oh, no, really.

It was freezing.

That is what I remember most from this day is that it was so cold and I, you know, I'm in that tiny little bikini and like I have, you know, a little gun belt strapped on and that's my whole wardrobe.

You know, I'm pretty naked and it was just, you know, it was December, probably November or December in the desert and it was windy and it was freezing.

Credit to you guys.

100% could not tell that you were shivering.

We would, I feel like when we weren't like when they were setting up the little tent and stuff and whenever I wasn't shooting, I was hanging out in the FBZ.

We drove out there and with the heat on so I could try and stay warm.

But like during the actual sex portion, we would actually have to stop and like shiver for a minute and then start again because it was so cold and so windy.

Well, because like in contrast, you have you have you and then you have Charles, which is like full kit.

Full clothes. I know, I know. And if I remember correctly, he never really took his clothes off during the scene.

And I think that was because it was so cold.

Classic video games. Am I right?



Not a patch of skin to be seen on these men, but these women are.


That's actually, that's kind of how it is in the in the actual video game.

Okay. I mean, that makes sense. That makes sense to me.

Well, so we've established that it was cold. Now I have to ask you the most obligatory question because we did a diatribe on this during our podcast episode.

How dry was it?

Do you mean like, do you mean, do you mean like.

I mean, whatever you want me to be.

My daddy and the desert.

Just take it to take it to whatever place you feel you feel you need to.

It was pretty dry.

It was pretty dry.

That's the best answer that there could have possibly been.

Yeah, I don't know what it was about the day that we were recording, but we 100% just got stuck on like how dry everything must have been.

That was just like a running thread through that whole episode.

The whole the whole thing is deserving of that, I think.

Do you feel, I mean, I guess because it's like this whole this whole parody, the parody thing because taking out the dryness and the coldness of it.

Do you find it's easier to kind of like be goofier or get into parody stuff or do you before like more like just standard like non parody things?

Honestly, I really like variety and I love acting and I love playing different characters.

And so if it is a parody thing and I'm supposed to be a little more over the top, that's really fun.

If it's supposed to be more mainstream and and romantic, then that's really fun.

Yeah, I just like I like the I like the variety and the different things I get to do.

Was that something fun when it came to writing and directing primary that you had all these different couples that had their own unique set of circumstances?

Did that provide variety in that regard as well?

I've honestly never looked at it like that, but sure, yes.

When when you're writing, you know, I approach I approach screenwriting as if I was just writing a movie and then instead of the camera cutting away when the people start to kiss, you just kind of keep watching.

I love that.

That's an awesome log line.

So that's that that's very much the way I approach I approach writing.

So I never really thought about it from a variety point of view, but you're not you're not wrong that like each character is inherently different.

That's kind of one of the goals.

I feel like a writing is to make not everybody sound the same and be the same.


Overanalyzing is what we do here.

So our favorite extracurricular activity is over.

I am happy to play that game.

I do.

I do before before we like move away from talking about the parody, I do have a story for you that I'm very excited to tell because when I listened to like the first 10 to 15 minutes of the episode you did before I was like, these guys are chill.

I can do this show.

You there was a lot of talk about like, oh, there's a lot of anal.

Oh, she's doing an okay.

Now you know where the dry was coming from.

I want to I have to I have to get my butt ready in the desert.

Oh, no.

They had warned me that that was going to be the case.

So it wasn't a surprise.

I'm not throwing them under the bus.

I'm not throwing them under the bus.

It was a surprise.

But they that I have to prep in the sand in the desert with like zero I'm like hiding and like squatting behind an SUV going everybody leaves me alone for a few minutes.

Oh, no.

I was very kind, which is brought a thermos of warm water that I could clean my butt was very polite was very kind and very, very sweet.

But that was an adventure.

That's insane.

Well, God bless.

Good PA is just silence for good.


I like to think that if I was at a certain point in my career that I would have been that PA for you that day, Casey.

I was very much I was very much at the point in my career when we shot this where I was like, yeah, I'll be the girl who cleans her butt in the desert.

Like, yeah, I can do that.

And now that I'm old, I'd be like, do we do we have to like do we have to.

There's another there's another place this could go without.

What was it like?

Like, so the PA obviously you're saving grace but like, what was it like on set like working with Charles and the director and everything like that.

How was that was the set besides, you know, the obvious.

I had worked with this crew a bunch of times before we did that.

They're they're all great.

I can't remember if this was my first time working with Charles or not.

But he was great.

He was really easy to work with the fight scene with him was really easy to do.

He kept his dick hard in the cold.

So that was that was a thing that was important.



Very it would have it would have been a I wouldn't have such fond memories of this adventure if his death wouldn't have worked.

I feel like you just described every story.

Every sexual encounter ever.



Just in general.


Forget about the desert like where where are you in the dating game right now.


Man, I've been thrown for a loop.

So well, so let me ask you this actually.

So now that you have been doing, I'm going to acknowledge my ignorance.

I don't know how long you've been directing.

But now that I know for sure you've been directing for a little while or a little while since since 2019 the beginning of 2019.


So now that you've done some directing work, would you have directed the Phantom Peen any differently?

Oh, what a good question.

I probably would have asked browsers.

They would have said no.

But I probably would have said to them, you know, it's really cold and dirty.

It's really cold in December and the desert gets really windy.

Maybe can we wait six months and shoot this when it's warmer?

And they would have said no, because that's, you know, that is what it is.

And they think that, you know, they, their, their headquarters are in Canada.

So everything in the United States is very warm.


To them.

To them.


And they would have said no, but that might have been my, the only thing I would have changed was just like, you know what, let's maybe not this time of year.

Well, and the weird thing about that too is like the game had come out like two years before, well a year and a half before.

So, so part of me is like, what's the rush now?

You know what I mean?

But yeah, I don't know.

I wonder if there is like a hot market on like somebody being like, all right, in two years we have to release this porn parody to coincide with the release of God's

illa versus King Kong.


I mean, okay, so, so there is, there is a very famous parody director.

His name is Axel Braun, who does try to time his releases to correspond with the mainstream releases in at least a little bit.

But in this particular instance, this was kind of at a time when Brazos was doing a parody of anything.

They could figure out to parody that like people would maybe want to see because it, you know, it makes for good analytics and plainly, plainly, it makes for good analytics.

Oh, absolutely.

We love to do that.


So they're just kind of, they're just kind of doing, you know, at this like 2017-ish, they were just kind of parodying everything that they could think of.

So it doesn't, like it doesn't surprise me that this didn't really coincide with anything specific happening with the source material.

It just, you know, is what it is.

Yeah, for sure.

It was like two years later from when it was released.


Hey, if it makes you feel any better, we put off covering that game on this show for several years ourselves.


We started the podcast, I think like a couple of weeks after it came out and didn't talk about it until like 2013.

Why though? Now, now I've got to know why, why, why did you take so long?

I think what our goal was initially when we started doing it was we wanted to kind of do the games in, in as close to a chronological sequence as we could like release order.

And this, this is a game series that's, that's like something like 20 something years old at this point.

And so we had a lot to work with before we got there.

That makes perfect sense to me.

It became fun teasing everybody though, because everybody would write in and be like cover five and then it just turned into like, not yet.

Not yet. You have to keep listening.

Makes perfect sense.

And if it makes you feel any better, the source material that your parody is based on is the most listened to material that we've done for our podcast.


We've interviewed the actors that play characters in the video games.

That you portrayed.

We literally interviewed.

We interviewed the actress of the character that you are parodying in the Phantom Pean.

Like that's how that's, that's really cool.

Actually, that's really cool.

I don't know how to feel about that from my perspective, but like for you guys, that's really cool.

Yeah, she was the face and the voice.

So it's extra weird that now we know.

And surprise, here's Stephanie Houston.


Now I go crawling a hole in diet.

No, it's fine. I'm not. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed that I have shot this porno.

You know, this is just one of the many things.

Well, and to, and to be totally candid, we don't think you should be embarrassed.

And we're 100% steer clear of like the schlocky like porn is embarrassing.

Yeah, no, no, no, that's, that's like, I got that vibe from you guys listening to the first 10 minutes.

Like I pressed play expecting to listen to the entire thing before I made my decision about whether or not I felt comfortable coming on the show.

And you guys were just like fucking around with it.

And I was like, this is great.


Hey, Isaac, you've been really quiet. Do you have a question?

Bruin. It's Bruin.

Well, I guess I just want to know what got you into the directing aspect of it and like the writing portion.

Sure. Honestly, I got asked to do it.

Oh, I went to film school.

So like I have a, I have a film degree asked me in many years ago what I wanted to do when I grew up and I would have told you that I wanted to make movies.

So it's not that far out of left field, but I didn't, I didn't get into adults with the intention of one day being a director.

That was not ever my intention.

And then I got asked, there was a job opening at a company called growth life.

And the owner of the company, her name is Brie, emailed me one day and said, Hey, you want the drugs?

And I said, sure, why not?

I'll give this a shot.

And then turns out it was really fun.

And now, now I work exclusively for Erica left.

That's awesome.

I could have swore you were going to say it's not outside and in the cold.

No, that's that's not today.

I, uh, two ish months ago, I can't remember.

Time is weird.


Yeah, I made, I made eight performers have sex under a rain machine outside at like 1am.

This is your revenge.

And it was cold.

It was cold.

I had a in the in the BTS pictures.

I have like a rain jacket on and a hat and they're a hand warmer.


And I'm not soaking wet and they're all a fucking under the rain machine.

It looks beautiful.

It was really fun.

They all had fun.

It was just very cold.

But I only made them do it for like 20 minutes.

I, we shot, we shot, uh, the Phantom P in for many hours.

Oh, no.

That's it's so weird because the longer that I work in TV and film, the harder it is for

me to watch porn and not think to myself, how many times has she had to do this?

Like she's got to be exhausted in this shot.

You know what I mean?

Like I'm just like, not even like the typical like, oh man, if I were her dad, I would be

so upset.

Like the film making like, just like, oh, these fucking eyes.

I can't watch porn.

I bet.

I bet.

I can't.

It's, it's been completely ruined.

It's either like I'm watching my friends or I'm watching people I don't like or I am

familiar with, I'm familiar with the production company or, or something.

And I can't, I can't enjoy it anymore.

How often are you able to just like go into a scene and just get it done in one take?

Like is that, is that, is that anything that, is that happen ever?


That, that just happened two days ago.

Oh, nice.


We, we said action and a couple of times the director gave us some notes while the camera

was still rolling, but we just went all the way through and then we were done like 45

minutes to an hour later.

That's insane.


We just kind of did it, did our thing.

Sam, before we started recording, you had a very interesting story.

Would you like to tell us stories?

I'm excited now.

I, I don't know if you know Madeline Monroe at all.

I do.

So this is going to be way better.

This is going to be so, uh, uh, I told, I have a group of friends and I was, we were,

so the, the, the headline on this is a young man can't watch the premiere of Vanderpump

Rules with his friends because he's interviewing porn star Casey Calvert.

But I told them that.


So I'm interviewing, I'm interviewing Casey Calvert.

And, um, uh, my friend Haley, she goes, a girl I went to Christian school with is a porn

star, pretty famous one.

In fact, Madeline Monroe, she was mean to me.

And, uh, she goes, the story, she told, she said, one time I looked at her for a few seconds

too long, honestly, just cause I thought she was pretty and she asked me what my problem


She doesn't roll her eyes in front of a cafeteria of a bunch of people.


I mean, Madeline, Madeline works, uh, as a, as a professional don that is, uh, very much,

very much on brand.

Very much on brand.

Very, very, she's lovely.

I really like her.

She's a friend, but yeah, that is very much what she does.

So you should tell your friend, Sam, you should tell your friend that she was practicing because

now that's what she does for anything.


Your friend got it for free.

Yeah, that's not something, that's not something many people get for free.


I wasn't going to say anything, but I've been, I've been goaded into it.

So I guess, I guess the question is, uh, the question has been answered.

I was going to be like, why is she so mean to my friends?

And it seems that way.

You know, I, I, I mean, that sounds like that was like, you know, high school.


That is very much how she has, has branded herself and how she makes a living is, uh,

by being in charge and by being mean.



And people pay good money for that.

And that's,

Excellent money for that.


I'm going to put Isaac back on the, I'm going to put Isaac back on the hot plate.

Isaac speak boy.

It's been too long.

What questions do you have?

Um, yeah, that's a good question.

Oh, SEO.

This is it.

Hey, Casey, what do you want Isaac to ask you?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

That's my next question.

Oh, I don't know.

This is your interview.

I'm just hanging out.

She's too good.

She has an answer for everything.

Even Sam's weird Christian Christian.

I'm very practiced at this.

How was your, uh, how's your summer been?

Uh, it was good.

It was good.

It was, you know, it's like COVID weird.


You know, I don't know how it's, I don't know how it's the end of September already.

It's very strange to me.

I feel like it's, it's July.

It's just like time happens.

It's weird, but it was a good summer overall.

I, I made a couple of movies and performed in a couple of movies and yeah,

I have a full question.


Tell me how set protocol is during COVID for the adult film industry.


Um, we, uh, kind of mimic a mainstream set in the adult industry.

We test obviously for STI.


Our STI testing centers also test for COVID now.


and so you go in before your shoot, most companies do a 24 or a 48 hour COVID tests.

You go in, you get your little swab, you get your results, the next learning, you go to work.

Uh, if you have COVID, you don't go to work.

And then on set, the people who are not on camera wear masks and we try to social distance as much as possible.

Um, on my sets, we changed to the catering a little bit to try to have a little bit less contact and a little bit, you know, a little bit less touching of the same things.

And, you know, we sanitize everything.

Not that we didn't do that before, but we especially sanitize everything.

And, uh, now some companies are requiring vaccination along with a COVID test.

So most people, uh, I would say 70% of people in the business are vaccinated now.

The rest are, the rest are very libertarian.

The rest of them are on Paul T shirts.

Way to put it.

So how long did it take for like everything to kind of, why a normal is obviously not, you know, it means a different thing now.

But like, how long did it take back in 2020 for things to kind of start getting to a point where you could do stuff again?

People started going back to set, uh, July, August of 2020 in a very kind of stripped down fashion.

I think I made my first movie in September of 2020.

In terms of like going back from COVID.

Yeah, around like this time last year.

Um, and then it very, very, very slowly kind of ramped up and people started doing more and more quantity because it by this point companies were really hurting, you know, a lot of a lot of porn is just based on quantity and

companies were running out of new scenes very quickly.

And so, you know, it was like time to go back to work and we just kind of ramped it back up and then I feel like March, April of this year, it got back to somewhat of a normal capacity, but just with COVID testing and some additional precautions in place.

I want to walk something back real quick.

I said I have a question and then barked a demand at you to tell me how the COVID situation.

So let me take my narc hat off for two seconds.

No, that's awesome.

That's that it's weird again how much that mirrors like history channel and any and all this other network TV because I mean it was identical like we all thought we were going to get laid off.

And then they were like, wait a minute, everybody's trapped at home and all they want is TV.


And then we ran out of shit and then it turned into shoot everything.

A lot of people think that porn is some weird mythical magic thing that happens and really it's no different often than like working at the bank.

You just take off your clothes, but it's also really no different than any other kind of film production.

Some some some studios are more like network TV.

Some studios are more like like an indie production company.

It just very much depends on who you're working for and what you're trying to do.

But it's really it's really no different just with a very, very, very stripped down small crew and no budget.

Yeah, I guess the one of the questions is also kind of like teeters into like that.

I have no idea what I'm talking about question.

But like, okay.

Do because of the industry because of like, you know, it is this quote taboo thing for, you know, old heads that don't get it.

Like, does that make like taxes complicated?

Like, how does Sam really wanted to ask you this?

I did.

No one ever asked me this.

This is a great question.

I love this question.

I have a really great accountant.



I have a really great accountant.

I am incorporated.

I am technically a small business owner.

People pay my corp when they hire me to shoot and I pay my taxes just like any other business.

I just, you know, it's really actually kind of similar to any other small business.

I couldn't do it without an accountant.

I'm an independent contractor.

And so I get a lot of 1099s in January and I give them to my accountant and he does this thing.

And as a, as a producer, I send out my 1099s and we all just kind of do our thing and try to, you know, pay our taxes as simply as possible, just like everybody else does.


It's awesome.

I think more people could stand to have a better accountant.

Honestly, I don't know why in my head, I imagine this like 90s, very hokey, like a dumb and dumber level comedy where Casey is working with her accountant, but she doesn't want her accountant to know she's in porn for some reason.

And shenanigans ensue.

I considered that when I first started of just like, can I do a half? Yeah. Yeah.

So like, so there, you know, there are accountants who work with people in the adult industry.

They have other clients.

I'm sure my accountant, I know my accountant has clients who do not do adults, but there's, you know, some names that circulate in the business.

So like when you need an account and you text a friend, you trust and you're like, I need an account.

What's your accountant's name?

Someone texted me yesterday to get the name of my accountant.

So you go to someone you can trust. Yeah.

Tell them to listen to episode number 207 of Metal Gear Mondays and they will learn how to do accounting in the adult industry.

So Isaac asked like how your summer was, but so didn't season two of primary came out in this past?

Like I look a couple months ago in it.

Yeah, it came out July and August.

Or was it August and September? It was August and September time again.

Time is fake.

I have 300 years.

Yeah, I have just lost track of being able to keep track of time.

I just it's like a skill I no longer have.

Well, the thing about primary too is like, obviously, like the meme is like, I watch it for the plot.

I read it for the articles.

You know, again, like I obviously, obviously for research purposes, I gave it a watch.

I think what you've kind of done is like you've made a genuinely like well-acted like good show.

And like you said, like the only like the only difference is that it just doesn't cut away when when the good stuff starts.

You know, and so it's like you've kind of like demystified polyamory a little bit too, in a way.

Well, thank you.

Yeah, it's just it's just interesting to interesting to watch.

And how do you feel about like how how it how it is how it's been received and kind of like what's what's next?


I mean, well, I mean, primary season one and season two are my children.

You know, that's that's my big project of the year.

That's like my big that's my baby.

That's what I put a lot of a lot of time and money and effort into making and I'm thrilled with how it came out.

Season one was kind of a life changing thing in terms of me professionally and people seeing me as one thing in the business and then seeing me as something else.

And then season two, we just kind of went bigger and expanded the story and got some really incredible locations and all of my actors were amazing and dedicated and we just we just made a movie, which is really what I like to do.

You know, I just like to make a movie and tell a story.

And then the people, you know, the cameras don't cut away.

They start to kiss in the cameras don't cut away.

And that is all we do different from any other movie as far as I'm concerned.

I have a what I'm trying to think of.

So somebody put it really interestingly yesterday.

It's like a parasocial relationship, right?

So like it happens to us all the time too.

So somebody will like stumble into the podcast on like episode 12 or episode 152 and be like, wait, what?

Who are these people?

And so I guess my question for you is this because like you went through this like life changing first season of primary, like you said, do you ever run into weird situations where people think they know you because they saw some shit you did five years ago?

Oh, sure. I have different groups of fans and these different groups get new members all the time.

I have the fans who are a fan of my directing and don't necessarily even know that I perform.

I have fans who like my like very soft, romantic performance, you know, just like very, very soft, very pretty solos and girl girls and maybe some boy girls.

It's like very, very soft and romantic.

And I have those fans.

Then I have the fans who want to see me put big things in my butt or do very heavy BDSM.

It would be very, very dry and cold.

Okay, dry and cold.

But they so like often, you know, someone someone who has seen primary will join my only fans to talk to me about primary and then I'll send out my pay per view message and it'll be, you know, something where I'm trying to get my hands on.

And it'll be, you know, something where I'm putting something in my butt and they'll be like, whoa, I didn't need to see that.

Or like vice versa. And it happens. It happens all the time.

I'm actually like actively trying to figure out like how do I how do I help all these different groups of people get from from me what they want to see without necessarily seeing what they aren't into and what they don't want to see and doing some like.

Separation of different platforms and like trying to figure it out because it's getting more complicated. Like the more I direct it's getting more complicated and people get more confused.

So it sounds to me like you need to write hushy into the next.

Walks in with that like heavy, heavy black eye shadow and the little bikini, you know, it just occurred to me. I still have that little.


Yeah, I do. They let me keep it after the shoot because it was cute.

Put it up in the hall of fame.

Someone's going to someone's going to email me now and be like, oh, I want to buy the little bikini.

There's a greater than zero chance that.

It's ridiculous. No, that's awesome. Well, so I guess that's, I don't know. That's one thing that I was kind of interested in that I jotted down like right before we recorded because I was I was thinking about it and like, I feel like boomer dad and boomer mom USA in their head.

They're like, ah, porn's stupid and it's just a bunch of fucking people fucking.

But I guess my question is particularly about primary and like about the actors that you're working with and the performers that you've encountered. But like.

Is it this is such a weird I don't think these people are bad actors. Do you think they're just given shitty parts to act normally?

Or is like.


Okay, okay.

Yeah. A lot of a lot of porn scripts are trash. I don't I don't feel like I'm not allowed to say that a lot of it is a lot of it is trash. Some of it is trash on purpose.


Some there are some companies who who emphasize the fact that it's that it's comedy and it's deliberately bad.

And they're like, oh, I'm going to work for those companies knowing that you're supposed to be deliberately over the top and do deliberately bad acting because that's what they want. They want that kind of click baby. Oh my God, this is so funny.

Oh, look, they're fucking kind of thing.

They're on a bus.

They're like, what was the last time you got trapped in a in a dryer.


And like, yes, often, often it's deliberately trashed. Sometimes it's just again, this focus on quantity. And it kind of doesn't matter. You just have that little bit of story there and that little bit of character stuff there. So there's something they can put in a little theme description to get people to click on it, but it's not what's important at all.

And then sometimes like my stuff, we actually try to make it not trash.

And it's work and music.

Do you have so this is so I'll hold on. I'll throw a soft softball one and then we'll go into the corny shit where we can hold hands and walk into the sun together.

So that's a way more brutal.

The sunset, the sunset, not the sun direction.

Not yet, at least.

So because this is a video games podcast, I do have to ask, do you have a favorite video game?

Like of all time favorite video games?


Oh, Ocarina of Time.

Oh, yeah.

That's kind of that's kind of my video game land is like, I don't know. I hate describing them as like girl games because they're not girl games. I just don't like to play war games and shooting games. That's not my thing.

You know, I like it's fine, but it's like fantasy violence, you know, yeah, but like I love I love Zelda, you know, I love Pokemon.

I play second Pokemon go on my phone every single day.

Maybe Pokemon go is my favorite like trash video game.

I have been playing it for years and I play it every single day.

You remember that time when the whole country was just outside?

We all lost the keys to our house and just wandered around with ourselves.

Back back when like the tracker didn't work properly and you just like wandered out into the middle of the street because you never know.

Who knows where you go? Who knows where that car is? I'm chasing him down the street.

Yeah, there's a Mewtwo out there.

Exactly. Got to get him. Yeah.

Jesus Christ. It was like the anti COVID. It was like the opposite.


Yeah. So we had we had a year of everybody outside playing and then the universe was like, fuck you three years of grounded.

You're all around.

Exactly. Yeah. Play Pokemon go from your sofa.

Yeah. Good luck.


So I guess in that in that vein, do you have a favorite career moment?

Oh, it's really, really hard to answer that question because it's been 10 years and a lot has happened.

Yeah, I don't know if I have like one, one singular favorite career moment.

I certainly don't have like a favorite scene that I've done.

Primary certainly feels like my showcase piece, like my mantle piece project, but I don't know if I have one favorite moment.

Maybe the first thing that's coming to mind.

I'll say I'll say the first thing that's coming to mind because that seems reasonable to me.

Last year, or I guess it was this year, January of this year was the the ABN awards and because of COVID, we didn't all go to Vegas.

It was a live stream thing.

And Karen, who is in primary one best supporting actress, and she called me screaming and crying and so excited.

And it was just kind of the best feeling of just like, I wrote this thing and then this person did so good that they gave her a trophy.

Like that's so fucking cool.

And that was that was very much wonderful.

That is an awesome answer.

That's very cool.


Do you have a least favorite?

Every morning when I wake up.

Oh, no.

Every time she catches a fucking Pidgey in Pokemon Go.

No, I also I also don't have a what like one singular least favorite moment.

I don't know.

Maybe my memory just doesn't work that way.

Well, again, because again, it's like, like kind of like demystifying the whole like, yeah, the porn stars are just like you and me type of thing.

It's like, it feels like it's a roller coaster, just like anything else.

It's really it's really mostly the very same thing every time you go to work with with little differences.

You're playing a different character or you're you're working with someone new.

But but at this point in my career, I've I've worked with almost every, you know, unless it's someone new in the business, I've worked with them already.

So you're just like, it's like the same the same couple of crews, the same people.

We see the same faces.

Everybody, you know, everybody's your friends and you just like show up and you do your thing and you go home.

And then there are exceptions to that when you like do a parody thing or when you do a big feature or when you do something special.

Are you the are you the token you walk in on set and everybody goes, God damn it.

She's going to talk to us about Pokemon Go again.

Some people think that.


Some people engage in that conversation with me though.

That's amazing.

I have no words.

It's pretty.

Isaac, do you want to ask the pen the pen ultimate question?

Oh, the panel.

Oh, well, I had a question that was back to your directing, I guess.


So you talked about all the different levels of your fan bases.

Is there any interest of writing slash directing a non porn?

Are you thinking about breaking into that sort of area or is it strictly porn?

That's a big old question.

I'd love to.

I'd love to.

I'd absolutely love to.

I'm working on the screenplay right now.

But it's also, yes, it's a it's a big question.

The adult business is definitely getting more and more de-stigmatized every day.

And I think that only fans becoming part of the zeitgeist really helped with that.

But there are there are still, you know, boomer mom and boomer dad who.

Oh, porn gross.

She's going to corrupt my children, whatever.

We're not going to heaven because of Casey.


So there is there is always that that hurdle and I'm very, very aware and very conscious

of the fact that that's a big question.

But but the short answer to the question is yes.



Flip side of that question.

Casey, if I send you my last short film, will you give me notes?

Yeah, absolutely.

Hell yeah.

It's 15 minutes.

So hopefully.

I have 15 minutes.


You shill.

Hey, for what it's for what it's worth, I've been repeating it.

No one gives a fuck about your short film to myself in the dark for the last two years.

It is a very good short film.

It's just COVID.

I can't show anybody.


It kind of fucked up a lot of a lot of stuff.

I moved to New York four months before COVID.


I have no idea.

I have no idea.

New York is like without COVID.

That that legitimately sucks.

Yeah, it's pretty rough.


You guys are handling it though.

I hear LA is pretty much down to to like some very small numbers now.

Is that the case?

Yeah, I guess I guess California as a whole is doing pretty well.

You know, where there's for the most part, I feel like compared to other places in this

country, people here interested in taking care of other people.

You'll love to see it.

What do you mean?


Whatever could I mean?

Yeah, you know, people still like we're still wearing masks at the grocery store and

I think indoors, I think you're still, I don't play in my, I don't leave the house very often.

Like I go to work and I came home and that is all I do.

Yeah, like they're still outdoor dining and where you're mask at the grocery store and

you know, most people put on their mask to put gas in their car and stuff like that.

So it's just, it's, it kind of has become very much normal here, which is, which is

still weird.

It's weird to think like, is this normal forever?

I don't know.

But, but here we are.

Well, it's weird because you guys are on fire.

We're underwater.



Well, that was 2021.


We thought it would be, we thought it would be over after 2020.

It turns out it just put on a different mask.



Belt came off.

Did you, did you, did you have an ultimate question Alessia?

You're out here asking, you're asking, you're asking college words like the ultimate.

Well, it was going to be, my last question was going to occur and then my brain was like,

no dog, you got 20 more questions.

No, Casey, thank you so much for your time.

The last, the last question that I had for you is where can people go to find more Casey

and where do you want them to go?


So I am on Twitter at Casey Calvert XXX.

I am on Instagram at Casey Calvert.

You can watch primary on and those links and everything else, including

my fan sites are at Casey

Those are very good answer.

I can plug.

Oh, no.

Whoa, that has a very different connotation.

Yeah, I love that.

I'm going to pat ourselves on the back that somehow we went through a whole hour and

only had one, that's what she said style moment the entire time.

Very professional.


Yeah, we are.

That's what, yeah, that's what we are.



All of us.

Me neither.


Yeah, I guess that's it.

It's been a blast.

Yeah, absolutely.


Thank you for, thank you for joining us and I feel like you made a very specific person's

day by being here.

Was it you?

It was my day.

This is really fun.

I absolutely, my pleasure.

I am, I am glad to do it.

I'm glad to make your day.

Snake, what have you done?

You changed the future.

You've created a time paradox.

What an interview you got.

The prophecy has been fulfilled.

I feel, I feel like there are two camps of people.

There's one camp that absolutely got it, fucking loved it, laughed their ass off, probably

got into a car accident because they couldn't see.

And then there's the other camp that's like shaking their fist in the air being like,

I'm you.

If you're in that first camp, hell yeah.

If you're in that second camp, I get it.

Also, here's a message for all the camps.

Did you like the little episode 50.5 drops that we put down for you on the lead up?

She's great though, like legitimately, I think.

No, that was a, it was, yeah.

She's so nice.

Like a wonderful, like I didn't, I'm going to be honest with you, never spoken to a porn

that I mean, that was not on my bingo card for 2021.

We talked to Isaac every, every week.

Every week.

They call him hammerhead.

Oh, God.

Oh, I do.

I do want to say this.

So in the interview, Casey and I talk about being in Gainesville, Florida at the same time.

So that's right.

We've taken that a step further now.

We were talking back and forth and it dawned on me.

I don't know how this came up, but I was like, it dawned on me that around that same time,

I was going to a school called Abraham Lincoln Middle School.

So I sent her an email because we're going back and forth afterwards.

I sent her an email and I was like, Hey, like just buy the buy since you were in Gainesville at the same time.

Buy the buy.

Where did you go to middle school?

No fucking way.

And she goes, well, I went to this magnet school program at Abraham Lincoln Middle School.

No fucking way.

And I was like, I was like, what grade were you?

And she told me and I was like, well, I was like, I can't remember exactly, but I do know that like when 9 11 half and I was in the gymnasium at that school.

And she goes, Holy shit, I think I was a grade above you.

Oh my God.

And I was like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it gets crazier.

So and so I was like, I took orchestra.

I played violin.

She said that she played clarinet, I think.

And we possibly were in the same fucking class.



Are you fucking kidding me?

That's hilarious.

Fuck wild.



So I sent an email to the record keeper for the school.

No way.

Yeah, of course.



And I was like, I was like, can you please give me the listing of who was in this class in 2001?

And they still haven't responded.

So I'm going to have to follow up.

Yeah, we've got to.

We've got to get that list.

How fucking crazy is that though?

Follow follow AC Semberfield on Twitter for that follow up.


We're not doing another episode of this podcast just by the very nature of what's happening

right now.


In a weird fucked up way, metal rear solid, the Phantom Pien brought two people together

that sat right behind each other years and years and years.

Holy crap.


Thanks, Brazzers.

Thanks, Brazzers.

I hope my dad didn't listen this far into the episode because I'm going to get a text

from him being like, why did you include me in a podcast recording with a porn star?

He's going to bump that episode.

Listen, count to seven.

I was like, well, about a half dozen.

About a half dozen.

Well, no, I'd 2.2% of the entire room.

I just want to say a massive thank you to Casey, though.

She was awesome.


She's great over email.

No joke.

Sam and I came up with the idea just as what if scenario, this would be hilarious.

We were laughing so hard about it.

There's no way that this could happen.

We're going to put a fucking capstone on this joke for 2017.

Then we emailed her and I went to run an errand and then I stepped out of the post office

where I was and immediately had a reply that said, fuck yeah.

I could not contain myself and had to call Sam and was laughing and crying at the same


Actually, I have the text messages pulled up.

It was on September 16th at Pacific Ocean Time.


At 1046 A.M. Pacific, I texted Alessia.

I said, we should see if we can get Hushies Actress as our final interview.

Alessia said, holy fuck, I'm totally reaching out to the Hushie Actress.

I said, please, please do.

It's Casey Calvert, just FYI.

From that joke that I made all the way through getting her on the podcast, it was four hours.


It was phenomenal.

We never hustled hard during our entire life.

Like I said, it was the most efficiently we've ever gotten an interview on the show, I think.

It was just really cool.

I have shared this and hopefully Casey appreciates this as a joke.

I followed her on social media just after we did the interview.

Instagram's fine and all that stuff like that because they have these terms of services,

but Twitter's the wow, wow West.

So I'll be just chilling, scrolling through Twitter, gaming content, news, blah, blah, blah.

Suddenly, a wild asshole appears.

It really had some variety to my say.

I also want to give all of us a pat on the back because going back and listening to it for the edit,

I found myself to myself mumbling like, I don't know, somebody would be like,

like Casey would say something akin to like, I don't know, like that's what she said joke or something.

And I found myself while editing being like,

and then I was, I never even heard us breathe.

Like I didn't even hear any of us like chuckle.

And it wasn't until she made a joke.

Yeah, because I don't think it like we didn't jump on any bait as far as that went until literally the last moment of the interview.

And I'm a little, I'm kind of proud of us because I think it's too obvious when we're actually interviewing, you know, the porn star that did it.

Yeah, I think it's very easy to jump on it when we're just talking about the porn in episode 50.5.

But when we're actually talking to the actress, it's a lot easier to stay in comic.

So, so educational, you know, I learned about browsers.

I learned about filing taxes.

Yeah, I learned about Casey's Pokemon go obsession.

I learned about why a different porn star bullied my friend.

Oh, yeah.

It's just a whole thing.

James, what were your thoughts when you discovered that that was the super secret interview?

I was I was so strict about it.

I told I didn't tell you know, I didn't tell anybody that I'd leak it, but I did immediately tell all the people in the near vicinity to me, which was really just my partner.

And she is she not having the contacts for the rest of it was like, so you're you're on a podcast with a porn star.

She's just like nodding her head.

Yeah, I was like, well, it's kind of like that.

Yeah, like a degree separation away, you could say.

James is like describing his favorite cartoon to his parents at like five years old.

He's like, and then and then.


I'm like, explain it.

I'm like, well, first you have to understand the plot of the Phantom Pain.

So let me start there.

I just I just so I would like to and unless you can correct correct me if there's more people on this list than that I'm aware of.

But the list of people that knew about this interview before we released this episode, obviously it was me, Alessio and Isaac James out of necessity and Chris Zimmerman Salter.

Yeah, yeah.

That's the list.

Yeah, pretty great.

You're talking to Chris about it, by the way, I just need you guys to know that it was like I sent her an email is like, Hey, this is what we're doing.

It'd be really cool if we could include you blah, blah, blah.

And she was like, Oh, yeah, I'd love to be included.

But real quick, who's your super secret interview?

And she and I was like, fuck, it's Chris, I can't lie to Chris.

And so I was like, surely I think she thought that we had found Eva and she was trying to like, head it off.

But I told her I was like, Hey, so I kind of beat around the bush a little bit.

I was like, you know, just because of this joke we did forever ago, like it's real funny and it's gonna be great.

Like Casey's not a joke, but I'm saying like the whole the circumstances.


And so she didn't like we've been going back and forth kind of pretty immediately like she'd send an email, I'd send an email like every 10 minutes we'd reply.

And then she went dead silent.

She went dead silent for like three days.

And I was like, God damn it.

This Chris weirded out by this like, oh, just not gonna hear from her again.

And then she sends me and then I like, because of the silence after after three or four days, I was like, I gotta say something.

And so I was like, Chris, apologies if it seems vulgar or too lewd for a for a games podcast.

But I was like in the spirit of Kojima, the subversive ending.

I feel sorry for a Metal Gear program.

And she responded immediately and was like, no, no, no, I think it's fucking hilarious.

And I was like, yeah, that's good.

She she's just like leaning back in her chair and her by her studio, twiddling her fingers together is like, yes, they'll never know.

The voice of Eva.


What a twist.

What a twist.

That would be a twist.

That's the post credit sequence.

Oh, yeah.

They'll never know I'm the voice of Eva.

Missed a president.

All right, you guys.

So here's the deal.

I've been beating around the bush about this for a while.

I think we're just going to fucking let her rip.


So we're we're diving head first into listener responses.

No foot first bullshit.

This is straight up like head to the cement.

I miss skull crack.

Cracking her head open, blood in the pool, concussion, concussion, potentially death.


I'm going to change the name real quick just to make it even more soul crushing.

You guys, I just there's no way you can prepare for what you're about to hear.

Oh, no.

So without without further ado, here's our very, very, very, very, very first audio listener response.

What's going on, Metal Gear fam?

It's liquid metal.

I'm liquid metal.

I'm calling in with my final listener response.

Sorry if it's a little noisy.

We're just out here breaking ground on our newest location of the world's largest bachelor's store.

Let me step into my trailer where it's a little quieter in here.

There we are.

All right.

So you guys wanted to know where I was when I first started listening and where I am today.

Well, I mean, if I'm being honest, when I first started listening, I was a neglectful, abusive husband with a pretty severe nacho cheese addiction.

Not proud of that.

But it's part of who I am.

But today, very proud to say that I'm seven months cheese free.

Divorced absent father three.

So doing doing pretty good.

Just like my man, Big Boss.

Am I right?

What is the core central theme of Metal Gear?

If it isn't, well, fatherhood.

I think we can all agree that if nothing else, Kojima was extremely bold to explore the struggles of a man coming to terms with the fact that,

well, the only one of his unwanted triplets who didn't grow up to be a geopolitical terrorist, wound up being a damn dog musher.

And it really just, I mean, what father of three has in fact his own death?

You see, on the surface of Metal Gear is a sneaking mission.

And to compliment that, I am wearing my brand new pair of sneakers.

Not just any sneakers.

What's the one brand of sneakers you think of when you do think about sneakers?

That's right.


So I had my assistant Robin, a little status flex out there.

I had her run out and get me these, you know, Robin thought, you know, Robin fought me tooth and nail about that.

Arguing some nonsense about it doesn't make any sense for an audio medium.

But, you know, poor Robin, she just, no matter how hard she tries, God bless her.

She just doesn't understand Metal Gear.

So of course, I had to give her a bit of a firm hand.

Hey Robin, you remember what I said? What did I say?


I said I will have your head on a pike if I don't give my dikes.

I did? I said that to her.

Anyways, let's get down to brass tacks.

Psycho Mantis.

Oh, it looks like we have our guest phone.

Six minutes early.

That's just perfect.

Robin, I swear to God, if I find out you bought this off, you're already on thin ice, Robin.

Hey, really there, everybody?

Well, I was barely into my segment.

I haven't even...

But it does make sense. Fatherhood is the...

No, because Psycho Mantis and Treven...

Look, if you just call back in like six minutes...

I don't have another $50 to give you. I had to buy these nikes.

No, the shoes do matter.

Yes, sir.

Alright, alright, fucking...

Well, we'll just skip my segment.

People are gonna be pissed, but whatever.

Alright, well, it looks like my guest had called in a little early, so...

I guess there's just nothing I can do about that.

So, ladies and gentlemen, my surprise final listener response guest will take us out.

I want to thank everyone who buys their spatulas and spatula world.

Please subscribe to my chain letter and remember, you can always reach me on Microsoft Teams.

And spend Liquid Metal Mike for the last time.

Now, without further ado, I give you the Kern.

Hey there. It's Colonel Roy Campbell here.

Just wanted to give a shout out to you guys.

Say congratulations on the end of your legendary podcast.

You guys have been great.

It's been a wonderful show. Everyone's gonna miss you.

But all good things must come to an end at some point.

Now, before we go any further, I want to say something special.

And that is...

I'm not Roy Campbell.

I'm his brother Matt.



And Isaac, Sam, Llesio, all you fans who...

and worked in mods and then finally became, you know, hosts yourselves.

Yeah, I'm looking at you, Tori. All of you.

You were so easy to fool.

I've been pulling the strings in the background.

Playing you all like damn fiddles.

It doesn't lessen the quality of your show.

It's been wonderful.

Just know this.

I'm Matt Campbell.

I ran everything in the background.

And also, everything you saw was on me.

Now, it's all I can say congratulations and farewell till we meet again.

And I'm sure my brother would say something like,

This is Campbell.

Great job.

See you on the other side.

Campbell and Matt, out.

Dude, holy crap.

I just love that Paul also changed voices to be Roy and Matt.


I want to say...

Okay, did he tell you how he managed to do that?

Did he do like a cameo or something?

He did, but he said that he wrote a bunch of weird shit that he knew Paul was never going to be able to comprehend,

but he was blown away at how Paul...

One, so the crazy part is he sent me the video.

And Paul is straight up wearing a Foxhound hat in a recording booth with sunglasses on.

That's phenomenal.

He may not have even seen it, but I emailed Paul to be able to do a message for the early part of the video.

He probably just didn't see it, but like that was way better than anything.

Oh my God.

I just need you guys to know the fact that Phantom Peen and Matt Campbell get to conclude on this episode is like the greatest achievement.


Mike is the reason why Matt Campbell basically became such an iconic thing for us on the podcast,

because like we joked about it in the episode where we talked about the snake tails,

Mike's art of Matt Campbell really cemented him in history.


Also, I think Mike told me that he's going to force his entire job to listen to this episode when it comes out.

So if you work with Mike, I'm so sorry he's making you listen.

I know that you...

I hate to do a cue here for you, Alessio, but I...

Because I know that our reactions while we're listening to this won't be on the podcast, so the listeners can enjoy the unfettered clips.

But could you cue like my reaction, some of my, like a clip of my reaction to that here?

Oh yes.

This is foolish.



I just need you guys to know like as it was coming, I was like...

My heart was pounding.

I was like, oh, I hope that they really like this as much as I do.

I was fucking screaming.

Oh yeah.

I probably heard, oh shit.

So at first Mike was like, I want to send you guys a video.

Is that weird?

And he was like, well, I'll only send it to you guys if you guys make fun of me for sending a video to a podcast.

And I was like, yeah, dude, do whatever you want.

And then he was like, well, here it is.

Like I just decided to do audio.

I'm so sorry.

And then I was listening to it and I was like, God damn, Mike used to be like a six and a half minute.

And as soon as it hit the point where it switched over, I was like, you son of a bitch.

Oh, that's so good.

I mean, if you needed to finish, Mike, I'll make fun of you if you want to.

I'll send a video to a podcast if you fucking...


Jeez, it's Christ.

Mike will be legend.

Yeah, I love that.

I love Mike Wilson.

That was awesome.

What a hero.

Mike's the man, dude.

I love him.

Also, so Isaac, I know that...

So you were born in Wisconsin, is that right?

That is correct.


And Mike, I think lives in Michigan.


So I often ask myself, are Mike and Isaac, Mike and Ike, if you will, are you guys two parts, like two souls of one...

They're two parts of one soul, I feel like.

And I think that when you were born in Wisconsin, you split and part of you went to Michigan and part of you went down.

What a weird thing to say.

Because Mike is just...

He's got that fucking undefinable Isaac humor.

I don't know.

That message was continuously being blown away the whole time.

This is amazing.


Thank you, Mike.

I'm sorry everybody else, but Mike is officially the best listener of this podcast.


So let's read a letter.

We're going to do letter, audio, letter, letter, audio.

Red letter, yellow letter.

Sam, you're a letter media.

Hold on.

This first one's addressed to me, I guess.

Yeah, I think looking at the way you've ordered them, I think it makes sense for me to read the second one.

Yeah, yeah, for sure.

For sure.

All right, let's do this.

Daniel Perkins says via email, and boy, I've not done this in a long time.

Hey, Alyssa, you and crew saw that the show was ending and figured I'd send over my thoughts.

You, Isaac, and Sam have really created something special that will forever live in the hearts of Metal Gear Solid fans.

I first started listening back in 2018 when I had a long drive for work and figured I'd give a podcast a shot.

I expected to find maybe an episode or two about MGS on a gamer podcast.

I never imagined I'd find Metal Gear Mondays.

As an aside, Daniel, may that be the last time you say gamer and Metal Gear Mondays in the same paradigm?

The darn word.

Yeah, ugh.

I wasn't necessarily a weekly listener, but I always returned a few times a year to binge.

Your episodes brought me comfort and nostalgia at all times in my life when I really needed it.

I still throw episodes on for long trips or when I hop in the shower slash clean my apartment.

MGM is comfort food for the soul.

As a professional video producer and editor, I really admired your ability to put together a fantastic show weekend and week out despite the three of you having full-time jobs.

Fumbling in the dark with Isaac was always my favorite segment, but I looked forward to everything, including the hilariously dry intros.

I could go on forever, but I know your time on the show is limited, so I'll wrap up my thoughts.

Congratulations on your success and never doubt that you brought entertainment and happiness to gamers around the world.

I look forward to anything you three cook up in the future, and I want to wish you, Isaac, Sam, and your families a very happy and safe holiday season.

For the last time, it's just a box.

Daniel, you don't get to say that last part.

That's for us to say.

That's our special moment.

Yeah, exactly.

Also, are our skits dry?

Dryer and hushy in the desert.

Also, it's going to be a through line through a lot of these that fumbling in the dark was some favorite thing.

Yeah, very easily.

Honestly, one of my favorite segments, too, just the absurdity of Isaac trying to figure out what the fuck's going on is my favorite.

I liked the idea that we were talking while he was taking a shower.

No, for sure.

My voice was in a room with his new body.

I'm picturing in my head just like he's in the shower facing the water, and the three of us are like threes too.

Now I'm just poking our heads in just like, hello, hello, hello.

Oh, Daniel.

All right, let's do an audio one and then we'll do Sam for the next one.

So this, I'm trying to think, who a weapon to surpass liquid metal might?

We're going to do possibly.

Yeah, right.

We're going to do my very good friend from across the pond.

This is the Dane himself.

This is Toby Rothenburg.

Toby is a sweet, sweet man.

He sent me money on my birthday to go get authentic Danish food in the Lower East Side.


How was it?

It was great.

He's super good, dude.

We watch a lot of stuff together over Discord and talk about dumb shit like Berserk.

But yeah, he's great.

Berserk's cool.

No, Berserk's great.

Toby is like an ex UFC fighter who we talked about on part two of the finale.

The life of Toby.

Yes, exactly.


But yeah, let's check out what Toby has to say.


Dear MGM, thank you for everything you have done.

Isaac, Sam and Alessio, you created something special.

Deep and thorough episodes that could make even the most hardcore Kojima weep pay attention.

Not only did you take us on a journey with your great insight through the universe of middle gear and the Jason projects,

but you did it with a friendship and chemistry that made all of us listeners feel like a fourth person in the chair and like we were part of the gang.

You had a chemistry that countless other podcasts and hosts wish they could have and a lot have tried to do it themselves but failed.

You also introduced us to a cast of great people as your guest and built a unique and tight community on the discord.

Isaac Lim, like Eli, you make people pay attention when you're actually there.

You flow in and out as a host, but you're forced to be reckoned with when present.

May the memory of your appearances be stronger than your fumbling in the dark.

You are liquid snake.

Same like John, you are very likable and have a great personality that people can't help but to enjoy and want to be nearby.

You make being open about your emotions cool.

Thus, you wear your heart on your sleeve.

You are naked snake.

Alessio Summerfields, like David, you are very respected amongst the people around you.

And amongst the new hosts and your community, people look up to you.

Your work rate, dedication and engagement has been consistent.

You are solid snake.

Isaac, Sam and Alessio.

In Denmark, people who contribute extraordinarily to a beautiful society get the high esteem of being knighted.

Your contribution to the Metal Gear community has been recognized and thus shall be honored.

As the Metal Gear Monday Ambassador of Denmark and the official Metal Gear Monday mascot, I shall grant you this honor.

If you will all step forward and lower your head.

Same jewels shall now be knighted and henceforth be known as the same of Denmark.

Alessio Summerfields shall now be knighted and henceforth be known as the Alessio of Denmark.

Good willsine, Metal Gear Manta.

That means, God bless Metal Gear Monday. Thank you.


Did he not?

He denied me.

Sam and Alessio of Denmark.

I'm sorry.

It's fucking amazing.

Toby told me that originally he was going to do it as a video and that the idea was to treat you like they did Chewbacca at the end of our words where everybody got a medal except for Chewbacca.

I'm um...

Toby's a good dude.

I'm like, okay, I didn't expect this this this early. I'm actually crying right now. Holy shit.

Toby, why did you make Sam cry?

It's just so nice.

Dude, yeah. The bit about naming each one of us a different snake.

That's good. James, how do you feel about continuing to be on this episode?

I just love hearing how much y'all are loved. I think it's really heartwarming.

Listen, somebody out there, they didn't write it and that's okay. Somebody out there loves the season on Peace Walker that I was a part of.

James, I don't know how much of the finale you've listened to, but I have frequently cited that episodes 65 through 100, which are your episodes are my favorite episodes of the play.

See? No, I love it. I think it's I just continue to think it's so so cool. How many people like wrote in and took time out of their day to tell y'all how much this meant?

Like this is this is you don't see this often. There should be a museum.

Oh, well, I love.

I know that it is getting a little borderline masturbatory, but it's the last episode. Yeah, it is a fuck.

Yeah, y'all did the you did the laps like take your victory lap. You know, oh my God, Toby. God damn it.

I said I'm like, I oh my God. I like I said I listen, I was expecting to cry about it in this episode. Like I said, I did not expect it on the second fucking voice message that we got.

Well, the only thing that's keeping me from crying is I just keep thinking about James getting cucked by the podcast.

You're right. It is keeping me from crying.

Oh, man.

So do you want to take the next fan letter?

So I'm going to do the next one that we have in here. But before I do that, I have like a very, very short thing to say just because I was I was looking at it and I just want to say this.

But Ryan in the discord was was in the episode discussion channel and just mentioned the the just saying some nice things about that episode and then said, sadly, I'm in no condition to write anything thoughtful for listener response at the moment.

But just so you know, it has been a beautiful journey full of joyful moments. So I just wanted to, you know, shout out right a little bit. So yeah, but the

Oh, hold on. Hold on. Right underneath that, though. Do you see Cody Cote saying Isaac possibly saying fuck rules?


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wonderful.

But the message that I want to read. So going back to to Daniel Perkins email if you, you know, anything the three of us cook up, you say how about slash Sam versus Sam, because this

message comes to us from the comment section of the video, the ghost festival of Ghost Miss on my YouTube channel, which is the episode I did last Christmas Christmas, like December 23 2020 with Alessio, where we invented our own holiday for the

I forgot it. That was a very funny thing. Yeah, and he commented. They, I shouldn't assume they commented on the the

My channel, just saying saying a few kind things. So I wanted to read that really quick. So Madhau D. Hopefully I'm pronouncing that correctly. It says just started listening to Metal Gear Mondays on Spotify over the past few weeks up until

Episode 65. You're about to be golden.

Also, I'm so glad that you listened up to 65 and may possibly be hearing this now so that you can get all the Phantom Pain references.

Yeah, you saw new listeners in 2021 who just want to hear funny conversations about Metal Gear. Sam, Alessio and Isaac fumbling in the dark limb have the best chemistry and are just a riot. Hope you guys will pick MGM back up again one day. This was before the


It will be one of the best things to happen for me.

I'm sure. Well, I've got something to say.

Cheers Sam. Hope you read this and read it out in a listener response episode one day on MGM from Singapore.

Sadly not.

Sadly not.

What a monkey polish.

Yeah, seriously. Thank you, Madhau D. I hope you hear this and you comment on another one of my YouTube videos to tell me you did.


Let's listen to a new fan. So this is new listener to the show. Mercedes. Let's take it away, Mercedes.

Hi guys, my name is Mercedes and I just want to say thank you so much for creating this podcast dedicated to my favorite franchise.

My dad got me started when I was way too young to understand Kojima's brain with Metal Gear Solid and I've been playing ever since.

I was recently looking for content related to my favorite game in the franchise, which is Metal Gear Solid 2.

And so I discovered the podcast fairly recently.

I'm sad to see that it's ending what feels so soon to me, but the benefit is that I've been able to binge all of the OG episodes and I'm working my way through Metal Gear Solid 4.

Right now because my PS3 broke. So yeah, thank you so much.

It's been really cool getting to relive those memories and kind of play vicariously while listening to you guys.

I'd also like to give a special shout out to Sam, Isaac, and Alessio. You guys are hilarious.

I love fumbling in the dark and just all your jokes and kind of commentary has been really fun.

It feels like you're sitting in a room with friends and kind of discussing this thing that you all love.

So thank you also for replying to my one comment on a post you guys did recently on Facebook.

It made my entire year. I immediately went to go show my fiance.

So yeah, thank you so much. I'll keep following on all your socials and hoping to see an occasional Isaac tweet or information about y'all's next adventures.

So yeah, just thank you. Good luck and the best is yet to come.

The best has already came. This is me peaking.

The best came.

Oh, no.

Is Charles there?

I remember responding to Mercedes on Facebook. I think I responded and I think the page and Alessio responded too.

Oh yeah.

But yeah, thank you Mercedes. That was very, very wonderful.

I was wondering why the name seemed familiar to me, but that's why because I saw it on Facebook.

Question for Mercedes when you went and told your fiance about it.

Did he react in much the same way that James's partner reacted by being like, what are you talking about?

Much in the way that Alessio's partner Kristen reacts, which is leave me alone with your nerd.

I just want to know about your nerd shit.

Yeah, please don't bring any internet people to my house.

I just want to say I just want to refute Kristen when she says that she doesn't want to meet any of Alessio's internet friends, which is hello.

That's me. Alessio's first internet friend.

Nice to meet you.

James, would you like to read Daniel Cooler, aka ex new boot goofin'.

I love aka ex new boot goofin'.

I love that.

Reno 911 is amazing.

Absolutely. So via email Daniel writes, here's do you dear lady gentlemen boys and girls top to bottom left to right inside out upside down and pseudo chronological tactical podcast.

Although I've only been listening since 2019 and joined the discord in 2020. This could buy is emotional.

You felt like you were shouting to avoid when you started. I'm sure if anyone was listening, but I could tell from the early episodes and even up through the last ones that every host truly cared about the content.

They were providing. It was endearing, much like the community on the discord. So y'all were shouting into my void and it felt good.


Especially one episode way back when you shouted out Bartlesville, Oklahoma, which is where I work.

What a great shout out.

Hold on, hold on real quick just for all time's sake. Shout out to Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

There we go. The podcast was bright spot in the dookie pile of 2020.

Slammed through the backlog and laughed along at a time when laughter and hanging out were in short supply.

The pod and the discord were welcome distraction and a joy to be a part of the community that this show created is something special.

Everyone is genuine and welcoming.

It's a breath of fresh air these days.

This digital hangout was a great outlet during lockdown and continues to be so.

Thanks to all the hosts for your time and effort.

I know it can be a grind.

It's very much appreciated. Thanks to Sam and Alessia for birthing this BB carrying it across the country and overseas.

Truly has been a pleasure listening along, wishing everyone the best in their future in every home.

What's going on?

Oh, tell us.

It's actually, it's really funny.

What is happening?

People have brought up that like listening to us has been has been like we've made them feel like we're there.

They're like sitting in on the podcast talking to us too.

And it's weird being on the other side of that meme because somebody actually posted it in the discord.

That meme of like the.

Oh, it was me. I like reposted it. Yeah.

Yes. Of the guy sitting next to the ice cream light or next to the thing of the three girls chatting with each other and laughing, eating a bowl of ice cream.

And I've seen that so many times and then being on the other side of it where we're the ice cream girls and.

Is really weird to me.

I've always wanted to be an ice cream girl.

I've always wanted to be an ice cream.

The ice cream commercials in Italy for Magnum, I think.

Oh, my God. You know that brand?

In Italy, it's pronounced Magnum.

Commercials in just all the European because the British ones are like real.

Oh, so horny.



I'm like, dude, I need an ice cream and a change of pants.

I mean, I need a Magnum ice cream and a Magnum condom.

Jesus Christ.

All right. Let me dig into Alessio's patented bag of audio messages real quick.

Let's do.

I'm sorry that everybody has to compete with liquid metal.

My God.

You should have done that one last.

I know. I was just so excited.

If anybody knows me, they just know that when I get excited, I get very excited to the detriment of sharing things too early.

All right. So this next one comes from Johnny Flores, Jr.

Farewell, Metal Gear Mondays.

It is I, Johnny Flores, Jr.

Yes, that Johnny Flores, Jr.

That guy you see in the discord with all the caffeine fixed photos and baby pictures.

It's been a privilege and an honor to listen to years of work in a matter of months.

Your absence will make my heart grow fonder.

Now I must attend to my RoboSexual Anonymous meeting.

Fare thee well.

Metal Gear Mondays.

Oh, my God.

Johnny Flores, Jr.

And his fucking harpoon Duncan Beers.

Dude, not all day, every day.

Every day a new harpoon Duncan Beers.

Every fucking day.

Oh, my gosh.

I didn't even know about this beer until Johnny posted it.

I know it's all day.

Now it's all I want.

And when Johnny's not drinking that, he's drinking Monster, baby.

Ripping the Monster coffee is the 300, whatever they're called.

It's nice to know that Death Stranding had an impact on something.

Monster Son coming for all of us.

Thank you, Johnny.

Yeah, Johnny, that was great.

Speaking of Johnny, I was bummed out that we didn't get Dean Scofield to send us a Johnny farewell.

But it's OK.

I hope he's doing all right.

And I'm not just saying that because he's old and I got scared, but all of the real, I hope he's doing all right.

I just, I don't know.

We'll get to it in a second.

I don't know how I skim past this Johnny mail underneath Adams.

But my God.

Oh, yeah, it's just, oh, yeah, dude, that's my favorite.

We'll talk about it when we get to it.

Yeah, we will.

We could probably just do it right after this.

It's a quick one.

Yeah, Isaac, do you want to read Adam Hilton?

I believe it's Hilton.

I hope it's a Hilton.

I talk to Adam all the time and I don't ever say his last name.

So Mr. Crooks, I love you.

And Isaac, go ahead.

This one comes from Adam Halton.

It's not what I see.

Hilton Hilton, aka Mr. Crooks.

Here's to you, dear hosts.

Thank you all so much for a stellar podcast and the absolute love we all felt went into it.

I found the show in 2018 when I swapped positions at work.

Just getting into listening to podcasts and went back to episode one and immediately fell in love.

The show set the standard for what I want from video game podcast that focus on a series.

The fandom here never was biased and deconstructing Kojima was a constant here as it was necessary.

Hell of a show.

Hell of a lot of thoughtful commentary.

In the beginning, F word into one of these letters.

And then we're going to go and Isaac to say it.

I was cheating.

Keep going.

In the beginning, Sam, Alessio and Isaac were so damn fun to listen to that halfway through most episodes.

It ended up feeling like everyone was sitting around a couch together.

Listener included.

Isaac, don't tease me with damn.

I'm getting all hot and violent.

Of course, that wasn't the case.

Hey, hey, this is a heartfelt message from Mr. Cropes.

Of course, that wasn't the case, which goes to show exactly how much effort went into the show between the host and making episodes happen.

The crew of Sam, Zach Cole and Chris then that then had to, I don't know,

damn themselves to go through death stranding made listening to the season such a blast.

That's hilarious.

Again, another group of friends that we all then fell in the rotation that with taking a joke and a swipe one after the other.

Isn't that right?

But I can't do it.

In that right.

But I see a little listener love for the bubby's.

We love the bubby's.

The bubby's is 100% fresh.

Bubby or tomatoes.

Nobody hates the bubby.

Hold on, hold on.

James, I haven't heard you pull off a bubby.

Can we get us some bubby's?




Hey, bubby.

Our final trio of Tory, Warren and Chris led us through what was shaping up to be a perfect retread of the series in chronological order.

Until Alessio walked up and shot him in the back of the head.

I'm sorry.

It's like the ending of the departed.

Oh yeah.

It sucks to suck if you haven't seen the department.

It's really weird that Tory, Warren and Chris starred in the department.

Anyway, anyway, he continues.

I know I've made my favorite moment incredibly clear.

Some elsewhere time.

And I've made my favorite moment incredibly clear.

Some elsewhere time and time again.

Old Sam and the letter C for conundrum.

I don't want to highlight in the fan and pain episodes.

Can we get a can we get one of those?

And we've got plenty to talk about on the back half, but I think yeah, I just wanted to make sure that we pleased the longtime listeners and finally had a good old fashioned conundrum in the middle of.

We haven't had a good conundrum here in a while.

I'm out of here Mondays night.

I just wanted to this episode is brought to you by the letter C conundrum.

Can you explain to me how you do that voice?

What are you doing with your mouth and your.

So it's kind of like, um, have you ever like, like held your breath and like, make gave yourself a headache by like shaking?

Yeah, it's kind of like halfway to that point without actually hurting yourself.

That's pretty great.

So it's like, it's like, you mean something kind of like this Sam.

A little bit like that.


I got to just like throw it out of the back of my there.

My wife is probably fucking swearing in the other room right now.

She's like trying to sleep and going on.

She's like, yeah, the best way I can explain how to do is like, it's kind of like you're trying to stick the back of your tongue to the roof of your mouth.


Yeah, I think it'll be good.

So it's kind of like this.

You just kind of got a pretend.

You got to kind of do it like this.

I really wish that a lot of us sounded like that in this game.

Let the legend come to life.

Go big boss.

It's no use.

She could be a spy or me or you.

We're all spies here.

I'm revolver.

I'm a rosalot.

Some call me shallowshask.

I'm real good at shooting guns.

Look at this little puppy.

He'll be a good soldier someday when he's bigger.

Oh my God.

I don't think I've lost my shit on this show in a long time.

The rifleman.

This is the decoration.

It serves no purpose.

It serves no purpose.

But you got some good shooting, kid.

Boss, you should come to the base.

The man missed you.

You just saying boss and that voice cracks me up.



There's like a sadness to it kind of.

It's like when you say it, it's like, man,

boss hasn't looked at in your direction in quite a while.

Boss, I miss you.

I haven't seen your face in so long.




Oh my God.


That is not the whopper.

Oh my God.

Oh, should I just do the rest of the episode of that voice?

No, please.

I don't think my lungs could handle it.

Mission list updated.


Can I read the rest of the letter with that voice?

Yes, please.

I think it's only a care.

Oh, I'm dying.

That was incredible.

I'm dying twice.

All right.

We're going toiscal.

All right.

We're going to finish off.

It's a good one.

I'm dying twice.

We're going to finish off Adam's letter here.

All the best to you all.

You provided us with hours of content and insight and taking

time out of your days to interact with us as a whole or


And that's what makes Metal Gear Mondays a top notch show.

And even better, collection of people.

I appreciate it.

Sorry, I didn't get on the fly.

I appreciate the time and experience that shared whether it was

through writing or playing video games or complaining about

Kansas or video chatting going back and forth on social media.

It's all been great human beings.

And I hope wherever the wind takes you that you all find


It's time to let her rip, you lovelies.

You're all amazing.

And I can't thank you enough.







That was amazing.

I'll read John's email real quick before we go to the next one.

She's crazy.

Good morning.

We are H.C. Stainless Steel Company, LTD, H.C. Gort.

H.C. Gort.

Our annual sales are nearly one billion, about 300,000 tons


We are a professional manufacturer engaged in research,

development, production, sale, and service.

We dedicate to strict quality control and thoughtful customer


And our experienced staff members are always available to

discuss your requirements and ensure every customer satisfaction.

Semi-product raw material, suss stainless steel, sheet coil,

stripe, finished product, stainless screen, profile elevator

panel tile, trim, wall panel grade, 201304 316430,

custom cold set so size, millimeter, 1,002,121,

924389010210, 12193048, thickness cold rolled, 0.33

millimeters, surface, 2B A2 9S, B8, matte, mirror, hairline,

number four, decorative finish, killer seven.

Thanks, John.

2B, 2Booty.

Thanks, John.

That was great.

I think that they sent us an email because the word metal,

if I had to guess.

James, I think a sapper email got to us.

Oh my God.

Jesus Christ.

I just want to throw this out there.

It does look like it's fucking sapper email.

Yeah, they got to fix the fucking content department over there.

What do you think?

Throw this out there.

So, in finishing Adam's email with that voice, I get a text from

Chels, my partner.

She goes, hearing that voice through the door, something

chills down my spine.

Do you want to, you know, something really messed up about

this last email though is until the very end there, I was

really trying to figure out, I was like, when did this


Like, what is this reference?

You were on the episode.


Yeah, it was the MGS five season.

Weren't you on it?

No, it was just you for that one.

I think I think the stainless steel one.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, that's what I'm saying.

I mean, the state I sit here during the reading of that, and

like, is this from a metal gear game?

Is this really bad?

Is this some, is this some Colonel says?

Honestly, it reads like something like Colonel says in

Metal Gear Solid 2.

That's what I was thinking, I was like, eh, eh.

Sauce, stainless steel, sheet, quail, crack, finish by

three, four, three, one, six, four, three, zero.

You should get another cameo from Paul and have him

read it.

Just read it real, real crazy.

So the next audio message.

Thank you, Adam and John.

So this comes from Matt Sizemore, aka Matt AF.

Sam, did you ever bury the beef on you guys?

Okay, all right.

I never had any beef with Matt or the Postal Service.

It was all fucking Jeff.

And if you don't, and if you don't know, there was a

podcast I did for a little bit with my friend Jeff called

From Another Mother and Jeff was the one who talked

shit about the Postal Service.

Great band.

Although on this podcast, James had some issues with the

Postal Service.

Not the band.

They did, fuck the Postal Service.

Well, actually, no, I take that back.

They, they're fucking coming for you.

They built the, our society's built on the back of the

Postal Service people.

I take back what I said about them.

We've had a lot of time to grow, think and reflect.

And, you know, they're doing good work.

My dog barks in my everyday.


So, so we have one beef squash.

If you want to squash the initial beef, you're going to

have to talk to fucking Jeff.

Don't talk to me.

I'm fine.

I'm fine with this.


All right.

So let's listen to what the other party has to say in this

beef war.

Beef war.

Well, here we are.

I want to start out by saying thanks for everything.

You guys have provided me years of really good content.

Really, really good shit.

But it's more than that.

I just really appreciate you for everything you've done all

the time that you've sacrificed putting together an amazing


And I just really appreciate everything.

I always know that I'll be your biggest fan and you'll always

have my support.

You all want an example?

Alessio, remember when you did Japan a pod?

I was there.

I listened to it.

I liked it.

I supported it.

Waiting for Michael.

I'm still fucking waiting, brother.

I don't know where he's at, but I waited with you.

Not turning around.

I'm not going to be a fan of you.

I'm not going to be a fan of you.

I'm not going to be a fan of you.

I'm not going to be a fan of you.

Not turning on transmissions.

That was my shit.

I loved it.

Sam, maybe have a word.

I was there.

Question and audio?

Audio and answer.

Whatever it was, that was probably one of my favorite shows.

I was there.

From another mother.

I was there.

Cameron, again.

I don't know if you'll ever hear this or see this.

I don't know.


I was there.


I was there.

Metal Gear Mondays.

I'm still here.

You know why?

Because you, all of you, deserve all the love and support.

That, I don't even know.

I just, I really appreciate it.

Genuinely, I do.

I'm thankful.

And yo buddy Matt.

I'll always be here.

I'll always be, uh,

I'll be the first to stand,

and the last to still be clamping.

Just remember that.

I meant that to sound more genuine,

and not so much evil villain-ish.

You get what I'm saying.

I'm your biggest fan.

This is just gonna keep getting weirder and weirder and weirder.

Saying I'm losing function of my mouth.

Uh, thanks for everything, guys.

From, from me to you.


And until next time,

there's just a box.

Hey Matt, when your first starter was born,

I was there.

And when, when your wife conceived your second child,

I was there.

Oh my God.

No, I love it. I love it.

Oh, precious.

I do. I appreciate all those. I was there.

But notice he didn't mention, uh,

[02:54:12] slash sand versus sand versus sand.

I legitimately, no.

Okay. I, I, I'm, I'm only saying this because,

not to promote it because like whatever,

but like I legitimately because legit,

because Matt was always there legitimately.

I now convert the video for my versus vidcast series.

I do a Zach and Cole into a podcast format for him to listen to specifically.

I do that. I do that for one person.

I found a hosting website that's free and I just, I just, I just do that.

I do that for him. He was there.

He was there.

I do that for him.

That's, that's like when the tectonic plates were shifted.

I was there.

But if you do want to listen to it, you can sand versus sand one.

I love you, Matt.

And if you guys, if you guys don't, if you guys don't know, he is Matt as fuck.

So those are very nice. James.

And he was there.

Matt, I think you might be James as big as fan considering the roster of podcasts you were listening to.

Yeah. That was a spacked stack roster.

Yeah. That's some right.

We're offering some of this back.

I'm available to guest.

To guest.

I like the, I like the skirting of responsibility.

James, if you're available to guest, why don't you just read Darcy's email?

I sure will. This is from Darcy Sussan.

It is hard to bid the podcast its final farewell as it has been an escape for those days where things weren't going well for me.

Though those darker days are long behind me.

The ones I have now are few and far between.

I still remember all the times I escaped into a podcast where my thoughts and feelings aligned with others.

Unless he has Sam and Isaac felt like three close friends of mine on those days and every moment I listened was more than worth it.

Never felt I ever wasted any time listening to these podcasts.

So happy and grateful that I found others who felt the same way that I did about Metal Gear, which was a game that meant a lot to me.

It was a game that when I was 12 years old helped my dad and I create a bond.

I watched him play it and I wanted to try.

Then when I did, I completed the game where he couldn't, in case you were wondering, he couldn't get past Rex Part 2 when liquid snake opened the canopy.

Social services should have come and got you right then and there.

When others took over to create MGM Revengeance, I was both skeptical and excited.

I didn't know how the show would go, but I wanted to hear new thoughts from other people on the game.

Cole, Chris, Tori, and Warren, he certainly delivered and it was amazing to listen to you all.

It was very surreal and almost like a dream come true when I was able to join you on the podcast, but even now I remember it so fondly.

I wish I could have done it more often as my thoughts on Metal Gear are almost endless.

Thanks for having me on and apologize to Alphless for not remembering the words forever in astronaut.

I panicked and I answered incorrectly.

Thank you for everything you've done with this podcast.

I wish all of you well.

The host, the listeners, the patrons, and the guests.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here's to you.

I love a forever in astronaut plug.

Should we just since it's since it's very short, should we quickly?

Yeah, yeah, Sammy on it.

Yeah, this is from Alex Hnidinos via email.

I am truly sad to hear the show will be coming to an end.

I absolutely love your show in between my net shows and PCs.

I've had nothing but fun listening to you guys talk about my favorite series as well as all the amazing interviews.

I feel like a piece of me will be gone when you are gone.

I absolutely appreciate everything you've done and will deeply miss the show.

You know what?

Fuck it.

I'm going to do Sean Wilkins real quick.

Okay, we're breaking all the rules.

Maybe it's our fucking last episode.

We can do what we want.

All right, Sean Wilkins, the man who has humility and also balls.

Guys, it's been great every iteration of the show from the beginning.

There was a definite chart.

It was clear the show was a passion project.

I was in from episode one.

I'll be it.

I was about a year and a half late to the show.

I caught up right about the time the show was ending.

The first time.

Didn't end.

We went on a break.

Yeah, Sean, I'm going to come to your house and break your fucking knee.

Cole knows about where he lives.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

I was devastated.

Yeah, you will be.

But I learned coming back with shorter seasons and was very excited for whatever was in store.

I loved feeling like I had more buds that loved metal gears much as if not more than me.

To be honest, I didn't care what you guys talked about.

I just enjoyed getting to be around whatever conversation you were having.

It was true with the original host continued to the next group and the next group.

I'm sad the show is ending, but I'm glad there's still a great community that you guys have fostered.

Hope to continue talking about games, movies and art with you all.

Sean's great.

Sean, yeah, he's a good dude.

Go follow him on his social media, Instagram and his Twitch, the scratch kid.

Great artist.

He's done a lot of art for both 1.5 and 2.0 of the podcast.

He did the art for my YouTube channel.

What's the channel?

Oh, it's slash sand versus sand versus a spell mark.

He also did Maya.

He did a self-forge for me or not a self-forge, but a portrait for me with the tagline for all intents and purposes.

I guess I say that a lot.

Another one of his greatest catchphrases.

No, no, no, no, so funny.

Thanks, Sean.

Thanks, Sean.

We've got one more short one.

Yeah, let's get in there.

This one comes from Nick Steffen, Nick Steven, Nick.

Steffen Wolf.

Nick Steffen Wolf Mother.

Oh, shit.

Love it.

It's Nick Steffen Wolf Mother Mother.

I love the show so damn much.

Well, you gotta understand there's five exclamation points.

All right, all of you guys have been like my nerdy MGS super fan friends.

I've listened to every episode and enjoyed them so much.

Oh, no.

Yeah, that's a little bit.

Oh, gosh.

When my dad was dying of cancer, you guys helped me with a fun distraction while I was at work.

After he passed away, I still had you guys to listen to the lighthearted episodes with all the dorky details about all the games was such was some much needed relief and a difficult time in my life.

I love all you guys so damn much.

I'm honestly very sad to hear that the show is ending.

I apologize that I'm only reaching out now, but I needed to tell all of you guys how much the show means and meant to me.

Nick, what a twist.

No, I'm sorry to hear that about your dad.

That's really rough.

But I'm at the very least glad that we could have been there to kind of help you through it a little bit.

For sure.

I was just I was making fun of Isaac at the top of this show so damn much.

I get put emphasis because of the explanation.

Where the accent come from.

Yeah, for sure.

I was being in character.

I was bangin' a product.

I'm Tommy from the room.

Hi, doggy.

Oh, hi, doggy.


So let's listen to another one.

This is Natto from Florida.

It all began as I was listening to a Kojima playlist while I was working on my home improvements last year during COVID quarantine.

I was listening to Wait a Fall by Star Sailor on Spotify when the thought of looking up a Metal Gear Solid 3 episode of any video game podcast came to mind.

Little did I know there was a podcast called Metal Gear Mondays that was all about Metal Gear and everything related to Mr Kojima.

By the time I joined the party, it was the initial point of the Metal Gear Solid 3 season of Revengeance.

This crew consisted of Cole, Tori, and Chris.

And of course, Warren.

And it was like a match made in heaven.

Tori blew me away with her in-depth, the boss knowledge.

Cole and Chris had me laughing my ass off when they decided to reenact President Johnson and Chris Jeff with awful accents.

And then, of course, joined Warren, who'd always keep the conversation alive and engaging.

Then an episode featuring Ghost that came up.

I didn't know who this Alessio guy was, but he seemed to have good vibes.

So maybe he was a recurring guest to the show.

I did not know at the time.

So yeah, throughout that time, it was the stopping point.

So I decided to count how many episodes do I need to catch up.

That's when I noticed how huge the backlog was.

Before listening from episode 1, I went to the website

And the first thing I see is a YouTube video of these three bozos in a car.

Little did I know, these were the OGs, Alessio, Sam, and Isaac.

Who opened a new chapter of the Middle Gear Mondays lore.

Would it be a prologue? Huh.

And became like a family to me.

Thank you everybody for the discussions and laughs, as well as going above and beyond for the interviews.

And best of luck to you guys as you move on to the next chapters in your life.

This is Nato from Florida.

And remember, it's just a box.

That's our word.

Yeah, what is up with everybody trying to steal the show exit?

Like, I mean, we have to end the episode every time they say it.

Oh, God.

I was, you couldn't hear me say it, but I swear to God, Nato, if you say future endeavors.

No, Nato is really great.

He, I think as soon as he realized who Ghost Dad was, he started DMing me.

So we've been talking quite a bit.

I love how he calls you a recurring character.

A recurring character? I was like, yeah, you don't say that.

Oh, no.

No, that's so good.

But yeah, no, I'm glad that you went back and listened to all of it.

It's a lot of fun.

Whose turn is it? I have not been keeping up.

I think it's you.

All right, I'll zip through this.

Jordan via email.

Good morning, guys.

Imagine my dismay.

I've stumbled upon a podcast made for me long, in depth, book club theme discussions about one of my favorite franchises of all time with over 100 episodes to boot.

I've just finished the MGS two section and I begin to wonder how much longer until we get to the fan of pain?

How much more content do I have?

I scrolled all the way down the list to see gladly that you're still making episodes.

But oh, wait, what's this?

The end of Metal Gear Monday.

Get your final farewells in before November 15th.

This cruel and unfair twist of fate has, of course, led me to this hasty message to get in my questions before my chance has gone for good.

I've missed my opportunity to discuss the games, their lore, their philosophy, their substance, the novels, the potential remake, the upcoming movie.

So much to talk about. No time to do it. What's more, I don't know what questions have been asked and answered.

So please find below a list of questions that you could choose to answer from.

Perhaps you could answer one each.

How many of you are even left?

Well, I think Sam, I hope you all are still in it together by the time I make it to the end.

And I will by Christmas at this rate.

I'm burning through these episodes.

That's my Christmas wish, guys.

All right.

So we got a we got a grant, Jordan.

We're here in the back.

Let's answer these questions.

I think all I think all of us answer very quickly.

So I'll read it real quick.

If you had to be an MGS boss, which would you choose and why bear in mind you will have to suffer the same fate that that character does with their respective storyline?


Blade Wolf for Middle Gear Rise and Revenge is because even though I'm a boss, I get rebuilt and I'm a bad ass.

Okay, sick.

Isaac, pick one.

The end.

Oh, why?

It's pretty cool, dude.

I don't know.

Story arc story arcs pretty interesting and his his I guess the ending is pretty.

The end is built into the beginning.

Can I can I just go back to Metal Gear and be the big boss?

Oh, hell yeah.

You mean the medic from the.

Boom, Dan.

I'm going to pick laughing octopus in the beginning of MGS for because I just get to sit in the corner of the ceiling and do nothing.

And then get to do a fashion catwalk until I die.

All right, quick.

You must destroy all Metal Gear is just like Snake does except instead of using a Stinger RPG or Chaff grenade to take enormous bipedal max, you're going to snap every single Metal Gear disc in half with your bear pixelated hands.

Basically, which Metal Gear game can you not destroy?

Which game in the franchise is the one game you would play forever if you could only keep one?

I can't say my pick, which is MGS 2 without MGS 1 existing.

So I'm just going to have to say MGS 1.

Well, you're just snapping the disc.

You're not eliminating the existence.

So you can't say MGS 2.

That's true.

Yeah. So well, so if I have to snap every disc except for one disc, it'll be Metal Gear Solid one disc one.

Never see how to.

I will say Metal Gear Solid one as a whole just because I have so many good memories with it.

That's obviously the reason why we're fucking here doing this and am I doing the thing?

I swear to God, you know, I can't mention me playing with my dad enough on this podcast because it is formative.

And that's why I'm on the series.

So I should do a whole ass podcast about it for five fucking years.

You talking about me playing with my I was like, where's this going?

Isaac, would you not destroy?

I don't want to be cliche and add on, but probably the first one.

James who played it in reverse chronicles or I guess in true chronology.

So I'm going to come in with a really hot day and say it's a fan of me.

Oh, I got it.

It's good. It plays well. It's good.

Number three, if you could have either a full modern day remake of every single Metal Gear entry or a Metal Gear Solid six, which would you choose?

I'm going to go with the with the first part.

Yeah, I don't want.

I don't want.


Also, Jordan said Metal Gear entry.

So I'm going to go and say, give me that fucking MG one, dude.

Seriously, that would be insane.

Honestly, I would love to go back and play through all of the Metal Gear's with the stories and cut scenes of the originals remastered with the gameplay of five.

I would fucking love that.

Oh, I mean, you'd break the fuck out of every game.

But oh, yeah, absolutely.

But it would be cool shit.

Yeah, you're like fighting the Harrier jet and MGS two and you just call a fucking supply drop on top.


Whether you are James, did you answer?

I would.

I'd get all the three makes for sure.

Hell yeah.

Whether you answer my questions or not, we did at the very least.

Monday's solid.

Give me a shout out as my little household is growing one person bigger at the end of this year.

And while we've had to maturely name him Arthur for the past seven months, he has immaturely been referred to as snake.

There's a little joke, but I've called him snake for so long that now even the wife calls him.

The podcast is excellent.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

And I hope that whatever you're stopping the podcast for, I wish you all good luck and good fortune for the future.

There it goes.

We're actually stopping it because snake has been born into existence and now the games are becoming reality.

Arthur's a good name.

I like the name.

Yeah, it's very like it's very like strong, strong.

I can only think of art barks and cowboys.


Art bark Arthur Morgan.

No, I think you want to read David.

Yeah, yeah.

It's like Konsky.

Yeah, there you go.

How the hell the fuck Isaac?

How the fuck is that the name?

I just say with that.

What the fuck?



All right.

Isaac's like, Isaac can barely like fucking flick a rubber band, but then we give him a bow and arrow and he shoots it perfect from over his back.

It's like aquafina and in Shang Chi.

All right, Isaac, get it.

All right.

Too little too late.

Just wanted to say thank you for all the hours of content you produced.

You're welcome.


Unfortunately, by the time I found y'all, you moved to Brooklyn right when I was leaving going back down south and MGM now had the tagline of revengeance.

Still, I was always happy for more content.

Wish I had found you earlier to contribute in a way other than saying thanks, but that is it.

Thanks for all the entertaining commutes to and from work.

Sure made going to work a pleasure.

You know what?

Let's do David a solid James.

If he if David could contribute, what do you think he would have contributed to earlier?

If David would have contributed.

You know what?

I think he would have.

I think that he would have been a fantastic fourth or fifth chair for those those early episodes.

Oh, we don't even know what David sounds like, but nice.

I know, but I have a feeling based on based on his language, based on his name.

He's got a good voice.



For some reason, I get the feeling that David would have contributed just this weird situation where I would have woken up in a cult sweat.

I'm tied up.

There's their bombs planted all over my house and I've got to I've got to diffuse them before they go off.

I don't know why I just get a feeling that.


And also David be rolling around in roller skates with like a big bomb jacket on.


Sheamus sent us a fat boy slim.

So we're going to come back and I read Sheamus after the after the next list.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Let's pull up the next.

Pick them up.

Let's do Cody.




No, that's not it.


I wonder how much how much Cody gets Cody.

There's a white skids, you know, sketch.

I think it's the supersize me with whiskey sketch.

Like halfway through Trevor Moore's wife and the skit is like which rest in peace, Trevor Moore.

Trevor Moore's wife in the skit is like, you slept with the coat girl.

You don't even know her name.

And then he pauses for a second and he goes, yes, I do.

It was Cody.

And I don't know why, but Cody coax just reminds me of that every fuck.

Anyway, this is Cody coats, ladies and gentlemen.


Take it away.

All right.

So I'm recording this real fast in between doing a couple of things at work.

But I remember back in 2019 was about the time probably late summer.

I discovered Metal Gear Mondays just as someone who was working at Kroger at the time.

I didn't have a customer facing job for about half the week.

I was in the back doing things, which means I had a lot of podcast time.

And in my friend group, I've always been the person who gets to explain the Metal Gear solid lore.

It's kind of a, I don't know, not a parlor trick because the parlor trick doesn't take like eight hours,

but a good road trip time spent.

I don't want to call it a time waster, but it really is.

But I wanted to hear someone else talk about it.

And that's when I stumbled on a Metal Gear Mondays blew through pretty much everything up to that point.

And it was, it helped the days go by.

And I'm super glad that Metal Gear Mondays has introduced me to a fantastic community of people with similar interests,

not just with Metal Gear solid, but music, movies, other video games, books.

It's just, it's an awesome group of people.

And I'm super glad that even in like a very tiny, miniscule way, really just on the discord,

I was able to be part of it in some way.

And I look forward to continuing with that community going forward after the show's gone.

I hate to say it, but rest easy Metal Gear Mondays.

Finally, somebody acknowledges that we need to get some sleep around here.

Cody, time clock theft is a serious offense.

Shaped the fuck up.

We're reporting you to your manager.

Surprise. This is an HR intervention.

Oh, no. You remember Undercover Boss? Well, have you heard of Undercover Podcast?

Okay, yeah, hit up the hit up. Let's do Moose One because there's two Moose Meese.


So for the record, hold on, hold on, hold on. I think it was either Seamus or Thomas,

but somebody started talking about how the Moose is the number one, like lethal four legged mammal in the United States.

Have you fucking seen a Moose in real life?

Yeah. They're fucking terrifying. Oh my God. I believe that. They're terrifying.

I can't believe the sentient Moose sent us an email.

Oh my God. Two different sentient Mooses.

To be fair, Meese Mooses, they are sentient, but yes, sorry.

Yeah, if you run afoul of a real life Moose, it's been a good run. Just accept it.

So this first one is from Seamus Moose via email.

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who has carried the torch located in the cave right after the first time across a lot,

posting that on your Mondays. I'd be untyping all the names out if you're at I would forget someone.

So rather than doing that, I will say this is for the record.


Always. Never forget. Always, never forget.

So rather than doing that, I will say this to those who posted, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You all created something extremely special that served not only as an entertaining podcast,

but also as a reliable escape from the tumultuous storms of life.

From the perspective of the listener, it's easy to idealize being a host of a video game podcast.

Chatting with friends about video games is what comes so easily, right?

Well, yes, but scheduling that passion around life and doing the necessary tasks to keep it on the air

changes it completely and can only be done through a serious amount of commitment to the listeners and the source material.

So once again, thank you all.

Have we all collectively finally gotten Karjima's original message through our heads to live as snakes told us to on the snowmobile

Metal Gear Solid 1 and find what's important to us and pass it on.

Snake's speech in front of Independence Hall.

I feel like he's just been trying to say over and over to stop playing these damn games and don't live your life.

He wanted to end the series long ago, but money, etc. kept kept him producing them.

Have we collectively all finally done what is necessary to walk away from these games by analyzing the absolute

Jesus out of them and gleaming every piece of meaning that we can from them?

I think so. I agree. That's me.

I think some of us genuinely don't even like metal gear anymore for whatever reason.

I honestly still love Metal Gear, but just to see so many ways it could be more optimized in terms of storytelling.

Then I get a little frustrated seeing metaphors and messages only half communicated.

I really have so much to say about Metal Gear.

I don't even have the patience to type it.

I have a degree in interpretation of literature.

Well, like 9 tenths of one.

I've brought that mindset to every image and frame of the whole series.

It's fucking exhausting.

And literally no one ever knows what the fuck I'm talking about when it comes to Metal Gear,

providing context for people who haven't played them extensively.

It doesn't happen easily.

I started to try and write out these ideas, but it's just so much.


This is why I've dreamed of being on the podcast a few years now,

but unfortunately I haven't been able to give that dream the intention it needs to actualize it.

Hashtag, sad boys, shave a smooth.

I'm not even 100% sure what I'm trying to communicate other than, thank you.

Unfortunately, I have to go to work right now.

I'm sorry this isn't a medical video with more insights and beautiful memories.

Thank you all so much for this podcast.

I've loved so much.

It has been an honor being a patron and it's meant the world to me.

One thing I find very interesting is that all of our American listeners are like,

Dude, you saved me from work?

Oh my God, I'm doing this before I work.

I've got to do it before work.

And then all the European listeners are like on this very breezy Sunday that I'm doing four days out of the week.

I stumbled upon your wonderful life.

It's almost like it's like a social commentary on my mind.

I messaged Seamus actually directly because I wasn't sure if he sensed me in and he mentioned that he did.

We had a short conversation.

Unless you do have the clip queued up.

I do.

I do.

So he sent me a message on back on Facebook and he said just at the end tail end of our conversation.

He says, anybody pointed out that during middle grade, solid one snake was in fact a shadow Moses Island boy.

So I'd like to cue Seamus's beautiful song here.


That shadow Moses Island boy.

Metal Gear XPS toy.

Got the so come go.

Bop, bop, bop.

Got the farm on summer.

Bop, bop, bop.

Don't cut the genie's orders no slotslotslotslots.

Bop, bop, bop, bop.

Don't cut the genie's orders no slotslotslotslots.

Mmm mmm mmm mmm.

Bokke Raven got it by the bear.

Mmm mmm mmm mmm.

Oh my gosh.

The Bokke Raven part fucking kills.

I'm not going to lie, Seamus, the timbre of your voice when doing your mmm mmm mmm mmm.

I'm just going to like set that as my morning alarm clock or something.



So, since we're going to tackle, since we're going to hunt both of these moose brothers

at the same time, let's pull up Tom.

Also, I'm trying to figure out, I cannot remember, I sold one of these fellas by PlayStation

3 with a 1TB hard drive and a bunch of games.

So, I hope you're enjoying it.

They specifically bought it to play Peacewater.

Er, yes, Peacewater.


So, here we go.

Tom Moose in June 17th of 2021 said, at AC Summerfield, I was wondering if you've replayed

Metal Gear Solid 5 since you discussed it on MGM.

There are a bunch of good story analysis videos that might change your mind on a lot

of the complaints you and I had when it first came out.

And then I begrudgingly typed back, I haven't, but I've been meaning to, honestly, having

played it thoroughly twice through.

I'm not sure, ironically, if rewatching future of sound productions videos will unlock anything

for me, I quote, get it.

It's just not something I'm particularly fond of.

We'll keep you posted.

Tom follows back up the next day.

I hear you.

I'm not sure if it's an agreement with what you said on the podcast, but I'm playing

through for the second time after watching a few videos.

I'm enjoying it more because it's a different way of telling a story.

They can only be done through video games, but also clunky as hell.

Then I said, with a lot of salt, that is a good way to put it.

And I'm always in favor of titles that take the most advantage of the medium, especially

ones that shed the quote, cinematic emulation of film in order to really shine in ways that

only games can provide.

Sorry for seeming so salty.

And Tom said, this is like the ninth time I've listened to the review, so I think I

must enjoy salt.

And then I said, which the five season, and then he said the five season recently, since

I'm doing another playthrough.

And then months later, confession.

I never finished the play.

Well, on June 20th, that response was on August 6th.


And then he said, Tom said, got bored.

And then Tom at the very bottom said, Hey, can you can my final message to MGM just be

you telling the story of these tweets?

I imagined I'd get you to change your mind on MGS five and you'd come back to the podcast

and review it again and call me amazing for opening your eyes.

Still haven't finished that.

That was on November 13th.


Hey, Tom.

We were totally going to do it, brother.

I was never going to do it.

Never going to do it.

I read the play.

No, I was never going to do it.

Never going to do it.

I replay it without the show as a burden.

And then I will tell you.



I probably won't.

Hey, James.

The sodom go, bup, bup, bup.

The farm I go, bup, bup, bup.

It's going to be stuck in my head for a million years.

Oh, so bad.

James, can you read Dragonhide's email because there's something at the end that I think

you're going to find particularly interesting.

Oh, absolutely.

So here we go.

This is Matt, AKA Dragonhide, the email.

He says, I started listening to the podcast in 2018 and was hooked pretty quickly with

such a big backlog to go through.

The chemistry of the cast and the tone of the show is just perfect for me.

I was particularly impressed when you started booking interviews.

I thought they were conducted well and you all asked some good questions.

I think it was the introduction of those that made me sign up to the Patreon.

Either that or Alessio's constant nagging.

Thanks, Matt.

I had to see the show end, but let's be honest, you did cover everything.

Cough episode 50.5.

Boy, oh boy.

The man Dragonhide, you're going to be surprised.

Matt, I tell you what.

I also wanted to shout out to all the hosts over the years, but you all did a great job

and enjoyed listening to y'all.

If anyone is listening and hasn't joined the Discord community yet, please reach out as

it's a great community.

All I have left to ask is, will any of you ever play a Metal Gear game?

So how long would you wait?

Which one will it be?

Also, I wrote you some fan fiction before.

Before we open the fan fiction, do you mean like, will we ever play a Metal Gear game


Because I actually, you know, this is a good time to admit I've never played a Metal Gear

in my life.

What's a Metal Gear?

I love that this looks like a, it just looks like an old, like Game Facts guide.

Oh, yeah.

It's a .txt file.


So we've got two characters, Snake and the Hedgehog.

I want to elect who's going to play these.

I think James has to play Otacon because he stays in the ass.

Who's going to be Snake?



Sam, can you read the scene header at the very top?

We have an external shot New York public toilet.

Get in there.

You know, Snake, if you just stop eating the cigarettes, this wouldn't happen.

Remind me Otacon.

No, you can sit with the typo.


Oh, Otacon's spellbrew.

Oh, oh, oh.

Remind me Otacon.

They're off when I'm using the bathroom.

He can't switch it off.

I'm always listening, always for your safety, you know?

I think you're going to have to accept defeat on this one, Snake.

The discovery is going to be at the bridge in 20 minutes.

You'll have to just do without them.

The discovery?

The boat that he jumps onto.

Was that the discovery?

Yeah, the USS discovery.

I got you, Matt.

Isaac, how are you going to handle this next one?

We're just going to...

Damn it.

No offense, Otacon.

Hold on.

No offense, what?

Hold on, I'm reading closer.

Okay, okay.

No offense, Otacon.

But this is why I'm out here in the field and you are sad.

On the computer.

Just think about it.

What if I get on board the tanker and one of the doors is booby trapped with some laser-triggered C4

and I can't see the lasers because I've left the six at home?

Aw, come on, Snake.

You're really reaching on this one.

Why would a bunch of Marines booby-trap their own ship?

It makes no sense.

Aw, jeez, Rick.




What if the ship gets hijacked by some terrorist who happened to be carrying all the equipment necessary to set up such a booby trap?

And there is only this one possible route to get through.

You know, what happens then, Otacon?

People die.

You know, I'm not sure.

I'm not sure.

Well, in any case, according to Military Protocol C45A9, its standard practice will leave at least two bags of flour next to such an installment.

You know, why are there so many flowers in the field?

Oh, that's...

Hi, Jackers.

Don't play by the rules.

I'm not sure.

I'm not sure.

Oh, that's...

Hi, Jackers. Don't play by the rules, Otacon.

We need the six.

Matt, I just want you to know that I did not ask him to read your typo because I was picking on you.

I wanted him to read it because it's fucking hilarious.

I love the stage direction.

Size in the way Otacon is.

I love that Otacon is spelled right everywhere except in the dialogue, too.

I should have just sent this to Christopher and Angela.


Fine, I guess you're right. That's why I'm at home at the computer and you're in a public bathroom trying to push out a pack of smokes.

You have an experienced fear unless you have used the Manhattan public bathroom.

Just find me the nearest convenience store on route.

Hey, real quick.

You know how I can tell Matt's never been to New York?

We don't fucking have public bathrooms. That's the worst thing in the world.

I just love James devolving into Morty.

Oh, jeez, Rick, I don't know if I want to fight a middle here today.

He needs to become Morty first, yeah.

I love it.


I think going back to Matt's question, I think I would want to play...

I think I'm going to play Metal Gear Asset again.

Just because I like card games and I modded a PSP Go recently.

So I think I'm going to play that.


James, did you have one if you had to go back and play one right now?

If I had to play one right now...

Maybe Peacewater.

It's a really good one.

All right, so we have eight more listener responses and two more messages.

Wait, hold up.

You guys answered it already.

He's already over it.

Did we?

I thought you guys said something.

Oh, I was saying the MGS one response.

Holy shit.

No, sorry.

I would probably go...

Honestly, the answer is probably Ground Zeroes if I was going to pick a resource.

That's so good.

I would fucking kill somebody like no joke for like a hit man level.

Oh my God, right?

Like a hit man released Metal Gear game where you just got like a different map every couple of months.

Yeah, that'd be awesome.

What about you, Isaac?

What would you go back and play?

I'm thinking...


I'm thinking Arby's.

We have the meat.


This is going to be a weird one.

So is he saying like if we could play only one game?

No, I think he's saying like since we are all burned out on Metal Gear, if we wanted to go back and play one, when would it be and how long would we wait?

I don't think I would wait very long.

I'm down with it.

Yeah, I mean I liked Rising.

I think it was kind of different enough that you know, you could...

I don't know.

I don't know why I really liked that game.

Yeah, it's good.

Just a lot of fun.

And speaking of Rising, let's play Tyler Washington's clip.

Tyler Washington.

Metal Gear Mondays, acknowledge me.

I am your tribal chief, Tyler.

I am the QuizMedia champion.

So as I explained in the last episode when they were showing, you know, let's say, the first episode of Rising.

They were showing, you know, listeners who got to join in on some things.

I found this on a weird whim.

Found it through my last job when I was bored on my phone looking for a Metal Gear Solid music.

Never looked back.

Here we are almost three years later.

And I must say, always find a listen to the podcast, always find a interact on the Discord.

If you ever need to talk to me, I'm there in the Discord as a different name every month.

But I'll always be the Ichiban picture.

Kind of your residential Ichiban lookalike.

I'm his Japanese, or he's my Japanese twin.

So that's cool.

So yeah, always had a good time here.

Can't complain about the peeps.

I'm in there making stupid comments about something.

If not, someone calls me out on my stupidness.

Nothing too controversial, I hope.

Metal Gear Rising is the best game in the series.

I've officially put that to vote.

And as your Tribal Chief, it's official.

But yeah, guys, good times.

Always ahead.

You know, the podcast may be over, but we'll still always be around.

I'll probably be the last person in this Discord until it dies, because I never leave crap,

and I never delete crap.

That is one of my issues.

But gotta say that the time that we spent together is always great.

There's always a thought process of, could it be brought back?

That's up to the people who are in charge.

If not, they know there are people out there who will take it.

Unfortunately, I will probably be one of those people.

So here's to you listeners.

Yeah, I stole that.

And come find me on the other end.

Suffering Suck-a-Dash, son.

It's not coming back.

You can't have.

Get that Roman Reigns Tribal Chief bullshit out of here.




Shit, dude.

Here's to you, sweet baby, dear Tyler.

You're not taking the keys to my car, god damn it.

This ain't no Ferris Bueller shit.

You're not gonna take the car and destroy half the house.

Yeah, man.


Yeah, man.

Yeah, man.


So we have one more voice message.

We have one more voice and eight more letters.

Sorry, so I'm gonna do two a piece.

I'm gonna do two a piece.

Here we go.

Mossboss, via email.

Yo, I'm M.

Don't mind my awful email address.

That was pretty bad.

We all have been cringe at one point in our lives.

I got into Metal Gear about a month ago and found this podcast.

Needless to say, it became an instant favorite.

It's a shame I didn't find it earlier.

Thanks for the laughs.

I've learned a lot of things.

I didn't previously know about listening to this.

Wait, hold on.

About listening to this?

Okay, cool.

Things I didn't know previously know about listening to this, like comma.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

He learned things about Metal Gear from listening to us.

Nah, dude.

He learned things about listening to Metal Gear one.

Or she.

Even if I'm late to the party, it feels pretty weird to see a show end.

Can't wait for the final episode.

It's much luck to you all.

Really off-micro.

What was the email address?

Mossboss's email address was now you must die.

Oh, okay.

That kind of reminds me of some young, full-time.


I'm going to read the dankest of them all, Mike Danker, aka The One and Only.

Sad to hear the show is ending again.

Like, shaking my head at you.

But all great things must come to an end.

And then I'm going to add again.

I found this podcast during a really dark time in my life in 2017 and finding a good

podcast dedicated to Metal Gear was very rare.

By the time I finished up the archive, I was bummed to find out that you guys ended at

MGS4 and never got to talk about the fan of pain.

Then one day out of the blue, the feed was updated, announcing the return of the show.

I joined the Discord, but my life was still in hell and I had to leave.

Things are looking up now, thanks to you guys and the MGM community.

What did we do, Mike?

Thank you for the years of entertainment and wish everyone the best.

That day that we came back, Mike, was offered the best job in all the land.

The day that Metal Gear Monday is back was the most important day of your life.

But to me, it was Tuesday.

What? Tuesday?

The day the turkeys came back.

I'm not going to have you cue it, but I just feel like Ross from Friends yelling,

we were on a break every time somebody says the show ended.

Oh yeah.

Here, Alessio's rant on episode one.

The finale.

Sam, take Andrew and Louie and then we'll have Isaac take the next two.

Sure can.

Andrew Forrester via email says, hey guys, MGM was a regular go-to podcast while it worked.

So thanks for the last good times and all the best for all the endeavors.

Andrew, what do you know?

Spoiler, Andrew.

I'm not doing a goddamn thing.

For the record, I am still convinced that Kojima is just a dork who likes to read books

and happens to make games that get taken way too seriously by people who either hate or love him.

I believe that and I think he might be like taking advantage of that a little bit.

Yeah, agreed.

Now, instead of some sappy question, given the opportunity, what Metal Gear related object,

mech vehicle, costume weapon, et cetera, would you like to spend 10 minutes destroying with a lead pipe?

It could be out of morality, the tactile feeling, spite, or just for kicks.

I'd happily annihilate a few dwarf gikas just because they're annoying,

but I always thought the solidus is doc octeticals of gum and his suit already has a gift pack,

but leave fire trails which seem pretty OP, so they gotta go.

Thanks again for everything.

I'm going to pick, I'm going to go ahead and say James's answer to that.

And James would absolutely spend 10 minutes beating Huey with a fan.


Oh, no, it would be Huey's wheelchair.

Yeah, no, James would put himself in Hot Coldman's place.

Yeah, no, that's exactly what I was going to say.

Like, whenever, whenever he gets pushed down the stairs, like, I want to switch places and be the one to do the pushing.

And then switch back to Snake and stare at him in the eyes and laugh in his face?


I would kneecap fucking Fat Man, just like go for those rollers, those fucking dumb ass.

Oh, I'd fucking, I'd smack the Zora mask off a skull face.


I was like, what about you?

I would think, I would take Vulcan Raven's weird backpack.

Yeah, his armor and his, yeah, that backpack and just like meticulously take it apart.

Yeah, I would take a lead pipe to the doorknobs red hand.

The doorknobs red like a baseball.


Oh, right.

Luis Marine Junior via email.

This metal gear right here.

It's my metal.

That's actually funny because not the same rapper, but he does quote a rapper.

Metal Gear Mondays will always have a special place in my heart on top of being the first podcast introduced me to Patreon.

It was also one of the podcasts I got three years and working overnight job again.


I spent.

You owe me money.

I spent countless, you're welcome for the fucking productivity bitches.

I spent countless hours listening to old episodes because it felt like the equivalent to a comfort show that you could go back and watch over and over again.

It was great to hear people who enjoyed Metal Gear series as much as I have over the years.

And even though I'm sad to see it go, I'll always have those great memories of all the jokes, stories, interviews with people who helped make the series as iconic as it is.

Thank you all for making something that looked that I looked forward to every week.

I wish everyone who contributed to the show much success in your future endeavors, no matter what the maybe.

I want to say, did you scream?

I'm going to scream.

Did you coach these people?

I did not.


Society done to people.

I don't know to quote the great 21st century poet Kendrick Lamar, this beauty and completion and always faith in the unknown.

Oh, all right.

You want to read Jason's.

Hold on.

I want to play our last audio message.

Oh, OK.

Oh, yes.

And this one comes from the other Sam.

Oh, all right.

The other Sam.

Oh, inferior Sam here.

Also notice Sam Lemke, the one and only Arkansas listener.

And so Metal Gear Mondays time to send it off.

I found Metal Gear Mondays the same way all of you did.

I searched for it.

Well, not for it specifically, but for Metal Gear Solid in a podcast.

And lo and behold, there was actually something there.

And it was one of very few.

There were only a handful of different Metal Gear things.

And this is the first one I happened to and I gave it a spin.

And here there were three goofy bastards and a mime discussing one of my favorite franchises.

And I was instantly, instantly hooked on the just the way that the four guys, Alessio, Cam, Sam and Isaac, their chemistry and just even though they had fun.

They were also serious enough with the subject matter that, you know, we were able to suspend our disbelief and enjoy the product as it was presented.

And then, you know, Alessio would always come back in and ask the serious questions.

When I discovered it, I listened to it.

It was like 24 seven for weeks until I got completely caught up.

And I started talking to Alessio and Sam through Facebook because at the time it was really just the two of them then.

Isaac was still there.

But of course, you know, the life of a mime is hard being completely cut off from all true social interaction.

I got to know them a little bit through, I think it was just through the Facebook page and Facebook Messenger and that sort of thing.

And it was just crazy for me to find these people that were as interested in Metal Gear Solid as I was.

I mean, people I'd never met before.

I was like, wow, there's really people that like this thing as much as I do out there.

And they want to talk about it all the time.

So just massively drawn in.

And Sam was hilarious.

And Alessio was always, even though Alessio was also funny, he was also thought provoking.

And I really, as I listened for several weeks catching up, I started to really resonate with Alessio and just his way of thinking about things and just I identified with him as a person.

And so I felt like I had found these these friends and particularly one one person who was, you know, a real friend, but I didn't really know them, but they were available and they talked.

They talked. They would return messages and it was insane.

And so it felt a little bit like talking to a celebrity, but it turned out they were real people.

And so getting to know them was great.

Then, you know, the the discord came along and that was awesome getting to meet so many other people within Metal Gear Mondays, the community and just see what, you know, Sam and Alessio and Isaac had created in this community.

And I think that in some of the other episodes, you know, Tori and Chad and some of this have really pointed out, like there was almost never any problems.

And the only times there were problems I caused.

So, you know, you know, favorite MGM moments.

I mean, you know, there was Tori's box was a great one.

The delivery she did not expect.

And I still have the video.

And I am still amazed that you could not figure out from the outside what was inside the box.

And just one of my favorite Metal Gear Mondays memories is not a Metal Gear Mondays memory, but it's something I wouldn't have had without Metal Gear Mondays.

And that is watching Alessio finish Half Life Alex at like one o'clock in the morning on my phone while I played some other game.

I feel like it was dishonored.

Probably Death of the Outsider just watching him on discord on my phone while I played it played dishonored on my TV and I was just talking.

And I kept saying I've got to go to bed and then we were like, this is going to be it. This is the end. And then it wasn't.

It just kept going. So many good things for Metal Gear Mondays. So many.

I just want to say that more than anything, I'm so glad to have met people, particularly Tori and Alessio, who have become real friends.

A part of my life. These are people I talk to regularly. Even though we've never had a chance to meet, I don't suspect that our friendship will grow apart, but will grow closer.

So, to all of you hosts at Metal Gear Mondays and everyone behind the scenes that made it work, thank you. Thank you for these years.

Here's to you. I think Alessio, the appropriate thing here is to cue it here. Here's to you, Nicole and Bart.

So wherever you guys go next, I'm so excited to see what each of y'all's lives bring out. But leave me alone for Patreon. I've done. I've given you a dollar a month, three years now. You can stop asking me for one.

Well, underneath this commentary until the next letter, we're going to have some music. So, saddle up. No, thank you so much, Sam. It was super nice.

He's a good dude. For everybody who does not know, Sam rallied the entire Discord together to buy Tori, a PlayStation 4, and a copy of Death Stranding.

And it was super cool. And then he wrapped the box up as if it were like a Death Stranding package with the appropriate tape and everything.

Super cool moment. It was just super nice. And then obviously, like Sam also, whenever I was like hard up for money and control came out, I fucking woke up to him having sent me a copy of control from donations from everybody on the Discord again.

So, yeah, super nice dude. Appreciate all the memories in the Discord. And yeah, 100% echo all the sentiments back. I appreciate the message.

We're going to let John Biaz sing for a little bit longer. And Isaac, would you like to pick up Jason's email?

Really quickly before Isaac reads it, Jason, Jason at the bottom of this letter stands in solidarity with me. I'm still waiting for a couple of those.

No, I almost removed it from the document. I never forgot, but I just need the people to remember forever to Isaac continue.

Here we go. This one comes from Jason Zarniak, the email.

Hey, bosses, thanks for everything. Getting to know this broad worldwide community has opened my mind to so many different thoughts and beliefs.

All the hosts and everyone in the Discord have been an undying source of support and inspiration for my own creative endeavors.

Whoa, that word again. It's what keeps me going most of the time. And I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

I can't wait to see the amazing things you all come up with in the future.

Metal Gear Monday, the same letter. Fuck yeah, right Jason. You get to fucking know.

Metal Gear Mondays became something greater than a podcast. It will always have a home in my heart. Metal Gear Mondays forever.

Big boss salute emoji.

P.S. Alessio never did the cinnamon challenge. Sure as fucked in.

P.S.S. Zach Salosa charred or bullet ridden cop and copy of snakes revenge. He sure does.

The audience never forgets.

So Isaac, Zach, myself and possibly TJ are all going to meet up in Manhattan for lunch dinner for linners on the 27th of November.

So maybe I can bring some cinnamon with me and Zach can bring an NES copy of snakes revenge and we can just get this knocked out in the middle.

Yeah, the only way I'm accepting that is if you film it because I have to be able to see it.

I need a bit of investigation. You're supposed to do it on the YouTube channel with me.

That's true. We should go do it in front of the Independence Hall monument as well.

I also want to take a second to Ali versus Jason on Twitch. Jason and his very recently new wife, Ali, they've been together.

They got married very recently. Congratulations are on Twitch doing gaming stuff and cooking stuff and all kinds of stuff.

So, ALLY versus Jason, the versus does not spell that as BS.

You know what you can do. Also on, Sam versus Sam versus Sam.

I totally forgot to add this to Sam Lemke's audio message, but Sam, Mr. the only listener in Arkansas.

Unless you're driving around and setting up MGM listening stations.

Apparently, there are 33 cities in Arkansas that have all listened to Metal Gear Mondays.


Also, I...

He walked across Arkansas like Sam and Sam pointed at his connecting points.

He's just stashing iPhones in those little containers.

Also, while checking those stats, I discovered that we have listeners in Helsinki.




Yeah, what?

Where have been the listener responses from Helsinki? What the fuck?

Yeah, right?

Isaac, do you want to take the second one from James?


This one comes from James Cichon.


It's right there for you.

Cheechon. Oh, wait.


They're fanatically for you right there.

I'm sorry. I didn't know.

I can only read so much.

No, don't do that.

Get that out of here.

I just want you to have an hat.

I have burger in a 12.

Let's see.

I'll see you put burger.

Chee burger on.

I will not stand for that James.

James Cichon.

We figured it out.

All right.

He says I should have just opened with that in the first place.

Hey there.

I just wanted to let you guys just wanted to let you guys.

He came up to us on a horse and just like, Hey, whoa.


I got a plan.

I got a boat.

We're going to Costa Rica.

I'm so tired.

One final hurrah.

All right.

All right.

James is going to say, Hey there.

Just wanted to let you guys.

Come on, Arthur.

Come on, Arthur.

Uncle Arthur.

Uncle Arthur.

We're just voicing all of the kids.



So it's just like, James.


Oh, no.

Read it.

It's just, you guys, you guys chill, chill.

Hey there.

Just wanted to let you guys know, I appreciate all that you've done.

All that.

You've all done for us.

This podcast has been my favorite for a long time and the only

podcast that I've listened to through and through.

It's like we have a connected.

Yeah, it's like a connection. It's like we have a connection or something. I wish the best for all of you and I'm looking forward to the finale

Love for ghost dad and the rest as well

James would you do us the courtesy of reading what Justin asked to say? I have a special plan in mind for the last email

Justin Justin Egan aka dissolve the email says dear MGM hosts new and old including guests and semi regular fan

hosts could never properly wait I could probably never adequately express my gratitude and love for the incredible community you've cultivated

No moral human words

Can you tell me some amoral?

You know

Human words and idioms could do justice to be men's comfort and joy MGM has brought me for the last few years

I discovered the show during hiatus, but it's so much material to work through as I cut and burned myself night after night in the kitchen

That's the word hiatus

Thank you to see dissolved he gets it

The running jokes and love for metal gear helped me get through some of the those incredibly stressful shifts

I was overjoyed when I heard announcements about a new cast of hosts

You'd be carrying the torch left alive by their forebears and then the COVID times began and I joined the discord

Since then it's become the social network

I remain the most active in interacting with some of the funniest chillest people

I know online has helped me retain my sanity our

Book club style monthly channels for games movies have exposed me to some of my now all-time faves

Do the right thing and pray come to mind

Getting feedback on my writing from the ghost dad himself was an honor and a privilege

In fact all of my interactions with our lineage of hosts have been some of the only rewarding parasocial relationships that I've experienced

But like an equal not just fan that matters

Thank you all and thank you to everyone in this board who's been such a special part of my life

I wanted to take us take a second here to

Kind of bring that up because I and I don't mean this is like a like a horn toot in a moment Marston

But like I I've heard the term parasocial relationship actually a lot in the last couple of months just with respect to other

content than I consume and

I say this because the hosts of this show I think for the most part have

If I'm thinking about how much we used to and currently and have interacted

I've never been a part of a community of something that I've enjoyed that has been quite as active and involved with shared

Nearly as much so after a certain point

Would you call it parasocial?

Yeah, this is a social social


This is a social relationship for sure so actually you know what the moment that the show ends

We're actually not gonna speak to anybody ever. Yeah

We're yeah

Deuces or our glamour is gonna fade and we're gonna rock it back into space just like we

Hire time but yes, Justin Dissolvi hiatus was the word for before that the show is now ending hiatus was the word

Thank you. Yes. This all be also big ups one of the things that's always gonna stand out to me

And I think we talked about this off

Mike I can't remember if it was off my ground Mike

Was one of those monthly game clubs we did disco Elysium

So I elected disco Elysium a month before the

Directors cut was coming out so we actually pushed it

just so we could all play when the directors cut came out and I just remember talking to Chad and

Dissolvi quite a bit specifically those two

About the game and I think it really resonated with all of us and Dissolvi. I think

Profile avatar is actually still a still image from like a character portrait from disco Elysium

So I just want to say thanks for that and we had a really good time putting on like a fake

Radio play slash

virtual escape room

Thing for that disco Elysium Club

So yeah, okay, so for this next letter this one came in just under the wire

And what I was kind of thinking is so that one of us doesn't have to bear the weight of reading the last email ever on the show

I think we'll try to read it

simultaneous together

You knew you knew this was gonna be a disaster before you man. Oh, yes

I think I think that we should do this, but then I'll say you should read it by yourself so that we can carry on

Oh, yeah, okay the moment

Yeah, so let's start with the goof

Okay, so it's Caroline or Caroline Caroline right?

I was gonna say that spelling is Caroline, but who could say?

Caroline the email says all right and everybody ready now

This isn't too late for you all to see but I just wanted to say thanks for making this fun


Your conglomeration of four human beings


Already over hey

Hopefully this isn't too late for all to see but I just wanted to say thanks for making this podcast

I love the in-depth look you did on the games to the point. I've listened to them multiple times

I'll likely listen again in the future when I'm nostalgic about it. Thanks again. Thanks, Caroline

Thanks, I know we've been recording for a long time. This actually won't wait longer than I thought

And so we should wrap it up and so I

Will commence the wrap-up thoughts with just a very very quick

Story so I called Sam earlier today probably about two hours before the recording and

I don't know why I felt like compelled to call so I called my mom and then I called Sam

And I don't know why I felt compelled to call my mom

but I called my mom and just like talked her through everything we had done and

I just felt like such a fucking like a little kid. I'm like hey mom

Do you remember?

She was like yeah, you know your show's coming to an end and I'm like yeah, it was just so weird to

Open my email and snake and Otacon and all of my favorite game characters

Literally were talking to me in my email this morning

My mom was just like oh man like she's like that they must be both like happy and sad that this is happening

We kind of went back and forth, but it's like yeah, man

I don't know it's kind of coming waves and I'm sure it'll continue to come in waves

But as soon as that was done I called Sam and I shared this with him

And I also could just kind of shared everybody's listening and everybody's here right now

But like I know it's not my job to make sure that this is the case

But I just really hope that everybody is happy with where we ended up

And that everybody has been happy with the show

And I just want to let you guys know that it's made me really happy to make this show and now I'm crying

So I'm gonna let somebody else take it


Shed my tears thanks to Toby earlier, so I think I'm gonna be okay, but yeah, I'm happy and

There were a lot of times even during like while we were doing the podcast like full full on

Where I could say very distinctly that I wasn't and doing the show was kind of a

way for me to escape that and

Now I don't know just seeing this thing not only as an outlet to

basically hang out with my friends every week and and and do fun stuff with them every week but like


This project that I spent so much of

So much time on I don't know seeing it end. It's like let's say said that is mom said it's very sad

But it's also like very fulfilling at the same time because it's like wow

We we did we completed a thing like obviously

You know we have those gaps of things that like

You know we wish we would have done but like I feel very satisfied with the journeys that we got to take with the friends

we've made with

With with everything we've done

And I hope that everybody else who's who's done the show

You know feels you know happy that they got that chance

Dr. Be a part of it because it's it is it's a it's a very special

It's very special to me, and I think it's very special in general as evidenced by

The lot of the stuff that everybody that we kind of highlighted has the last 16 hours of this


James could you tell me how much you love me please well?

No, I so I will say I was I was telling Sam this before before we started recording before everybody hopped on but I

Remember when I met when I met Alessio

Like I you know was looking them up, and I found like geek time and did we meet because of this podcast

Yeah, we met because of we met because of fringe you like came and did like a workshop

No, I know but didn't M introduce us as hey James wants to make a podcast

Yeah, I think I think looking back on it if I want to really introduce you guys. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah

Yeah, yeah, she's she's actually she's doing very cool stuff up there right now, but

Lots of sustainability stuff if I if I look back on it then really psychoanalyzed I think what I really wanted was a friend

to talk to about video games with and

I ended up with more friends than I can ask for to talk about video games with and it was really cool

Personally for me just like getting to be involved with this podcast in particular

But off so I'll be other podcasts that we've you know been a part of together and all the great conversations we've had and

You know my exposure to metal gear, you know having been non-existent prior to this. This is pretty cool and I

Know I think it's very impressive and it's tough to build any type of community

And and this is like a very passionate community that y'all have built and you've all surrounded yourself with and I'm just so grateful

And so thankful that I got to be you know a small part of the journey. I think I will never forget

me working super late overnight for some film freelancing and

In killing time by stepping outside talking to James on the phone for like two hours at a time while he told me his thoughts on metal gear solid

I also say like being like being in st. Louis and seeing all three of you at the same time as well

It's also very special. Yeah, what a blast. I was I always cherish like the opportunities that I've had to hang out with

You know the people that I've met during this podcast and

In that was I that was like the first one of those times and so it's very special to me personally so

Isaac he got anything to say

Isaac's only word is fuck

Don't put the card for the horse we got to get through the emotional stuff first before you go

I will say I'm

Happy with you know this whole endeavor

I know let's do is like I hope everybody else felt the same way and I don't I don't know if I can

Express it into words, but it was definitely something that helped


Through a time like I guess these

everybody goes through things but

Mine was just more just trying to get through the


mundaneness and

whatnot and

Yeah, so this podcast really helped with that and

kind of

honestly brought

Me closer to

Alessio and then in turn

With Sam and then and James as well because

I mean James

No, cuz like I mean when I went and visited

Alessio in St. Louis those few times, you know James was

Always down to hang and it was always a really good time and I think

I always had reservations like

meeting people in person

Because I'm kind of not like a recluse or anything, but it's I have my reservations so meeting

James in person and meeting Sam in person kind of helped relieve that

And I was like, oh well these guys are really cool and

I kind of I guess

Flourish from there and into what it eventually came to be and just

Knowing that it was you know, everybody's heart was put into this project

And a lot of blood sweat and tears a lot of laughs along the way and

What not and just knowing that I'm a part of that is

That's all I really need to know, you know, well shit you guys I

Guess smoke him if you got him Sam is there anything you want to do with this before we


Lied I wasn't good. Oh no

There it is

No, I mean I also want to just say like it's gonna sound real corny, but I'm proud of everybody who's been involved in this show and

Having known Isaac for

21 years no 20 years Jesus Christ. It's been a while man. Yeah 20 years. Yeah, it's been a while

Having known Isaac for 20 years

Weirdly enough, I definitely agree with Isaac where it's like I feel like it has also brought us together

Which I didn't think was even like possible to do more of at a certain point

But no, yeah, I think because of this show it's like Isaac and I have had a lot of

Additional reasons to communicate with each other and all that stuff. Yeah, I don't know

I just like legitimately feel like I showed up to work on somebody's like

questionable quality level

Around game journalist website

Like fucking 16 years ago and then walked away with a bunch of best friends

And really cool stories to tell people

So, yeah, fuck that's yeah, that's all I got. I mean, that's I'm dry. I got nothing else

You see you take everything else from me. Well, should we stop having this earnest moment and come?

Oh, yeah, yeah, for sure. Last thing that we have on our hey, unless you have QV who wants to be a millionaire

So last episode I put a little ultimatum out there just a little just a little one

It's a mini made him a mini made him

I said

if Isaac

Said the word and we're not gonna speak. He's going to just very clearly and confidently say the word fuck

On the air. I will publicly release

My keen of hearts fanfiction a

Couple of people Isaac takes back everything that he just recently said yeah

Yeah, so people have been digging for it, but I will officially

Let people in on it

And I also want to throw out there that if Isaac decides not to say the word

That people should not be bad because it's a personal choice

But with that said with that said


Will you say the fuck word?

Feel slightly bullied

Everybody take off your headphones

Put them down and then walk away and Isaac will do what he did

Or whatever whatever he chooses and then Isaac text us all will come back

Right yeah, I'm doing it as well. Well, I guess it's just

You and me here at the end of this at the end of it all


Know what you want me to do


I'll leave this with a little anecdote

so years ago, unless you and I were DJs and we or masks to

Kind of conceal our identities

And we never took it off and nobody knew who we were

and unless you

On the honor last show he gave an idea that we would take off our mask at the end of the show

to reveal who we were and


did not want to I

Pushed back hard through the whole thing and he was like well, I'm gonna do it regardless

Throughout the whole show that that night I was struggling with like should I do it? Should I not do it?

and at the end

when we came out to the front of the stage and

Alessio was

Putting his hand above his head to take the mask off and that split second I


Fuck it


I did it as well and we revealed our identities that in that night and it was probably the best

decision because it all

It encapsulated our whole

Personas and it kind of bookended it and so

There you go, I mean, I don't know if that answers your question

I'm gonna bring the boys back. We have been summoned that way for him was going

So here's it Sam and I said Isaac was getting out 31 years

So here's the thing is that I have no way of knowing actually whether or not you did it

So I'm gonna take you at your word. Okay

Did you do it? I

Did it

All right

so I

I I was I was thinking about doing this regardless


I was going to I said I was thinking about it, but I'm gonna trust Isaac and

Definitely do it. So I

I'm not gonna share like the link because I don't know what it is, but if you go to

You can go find the fan fiction

As a reminder written by a very early middle school Sam just throwing that out there

Called Kingdom Hearts colon timeline

Written by a author named I find your lack of faith disturbing as in Star Wars always


Actually, I actually I'm looking at it right now and I don't remember writing most of this

But there's just I just want to point everybody's attention to chapter 40, which is called definitely not anorex


Don't know what that's about. I have an idea, but I'll let you investigate that and

Say Sam went into a few states. What do you say? I think chapter 40. Yeah chapter 40

Yeah, there are 46 chapters. It's not a complete story. I did not go back to it

There are wow dude spoiler. Well, you so Sam. What's the what's the stretch goal to get you to finish that story?

Much much like much like how I insisted I would never I would never reveal the story

I don't think I'll ever go back to it. But okay, you know what I did reveal the story of things

Changed so, you know if you follow you can follow me on slash

This 46 chapters, I just want to throw this out there. They're like little stats up top 46 chapters

81,273 words

I'm over here having trouble finishing my book and meanwhile Sam literally wrote a goddamn book

I'm not in trouble. I'm having trouble finishing my book the one that I'm writing seriously

I wrote 81,000 plus words about Kingdom Hearts

You gotta get back into that mindset

You really gotta follow your passion here and get back to your roots. I gotta become a destiny. I don't boy

Boy well well on that note, which is very weird


What a weird way

This is how it ends and ends talking about a fanfiction about King it's not even about metal

We should probably say at least one thing about metal gear before we close out

Yeah, one thing you guys gonna guess you guys want to all go see the movie together

Yeah, I think when and if it comes out. Yes, I think that I would like to plan that

Yeah, yeah, we'll just do it for one like hey come in town for a single afternoon

Hell yeah, well, we'll figure out we'll figure out the terms of this truce where we'll be meeting

What lines will be drawn?

Which fanfictions will be presented? Yeah, exactly

Well you guys

This is it. We have come to the precipice into eternity where we will forever be

trapped on the internet as voices I

Can I can I can I do a thing?

really quick to kind of because

All these years, you know, we've had we've had variations on it

You know, we changed it a little bit for the 1.5 season because of death stranding

Although with because of what they did with death stranding with the cardboard box section

We could also go back to that for a second. We said

It's just a box to

usher us out of

The episodes and move us on to the next

But to kind of close us out here, I wanted to say that

Melger Mondays was not just a box

It was

Something special and I think that

With Alessio's permission, I'm going to open the box and set us free


But once you've opened the box and we've all walked away all that's left is for the listener to say

Hey, who's footprints are these?


Yes, Metal Gear Mondays has been put to rest and the final season is running smoothly on schedule

Course funds have been allocated to ensure the legacy has upheld for years to come

Giving the listeners the backlog for all seasons of Metal Gear Mondays

Also, the hosts all came back for the final season if requested. I would have the opportunity

Of course, sir, I would never debate your authority

No, sir, my cover remained intact

The DARPA chief was aware of my identity he has since been eliminated

What would you have me do with the community and the discord?

Of course, sir, we have moderators and the necessary funds keep the community going long after MGM is laid to rest

Listeners can find the link to the discord in the episode description as well as MGM social media, which would also provide a link

No, sir, no one knows of your involvement within the show the community or the funds I

Understand completely I'll keep your episode in a safe place for when the time is right

Of course talk to you soon

Mr. Ghost of David Bowie