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The End of Metal Gear Mondays - Part 3

November 15, 2021 Metal Gear Mondays
The End of Metal Gear Mondays - Part 3
Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action
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Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action
The End of Metal Gear Mondays - Part 3
Nov 15, 2021
Metal Gear Mondays

This is a very special part of the finale season for the show. For the 207th episode of Metal Gear Mondays, we're going through the greatest hits and our favorite moments throughout the entire run of the show. 

There's quite a lot of magic here, as we prepare for the very last episode. Just a little bit longer. Let's cherish these final hours together. 

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Show Notes Transcript

This is a very special part of the finale season for the show. For the 207th episode of Metal Gear Mondays, we're going through the greatest hits and our favorite moments throughout the entire run of the show. 

There's quite a lot of magic here, as we prepare for the very last episode. Just a little bit longer. Let's cherish these final hours together. 

Support the Show.

Psst... did you know that you could converse with fellow listeners on our Discord? Yes, even now. Right this very moment.

Find more cool links and goodies on our Linktree. And, we have to mention the amazing Metal Gear Mondays Interactive Database that "Dragonhide" put together for us. You can search for anything across every episode. Super cool!

And, if you need to contact the show, feel free to do so using this link.

Hey everybody, this is Alessio coming at you before the episode just to say

There's no announcements anymore like this is it. I think this will probably be the last

Pre-roll that I ever record for Metal Gear Mondays

If you're trying to write into the show, it's too late as of like

24 hours from right this second so if you're listening to this on Monday hurry hurry hurry

Alessio at a less use in reveal comm send it there audio messages are the most welcome

But you can also send paper messages

digital ink

Electronic paper

Yeah, other than that. I yeah, this is it you guys Wow

Look at how far we've come

Enjoy the episode. It's a weird one. I really like it and I hope you do too. Have a great day

I love you and don't forget to

wipe the seat

And wash your hands

Wear a mask

Get vaccinated

Yeah, goodbye

Sup fam

Island boy


Hey, what's that? Oh?

This yeah that

Is that what I think it is if you think it's a machine that randomizes some of the best moments of Metal Gear Mondays without requiring me to

Edit anything at all. Yes. Oh, yo, I was right same same. Let me just pull this lever

Oh, I think I broke it. I can see that I say hey, I think it's broken


Well, this is actually kind of pleasant

Like a nostalgia shower guys. I think it's overloaded

Ladies gentlemen boys and girls welcome to another episode of Metal Gear Mondays


The Metal Gear Mondays podcast where we cover all things Metal Gear Mondays from top to bottom left to right inside and out in pseudo

Chronological order as always I am your Metal Gear Mondays house

Alessio Gear Mondays

And this week I'm joined by


Then boy

Join by Isaac gear Mondays

Popping champagne

I'm sorry

Pop some champagne

Friends went did karaoke?

Pop some champagne is my friend's birthday

Do it right Isaac is Vax wax and ready for


Sack solo amazing. Well, we're not poppin poppin bottles in the club this week, but we are

Popping some clips on them are on to our lips

Great hits

Yeah, so we're doing greatest hits

According to our Zencast

No, this will be fun. This will be us playing back some choice moments from the show's history

And just doing some real wacky shit, but you know I

Was thinking since we're going over greatest hits of the past

It might be fun to do some greatest hits of the future and try to come up with some a

future greatest hits

So I had one that I was cooking up and I think I think you guys know

I think you guys know where I'm going with this one

Isaac could you give me a nice like four four beat?

Yes, let's do it you ready

Here's to you

I'll eat you with fries on the side and for dessert I'll have the smore

There we go

Let me get in there


Was lovely

Thank you. I don't know why I don't know why that is a future greatest hits

But it's you know when people when when Metal Gear Mondays somehow gets resuscitated 200 years from now and they're like, oh

Let's make a great

Freestyle about



Quit the podcast again

It's very funny how many times I encountered you saying you were gonna quit the podcast while I was finding cliff

Hey, this is definitely Sam right here and I quit the podcast

I quit the podcast if you guys do this one more time

I swear to God, I'm gonna quit the podcast. Hey, you remember that time I quit the podcast man

Unless he was really good at finding all of these moments. I'm gonna quit the podcast

I quit quitting is quitting podcast quit quit podcast quit quitting podcast. Hi there quit here podcast

I'm Sam right and I'm a quitter of podcasts. They call me Sam quitting the podcast right am I right?

That's with a W. It's quitting time

Quit one you quit them all am I right? What's the time looks like quit a qual

What time is it looks like quit a clock?

Man, I'm just such a quitter. Have you guys ever quit it as hard as I quit?

I don't think so quit in the podcast

Felicio so much as breathes another breath. I'm quitting this goddamn podcast

Isaac saying that just


Quit the podcast

Can you give me the nasal congested version of I quit the podcast

All right, lumpy space princess we're gonna go over the

We're gonna go over the stats for the show speaking of great hits and I'm gonna kind of quiz you guys on this

All right, you guys ready?

So by the end of the entire run of this show so by by November 22nd how many episodes will there be?

Christ and I don't mean like oh it's so Zem GM number 100 for trivia like I mean like actual

posted entries on the


Bring it back bring it back a hundred and I don't even know what to go for

Sam what you got 60?

We got a hundred and sixty six hundred

I'm gonna say

Two hundred and

Seven you fucking weirdo. It is exactly two hundred and seven. No shit really yep


Swear to God, I'm not looking at anything. I just yeah, I pulled that out of my fucking ass and for everybody at home

I have a sticky note that has that information on it like it's not even

Available to Sam. Yeah, I like I don't I don't even know where I would I don't have to log in information for the for the

RSS speed anymore like there's literally nowhere. I could have gone

That's fucking wild so so what I'm learning is from now on I can't look at anything or else Sam and Isaac will know

What I'm looking at when I'm looking at it


That's right Jerry

Cool, so yeah 207 episodes that's wild that's an achievement

So just put that in perspective. There's 52 weeks in a year clearly we didn't publish one every week

But that's like I mean if we did publish one every week, that's four years almost of

consecutive episodes



After that, but that's a good

So speaking of that, I'm actually gonna skip ahead here

What do you think the total runtime of the show is? Oh, that's I had to I had to manually

Calculate this

Let me see if we did 207 episodes on average we're looking between

Two hours and almost four

Dude straight up death stranding had a four hour plus. Oh, I I'm well aware

Let's see how I had to edit them

Yeah, that's

Well boy, you should have machete to that episode

Yeah, I really should have it was too good. We were too good 1.5. That's true

I think prior to that the longest episode was Silent Hill 2 because I think that went like three hours and yeah 30

Who's who's talking about taking machetes to shit? Oh, I know

I'm gonna say I'm gonna say


538 hours worth of

That's a lot of hours

I'm like go with

298 hours 35 minutes and 45 seconds. Okay. What does that translate to in days of listening?

How many hours is it again 298 hours 35 minutes and 45 seconds?

So you can literally listen to all of metal gear Mondays if you listen non-stop for like two weeks almost

Crazy, okay. I won't quiz you guys on the rest of these. I will quiz you on another one, but not these

Wire 250,000 downloads. That's not streams. That's like downloads. That's pretty wild. That's cool. It's pretty sick

This was an exciting one. I don't think it shows one of these so we may have gotten in all of them

But we've had plays in every single continent including antarctica. There's somebody at the science

Minus antarctica, but they didn't have like they didn't even have it as an option

Shout out to my penguin pals

Shout out to that fucking. Wow. What was it the Swedish research base where they all get fucked up by the thing before it goes after?

Shout out to Kurt Russell

But yeah, I'm not gonna lie I was surprised by Africa having plays but there was like a substantial amount of plays

I guarantee well substantial. I guarantee you some of those are Zach

I didn't even think about what if we have all of them because of him

Be fucking hilarious


And then the other one that was kind of a cool thing was over 7,000 cities you guys

That's cool. So this is gonna be where I quiz you so tell me what you think. Let me see how many I have here

So I've got six. Tell me what you think the six

Highest cities are cities


Okay, hold up. Hold up. I'm gonna stop you there

Why the fuck did you think Dublin because I did not think Dublin at all and it's absolutely on this list?

Yeah, Ireland Ireland being huge when we were was it really yeah, I didn't remember that at all

Presenting for a very long time. Dude. They're number six of the top six. That's crazy

Go get it Sam. Is one of them in Ohio?

It used to be it is yes, it's Columbus, Ohio

That's number two Columbus. I was number two


And then the UK something UK there is something in the UK. I gotta be more specific


New castle is black heath black heath. I like he's different than he's different than heath

We have black

So many so many people that are black and not black where is black heat?

It sounds like it being England yeah, it's an angry. They put these six pens and I'm playing with down

That's good. So we've got so Sam got three ish. I think Isaac probably helped with the England one

So you guys have three more?

Isaac so what's number one number three and number four number one is

Drumroll, please

Toronto, oh no, it's Chicago


It ends in a similar syllable I guess


Oh black heath is in London. Okay. Oh, shit son. Yeah smart smart. Oh no Damon Albar and soliciting the better one


So what do you guys think number three and number four? I think one of them is Oslo

No, I wish



Damn Sweden you think it's one of them is in the states one of them is not no way

New York nope New York was even like the top ten was a Houston. Nope

Los Angeles

And number three

I was gonna guess somewhere in Canada but so as much as we talked shit about Canada there the top three

Number we didn't have a pretty wild grudge against Canada there for a while

It was

I do truly love our neighbors up north somebody was tied for Dublin

They were tied with Dublin for number six and they're one there's somebody's like

Home turf. So who do you guys? What do you guys think it is?

Somebody's home turf is it in is it Kansas somewhere? It's the ATL, baby. Yo

And I know it's not Isaac

I just never listened to a single episode

I'm not even be a mean that's just like

Like I'll put like one of my limbs on the line for one of your limbs

All right, so I'll run through the rest of these said the top app surprising nobody is Apple podcasts

surprisingly Apple podcast Apple podcast is like fucking 30 percent higher than Spotify like it was ridiculous

Top devices iPhone top categories mobile

We had 280 patreon posts get posted. It's pretty cool

21 total interviews 18 guests 10 total hosts

And I didn't include hosts in the guest thing. So if you did do that, they'd probably be closer to like 20 something guests

Top five episodes so remaster of MGS one episode one is number one

MGS five episode one is number two

They were anticipating that one for a long

fucking clawing their eyes out for that

Remaster MGS episode three, which is so weird to me episode two is not even in the top ten

So did people just get part two like what?

You know, I think there'd be some carryover if these people are listening to one like you expect a little bit of drop-off, right?

But like they really did a fuck about like that little section of metal


Like a listener response. It's like yeah, it's like gameplay. Yeah

It's like 90% of MGS one episode one listeners they see episode two and they go nah

Those are the people who debate whether Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 is the best Metal Gear

Yeah, so MGS 2 episode one was the fourth highest and then classic not remaster

MGS one episode one is number five


Crazy like over like over every like all 207 episodes. Yeah all 207 episodes

Those are the top I would have thought I would have thought an interview would have been in that top five dude same

Yeah, I mean the interviews are pretty high, but they're not in the top five. Yeah

Who's our highest listen to interview is that in there? Let me look it up. I can see if I can find it

Yeah, I will say if anything that just goes to show me

I like the idea that somebody's listening to this taking notes for their own podcast I

Will say I think that that shows to me that the reason why people come to this show is to like

Play the games without playing the games. You know what I mean? Like oh, I want to be at work and just think about playing this game

Yeah, it's really weird and I kind of learned that from working on dev diary too

It's like people say they love the idea behind the scenes stuff, but when you actually present them with behind the scenes stuff

They're just like


Okay, so the most popular

So if we count guests the most popular guest is Cole Ross

Dude is literally number six in the top


Then what about like actor hold on let me get on for involved in the development

Okay, so coming in at number

17 whoa top 17 the most listened to

Interview is cam Clark cam Clark. Those are those are like that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then Jeremy Blastin

Also, which is crazy because David Hader doesn't pop back up for another

David Hader is straight up fucking number 23 while Jeremy and Clark cam Clark are 17 and 18

That's interesting. That is wild. I wonder if that's just a drop-off. I think it might I think I think

Just by virtue of the fact that it was our first actor interview. Yeah, it's a cam as far as like

Jeremy being higher than David

I guess the idea of having well Jeremy was like right after Jeremy was right after cam as well. Yeah. Yeah, that's crazy

Yeah, fucking nuts. It's also super weird. It's very strange to see so I guess

Notes for next time even though we thought they were fun

The non-metal gear episodes are so far at the bottom. It's not even funny. Yeah, like Castlevania Uzumaki

zone of the Enders

I'm so sad about the fan fiction y'all are missing out man and the fan fiction episode really needs more play

Yeah, fan fiction episodes the fucking we got clips from it. So we'll get to it

The Castlevania episode is the episodes are well

No, I hate them because we had to play Castlevania Lords of Shadows

but they also were very funny because of the

We were just goofing so hard on it. Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and say I'm gonna I'm gonna put something out there

I know that I've said so I guess this reinforces what I've said

I know that I've said post break MGM is my favorite. So like from from survive


Death Stranding came out like that is my favorite stretch of the show by far

James Reichmuth is such a funny fucking dude

Well, remember I mentioned that

I can't remember which episode it was but like

Well cuz I remember because we talked about I was like James was kind of like what what felt to me like even even after James

Kind of stepped away from the show James being on the show. I think

Almost gave us permission to just be as buck wild as we fucking oh for sure

I think a lot of the personality and comedy came from was that like oh this can be us too

Yeah, well, it's crazy because I think you guys I think were like the most rambunctious on Death Stranding stuff and like yeah

You guys are like the most rambunctious, but somehow with James present

It's like it was this perfect blend of like we're on topic, but we're also chaotic as fuck

Yeah, it's just like this very I don't do it as wild

I still think about this clip may I don't know if it's in there, but this clip may come up

But just like hearing James talk about how like his like how he experienced the games in basically chronological order

Oh, yeah, he hates Otacon because he experienced Huey first

Yeah, yeah, like like that would like stuff like that is always just really funny

It is awesome. No that guy's a fucking I guys a blast

I haven't seen James in a hot minute dude things been like three years or something

Scl I don't want to I don't want to date this episode, but as we're recording this is James's birthday. Yeah, correct. Happy birthday James

Fuck you man

James is probably James is like man. Nobody's thinking about me for my birthday. Here we are happy birthday you son of a bitch

Let's look at the date. What's the date here? It is the 4th of November Thursday. Happy birthday James

Right forget forget tomorrow remember remember the 4th of November

It's James Rikmeath's birthday. Absolutely. If you're driving right now

I need you to close your eyes and take your hands off the wheel and just say a happy birthday to you

James Rikmeath take the wheel

Take it from my hands

Oh my god. All right. Well, this has become a very weird uh, this is this is its own greatest hits

Yeah, absolutely. This is my monument. This is my monument to James Rikmeath

The James Rikmeath

Welcome to James Rikmeath Mondays. My name is uh, I'm James Rikmeath. Oh, no

No, I'm James Rikmeath

Also, the other thing one more thing that was Squidward. I wasn't making fun. I was Squidward

Yeah, the other the other thing that I'll say about James is that like his weird like

Whenever somebody would be talking and he would just like throw in like a like a lessy would just say something just like a just like a

Yeah, so I was picking up some uh, some peanut butter and jelly at the grocery store because I needed to get uh,

Something put together for lunch and I didn't have a lot of money

He would just do stuff like that

Nice. Well, you know what I think now is that time to uh play some motherfucking clips

Um, I know I just said motherfucker. I'm gonna kick back on the swearing because dude

The finale episode part one. My god. I think so much if there was a way if there was like a word

Cloud I think the three, uh, uh, biggest words would have been



Yeah, we're gonna try we're gonna try to explain this as concisely as possible. Oh 100%

And then thank like the word just the word


It was wild. Yeah, I feel like I listened to some of the like the earlier episodes to pull something help

Unless you'll pull some clips and I feel like

And this may be because my frustration mounted with these video games as time went on but I feel like

Like I increased my curse load

over time

As time went on like I I cuss more

In later episodes than I did in earlier episodes. Yeah, I think the MVP of fuck is definitely zack by the way

Yeah, I was going back and listening to it and I was like, oh

My god, this kid says fuck every other word. It's also like from new york. So that's to be. Oh, yeah. Yeah

Anyway, uh, let's do this damn thing

Let's do this fuck thing

From here until the end of the episode by the time we're doing the outro everybody's just gonna be going

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Even isek

Which is a wild turn of events

Oh, yeah, I'm just gonna take when isek like whatever he's saying if it's got like a

Fuh, and then there's another word that he says it's got like a

Sound I'm just gonna start cutting them together. Yes

Please we need it. I mean he doesn't listen to the show guys. You can do that. I know let's have fun

But let's not duck out of here

Have fun and good luck. Yeah, have fun driving the truck

Awesome, we'll cue bootlegs wearing here

Have fun and good luck

Have fun driving the truck

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Fun duck fun duck fuck fuck

And now let's jump into the clip portion sam. How's this gonna work?

So what we're gonna do

Unless I try to do a let's say I try to do a fancy like excel

formula for

But it didn't work and that's okay because it none of us understood and it's not just a less. Yeah, none of us

Understood and so I work with a excel spreadsheets professionally and I didn't understand it so

We went to we've got 50 clips on our list

We're rolling a d50 virtually and we're usually gonna take turns rolling a die

And we're gonna play a random clip from our list of 50

and I

Yeah, take it away. Take it away as the as the explainer. I will go first

As the piano player from Casablanca. Take it away sam

And our first clip will be clip number

39 clip number weather maps


Yeah, so I think we should definitely say the names before we play them

Yes, so we can try to figure out what the fuck this is gonna be. Yeah, so clip number 39 is entitled sam hates babies


I think that's pretty self-explanatory

What have you got there a cardboard box? I forgot that you're still riding really hard on this like fuck babies mentality

No, not fuck babies. I'm just saying all babies are ugly

And that's the truth. You can't say fuck babies. Okay, that's like

Chris Hansen's gonna show up at your house

Fuck it slap your baby in the face thinks it's king shit of the castle. No, thanks. Fuck that baby. Can't even hold up its damn head

What are you staring at baby? I don't fucking know you spot-ass bitch

That guy died for you

Died for your sins, baby

Oh, man. I I that season that next season I went on a crusade against babies. It was like

It was bad because like and and I still maintain this position. I

Babies are


Ugly when they are done. There are no exceptions and you as a parent think your baby's beautiful when it's firstborn

But they are but it's but objectively they're not when they get older. Of course they get cuter

But like people post pictures of their newborns and they're like, look how cute my baby is and they're not

So you're saying that baby pics being posted on facebook, uh, is the equivalent of you taking a picture of your shit in the toilet and posting it on facebook?

Well, not quite. I

Had but it's just like it's just like I I think the term that I use in the death stranding season was let them cook a little longer

Classic Sam let them cook right let the children cook. Oh my god

Um, I know that you guys didn't hear it this way, but I absolutely did for some reason when the clip started playing and I don't know if it's like

Some crazy high-tech mumbo jumbo in the background so that we're hearing it at the same time

But the beginning of the clip Cole

He's so good like this

And then when it got to sam it started to speed up and he was like hi and i do i fucking I lost it

Um, i'm gonna try to recreate what that sounded like right here

If I can just say

Why am I the only one in this shit

Fuck babies

No not fuck babies i'm just saying all babies are ugly who wants to isaac you want to take the next one? Yeah isaac

Let's do it. I don't have the roll


Be honest did you just make that number out? Yep. Okay

Terrifying children's songs so amazing of course that's the snake

I remember and then somebody and Cole here's this point of contention again

Somebody starts singing london bridge like a fucking psychopath. Um, i'm not doing doing this with you right now

So so uh, I gotta I gotta agree with sam on this one Cole

We who sings london bridge like that? I'm just saying maybe it was like a calming thing from his


The way that she was singing would not have fucking called me as a child. I get that I had a fucking

I've got a theory and I don't know if I should say it now or if I should wait

Cole did your mom like come into your room and I'd be like the earth's he's birthday spy

Listen don't talk about joists like that. I would not have said joists disgrace like that on this podcast

Hey, joy joys. Joyce is joists was uh a saint like an angel

Before I even met her. I knew she was absolutely. She has an amazing singing voice

The woman's name is joist. I mean, I don't know any bad joist

Jesus so sam you've met joist, you know tell us about joist, um, okay, so the same joist is uh, Cole's mom

And I did I met her and I've had many I've spoken with her on the phone before this happened

but this earlier this year in the summer I went Zach and I went to

uh, Tennessee to essentially attend Cole's family reunion and it was a blast and saint joist is um

Maybe the sweetest human being that exists on the planet. She's like the nicest lady in the world

Um, and she is literally she's the human

embodiment of a warm hug

um, so we we love saint joist and we will hear no

unkind words about sick joists

less eb

Shit rocks on the curb. All right

on that note I uh

Ruled my dice backstage

Yeah, and I got he is back. Why is there a box here? I don't really like talk about Campbell

That much in my video game history with big boss

Campbell to me is like the go-to for solid sneak

not naked sneak now

Roy Campbell, which we can get into now

Is he is like the unsung hero of this game? I like to pick on him a lot

But I think his voice acting is done really really well. Yeah, and I I really appreciate

The story bits about him

And again, we were talking about like his banter. It's really it feels natural

I like that he sort of calls himself out. He was almost going to break out and they switched to sell

like a lot of that stuff early, but then also

We get to a part of the game where snake is

Captured and being interrogated so Campbell sort of takes the lead

And saying like well, we got to get snake back

So he gets involved with actually, you know running his own thing and we know a little bit about him

because he says that he was


He was a green beret that was

Part of the cia that was sent to san joranimo to figure everything out. He got ambushed by fox people, which

They're supposed to be working together

So he's there. He's they go he goes what fort bragg

I think is where he's dispatched out of and the rogue fox unit essentially kills his whole team

throws him in prison and

Throws away the key and you know does the normal cunning ham thing buster, you know

Buster gentles up fuck their legs up does whatever he has to do to get his info

But I don't know I really like Campbell in this a lot


And I don't know I'm I feel like from our other episodes we've recorded

I feel like I'm not alone in this chris. How do you like Campbell? At least as an introduction

chronologically to Campbell Campbell's Campbell's a badass man. Hell. Yeah, right. I I kick a beer

Back and listen to some credence with this guy all day long

He seems like he would listen to that too

Yeah, he's a big time. Yeah

Campbell's a cool guy and

I don't know. It's it's cool to see him and snake interact


No, like especially

Being someone who played a lot of middle of your solid

In my younger years and saw Campbell as this older dude

Yes, this is like

the young guy and like

It really does a good job of coloring in those references from the first game

I think that the writers were paying attention to those details and tried to

Make it fit in the head canon of our our memories of middle of your solid, you know, they're like, oh, yeah, Roy Campbell

Here he is. He's back

Access the memory canon


Yeah, so that was uh

That was the 2.0 crew the Metal Gear Monday's Revengeance team

Talking about portable ops. It was a really good season. If you guys haven't listened to it, they

Covered the game but then also had ryan paton on to talk about the development and uh, it wasn't just one time

They had him on they had him on a couple of times to talk about the development in stages and it was really cool

And they talked to the composer so it was like the first

Ever and only japanese

translated interview

on metal gear monday's

This is very cool. Yeah, it is really cool

Good on the revengeance crew. What do you guys think of young Campbell? Do you remember that? Did we so I know I'm portable

I still have never played portable ops dude. It's so good. I know nick and I well, I say it's so good it

Is very dated and kind of clunky, but it's very much so like the prototype for uh

peace walker in five

Um, Isaac I assume you didn't play anything. Yeah, I didn't play it. I remember when we

When it came up, but worried I feel like I was only I think I was on the episodes

We did about it asking questions, but I never

Gotcha, gotcha. I could yeah

Yeah, no, it's it's interesting because it's like it shows when big boss meets Campbell for the first time

Um, so like a young Campbell meets big boss in like prison, which is kind of cool

Uh, that is really cool. But yeah, you guys if you can play it if you have like a vita or a psp or an emulator on your computer

You should give it a go

All right, so that was my unless you get the boring role that's all about the thing that we started

Yeah, so I just I did my role backstage and I promise you these are random. I'm not trying to pick clips that are about me

Um, uh, 23 Sam's a special project. I don't know what this is. What's this box doing here? Isaac?

Can you tell me what fanfiction is? Um fanfiction

Or otherwise known as uh, shortened fanfic

Is bad, right? When

Yes, that's that's one way to put it unless you

Or you could say it's an outlet for fans

To write fiction about

Whatever they want mainly sex. Oh, wow

A lot of sex

I I have a question for y'all

When you were looking at the fan fiction wherever you did it

Did you use an incognito tab or were you

I absolutely

Man, I want to I want to get I want to get fan fiction

Iives. Oh god. I've got fan fiction like

Can I um, can I admit something to you guys? Um that I've never actually spoken into the universe

Please bring it

When I was in middle school, I wrote yes

extensive extensive kingdom hearts. Yes. I knew it. I fucking knew it

I fucking knew it shaggy

It was great

There was cursing because I was edgy when I was a middle school kid. Um

Sam real bad about it. How much money is it gonna take for you to lose that onto the world?

Um, well, I mean you'd be paying me a long time because I do not have the physical copy anymore

And I could not find it on fan. It's on I promise you that oh shit

So we need it. We need to just figure out. I so sam what we need to do now is I'm just like reverse engineer what you would have named yourself

Yeah, I'm trying to think maybe you okay, maybe

While you guys are reading I'll be listening, but I'm gonna be searching to see if I can find this

It's real. It's real bad

So that was the birth of sam's fanfiction and as as you know to episode's prior

How many years in the making was that it's got to be at least three years

At least three because james was on that was the fanfiction episodes. Yeah, it must have been like 2018

2017 2018. Oh if it was before the holiday episode then yeah, it would have been 2017. Yeah, I think so

That's crazy. That episode we did it. We did that

Accomplished boys took us three possibly four years to find this goddamn fanfiction, but I have it bookmarked still to this day

I'm looking right at the book

Have you read any of it yet? No, not yet. I need to

Oh and for everybody listening at home, I've had other hosts of the podcast

Contact me and try desperately to get access to this link

And I said no way hosay

I ain't no ho ho

Alessia loyal. Oh, yeah

Uh, Isaac is it your turn? Yep. Isaac's the only one you're allowed to share it with by the way. Oh, okay. I'll send it to Isaac

Oh, I've got it. Oh, oh, that's right. The link was in the that was there. That's right. We got it

Isaac and I are gonna read it to each other at night. We're gonna. Yeah

Loyalty loyalty loyalty

I'm gonna rewrite that song and make it about your fanfare

Isaac limb what you got 38 38 the birth of our legend. This is such an important clip for Metal Gear Mondays you guys

Okay, this is so important

Everybody hang on to your butts. We're gonna take a time machine and I'll see you on the other side

And it's just like this whole thing where it's just like

Like Matt Campbell was

Just like name

Was he was like part of a project to develop a Metal Gear for for like a

For that south for El Dorado because of the cold war

Yeah during the cold war because like it was under the control of a pro-american dictator or something like that

I don't fucking know and then like matt Campbell


He's my favorite character in Metal Gear

Matt Campbell went AWOL or for some reason um

and then um

And then I guess

Sergey killed matt Campbell for going AWOL or something like that

And that's why colonel and that's why colonel Campbell hates gurlukovic

Yeah, but apparently gurlukovic tells maryl that

Roy Campbell killed matt Campbell. Yeah, doesn't make any fucking sense. Yeah

um and then


Colonel Campbell tells snakes like that that rusty old metal gear might still have nuclear weapons

So the snake goes and deals with that um

And oh my god and I fuck

What am I what am I even if you'd like to replicate this experience and you don't want to play the snake tail

Um, I strongly urge you to start the tanker

Pause it as soon as you can play it. Look at a wikipedia entry on the paragraph

Unpause it play about 10 minutes

Look at the wikipedia next paragraph description and just do that all the way through and turn your volume off

And that is essentially the snake tail

Just pretend that Olga is maryl and there you go. Yeah


Geez, yeah, I can hear my voice is higher by an octave. Yeah, or like a semitone or something. It's just very


young young man

young men

Doing young men things dude matt Campbell. We how did how would we have known?

That matt Campbell would have ran for president

Would have been on

Would have been the banner of our website

liquid metal mic

Wherever you are right now you sweet sweet prince

for for those of you that don't know

I guess it's like a boomer joke for some people for some people

but like for those of you who don't know so matt Campbell was this like

Was is in the snake tails in melgiosolid 2

matt Campbell was this character they threw in there. He's

maryl's real dad according to

Uh, he mentioned once

Yeah, and is roi cambell's brother and he just became this this entity for the podcast

Like if you're looking at the the the artwork for like the melgios monday's podcast artwork

He's the the drawing that liquid metal mic did for us is even in the corner of that artwork

Like he became such a meme and such an important thing for us

And he is just like the drawing that mic did is literally just roi cambell with maryl's hair

And it's the greatest it's the greatest fucking thing it's one

It's so good. We had t-shirts about him

Like it was it was

Something yes, it was a very important

episode for the show

Even the drawing that mic did of uh of us as the the snakes

Had mic above us like looming over us, which was incredible too. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I forgot about that. Yeah matt's eyes are

behind the logo like looking down

Jesus Christ

Yeah, I saw it. I think I can look up the exact episode that that's from

Uh, if anybody wants to listen to it, but yeah, I think I think it's a big okay, so it was uh

It's called metal gear solid two 2001 extras and secrets. I think it's episode 21

Go check that out. Uh

Cool sam is it you're trying to spin the wheel? Um, I spin the wheel make a deal. I think it is

And uh, I have landed on 27

bilbo boy

Oh hell yeah

Another metal gear legend. This is from the original

Metal gear solid one season like our first ever season of the podcast. Okay, so in the grand

Holy war like of god and his angels versus satan and his demons

Uh, who would you recruit to be on the side of good? Would you recruit bilbo boy or matt cambell?

Oh man, I I want to say


I honestly I think probably matt cambell bilbo boy. I think is probably a really chaotic human

But he's a documentarian man. We documented so much guided us. That's true

That's true. I don't know. I think bilbo boy. Then yeah, he was very much against negative comments

It's having a very easy day to oh, yeah, dude the fucking comment section is like is like

Disclaimer about people leaving comments. Yeah, please don't email me anything

All right bill boy boy wherever you are. I believe he's a bilbo man now, but here we go. Yes, he must be

There's an odd box here. So um at this point. I was like, I'm not gonna do this again. So I look at

actually bilbo boys guide

Shout out to bilbo boy

Metal gear monday sponsored by bilbo boy

And he says to get take the nakita

And oh my god overkill. Yeah, no, I was I was reading and that's what I did the first time

I did too because I couldn't hit her with the sniper rifle. So I said, I'm gonna use missiles

Yeah, and it was doesn't she shoot the missiles though?

No, if you can if you can like

Finegal it behind her

She can't shoot it if you can shadow moses drift you can um

Sam's dad everybody


I love that shadow moses drift

All right, give me get back to it. I say I'm sorry

There he was

Sweet bilbo boy, I hope he's in a shire somewhere

I say did you roll yet?


number two

Number two is intellectuals versus Zach

What does this have for us? Let's see. Let's we see box

He's kojima said that he put this quote in the game because he feels like

The stick is meant to like push people away, right and every like video game up to this point

Has been a stick and it's a weapon and you like use it and it's combative

But he wanted to make something that like pulled people together and that's like where he wanted to make a rope

He wanted to make a strand video game. So that's why this is whole this whole new

Genre of strands as he calls it. So like the idea of like strand isn't so much

So it's like you're so alone and you know, no one's around you

It's kind of like that kind of a double entendre where it's like you have the the rope kind of binding you together

But also the strands that connect all of us

Uh as well as you just being alone at certain points in the game. Oh, shit. I like that explanation a lot more than my guess

I'm just gonna go sit over in the corner and let you intellectuals talk it out

King shits over here talking to my intellectual bullsh**

Chris's already has rubbed off on you guys

Oh no, oh no, I ruined the podcast

I don't know the podcast is cancelled now

I found a quite shallow and pedantic

You could you could go to of sosh metalgears metalgears store to buy the rest of our stuff so we can leave

Bye. It's mgm store. Well, you know what? That's why you do the outro sam. Okay. That's why I do the outro

And we're not even at the f**king outro


What a very uh, what is it prescient?

I think I king shits was a term that I use a lot

I think during the death strand as he said

Hey, I like it king shits in the castle king shits in the castle f**king sh** babies over here

Uh, cool. So I'm gonna do one and we'll do like one last merry-go-round and then we're gonna take a quick break to talk about some other stuff

Okay, uh, so mine is

45 which is the day the turkeys return. Oh man. All right, let's do it. I believe this is from

What episode is this from? I think it's the

parody games no might have been I don't know. Let's listen to

The day the turkeys are no, I think james was in this one. Yeah, definitely

All right, here we go. A cardboard box. You're probably listening to this after things. Let me think. Yes, you're definitely listening to this two weeks after things

So congratulations on a successful Thanksgiving world

You don't know that the world did it. There could be a cataclysmic of this

It's a ring in the new year after Thanksgiving

That would be amazing. I'll never forget

emergence day



When the turkeys rose from under the earth's crust. Oh my god. Can you imagine? Oh lord. You just hear

And it's like, oh no, it's over. We have to run. I don't know why oslo is voicing this cut scene

The days of turkeys return

She's some good old boys fucking around good old boys fucking around or does remind me of thanks killing so

If you're listening to this, holy shit, it just dawned on me by the time this airs

It'll be like a week and a half away from being the

Three-year anniversary of that clip. Oh, wow. Yeah, it's crazy. Yeah, so fuck it. Thanksgiving's coming up

You should go watch thanks killing. It's a horror film about a Thanksgiving turkey killing

It's very good. All right, I think it's me now. Yep. Yep. Yep

I landed on


Sam it's all about you

It's all coming up sam baby. Oh good ninja impressions. I'm in a box

I just want to uh, I just want to throw this out there that uh,

Sam does an excellent ninja impression from the second metal gear solid

Oh, you mean this one

Just remember


It's it's been a good while since I heard on the show. I haven't had I haven't done that in a long time

Well, he still hasn't so sam could you do one for us right now? Let me get let me get cozy with this microphone

Desmined stare

That's probably gonna clip away. That was real crunchy, but I loved it

Crunchy but sometimes sometimes a little warning about my intensity crunchy

You're not gonna heat it

Isaac what you got look at the bus seven


Cardboard box, huh? That's right. It's mr. Eight out of ten himself


And on it and baby eight out of ten. That's not good enough for my booby

He's too short. That's a b that's a b in my book, but b b for bubby and for bb

Baby booby

We've I've created a circus. It feels like um, this feels like

I feel like screech in uh, save by the bell the new class

So you stabbed the guy on Christmas

Did it's just great?

I'm happy and Christmas and saved by the bell the new class. I don't I mean it's a family guy reference

So I assume it's true at some level

Wow, does the diamond doesn't diamond is like objectively not a great person. I don't think it's really a hot take on this podcast

No, doesn't diamond the fucking before I make myself sound like a complete idiot. I'm gonna google this


That was amazing the return of the bubby

Yeah, there's like a whole bubby clip if we get to it. Yeah, there's a there's a

There's a small contingent of people who hate that bit

Yeah, you guys mentioned it like who the fuck are these people?

The uh, I'll tell you off Mike. Oh damn, okay. Whoa

Isaac was that yours?

I go again. I'm broken. No, uh, hold on. Let me roll. I got


Whoa whisper a sweet little nothing's


might be one of my favorites cardboard box

So I'm gonna do a fun exercise real quick for the next one, which is dead man whispers

So I feel like sam is going really in depth into these really complicated and like


Things so let's do let's do this real quick. So Isaac. It's um dead man whispers is pretty generic and not a whole lot goes down

Can can you tell me what you think it is?

And I guarantee you that it'll probably be just as good if not better than what it actually is

What's it called? All right, it's called dead man whispers. Just take a stab like literally any character in the metal gear universe

Like fuck it make up characters. Who gives a fuck? Yeah, tell me about Matthew snake, man

Let tell me about Peter still white

He's the playable character in this in this character. Oh sweet

It's just Peter stillman, but in whiteface. Yeah, oh Jesus


So in dead man whispers. Yeah, just go ahead. Just give it a shot. Um, you start out as riding

But then it's called a snake tail. Isaac you failed already

No, you you gotta the one the one caveat is that it has to be played. It's has to be

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, okay not in this one guys continue

You guys are missing the point


our mistake for uh

Destroying your artistic integrity. Yes. I'm sorry. So you start out as riding and you're in

Where's this where's the end at Manhattan?

Um, sure. Yeah, you're so you're walking down the streets

Of Manhattan. This is after the cutscene

With you and snake. Okay, remember? All right. Yeah

Riding goes into a costume store

Because it's like close to halloween or something. I don't know

Um, I don't know exactly what time it was what time of year. It was kind of hard to

543. Yeah

After work well, yep. Um, he goes into costume store

Uh decides to buy a gimp suit and

Um a snake mask

All right. So all right. So he puts the snake mask on and that's how he's snake. Okay, so

Now you're playing a snake

And the the whole point of this mission

Is you go around and you

What do what do you do I say

You just you go up to people and you want to whisper in their ears

And but you get great you get graded

By how how quietly you can whisper so on the on the left hand side, there's a little

Like a a decibel


To use the built-in microphone

This sounds like the plot like the plot of sneak king that burger king game

So and then you have to do this 50 times that's the thing I hated the most

It's got to be really hard. It's a lot of times

And um at the end of it you get just a great kernel candle camble comes by

And um he comes by

It just rides a bike fast

He's driving by

Why is he whispering your rating to you?

He's driving by I can't hear him over the car

He goes

So who's the final boss of the snake tail

You got to tell me the non-lethal and the lethal ending I say is there always an oh



Um, I didn't beat it so I didn't get


So that's so much better than what it actually is. This is just vamp killing people

Yeah, it's vamp killing people and you killing vamp and in case you wanted to know

The navy officer who had the suitcase chained to his wrist that we saw is a key character

His name is captain o' brian. Oh

Oh, I was so close

Conan's brother

Good old captain o' brian late night with captain o' brian

Okay, all right, that's very that's the coughs bag. That's for you nick

Even in isaac's fictionalized events. He doesn't beat the games that we have to play. Hey, you gotta say true to it

Into your phone story

You gotta keep one foot grounded

I love how some things change and some things never uh, something stayed the same because

You're coughing saying this one's for nick. I'm assuming nick freida. Oh, yeah. Oh, no, it was nick z

Yeah, it wasn't because nick freida didn't enter the fray until uh, mgs3

Also, why the fuck are all the place to be a buyakasha?

Why on earth are all of the crazy

Delirious clips from the mgs2 season. I don't know. I mean if if we're being fair

Mgs2 is the crazy delirious game. That's true. That's true. Also. We all sounded like we were sick for some reason. Yeah

There was like I had like a perpetual coffee

Go away for like the first half of the podcast. Well, that's why everybody thought you were a pothead too. Yeah

I remember that because people like would uh,


The nerd the pothead and like whatever I think they call the quiet boy or whatever they call

I was like, I'm not a pothead. I was like, I'm not a nerd and we're all just like side-eyeing. I'll see you


All of our distances from across the country


It feels weird to be podcasting and listening to ourselves podcast and then talk about it because I feel like I'm still listening to a clip

Yeah, well, it's strange because like we we I don't think you can't hear us

Commentate because we're just kind of listening to the to the clips ourselves and laughing about it

But like I have we I'm having moments where I can't I don't know who's talking if it's past us or like current

Very strange. Yeah

It was actually really funny because we were we were listening to that clip

I said something like in present day and then

Pass me said it like a second after I said it in present day. It was very strange. Yeah, it was terrifying

Uh, nice. Well, so we have just ran through our first batch. I want to say it might be over 10. I think it's like 12


We are going to take a quick break to talk

about our greatest hits of playing Metal Gear Solid because I fear that we have not talked about that fucking game

in a very long time

So we should do that guys. We played a lot of fucking games for this show

Uh, I guess it didn't have to be MGS, but let's talk about like greatest hits to us of what we did on the show

Um, I'm gonna go ahead and say you can't talk about renton city retro because duh

That's like everybody's fucking number one

But as far as like gaming moments and I guess let's try to talk about metal gear

Uh, what were some of the highlights for you?

Like specifically like for the podcast

Yeah, I guess like well, so Isaac was the first time you're playing any of these games

Like were there any like standout moments that you still think about?

Are you too cool for us because you're rock climbing and popping champagne bottles in a carry-on

It goes goes in one ear goes out the other. Yeah, I was like whatever you fucking nerd

I love any of Isaac doing karaoke as he's rock climbing



Um, this is gonna be a cop-out answer, but probably I I really liked um

Three like the ending of three


Just because I I had always heard about it, but playing through it and then when it hit I was like

Oh, no


It hit me hard. Yeah

Um on the other end, I think I really liked revengeance a lot. Oh, yeah

Oh, yeah

That's the game that like and we actually we're talking about the game melgars, uh melgars rising revengeance

No, he's talking about the medal game monday's revenge

Um, I'm actually I actually have an answer from three as well

um, but it's different because um

Because I remember I talked about this point in the episodes

But playing melgars solid three for the show

Was the first time I ever did the boss battle with the end legitimately as opposed to chief. Oh, yeah

Yeah, same. So I actually experienced that battle like properly and it was fucking great

Yeah, it's really good. It takes a really long time. Yes, it does, but it's it's like it's really cool

It's a really cool battle

Yeah, for sure. I think for me

Believe it or not, I think it was playing metal yourself at four like


Um, because I mean well when I played it for the first time I definitely played it seriously because I was like

I think I bought a ps3 for that game. Mm-hmm, but this time. I don't know. I guess it hit different

Um, I really took my time. I remember I think I played the acts

A couple of times before we would record and so yeah, I don't know act one and act two just felt way better than I remembered them being

And yeah, I don't know. I mean, it's a like let's be honest

It's really goofy and kind of stupid sometimes

But there were definitely moments that I really liked and I also liked recording it for the show because they think that season

We literally had a guest every single episode

Yeah, which was pretty that was that was the weird season for me because that was when we decided to take that that break and

Oh, yeah, because you were moving. Yeah, I was moving and I was just having a lot of trouble and so I couldn't make my schedule

Work so I was yeah, I think we did the break at the end of the season. Yeah, we did

But no, I really enjoyed it. It was really cool. It was uh planning nightmare to have somebody on every single episode

Well, not even not even just somebody every episode, but we had we had uh patrick on

A couple of them and that's like different because he's in like

Europe, you know, yeah for sure for sure. Yeah, we had zack on some I think nick ziggler

If not mgs3 definitely mgs4

And then patty

And then yeah, I don't know, uh ben smith ben garibaldi smith

Was it craven on?

Yeah, craven was on one or two of them. I think he's on two

Uh, but yeah, it was just like a really cool grab bag of friends. Um

But yeah, I don't know it was weird like yes, it's a corny game

But I think I kind of enjoyed it for the show that was my um, that was my dark color a dark horse for for

metal gear monday's

Do you guys that have any other standout moments like playing games for the show?

I mean isaac I think I don't know why I've got such a blind spot in my head sam. You were on the silent hill 2 episode, right?

Yeah, okay for some fucking reason. I always whenever I think back to it. I just remember isaac

Talking way more than he had on other episodes

Yeah, I remember because we talked about the um the soundtracks that wanted to be in one of the episodes and yeah

Yeah, we made some jokes about the nurse being


Oh, gosh

But isaac I think that was like the first wasn't that like the first horror game that you played all the way through

Uh, probably that I played all the way through. Yeah. Yeah, I definitely tried a few of them

I keep trying to get isaac to play resident evil 4 in vr and he's scared

Well, that's also I know this I know we said no retin city retro

But that's also and it's nothing to metal gear but isaac playing metal or resident evil 7 in vr

That boy acted like he got tased

We had footage some I saw footage on my phone. It's phenomenal. I think it's on the retin city retro videos if you go to youtube

Yeah, I think it is too. Yeah, I just

Isaac isaac if you're not gonna listen or watch anything that's totally cool

But you should absolutely watch the retin video and listen to the finale season

I've definitely watched the retin city

Okay video

Well, you should listen to the finale season because

I'll put it on my to-do list less

I'm just kidding

I'll do it

If I put it at the top of a mountain will you listen to it?

That's the only way he got me now

There's a little baggie of chalk and then

Gotta get that chalk gotta get the chalk

um, I think another greatest hits that um

That I really enjoyed was um

How we did pt because we didn't just talk about it. We played it. Oh, yeah

We recorded so we recorded the episode as we were playing pt

I didn't pull any I didn't pull any clips from it just because it was like definitely a you had to be there kind of a thing

Like you should listen to the whole episode kind of a thing

But yeah, no, it was a lot of fun. I remember I think james physically came to my house for that

Which was which is super cool. You know what one of my favorite moments recording the show was was when

When sam isaac and I were posted up on sam's bed

Just talking to our girlfriend 70 years

But it was just very funny because we had like our we had our legs kicked back like you would if you're like laying in your belly

on the bed making a phone call

Isaac was twirling the xlr around his finger

It was very funny

I mean I get another one in the same vein that is was probably when we went to visit

Uh, you in uh, st. Louis. I think that was the first time we recorded together. Yeah

Um, well, I was the first that was the first time I met you in person isaac. I met a lesio

Previously because he came to Ohio, but that was the first time I met you

I don't know

That was yeah with that picture

Well, that picture is my favorite thing about this isaac's hands. It's like I don't know what to do with my hand

I still don't

It is very weird. Yeah for for people at home if you've never met somebody that you've

Exclusively talked to on the internet for a very long time. It's the body presence thing is weird

It's so weird. Like yeah, like the initial like holy shit. You have a body and I can touch it

Is like a very weird feeling


By the time no, I think three weeks after you listen to this. I will have met chad in real life

So he's coming down from Toronto to new york for the holidays


Yeah, he's he's coming down to the gutter to the dirty city

Toronto sarkis rex chad over there

Which if you're a patron and have not watched it yet, you should go watch the farewell video because chad is very funny in it

Yes, he is

Yeah, I think outside of that. I guess so we'll put a special thing here in a moment

But let's really quickly. Let's talk about interviews since they aren't in the clips

Oh, did you guys have a favorite interview?

I did

So I

Isaac was supposed to be on that one

But I think we got some wires crossed and he wound up just like not because I was like halfway through the interview

What do you finally figured out?

So I wound up doing the interview with paul eating solo

um, and I really I really loved that interview because paul's

paul's a really great dude

He was very friendly and great to talk to and then

At the end of the episode as before we left

Because I've I've historically many times on the show told the story about how

Mildgear solid was a game I played with my dad and played the demo disc and all that other stuff

And one of my dad's favorite things to do was go snake

Snake just to like mimic the kernel when snake died

And so I got paul to record a

Record a a message that said



So I thought that was really cool, but I really good time

That's awesome. Yeah, that's awesome. Isaac. Did you have a favorite one?

I feel like I wasn't on as many interviews as

You guys you're on the one that counts, which is the yeah, yeah

True true, you're not wrong

Yeah, Isaac so so walk me through that. Well, so Isaac you were also on the maryl one, weren't you? Would that be maywest?


Was I on that one shoot and I can't even remember

Sam were you on that one?

Oh, yeah, yeah, you were on that one because we talked about radiohead and stuff with yeah radiohead

Then we talked about how she was the voice of fred mire and then we had fred mire when y'all were here and heard her voice

That was amazing. I wept I fell to my

Um, well, Isaac. So yeah, Isaac what was going through your head during the David Hader interview?



Probably how close I was to him just

Yeah, we were like touching knees in a fucking co-closet


Um, I could hear my I could smell my man's breath while we were interviewing him. Um, no, I I thought it was a

Very interesting, um interview. He was very like just down to earth

And not what I expected I guess

Yeah, well, that's like the the best thing I think what really like I was very nervous going into the interview with David

And then um, I remember what set me at complete ease was the one of the first things he said to us was like

Hey, have you seen that video of billy corgan riding a roller coaster?

And we were just like no and then he showed us this video of like a roller coaster clip and billy corgan going


Yeah, yeah, no David super chill. David's a really cool guy. Yeah. Yeah

He's hard to get a hold of but if you can ever meet him in real life

He's like one of the chillest guys I've ever talked to and he was walking around with a canadian superman shirt on which is very funny

Very great, but yeah, very nice guy

um, dude, so my favorite well

So obviously

The David Hader one ranks really high up there cam Clark

Is like a fucking uncle to me. I love that man

Um, there's so many great interviews man. Like I think people sleep on some of them like the kimmy guest one


Kim Kim was kim. I was like she's such a sweetheart. I love talking to her. Yeah, it was super good

like there are so many good interviews and I really hope that like

The longer the show is made available on spotify and apple podcast and we actually just got put on facebook

Yeah, you can upload podcasts at facebook now

Which the cool thing too is that the facebook, um has a thing where you can clip things like twitch and so you can share those too

Yeah, yeah, so but all of that being said, I think the most slept on interview

Is my interview with dean scofield where it was just me and

Dude, he there was some there was some heavy stuff in that episode. He's been through a lot

Yeah, dude, it was why like I had no idea that the voice of johnny sazaki from gs1

Was going to be like a treasure trove of like old hollywood history. Like it was fucking crazy

So yeah, 100 i would i would recommend everybody

Even if you have like zero interest in

Like or you think you have zero interest in

uh, the voice of

Whatever like you definitely go check it out

110 and I think my so i'm gonna ask you guys this too

Um, and I think we talk about in part one. I talked about my biggest regret being the snatcher and police knots thing


I think my biggest regret as far as like the episode stuff goes is like

I feel like we were so close to getting the entire mgs1 cast

And I feel bad that like

Certain people slip through our fingers like philamar. We were so close

So close

And then just certain other people

Yeah, like we were trying like peter lary was was one that we got him talking to oh, that's right. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. He's on

2.0. Yeah, that's right. Um for for us. I mean, yeah, yeah crazy dude. He's the fucking announcer on like equestrian sports


Yeah, because well because we because we had like we had like

Like like he was we had planned we had like tried to schedule time with peter


Years ago. Yeah, I think it probably wasn't like a thing that he wanted to do

But I remember chris uh zermann salter was talking to us about getting patrick. Yeah on the show

But he's kind of like a disconnected. He would have been crazy like talking about a get for the show, dude

Yeah, but I imagine he probably was just like


Yeah, yeah, which is fair. Yeah. Yeah for anybody who's curious to like

There were talks of troi baker. There were talks of like, I mean we tried really hard and actually got like into conversations with

Well, did I to some of these people? I don't think I ever I don't think I've ever talked about this on the podcast

but we sent an email to

I sent an email to

representatives for mads mickelson

For the death stranding season and the response that we got indicated to us that if we had asked him sooner

When he was still promoting the game, we would have had mads mickelson on the podcast

But apparently he was like done with the promotion cycle for the game. So they would have been amazing. Yeah, yeah him and like

Anybody yeah, I sent a physical letter to norman redis's representatives


my man

Yeah, christin's still pissed that we didn't keep the show long enough to have an excuse to talk to oscar isaac

But we'll figure it out. Yeah, that's fair


Yeah, I don't know. It was super fun. Um

Isaac, do you have anything that you wish you could have done differently before we move back to the clips?


Other than not be friends with the lesio in the seventh


When we play through the games

Be more diligent with no taking

Doing anything with like remembering

I think you're not remembering though became like a pivotal part of the yeah

Well, like the fumbling in the dark with isaac winnow is like incredibly important to the the meme status of the podcast

Yeah, yeah

I know I ordered that sticker and I had that sticker. I don't know where the hell it is anymore

Oh the fumbling in the dark. Yeah, it might be stuck to a refrigerator in same little

Sam do you have anything that you wish you would have done different? Um, I talked about this

I think all I like

As less of a less of a joke. I think like I would have loved to have taken better notes

Unless it was like the king of notes and I think I think


Sam don't don't downplay yourself. You took some fucking great notes whenever you did take phenomenal notes, you know

Like when I did it, I did it right. Yeah 100% like you would send it and it would be like fucking

correlated pages with like different different font color and like

bullet points and I was like, whoa, my god

Yeah, yeah, so don't don't downplay it. You did it when when you chose to do it. You did a very good job

Well, thank you. Um, I talked about this during like the 1.5 round table

But I think that if I had my druthers about me, I would have extended that season the death stranding season


More because I think we did a disservice to

Our cells first of all and I think probably the game

By trying to cram it all in such a short period of time and I talked about it there

Like the the reason was because it was like right for the holiday season

We didn't want to delay it until after the holidays because we were trying to like

Get it out for the listeners and it was just this whole thing

And so I would have liked to have done a more extended season on that and maybe then shorter episodes and played less per episode

I think pacing through that game is a better way to play it personally. Yeah, it's definitely some like red dead 2


Yeah, which like don't don't play red dead 2 in the midst of a pandemic because god damn did I like weep at my computer at the end of that game

Um, the other thing that I would have done differently is I would not have played

Metal Gear survive


Weird like I don't think it's as bad as people say it's not a good game by any no

It's not a good not a good game the single player. I think is I had a lot of fun playing multiplayer with you. Let's see

Oh, yeah, the single player made me want to like

Eat curb like I couldn't yeah. Yeah. If the multiplayer would have been like

Like if the game would have been left for dead metal gear solid 5

Mm-hmm fucking watch out like I'd still be playing last yeah, but

Um, I will say this this will this will be the wrap up before we get back into the clips

I wish

that I

would have

Spent more time with

my brothers on this show

I really wish that

We would have been able to like meet up more and I really wish that


Don't know. I just think like if we would have done it a little differently. It would have been really cool to

Have been able to make the moments more special

And I think at certain points of the show

some things became like

Automated flip the brain off

You know what I mean like I I don't know

Maybe it's one of those things where it's like you don't think about until it's over but

I just wish I would have been like more in the moment and really cherished

The fact that like we just spent six and a half years

Together, but at the same time it like weirdly feels so far away now

You know what I mean?

So yeah, I don't know I don't want to get mushy but like I love you guys

It's been a lot of fun. Like thank you for choosing to

waste your life with me

I love you too, dude. Yeah, dude. Love you. Yeah. Yeah. So I don't know here's to here's to something

Here's to us seeing each other more. Hopefully whoa and really quick. Here's a classic Sam moment


Uh, yeah, you got water in the wrong pipe

Long water

This is when Sam reveals

He's been meeting his mic and taking sick bong rips this whole


She's I hope that comes out in the recording. Oh 100 was I could hear it clear as day

Yeah, I don't know. Uh, it's just weird like I think pandemic and and being away from people has like

Made it more of the sensitive topic. Yeah

It's a weird isolating feeling this whole these last two years have been you believe we're approaching

Too fully we're approaching the third year of this pandemic. That's insane. Dude march of next year. It will have been

Two years that I have worked at my job completely remote. Mm-hmm

That's crazy wild. Yeah, like I moved to New York for this job. What the fuck I could have done it for anybody

Uh, yeah, dude, I don't know. I think it's weird because I moved to New York and had an extremely isolated five months

And then as soon as your as soon as your boy was like, I'm coming out

You know what I mean? Like I was like fucking ready to just like walk out the door and like disco dance and the

friendships, uh

Fucking cove it was like nope. You're gonna do that five months for two and a half years. Yeah

It's just been a little soul crushing, but


Thank you to the listeners for making it not soul crushing like

To echo something that Chad said in the patreon farewell video and i'm gonna say it to everybody like patrons

Yes, you guys were great. You've been there forever, but like there are people listening who have always just listened and never


And like to you guys to like the random emails that I get that are like

I work in the icu and you guys put a smile on my face when the day is

horrible like

That shit is amazing man. Like I just yeah, I don't know. I never in a million that I think that our dumb shit would lead to that

Well, like we and we're we're like and the other thing too is that we're getting people reaching out to us like on the facebook page

another places where it's just like

I just discovered this podcast and uh, you know, i'm sad to see you go. Thank you. It's just like

Like people are still discovering the podcast and listening to it

And so I I want to thank everybody because like yes, we have our patrons and we have

We have all of our, you know, our

Usuals, you know, if we were using that metaphor at the bar, you know, we're a bar and our usuals show up to the bar

And I love all those people obviously, but

They're like there's something to be said as somebody who does, you know, not as severely as I used to thankfully because I took care of myself, but


For people that suffer with anxiety and other things like that that feel weird or straight into if you like they cannot reach out to

these people

us in specific

you know

Your you you're unsung, but we want to sing we want to sing you right now

Thank you for listening if you've listened you've never reached out and you're like fan from the way back or new or you just

You just never felt like you could or wanted to reach out

For whatever reason. Thank you very much. Oh 100%

And for anybody who has reached out

I will respond immediately

He'll respond at 3 a.m. The next day. Yeah

If you send an email at 3 a.m. 302 a.m. You're gonna have a reply

Yeah, I don't it's an illness like almost quite literally

Um, but no, I really enjoy it. Like I think that's the best part. Uh, that's why we came back after

65 I think it was the episode right?

mgm 65 is what we left

But yeah, uh, let's get back to it

Clippy clip on this master purtory self-filating

Finale season that is middle of your mondays

Uh, let's do it. So sam do you want to start us back up again? What is your

Actually, hold on hold the phone

Isaac is there anything you want to say because I am so sick of beam rolling my boy

No, I mean

He's like shit, I've been enjoying hiding in the crowd

Isaac's been saving his one fuck ticket for right now

Oh my god, Isaac on the last episode are you gonna swear? Oh man, can you give people that?

That one thing oh my gosh, yo, yo wow

Here's here's the dilemma. I'm gonna give you and I promise I promise this is a thing that I will do

if you

Say the effort if you say fuck on the last episode, I will publicly release the link to king

Oh, hey, yeah

I'll do it

I'll do it. I'll post. I'll fucking post it on the facebook page. I'll do it. I'm gonna fucking do it

I will

So so that's the show you and you have time to think about it because we're not recording for

A little bit, but if Isaac says fuck on the last episode of the podcast, I will

Like straight up everybody dead silent let Isaac let Isaac say fuck

I will I will I'll say oh you can post the link to

And please bleep that until it becomes

On facebook page I will

So that's that's for you dilemma. I enjoy these stakes. This is

High snakes

High stakes

I just i'm waiting for uh, I'm waiting for Isaac's mom to text me and be like Isaac is not gonna swear

Oh, she'll do it too

Um, cool on that note sam, uh, you want to roll the dice?


Oh my god, I literally was like Isaac. We don't want to steamroll you and

What you want to know

Yeah, you got anything man. All right, this is going on the greatest hits b roll. All right

Greatest hits b sides are still

Yo, you know, um

Not a pretty good hits episode

They're okay


Um, no, I mean I I think that

Like you said

If we I think we discussed possibly meeting up more frequently

And we're all yeah, that's a great idea. We should totally do that


But I I feel like if we had taken it a step further

Taking it more seriously. I guess that could have come to fruition

Um, and that would have been pretty cool. So

I'll put my I'll put that thought in in the same bag as yours is

Things that I think we should have done

Um our regrets I guess you guys want to just blame the patrons. I think we should blame the patreon


Like we can feel better. So yeah, I like it fucking patrons if we would have made a little bit more money, we could have hung out

Pieces of shit. No, I'm good

It did kind of suck that we were all kind of like spread out so far apart

I was telling sam if he if he takes the devil to be his lord and savior and buys a quest too

We can all go fishing together. Oh yo

Watch amazon prime together. Yeah, let's see. Oh text me about that. Um earlier

That I might get one for taxis one taxis rolls around, but we'll see

Please that would be amazing. Uh, facebook sucks, but the quest two is great. So I don't know i'm split


Cool, let's do it sam. Do you want to roll the dice? Yeah, I've been trying to say that I rolled the dice

I've been behind the team several times, but I'm sorry

You're trying to be sensitive to isaac's feelings fucking bullshit. Um

I'm gonna let you finish

Is isaac the husbando of ferogear monday. I think he might be I think he is

Congratulations isaac you get that award. We're not doing awards this episode, but congratulations if we if we were that would be one of them

Um, I rolled

43 let's talk about ice, baby

Bucks so tory. I just want to I see

Little highlight there

Thanks, man. Hop on in. Yeah, good just before we got too much further into it

I I did want to make note real quick. Uh, one of my good buddies morgan


Really gotten me into watching the x files, which

Some of you may know has been around since the 90s

But oh, yeah

If you aren't aware yet, it's a tremendous show

It's ridiculous. It's hilarious. It's entertaining and it has an episode that very

Very closely mimics the plot of the movie we're about to discuss

The episode is in season one. It's episode eight and it's called ice

So if after listening to this episode you decide

You'd like to go check that out if you haven't already. I would highly recommend it


And of course this movie takes place in the x files universe

I wouldn't doubt it

Maybe we can talk about that towards the end. I'm ready for that

So two things


I'm very pissed off that we didn't get to cover the thing on the podcast while we were there

That's one of those things where like when metal gear monday's revengeance announced it. I was like one. Fuck you guys

And and two

Fuckin liquid metal mic as his victory prize second place for the trivia episode number 100

Said if you guys ever do

The thing episode I want to be on it. Yeah, so I immediately felt horrible that I was like, oh, no, mic's not on it

Tori was Tori Tori was the winner of that trivia episode. She was she left she left her comrades behind

Fuck that. No, no, no in Tori's defense. She she did no tell mic afterwards. Like you. I'm super sorry

You know what I you know what I think it one thing that I do want to say because we brought up art because it's because

Revengeance did a trivia episode

But about our trivia episode that we did episode 100

um, we made a joke at the end

Uh, Cole and Tori were we're both on that episode. Um before they were hosts

And I made a joke at the end that said this is a secret basically a secret

Uh trick to give you guys the keys to the podcast and lo and behold

They did it. We fucking did it

No, for sure

I hope we get to that clip because I so I did cut together

A couple of bits of from the trivia episodes and a one clip

Um, and it's pretty interesting. So I mean if we don't get to it, maybe I'll play it at the end

Is like a send off. But yeah, yeah, so one there was that I did stream I streamed the original thing and then I streamed

The 20 I think it's 2018 the 2018

prequel to the thing

also called the thing

I streamed both of those. Is that the one that has uh, that has remona flowers in it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so it's about the

I think it's swedish. Maybe it's swiss. It's about those people who get fucked up at the beginning of

of the thing

Why would they name it the exact same thing? Well, so here's

The problem though is that they it's about this different crew

But it's like beat for beat like we talked about it on the stream on discord

Beat for beat. It's the same fucking movie as the original but with a different group of people which makes zero sense

Um, so it's almost like a reboot and a prequel. I don't I don't get it. But anyway, um

That was a ton of fun. The other thing I want to I want to camp out on on on this thing

Is speaking of x files, which reminds me of twin peaks

Which reminds me of something that was on sam's youtube channel

I was watching best of best of show best in show. I think what do you call it the dog thing? Is it best?

Yeah, I'm best in show usually. Yeah, so I was watching the I think it came out in the year 2000

It's the christopher guest film. It's the spinal tap people, but it's a dog show movie

It's very good. You should check it out if you like shits creek both katharine o'hair and

Eugene levy are a couple in that movie, which is wonderful. Um, but

Our boy

Garland briggs is one of the judges in that movie

So I just want to say the my only fear in life

Is that strand games are not enough?

This is a good opportunity to say slash sam versus sam if you I tweeted I tweeted this out a couple days ago, but um

If you've ever enjoyed content that alessio and I have created together

I had alessio. I only played four episodes worth of uh, a playtail innocence on my youtube channel for

October this wiki month. I called it

So check that out and check out the other stuff that's on the channel too for sure

And I don't want to sign us up for anything

But sam we should totally do like a co-op game or like a some sort of goofy episode thing

Yeah, you know what I kind of would love to do uh on the youtube channel is um

Remember that one time when we just like sat down and played guilty year together. Oh for sure 100%

I would love to do that like for the channel. Yeah 100%. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking too

Yeah, and I want to do so I want isaac on the channel. Yeah, please. I'll be there

He says that don't listen to him

Day one he's a liar day one, baby

He's a liar

Yeah day one shows up at day 1000. No kidding

Isaac's a good man. I love Isaac

Isaac roll the dice, baby. Oh shoot. Uh, it's closed out of that tab

The only thing that's been taken um pick one random 37 close your eyes

A little haiku will note. Yeah a little haiku will do you

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

Oh god

This is one of the best you guys like this is this is peak james rykhmuth. Yeah 100% so good. Yes

Absolutely james if you're listening to this, I'm sure you will continue to

Achieve peak status for the rest of your life

It's not the high point of your life. This is just peak james. No peak james for the podcast. Yes, it's correct

Not for his life james is doing that

You're doing great. Happy birthday. All right. Here we go. What's with that box? All right. So I uh, I kept it pretty simple

I wrote three haikus

Perfect. So I'm gonna I'm gonna read those for you


espionage tight


Otacon stays nasty

Metal gear solid

That was that was fucking phenomenal. Thank you. Thank you

Can you please like send that to me over

So I can post it to the facebook page

Absolutely. Absolutely. Can we get an encore reading actually? Could you read that one more time?

Yeah, please do that again. Yeah, I'll give you the first one more time. All right

espionage tight ass otacon stays nasty

Metal gear solid. Oh my gosh

All right, number two this one

I don't know. I feel about it

Bursting like a snake covered sticky must escape kept you waiting, huh?

That one's real good

Somebody finally broke a lessie

And then uh, this this last one's just a bonus one that I just I had a good time with I thought was fun

Uh, oh, it's riding quick one-eyed motherfucker. Ow. He stabbed me dead

Quick it's right. Did you do the syllable count and everything? Yep, I sure did. Oh, those are fucking great


Like considering climate. Uh-oh, it's quitting flan

Ow, he stabbed me dead

Oh, I the the three lines how he stabbed me dead covered sticky must escape and otacon stays

Nasty never leave my brother

Sam's gonna be on his deathbed and he's just gonna whisper

I should have looked christopher randolph dead in the eyes while we were eating lunch

Like on a con stays nasty that was a missed opportunity you could have read that haiku

Sweet jesus. Yeah, I guess that's a high point too is like I get to meet Jennifer and Chris Randolph after we interviewed them. Yeah

Yeah, it was crazy. So good

I still take people to where chris took me to eat

So thank you chris for Randolph if you're listening to this. All right. Let me roll my dice

Uh, I'm going to roll my


I roll that I don't care. Oh

Uh, sam, I think I can kind of do the weird voice that you've been doing. So hold on


You're weird like patrick voice thing that you do


It's something you sound short of breath. My my repertoire of voices has expanded quite a bit

Uh, uh, since the since I left the podcast

In the in the midst of the pandemic like you run out of things to do and so I just developed new voices

Oh, yeah, 100% and if you're listening to this right now, you should put on the avalanches since I left you

All right, let's do it. Got a strange box here. I can't


How incredulous kurt russell's snake pliskin is just he's uh, he doesn't give a fuck about anything. He's lived his life

And uh, here he is

Did the uh, did the dialogue make you laugh out loud at all is it because I felt like I was chuckling the whole time

of this scene

Of just any oh that's makes me sense everything was um

What do you call them ham hocked? I guess you the the thing that I

I couldn't couldn't get past was um that monologue that

I don't think james knows that a ham hock is could you explain that's not the phrase? I don't know

I think it was a ham hock. They couldn't care less

Snake don't give a shit. The snake would say ham hock. Oh, yeah, and then you call them out on it and be like

Whoa hold up

What hold the phone?

We're gonna play it one more time. Everybody listened very carefully to the last thing isic says box. I can't


De Penguin king for the mouse

Thank U

Oh c'mon

Say what's up apologise you

monologue that I don't think James knows what a hamhawk is could you explain that's not the phrase I don't know

They couldn't care less

They don't give a shit would say

And then you call them out on it

That does not count for the deal Isaac you

Some slack I think it might have been me and you talking at the same time, but it definitely sounded like Isaac said

Who knows

That was probably like 2 a.m. Oh, absolutely

No joke that was we had some really late nights recorded

Dude, I totally forgot about that. Yeah spooky season more like never fucking sleep again

Was it that season where somebody literally fell asleep it was Isaac Isaac fell asleep into the podcast one

Oh, I did it monkey

I might have been I don't remember which episode it was but there's an episode where we were doing the outros and we cut to Isaac


Was on the call until like really late

Wish it would have found it because I would have been a perfect

I will say though Uzumaki Isaac also fucking Isaac

I don't want to imply you didn't show up to other episodes, but I was you really showed up for Uzumaki

Did I yeah, like I just I don't know at least my in my memory you were like very thorough


Were talking about it. I do remember really liking Uzumaki a lot. Yeah, that was a really cool read

Yeah, I felt like a total nerd

There was some girl wearing a jean jacket last year in the park and it had a big-ass June G Etoe print on the back

So I like went up to her and I was like, hey, I really like your G Etoe jacket

And she was like, huh? Oh, thank you. So part of me does wonder if she was like, oh that looks sick as opposed to like

Yeah, she got that shit a fucking goodwill pose. Yeah, right

Uzumaki's gotten really popular in yeah

Junji's been blowing up these days, which is great for him

My favorite thing is that the meme where it was just like

Junji Etoe Junji Etoe's works and he's like really happy and then it's hi

Hi, I'm Yuzaki's work and hi Yuzaki's fucking miserable. Yeah. Yeah, I

Will say this for anybody who's a drag race fan

Rockham Sakurai has a phenomenal Instagram picture of her dressed as an Uzumaki or not Uzumaki

But as a Junji Etoe panel

She's like like the perspective of the photo is very two-dimensional and she painted like half her body

And there's like a slug coming out of her mouth

It's pretty dope so you should go please please say that name again Rockham Sakurai

Rockham Sakurai

Rockham Sakurai, that's a phenomenon. Awesome drag name like phenomenal, but yeah, you should go check check them out

All right, that was that my role. Yeah, so Sam is you good, sir

We'll probably do like another maybe two roundabouts. Yeah, that's yeah, that sounds good

I've got number 18 Jewish City Lady in travel. Oh, that's perfect. We just talked about it

Jewish ladies. I didn't know what to call this and I was like

The the the bubby though. Is this the bubby? You're ready to find out. Yeah, we go

What's with that box did everybody feel good about that countdown? Yeah, that's how I got a count

I don't know what happened. I like it. I don't know what happened. The cat knocked over a plant

It's hard to say

That's how we're fucking starting this episode, isn't it? Yeah


Here's to you dear listener and welcome to Metal Gear Mondays. Let me get that schmutz off of you

That'd be schmutz off your face. Let me get that schmutz off your face. You've been rounding in BTs

Listen guys, I just got back from New York

And I can't handle it. I can't handle it

With all this high-gram technology, you think you'd be able to call more than once a week, but no

You never call your mother anymore

I was there when you were born your schmechel. It was so small, but it grew probably

That one nice man with the golden mask

He once said that it's really hard to make a connection if we can't shake hands, but you got an iphone bubby

You got the best thing to make a connection call your mother some more bubby

She's talking to her daughter, you know that higgs boy. He seems like he knows what's going on in the world

Seems like a nice boy here. He's a terrorist and you see he's got that golden mask those things are expensive

He's just so adorable bubby

And that voice like the voice of an angel. I feel like I've heard it a million other places

All right, I'm gonna introduce the show okay

I feel like zack was born for that

Yeah, that little dig at shroy baker at the end

Yeah, 100% I swear to god

Living in new york for several years. I have not encountered many people with quote the new york voice

Believe it or not. I've encountered more people outside of new york city like in new york state with that voice

But zack is quintessential

New york voice like my boy my god. I love it. I love it. All right, isaac. What you got?

My boy

21 21

Oh, I love this one. Oh, it's a good one. All right. Let's cue it up box starting to run out of these things to say so

I am going to

Let me think i'm gonna try and say this backwards you guys. Let me see if I can do this

Oh, shit

Do it. All right. Uh, see you up. Yeah, see you see it

And i'm gonna try to i'm gonna i'm gonna reverse that in the edit so that we can hear if I got it right

Hey, so

So it'll be well, hold on. Let me let me let me see. Hold on a second. Um

Let me see if I can do it

Crop I want to try


See that's the problem is like I just realized so if you're you're trying to do it phonetically

You're gonna go ziab, but if you're doing it based on how it sounds like linguistically it's box

So it'd be like sock

It'd be like a weird like

Gzab gzab. Well, I mean it's like was like like xo f it's soft, right? Yeah, it's like


Fuck it. Well, just we're gonna we're gonna rewind all this stuff. I might slip in the chip monks. It's just a box

How crazy is it that this is like? Yes, it's metal gear mondays, but it is also kind of a time capsule for all of these millennial fucking


Who's next I think it's you last year, right?

I am

Number 41 they can recreate our bodies

I don't know if I remember this one. What's with this box metal gear solid one is like 20 years and

three months old

Yeah, I believe hold on

Yeah, so not enough to drink

But uh, old enough to uh to smoke the cigarettes that you smuggled in in your stomach


Thanks, thanks Aaron. It's true old enough to flirt with a college professor. Oh

Lot of flit. Yeah, it's a lot of slinky dinks. You know what I mean? Oh my god. I do not know what you mean

Do I want

Are we just uploading our consciousness to the internet? I feel like that's what's happening

Yeah, we're this is like the the a true living time capsule. It's true

Well, like this is what this is what the living tribunal has like been leading us towards this whole time is is

Holy shit, sam's getting off the deep end


They can they can recreate our bodies if they can't recreate our minds so

They have to use tweets in our facebook posts and our social media posts to really build a constant amen

They can they can feel our brains

They can fill our brains with like our actual thoughts and that way they have a real life like model of us for when they

inevitably consume the world

Yep, the lolly lolly lo. Sounds right


I love you. That was amazing


The living

Did you make that up or is that real? Um, no, so the living tribunal is a um is a marvel

It's like this like cosmic entity like it's it's

All powerful in my mind you just rolled your eyes into the back of your head for that entire segment and just went

Yeah, the living tribunal is like this it's like this giant gold like statue looking thing

And it has like faces on all sides of it. Jesus Christ. It's weird that we were just talking about this being a time capsule

And then that was the clip

That's crazy. All right, same what you got. We're on the final the final run the final cycle. Um, I

Final countdown I've got number six, which is

Cousin tales

Why is there a box here what I did was

On a phone call with my seven-year-old cousin

Um, I briefly very poorly explained the plot of the first Metal Gear Solid and I said, hey, you should write a story about this

And he said he said okay

Um, did you coax this child into doing your homework?

I thought it would be funny and it is. Um, this is it's very short. It's not very long at all and um,

I am also convinced

That my cousin did not understand that snake was a human and not a human

So with that information, I uh would like to present to you

Um, a dramatic retelling of Metal Gear Solid 1 in four paragraphs by my seven-year-old cousin

It was nighttime and everyone was asleep

Everyone was asleep except for the snake because he had to do his work


Was very sneaky and he crawled very quietly because he had to get into the big house

And if he went into the big house and he woke everyone up that everyone would be mad at him


The snake was trying to go to the building

But there were a lot of people outside walking around the yard even though it was cold in nighttime

But snake needed to get into the house to stop the big robot. I was gonna blow everything up

So snake kept on going because even though there were people he was very good at hiding

So snake hit


So snake hit a lot and he got to almost the house

But the snake woke up mr. Helicopter who was sleeping in the yard

But it wasn't him actually that woke up mr. Helicopter

It was a mean guy and the mean guy had the robot that wanted to blow up the world

This is I think my favorite paragraph in the in the story so far

The mean guy took helicopter away so the snake went into the house

He went to see if he could find the robot so we could blow it up before it blew up all the other things

So the robot could hide good too, even though it was very big

I just thought but the robot could hide good too

He looked he looked a bunch and he found a man who was good at mass

And he

He found a man that was good at math and get this he's good at math and he was named octagon


This kid's gonna go play some octagon so good. I know

But octagon was scared about a ninja and the snake had to fight the ninja

But then the ninja ran away and octagon decided to help the snake find the robot

After a long time

Where snake ran around the house a bunch snake found the robot

His girlfriend and octagon and even the ninja wanted to blow up the robot

But the mean guy didn't want them to so he turned on the robot

The snakes the snake still beat the robot because he had rockets and robots are allergic to rockets

But he still had to fight the mean guy

And the

And the snake beat the mean guy and he decided not to be at the house anymore and left with his friends

the end

Oh, that was fantastic

I think my favorite part about all this is like hearing the clip, but then hearing ourselves laugh exactly when ourselves laughed

Well, we

It's so weird like I think both Isaac and I just like both laughed when we laughed years ago at the exact

Hey, hey really quick before before we do the next one sam. I have to alert you to something

Alert me to something. Yes. Nick freighter. Just discord messaged me

Okay, he said ask sam if this looks familiar and then he did he find it. He sent me a link

I clicked the link

And it's the link

Oh, did you tell him? Yes. Don't tell him. Yes. Tom. No, I just said nick dot dot dot and that's all I said

So really you fall

It's it's all well, I will say this if anybody was to receive leaked information. I would rather it be nick freighter than anybody else


But Isaac, you know what this means, right? You have even more pressure to say fuck on the last

Oh my

Oh my

My memory is trash. Who just rolled on that was that I think that was me sam did though. Okay, right?

I have rolled a 13

Lucky number 13 cardboard box. We're starting out at the top of

The halo jump we are in the plane the tippy top where we are

Smoking a stokey

Stoke a like and this portion

They they take the time to give you basically a rough history lesson on the cold war


I read this this comment on the internet once and I forget where but someone describes

It was like I think a reddit

Blog it was a reddit post where they like summarize a game in one sentence

And someone summarized middle of your solid three as middle-aged asian man writes fan fiction about the cold war

But I mean it's it where's the lie where is the lie?

No, and it's delightful and I feel like when I play this game

I feel like the people who made it have a lot of fun making it. Yeah for sure. Oh sure

I mean, I give it I give it hell for you know

I know when the cold war occurred and I know what happened in it

But hell someone gave me the opportunity like hey, do you want to do some like fun revisionist history that has absolutely no

Recourse ever yeah

100% yeah sign me up. Let's go. You mean cold a history nerd would be interested in doing something like that

Yeah, yeah, yeah throw me throw me in there like with the

Blasters like you see I was really in like World War one stuff. I would love to go back like oh shit actually

It all started with this one like friends troop out of england

And like they were at the morn and like I'd get weird with it. I get really weird

Can I just say my favorite part of that cliff is I always miss here coal is saying a

Chris is saying a middle-aged Haitian man

And to me for some reason that's way funnier middle-aged I'll be completely different

middle-aged Haitian man

I would absolutely Hideo Kojima a middle-aged Haitian man

All right, here we go

Let's have the look of the Irish on me. I just rolled number 22, which is the game

Comes a lot. Whoa. Did you say a box?

Okay, because on sunday like I all I did on sunday was I woke up

I played Death Stranding in the middle of the day. It was like so nice. I went out and I went for a four mile hike with my dog


You know, the only thing I could think about on that hike was like

You know, I'm Sam right now. Just walking through the wilderness


And I don't know that feeling just like brought me such joy

And I don't I can't remember the last time that I've been able to connect

On an intimate way in a direct way with the video game and like bring it into my real life

I've I've had a similar experience with that

Down here. So so for you know, the whole moon base alpha thing is obviously

Uh true true, but uh, but before before I came up here

I was I was actually working down in uh in south america

And there was a lot of uh, there were a lot of like hills and small mountains and all that and I would

I'd get that feeling that chris is describing just from ghost recon alone and now I can only imagine how it would have been

Uh with death stranding

There there there's the one of the origin points for moon base alpha. Yeah

Because we talked about this again moon base alpha when when zack was in uh in cuba

We um, we just referred to him as being moon base alpha as a joke and it kind of snowballed

Yeah, and now we've layered on top of that and it was just zack was getting his mba so

Um, I uh

That was no

Alessio, you have one more roll, don't you? No, that was my last one

So I want to do one. I'd want to do one more round, but instead of rolling

I want if you want to pick based on I just based on name. Yeah, so what one looks very interesting to you

okay, um

and uh

I don't know why this is pulling me in but the one that I want to listen to is you know what it isn't which is 31

What's this box doing here? Oh, I was livid. I was like, no

No, that is not the hostage. Yeah. No, that is not big boss

Um, but I had a lot of fun with that mission. Um, I'm gonna walk over to hang where they have the impossible whopper and I'm gonna go

No, that is not the whopper

Ha ha ha ha

They were like who the fuck is that guy?


Yeah, Sam pulls up in a helicopter. I open the side door and just scream from the helicopter

Our pet is not the whopper


Don't know why I think some of the dudes from like I think it was like nit nitroid and like snake soup

People's just started sharing like snake screaming as like a meme

And I love that fucking meme like no, that's not the insert anything like

It's screaming now

I don't know why this is so funny

I was so glad that was the one I pulled I'm glad that's what that was

I'm glad we get to share no, that it's not the whopper with a whole generation of listeners

Oh my god, that might have been

The hardest I've laughed on the podcast. I've died several times on this podcast

That was like next level like I could not breathe

And I think my favorite part was like the way that I said Burger King is going to

Well in likewise to retroactive correction nitroid, I know I'm sorry

No, that is not the whopper

Isaac what looks good on this list? Hey

What looks good on this menu Isaac's like I'll tell you what looks good alt f4. That's what


I'm gonna go with

Uh in agreement

Yeah number 11

All right box here David had looked at him thoughtfully

You all right kid

How had looked up from poiton Lee not tap tapping his wallet against his leg

Waiting to pay and wow seriously

How were this guy's eye so clear and started over three responses before getting out

Yeah, uh just midterm season, you know and he left

David made a small

In agreement

In agreement

Howl opened his mouth closed it and then

It's howl by the way

David glance at him over the espresso machine. I know

Uh guys we can't say it enough that fan fiction episode that you gotta go listen to this map

So good

All right, I'm going to

So hold on we already established we were gonna play one to end it off

Do you want me to pick that one or do you want me to pick another one pick another one?

And then we have well, we established that one is the last one. So pick a different one. So I'm going to let me look through this real quick

I am going to pick

Oh man

So I really want to pick this

Metal Gear Monday's Revengeance clip, but I also want to pick the one that we talked about

While I was playing both you know you share. Yeah

Yeah, yeah

That's our talk, okay?

All right, well because I'm so saw we from

I'm gonna play

Why is that box here? Here's to you dear listeners and welcome back to another episode of Metal Gear Monday

So where you'll find your favorite discussions around metal gear and a lesio summerfield related content given to you through tactical a lesio action

Today we have a special guest

It's a lesio. Hi. Hi that would that caught me off guard. That was amazing

And of course with always my two members of the fox unit christ hampton. How you doing? Howdy ho campers

And miss torc Rites what do you got?


Hi, just great energy today. We're doing we're killing it today. Oh, yeah, sorry. It's been a week

Yeah, no kidding

So what's up guys? So what are we gonna talk about? We want to give a little bit of special stuff out today

Just because we're have a little bit of a delay, but I think we're gonna be caught up. Yeah, I feel good about it

I guess we should say saw we

We did we made it we had some issues right so

Tori's computer had a meltdown on us. So we

Is it so the more we sound like a kid the more they'll uh

The more they'll take pity on us. So hold on hold on 95 of the audience will take pity

There's a five percent

Share of the audience that will get increasingly more like sexually aroused. So we have we have to play with those risks

I'm here for you five percent. Let's do it 90 seconds lesio. Well done. So

lesio bingo board there you go the underdog. So why not?

I love that tory. I would the five percent

No, I'm coming for you five


You know that reminds me of the um the sorry

We're sorry

All right, so then the last one i'm gonna pick before we do our sendoff is hey, did you say box? Hey liquid

What am I doing here?

Taking his blood

It'd be great. I took all his blood put it in my veins

What are you doing?

You're fucking that impression kills me. It makes me it feels good to do

It's one of those impressions really like when I get done with it. My throat doesn't hurt. I just feel like more of a man

Yeah, what is like? What do you do to your like? What do you do to make that happen?

I don't like I kind of tighten my jaw and I kind of have to like lean into the back of my throat a little bit


It's kind of like mid yawn. It feels like i'm partially yawning the whole time. Hey

I feel like i'm doing i'm doing what you said and I feel like i'm choking on peanut butter

Yeah, what you guys are gonna hear is me killing a man over a podcast. I'm talking sam into swallowing his own tongue

All right

I guess for the last time is there anything you guys want me to say is Patrick Orbert

What's a good hero, can you do can you do island boy as Patrick Orbert?


We'll pull the lyrics because i'm a fucking

Millennium. I don't have all the lyrics memorized

All right, here we go

All right, I gotta I gotta do my warm-up real quick

For some reason dude the hay like I just had a conversation with somebody about this

The hay is like a really good warm-up word

All right

That I that's that's what I do like my impression of barack obama the

Let me be clear. Yeah, it's starting it off the uh, all right. Let's do this

Let me be quick

Because i'm an island boy

And I've been trying to make it oh i'm an island boy


I love this island boy. He's gone up. I'm a just island boy

I'ma get the kiwi wine

There you go. Want to keep that gun?

I'll be just staring at the sun

Full gazing

I'm like the pool where i'm staying

They're like you want to be famous

I'm trying

Be out all with the greatest i'm a little florida boy

All right, that's what you guys get

Oh, that's awesome. That's beautiful. Yeah, ridiculous

Uh, let me i'm just gonna find a random metal gear quit just to fucking round it off for everybody at home who's playing

The world was divided into east and west

Let's do that. That's a good one. That's a good one. Okay, hold on


Whoa, dude that fucking dog. There'd be dogs Cameron. Yes. Oh

Dogs jerry is getting mad at me for speaking. All right here

All right, here we go. Is everybody ready? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, let's go

After the end of world war two

The world was split into two

East and west

This marked the beginning of the era called the cold war

All right, there you go

Take that to the bank


Yikes. All right

So we have we have one final clip that you picked out before the episode

Absolutely, and this is a little bit of a longer one. This is a little bit of a long

It's very special apparently we have no idea what this is

This is a surprise

So in the spirit of uh sam and isaac letting me do two things instead of one

I have two very special things, but we'll start with one of them first

And one of them is this clip which I like to call

What the fuck is factibia?

And it's a little bit of a longer clip, but it's super I don't know to me. I think it's super important

So yes, it starts with a gag about what the fuck is factibia

But then it becomes not only our trivia episode, but revengeance is trivia episode

Specifically introducing

the contestants

And I thought it would be really fun to let some of our listeners hear other listeners having a good time on the show


So I'm gonna hit play on this one. We're gonna take a quick. I don't I can't remember how long it is. It's like a decent

It's like a decent little span, but I'm gonna hit play

I'm gonna play on this and then we'll regroup before the last special thing. Okay. All right. Here we go. Yeah

Remember that trick god damn it sam. What do we do now? What are you talking about? Well, I mean we finished covering the phantom pain so

I don't know like what's the point of any of this anymore like of the podcast or like on a more

philosophical level like on a deep

Like metacontextual level that eventually means nothing. So what you're saying is kind of like


Like five well, okay. Look, we're about to do

100 episodes that must be worth something right sam. It's worth about as much as your gmp when the servers go down

All right, why don't you chill out dude? We got like like rub your earlobes or something wusa

Aggression not not necessary. What do you think we need to do that? Well first things first. I'm gonna take isaac out of this suitcase

It's not his fault

All right, fine

I guess I'll forgive him for that


You will and we're gonna leave lorry out of it fine

Hey guys

Sorry, but uh next time air holes. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah for sure for sure

Okay, what now sam tell me what to do. Well, I hadn't


Much past freeing isaac from that suitcase

Yeah, good thought. So how about this? You know how we barely managed to keep it together when there are three people on the podcast?


And you know how we know a lot of things about metal gear maybe but yes

Why don't we take those two facts and put them together?

Ooh like one of those sandwich things I keep hearing about kind of it's more like um

I want to say an open faced melt. I think I get it

Like if you took a grilled cheese and said get half that shit out of here

Sort of more like if you went to subway and said I only want an unfolded flatbread wait

Subway has flatbreads. Yeah, dude like for years now. Where have you been?


How long was I in that suitcase? Okay. Okay. So it's kind of like a sandwich. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah

So we so we do everything bigger right take the three people that we have on the podcast and then

Oh god and then we had three more people and make it that much harder to deal with I'm liking it. I like your energy sam

I'm loving this so far

Good and then we take those things that we know

And we ask those three new people

If they know them too, okay, what happens if they don't know anything and we sit here silently waiting for them to answer

Or what happens if they do know the things? Well, if they do know the things we give them prizes and if they don't know

We kill them, right? No, come on. No, we're good decent people

I see we we just shame them endlessly and then they have to hide their faces from public industries for the rest of their lives

Perfect. I love it. Um, so what are we gonna call this? Um

shit, uh

Trivia trivia. Did you say tribyt trivia tripping? What's that?

No, it's stupid. Let's do something else question time like nap time. Get real dude. Come on. How about

Like like a metroidvania like a fact toy dia. No, no, no, no, no. I hate that. Um

Factivia metal gear

Factivia love it book it. I'm gonna send out some press releases. Isaac called the news



Wasn't like a sandwich at all. We have a very special episode this episode. We are recording a trivia


To celebrate what is more than likely episode number 124, but what is on the rss feed?

episode number 100

Um, but yeah, so we've got we've got we've got friends. We've got friends who've been here all along. We've got sam and isaac say hi

I'm pepo


You got me

Hi, Isaac. Uh, we also have new friends. So I am gonna do this in top down order from what I'm looking at

We've got the one I wait. I think we should each take one person

Okay, let's do that. So I I got mine picked. So I'm gonna do the

You know, I got mine picked too. So if you take mine, I'm gonna be real mad

Isaac lamp. No, I'm kidding. I've got uh

I've got my sights on a certain

metallic man

What kind of metal?

I myself have my sights set on one very particular best friend

It's tory kortes my best friend. Oh, I was on the edge of my seat. It's like being being picked for dodgeball

But Isaac, well, you know what? This is my best friend

Mr. Cole Duncan


Hey, you

Hey guy now our contestants who have been patiently waiting as we go through our

fun terrible banter

I'm gonna start with tyler

So tyler, I'm gonna start with how are you tonight?

I'm doing pretty solid. Got uh been working non-stop. It seems like so

I absolutely know that feeling now. How long have you been a listener to middle gear mondays?

Uh, I think I'm actually coming up on a year officially

Oh, uh birthday

Yeah, I uh

I had told the story before on the discord by about last year middle of last year maybe a little bit after that

I hated my job. So I was just jerking around on my phone

Looking for metal gear solid music and for some reason metal gear monday showed up and I just benched all the way through

Good good to hear man, and I'm glad that you like the revengeance era. So we'll keep it up for you

What's your favorite metal gear game?


If I want to be like

Serious talking I'll say like metal gear solid 3 but if I'm just like straight up

Don't care what anyone has to think. I'll say middle gear rising

Metal gear rising. I mean this isn't like recorded or anything. So like just feel free to speak. This isn't like cataloging your thoughts

Oh, yeah, no, I love metal gear rising

The the moment I realized this game wasn't like kicking around was the moment when rules of nature just

Blast through your eardrums and you're like, oh, they're serious about this game. You just go through the whole thing non-stop

That's awesome. Have you been like a long metal gear fan like you know as long as you've been gaming or you get into it late

um, I've always known about it never really put the time into it and um

Weird story was that I was actually interested when they announced just a phantom pain not even metal gear solid

And I was really interested and they end up being kojima. So I'm like, oh he caught me

I'm like, I want to know what this psychopath has to offer me. So I ended up going all the way through

Um, I had a I have a really close friend who would tell me things about it

And then I'm like, all right, let's just jump into it and figure it out. So

Jumped in beat everything by the time metal gear solid popped out and then now we're here

That's awesome, man. And then what's your favorite game of 2020 at least so far? I know we're

Pretty close to the end there. But do you have a favorite?

It's a strong tie between ghost of shishiva and doom eternal

Okay, all right, not bad

So we've met tyler. We are now going to move right down to we're going to talk to darcy

So how are we doing darcy and how long have you been a listener?

Hey, um, I got nothing witty to say from my opening like you guys. Um


Close to two years now actually I was kind of on and off for the first year and then I started consistently going to the entire series


January, February got caught up and then yeah, I've been here ever since

That's awesome, man. And what is your uh favorite metal gear game?

Uh, well like tyler, I'd say metal gear solid three more for its like

Content and just how well built that game was

But I feel like metal gear solid one

The original mgs has like a very special place for me


It's a pretty good tie between that one, but if you made me choose

I'd still say mgs one

Seems like we get along real well darcy. So I like that

I think you and I have the exact same brain space

And as far as gaming this year, do you have a favorite game from 2020?

Oh man, then this year has been just awful in so many ways gaming included

I feel like yeah, no kidding and all I've been playing is uh,

Honestly, nhl 21 that's the newest game. I played this year and wow. So I have to say that I guess

All right. Well, yeah, obviously you're putting time into it. So I am

That's no shame

We might talk about that because I did used to like love me some hockey games. So I might have to get into that

And then we have


I guess I'll throw him under the bus. He does our artwork and I love him to death. So Sean

Say a little little something and how long have you been a listener?

Well, I'm just really honored. You guys saved the best for last so

Thank you for that

The humility and the bolt

I got them both, you know

Um, I've been a listener. I think we were talking before this um with warren

I started listening right around the time that they took their hiatus. I think that was between um

Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5. So I don't know was that 2017 2018?


Somewhere around there


But yeah, so I just

Saw this on the uh, I have a job where I can listen to podcasts all day long

So I just I literally go through the longest shows I could find and they had like hour and a half

You know two hour long episodes. I'm like, that's great. I love Metal Gear

And uh, just kind of went from episode one and then got caught up and got devastated when I thought the show was over

And you guys just keep it going for us

We're here man. Don't you worry

So what about favorite Metal Gear game?

You got a fave

So I was born in 91

So I was like a little too young to really get Metal Gear Solid 1 when it came out

But I have five older brothers and one of them that's a gamer is 10 years older than me

He had MGS 1 so I would play it on PlayStation

and you get to the opening scene and

um as soon as I get alerted because I'm used to Tomb Raider and you can kill everybody just by

Pressing a trigger I just would run to the PlayStation and shut it off because I was so scared

But when I really fell in love with the series was probably 2001 2002

I was really getting the anime and then of course Metal Gear Solid 2 had a

A beautiful pale blonde haired boy

So I'd have to say that's where I got my toes wet with the series and that's kind of consistently just been my favorite game

That's awesome, man. So so Ryden's your waifu

Oh, yeah

Big time

You don't hear that often enough. Yeah, because everyone's a fucking coward. That's why

Called out that's awesome

Uh, and then I let's hope you've been gaming a little bit this year

But do you have a favorite for uh 2020 as far as a game this year?

So, um, yeah, I I am a huge fan of uh, tealoo 2. I I love that game. It was so good


Yeah, and I just checked my steam and I put about 55 hours into

Cyberpunk so I think those two are tied for my favorite this year

All right, cool. I'm glad that you can actually play cyberpunk. It's it's hard

I'm the kind of person who will call bullshit on many games that like bug this much, but it's just addictive

Well for your favorite game to be tealoo 2 and then cyberpunk one game that runs perfectly fine

And the other game that can barely run. It's just kind of crazy

I think i'm just lucky that I decided to get it on pc rather than consoles

Yeah, yeah, no kidding

All right, so without further ado, I think if it's okay with everyone here, I think we should uh

Let's get started with some some trivia really quick. So I've to kind of tie into the tail end of that apparently

Cyberpunk is super stable on the fucking stadia. Oh, yeah, that's a very bad idea. Yeah, which is wild

Which they throw fucking free trials of that around like it's water

Oh, yeah, so if you have a 360 controller or an xbox one controller

Saddle up sea biscuit. We're going for three months of free trial, baby

Yeah, if you have a premium account, they give you like tons of oh, yeah, I got I got the controller and uh, uh

The chrome cast for it for free

Just for having you do premium. It was oh nice. Did you talk about that at all?

Yeah, I did I played a couple games on it. I didn't keep the subscription up, but like yeah, it's cool

Yeah, I never had any like weird hiccups. So weirdly enough you're able to actually open it on the

Web browser on the oculus quest. So I legit played stadia in vr on like a huge 80 inch screen

It was very weird to have my xbox controller wirelessly connected to my headset to play stadia games

But no, I played really well like I didn't have any frame drops or anything

I think I played like three hours of one of the Tomb Raider games

Oh, yeah, so yeah, I don't know if you have good internet. You should check it out

I have a couple questions. First of all, what the fuck was I'm


I don't remember

Bring it back. Yeah. What's it all about?

That's my new youtube channel

Sam versus Beppo is the new youtube channel

Also, okay, so I don't I I literally cannot remember the origin story for this, but I remember us saying

I think it was just as being weird that we wanted to introduce like a secret character that nobody would

Don't bring up again. It's a lorry. What the fuck was lorry?

I don't know

I remember you started you started saying it and I was like, all right, brother. I'm along for the ride

I think we were just like I think I honestly think that we were just like let's let's have a meta story

It won't introduce the secret character named lorry. That's like the shadow behind the

Hell yeah behind the podcast all along and we never rotted it again after that episode


Yeah, I'm beppo

Jesus you have to run in there is it? I'm

Beautiful that was really episode of kitchen nightmares with uh, gordon ramsey where

I try to remember what it was if you've seen the clip i'm talking about you'll you'll know what i'm talking about

Sam continue

Also, this is a this is a good opportunity again to plug my youtube channel slash sam versus sam versus this spelled out


Is a phenomenal person and he did the character artwork for my youtube channel and he has humility but also balls

Yeah, yeah, yeah

No, it was super cool. I just wanted to play that so that everybody got a chance to meet some of our

patrons and friends so

Thanks, Darcy and Sean and

Tyler Tyler and liquid metal Mike and tory and cool

Yes, maybe not cool

But no, yeah, I mean I still for the most part keep up with everybody so

great job everybody and


I guess

We should we should segue to my the fun little thing that I made

out of the interviews

So here's a special something segue to the interviews

Sora why are you sticking my ass? Huh?

Next on sam rites fan fiction that was not I can confirm that was not a line


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Hold on

That's my favorite


Oh maxi

All right. Well, here we go to our compatriots friends family lovers

Uh, could I say lovers who so if you had to pick one of our interview subjects that that would be your

Lover, who would you pick? We don't want to go down this road

Dude might as well have it without a second thought donneburke. God damn it donneburke calling calling me cheeky

Is amazing

One of my life's moments

And when I say lover, I mean like I'm holding the door open and lifting her into tall places

And just being a servant man for for donneburke putting like putting my coat over puddles of water

Yeah, correct. She seems like kind of pretty. She I love a kind of woman who could kick my ass

I want to be scared

Uh, I don't know. I guess it's not copyrighting right could I just cue that whole thing here?

Oh, maybe not the whole thing but a good chunk of it. It's like 30 seconds. Sure. Yeah, cue it here. Yeah. Yeah

I love the kind of woman that will actually just kill me

You know when I left the house today, I was thinking damn

I really hope some hot chick paints my brains all over some fucking hallway

And here we are

I mean really just absolutely destroy me

I'm talking full-on watermelon in the thighs level carnage

And I wanted to scare the shit out of me. I mean, I hope I piss myself

I hope I piss myself and you call me your little pee pee piss piss boy

I want you to fuck me up. I mean, I want you to make me your bitch your little pee pee piss myself, bitch

I want it to get embarrassing. I mean like weirdly embarrassing

Unsanitary too

We should be entirely different people by the end of the first eight hours

Do you understand what I'm trying to say here? I mean, I'm a real freak. I'm not normal

ma'am, please

You have to crush me

All right, let's more like lysic

All right guys, so I'm back with sam and lysic and we're about to play the interview medley

Uh, yeah, thank you guys. No, this is a fun little interview treat for everybody. I hope you enjoy it

And we're gonna play that right


Thank you for joining us jennifer hail my pleasure. Thank you for having me christopher. Thank you so much for joining us

Um, yeah, thank you for being on the show my pleasure. I'm very happy to be here. All right. Well, um, we're here live from

Renton city retro with david hater mr. Salis taking something doing

I'm doing very well. Thanks. Thanks for having me is cam clark on the show today for reels

I think he is he might just be is this fake news

Sounds like a personator. Are you just a very good cam clark impersonator?

I'm a younger much more talented much more handsome

Cam clark, let's bring on donna bring on donna

That's always an honor to be asked boys. Thank you. What a waste

That is that's the best review of the show we've ever gotten. What a waste. Thank you

Well debbie, um, thank you so much for taking time out of your day. Um, I will never be able to walk into

Fred meyer has become a very different experience for me

I'll just end with this

What's on your list today? Stephanie? Thank you so much for joining us. Uh, it's an absolute pleasure to be able to talk to you

Thank you for inviting me. It's a pleasure to be on your show

I love that your show is called milky mondays because I think

Mondays are like the

the hardest day of

It's the hardest day of the week for people to get through I think so

It's cool to give people something exciting to look out for

And without further ado, chris simerman salter. So this is pretty pretty neat. Yeah, no, I appreciate this. Thank you for including me


Sat down. I spoke to paul eiding. Yeah, you can't write. We're joined by our very special guest for today

We have uh kim my guest with us. Uh, otherwise known as uh, meiling from from metal gear solid. Thank you for joining us

Oh, yes. Thank you for having me. Let's talk to tom and yarl jankins. Thank you so much for joining us today, sir

Absolutely a pleasure. Thank you very much for having me, man

100 right off the bat. I want to say I'm extremely

Genuinely thankful to uh be talking to you right now. Jeremy. So welcome to the it's my pleasure now. Do I

How do I tell me how to correctly mispronounce your name?

Um, we are here with one mr. James haran

Who the listeners will know as uh skull face james. Welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us today

Thank you for having me pleasure to be here. Thanks for joining us fingers. How's everything going this evening?

I'm doing pretty good, man. Uh, feeling pretty good. Just got a new track out today

It's one of those like hectic promo days, you know, it goes

Sam who do we have on the podcast today? Oh god, we got a couple of guests on the show

We have a very we have two very special guests this time for the special edition. We've got um

john summerfield junior and tim right otherwise known as our fathers

We got our rat dad for the rat dad club. We're talking to ryan payton

Um, who is just a wonderful dude and you can find us at red robin. Yeah, thank you

Not a belby squared redmond

Mr. Uh ryan kinkade aka, uh nitroid. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for having me a little interview with peter lury

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. No, the pleasure is all mine

And look at that now we're recording a podcast

It's like magic and we're back

That was great, right guys. That was really enjoying. That was so good. I loved every second of it

It was so good

Oh, can I get a hug?


See e-girl mode


Oh, no, oh, yeah, I'm mopping my tears up with more tears

Is it good, uh guys, I just I can't do this right. I can't do this anymore. I just think it's like I'm done

I just

I was like, you know that microphone that's made out of the two ears that amaranth uses on stream

Well, I'm taking that thing's job. So yo

I really quickly just wanted to say as we're as we're kind of wrapping up here

This like this was a big this episode was a very big undertaking. I helped a little bit with

With it, uh, but alessio put in a lot of work to do these clips. Yeah

I also want to give a shout out to

Zach James who did who found the death stranding clips for me

While I was looking at other stuff. So Zach James put in some work to get some clips as well. So thank you Zach

Um, but yeah, this was a this was a lot of a lot of effort a lot of listening a lot of going back where I'm in a sing and uh

Yeah, thank you. Alessio for

Thanks, Sam and thanks Zach. I didn't really Zach could have helped out. So big ups to Zach

I'll also big ups to Zach for being on the patreon farewell video because there's somebody on this recording who was not a part of that

Wasn't me and it wasn't alessio

Yikes do some subtraction

Isaac is

Sign more like by zik

Oh no, no Isaac. I love you to death

And on that note we should

We should quickly get out of here. Uh, yes. Let's leave. Yes. Uh, no, no, no. So I think

a couple important things


If you're hearing this

Yum, you literally have until the end of the day today on release day

To get us your farewell messages. You're listening to this shit on tuesday or shit. I'll look you better

You better work. You better work batch

if you're

If if if ruPaul catches you not listening to this on monday

No, if you if you are listening to this on tuesday, I'll give you this much if you're listening to it on tuesday

You have until like five p.m. Eastern time

To get your fucking farewell message to me

Um, so that's alessio at Alessio spelled a l e s s i o

Um, but yeah, no get those in asap because you're gonna hear all of them

next week

And likewise, what's happening next week guys? Um, we're doing a final listener response episode

um, and

The highly anticipated secret interview that we've been teasing

Is also happening in that episode so uh, very excited about those two things. Oh, um, yeah

It's a very very very very very very very very very very very important interview. Yeah, isaac was star struck

Yeah, oh 100 monumental interview

Yes, star struck monumental. Yes

Let's just say

Never in our wildest dreams

Um, but yeah, no you should you should definitely tune in next week

Uh, you should check that out and you should also go to

slash metal gear mondays

Hang out there because there are people in the comments that are fantastic people

I can't I can't say whether or not the social is going to be heavily maintained after the month of november


You should definitely go there. Um

And if I just I commented on uh, facebook

Um, to somebody's comment on one of the farewell posts that we made and that person legitimately just subscribed to my youtube channel

Which is oh hell yeah, I'm not saying versus Sam. Just do that is the third time

I love how to plug gotta plug gotta plug always always abp always be plugging

That's very gross

Um, I will say this so I do believe and I may be


Telling the truth on this. I'm not sure things are kind of shifting as we go

But I do believe that the discord is going to become invite only

Once the patreon doesn't exist

Um, so if you want to get on on that action asap the patreon is being torn down at the end of november

So if you're hearing this and it's still november

Chippin that dollar to get the access

Um, and then you don't have to pay anything ever again

Um, or try to hunt down

Warren minnecks

Tori Cortez

Or chris hampton or myself whatever anybody, uh, and we'll get you a an invite but currently as of recording

Um, there is no public way to get an invite


Super secret club

Isaac what would roi cambell say if he was slowly driving by and whispering

He would say

I also love the fact that there are probably like thousands of people who exist out in the world somewhere who are obsessed with

Isaac who we will never meet

But uh, but yeah, man, that that makes me sad

So what what that means is because everywhere you go you have to speak up very loudly so that somebody can go holy shit is that is it

Cool, um, I think that's it. I'm trying to think if there's any other special announcements to be made

Uh, tell a friend

Go listen to the interviews go listen to the old episodes. There is gold

Go listen to that fan fiction episode



Um, and this episode is brought to you by bath and body works graphite for men pocket back anti

It changed my life guys. Yeah. Yeah, COVID's still real go get your pocket back bacterial antibacterial little mini

Micro soaps that you put in your bag pocket


And tell your mother you love her

Or listen, I don't want to I mean there are some people who have tenses relationships right right right right mother

Hey, hey, hold on. Hold on. But just know they they still love you even though there are pieces of shit

Tell tell anybody that you love you love them. How's that?

Yes, tell anybody you love that you love them until some people you've never met that you love them

Tell complete strangers on the street that you love them and then open the trench coat. No, no

I can't you should talk to strangers

I don't know if I ever said this on the podcast, but when I first moved to New York

I was

very lonely

And on the first couple of weeks of taking the train to work. I flashed a

Rider on the subway. No, no the first couple weeks taking the train to work

There would be these homeless people who'd get on the train and they'd be like

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm so sorry to bother you. I just need a couple of dollars

I gotta and they would whatever like I'd see the same people and they they would tell different stories

I mean, I'm sure some of them actually needed help and

Um, and those people do need help but like in general it would just be like, hey, I need a couple of bucks

I need to go see my family. I can't

Pay the uber ride to go to the airport whatever whatever was going on

So I literally wrote an entire monologue


Ladies gentlemen, I'm so sorry to bother you. My name is Alyssa Summerfield. I host a podcast about video games

I'm really into Evangelion

If if you want to talk about movies my email address is

Summerfield at

Like I had this whole I had this whole monologue written and I was totally gonna do it

I was so gonna do it and then fucking COVID happened you guys

So I never got to do it, but I guess I could do it now

I guess you could and it's one of those things that wouldn't even be the weirdest thing any of them saw that day

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm sure that people at first would be like god damn it. He's saying ladies and gentlemen

What's about to happen?

They'll be relieved mostly. Yeah, people would probably start laughing

So or they think I'm being a dick to help most people


Anyway, I just want to get that off my chest. I love you guys. Um

Yeah, uh

Nighty night sleep tight and just remember

The box can't hurt you

It's not a monster. It's just a box. It's just a box

It's a good-looking boy

Do you mind if I keep this picture?