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MGM:R #019 - Portable Ops Listener Responses

July 13, 2021 Metal Gear Mondays Season 2
MGM:R #019 - Portable Ops Listener Responses
Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action
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Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action
MGM:R #019 - Portable Ops Listener Responses
Jul 13, 2021 Season 2
Metal Gear Mondays

This week, Chris and Warren wrap up the Portable Ops season with listener responses. Huge thanks to you, dear listeners, for keeping the conversation going!

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Show Notes Transcript

This week, Chris and Warren wrap up the Portable Ops season with listener responses. Huge thanks to you, dear listeners, for keeping the conversation going!

Support the Show.

Psst... did you know that you could converse with fellow listeners on our Discord? Yes, even now. Right this very moment.

Find more cool links and goodies on our Linktree. And, we have to mention the amazing Metal Gear Mondays Interactive Database that "Dragonhide" put together for us. You can search for anything across every episode. Super cool!

And, if you need to contact the show, feel free to do so using this link.

We're recording.

Let me see you're down.

All right, doing a countdown.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Mark, here's to you, dear listeners.

Welcome back to the season finale of Metal Gear Monday's Revengeance Portable Obsidition,

where of course you'll find your favorite conversations around metal gear and Kojima

related content delivered to you through tactical podcast action.

I'm your host, Warren Minix, and with me as always is Mr. Chris Hampton.

How are we doing, Chris?

So this is the listener response, man, season two in the books.

Oh my God, it feels like we just started this yesterday to be honest.

Yeah, I can agree with that.

It does feel, these last few months have flew by.


Well, you know, thanks to the listeners for sticking with us through this portable season.

Yeah, so this whole episode is going to be based on listener responses, anything that

has to do with either the season, the franchise, just stuff that has come across our email or

in our Discord to discuss on this particular episode.

I will say that unfortunately, Tori is a little preoccupied on special assignment.

We do miss you, Tori, and we look forward to moving on to the next season.

So, see you at Chris.

We don't have to jump in like right off the bat, like right off the bat.

But I got to say, we're two games in, right?

I think this was a good second game to go through.

As far as like your playthrough experience of Metal Gear?

Yeah, I think I like that it like obviously we started Metal Gear Solid 3, right?

Like that is, that's the game.

That's the one that most people sort of put on a pedestal, tend to be, you know, most

of the community's top game.

And this was chronologically story wise, but also chronologically the next game made

very drastic as far as how you played it or sort of the sort of the boxes that it ticked

when it came to it.

It had a lot more of like that.

It didn't feel like the MGS 2s, your MGS 4s, definitely not MGS 5.

It just had like a very, it was like a nice change of pace, knowing that we're only going

to have like two or three of these.

So it was just, it was a good little snap.

And because I think this one isn't really, this one's sort of forgotten a little.

Maybe not by the community, but writ large, I think that portable apps get sort of left

over and we'll, we have a couple of Canon chat that we have to bring up in our listener

responses, obviously.


I mean, and I think that's exactly why it gets left out because of the Canon issue.

You know, you go in the wiki and they're like, everything below this is just like not Canon

but you know, this is a game that came out that had Kojima seal of approval when it came


So take that for what it's worth.

I don't know.

I mean, people, people spend so like thousands of hours, right?

Writing fan fiction and then nobody bats an eye at that, but you throw a game out there

that like Kojima did not produce direct and make the trailer for and all that and people

just lose it.

So I don't know.

It's so weird.

It's, it's especially after, I would hope that going through this season, at least everybody

that's been listening through having Ryan Peyton on was like super informative.

I mean, I think it's great that we got to talk to Ryan.

So a big shout out, thank you to him for being on the show and talking with you and

Tori, you know, it's it's awesome that Metal Gear is just one of those communities where

we do get the benefit of insight from people who helped create the series, you know, and

that makes a huge difference.

And I think it does a lot to keep it alive.


And it feels so genuine too.

Like it doesn't feel like it's just like, you know, hullabaloo of just like, yeah, yeah,

you know, I guess I kind of like the whole experience, you know, where they just sort

of throw out like, you know, some maybe it's a real answer, but you don't really know.

I it's nice that we didn't really have to like edit out a lot of stuff.

We didn't like all of our questions were sort of like giving the thumbs up.

We didn't do anything like we didn't press any buttons.

Like everything felt like green flag go have, you know, yeah, well, answer it as best we

can as long as you can remember the answer.

It was really cool for me at least.

Well, should we dive into some responses here?


So I tried to be somewhat organized, which thank you for everybody that has dropped

in some sort of discourse with us, whether it be about the game, maybe the host, maybe

the future of the show.

But we didn't want to try to have a little bit of an organization with us today, but

we have to start obviously.

So we have a patron Jason who made sure to send in.

Jason has definitely been named a few times.

He's definitely one of our more active patrons.

He simply sent in, can we just get to Peace Walker already?

Now, I made sure to scrub through some things.

I thought I saw that Jason was actually having a pretty good time with portable apps.

So what I will say is, Jason, yes, we're going to get to Peace Walker, but I don't have dates.

I don't think we have dates yet on next season or anything like that.

Just yet.

It's been a weird year, surprisingly.

But yeah, Peace Walker is in the in the future.


So please, Chris, are we getting to Peace Walker already?

Yeah, we will.

Chill out.

Hey, Jason, my question for you is, when are you going to get to Peace Walker?

I know this is Jason of Jason and Ellie fame, right?

That's correct.


So yeah, when's Jason going to cover Peace Walker?

When are you and Ellie going to play it?

I'll have to be hype.

So just I figured that's a nice little primer.


So now I made sure I didn't.

We did get a lot of very nice sort of appreciation, I would say.

And I didn't want to make it a whole thing about that.

That seems where I think we're a little more humble, but we do have two particular

I they're patrons, so I'm going to keep calling them that because we love you guys

so very much.

Our patrons are fantastic.

So Alex had thrown in just wanted to say thank you for all the time, effort and labor

you put into making pods for us.

I appreciate everything you do for us.

And I'm very happy and proud to be a patron.

I thought that was very nice.

It is.

Yeah, thanks, Alex.

I like Alex.

He's a good kid.


What it probably gets the act like active award.

Yes, I think that's true, Alex.

You get the most active in the Discord award.

And yeah, any time you do a stream, any time around table, whether it be for a

movie or a video game for like, you know, movie of the month or game of the month.

Man, he really tries to make it like homework.

And I mean, he does have a good sort of reasoning.

He has a lot that he hasn't experienced.

So he uses like us as an excuse to get it.

And he's got people to talk to about it.

So, yeah, I mean, I'll give him credit for that.


And, you know, as long as we don't have to bring the Discord ban hammer down too hard.

Yeah, exactly.

Just keep it in line, Alex.

And we're pretty, it's been pretty light.

It's been it's been good.

You've been you've been in good behavior lately.

And then Silky Johnson, who Cody,

he says that I know I was on the MGM cord hiatus for a hot minute,

but getting involved again and chatting with y'all pretty much daily has been a huge highlight.

I appreciate it.

And I hope I get to meet at least some of the community in real life one day.

Thanks, Cody.

Yeah, sure.

That'd be great.

I mean, I don't want to shout out like personal stuff, but maybe some moves are

happening that are getting people just a tiny bit closer.

I know we do have some international listeners.

We do have at least from where I live, literally across the country.

But yeah, it'd be great to finally figure out.

I mean, even though I'm still like the new guy, I am like you guys are Internet friends.

I've never gotten a chance to meet anyone in person yet, which is which is interesting.

I think it'll happen eventually.

It seems like the world's starting to slowly welcome that again.

I don't know if I'm getting on the plane.

Yeah, that's me.

My personal opinion.

But yeah, man, Cody, I hope we can meet in real life, do something, you know?

That would be fantastic when it comes to that.

Got a guest room is the best I can do.

But those these these two patrons are like super involved.

They're they're definitely they're like the sort of gold standard, as far as I'm concerned,

with how a patron should be, especially with just their insight.

And sometimes, you know, I love when a conversation with Cody happens and he's

seen a movie three times that I've only seen once.

And just I'll get a lot of information up front.

And it's just very, very fantastic.

Or I'm like, thank you.

You clearly did your homework to bring something to the table.

And then Alex, like I said, he's always around to give an opinion and

he'll speed run anything or at least he'll try.

Let's put it that way.


Heck yeah.

Two pillars of the community.

Thank you, Alex.

Thank you, Cody.

So we do some Patriot Club pods as well.

And those are the sort of PCs that we do on the off weeks for patrons.

And a couple of things came in for us around necessarily the Patriot Clubs.

But as I looked at what they were referencing, I'm like, these had to have

been not on the main show.

I guess one is a little telling of me, but whatever.

So Ghostat himself actually chimed in and, you know, maybe he's trolling us,

but he was at least we're worth answering.

Would we be interested in doing a Death Stranding novel pod?

Just a single pod on the novel.

Would you be open to that?

I don't know.

I mean, is the novel only in Japanese?

Is it translated?

If I'm not mistaken, I believe it is available.

In English, I don't know.

I don't read books.



I don't know what a book.

What's a book?

Alessio, I, you know, I would be interested in doing a reading.

And if it's good and if I feel like I got something to say about it.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

I'd be down for that.

I'd have to read it too.

It is not on my list.

But if I were to say anything was good in that game outside of atmosphere,

the story was actually engaging, maybe getting to the story was where the

frustrating bits kind of got there.

But yeah, I mean, we didn't even talk about that Death Stranding trailer

for the director's cut.

Did we? No, we haven't.

I mean, I guess if you want to take 30 seconds to bring it up, I mean, no, man.


We'll just a quick side bit here of our review of that that trailer.


Hey, I posted it in the discord and was like, what is this?

So that was that was my community engagement around it.

So it was so weird, like it was a like it obviously was a troll, right?

It was very metal gear focused.

Even though it had no reason to be with Sam, you know, hiding in a box

even the wrong way. There's the music, the music, the orange.

Like there were so many little things in there that just it was like, what?

What are we watching right now?

And then it just finished with like director's cut Death Stranding.

I was like, oh, no.

So we just got trolled.

Because our is I'm concerned, but clever and fun.

I like that. That was a good one.

Yeah, it was.

All right. Reaction, reaction corner, bringing it back.

And then it's a little bit.


And then Tyler, who is a listener and a patron.

So I got this sent to me.

And it had to have been through a Patriot Club.

I don't know why I would mention Fortune in a in a Portable Ops episode,

but maybe he basically said that I love that Fortune for MGS2,

if anybody doesn't know, was Warren's sexual awakening for black women.


And basically he said he loves it.

So, yes, I'm married to a beautiful black woman.

And I think I traced it back as far as I could.

And it was Fortune was like the first time where I was like,

this is kind of my thing.


I seem to recall we were talking about Fortune

when we were talking about how outlandish

the bosses have gotten like progressively

sure in a chronological release,

how outlandish the bosses have gotten with superpowers.

And you said it kind of all kicked off with vamp and Fortune.

And I was like, oh, yeah, I think you're right about that.

Because it was like, yeah, what a weird.

That you know what, maybe that'll be like one of those offseason conversations we have.

I know that the I know the OG crew did at least a little bit of a boss chat.

Yeah. I bet you we could pivot on it

and just have like a way of like maybe bosses that made an impact on us or anything.

Anything that makes us not just talk about Psycho Mantis for like 15 minutes.

Yeah. You know what I mean?

Because that tends to be like the go to even though I would probably put it as my number one.

But I bet you there's a way because I don't think we three

have at least been able to engage pretty consistently over discussing

like our favorite blank of, you know, of some of these games.

And I bet you we could pivot so that it's not just.

Top 10 Metal Gear bosses.

Exactly. And hopefully not to sound like click baby, more about our experiences.

I think that's like our whole brand is at least it's a personal thing.

It's not just like a countdown from five to one.

Yeah, I think so.

So yeah, Tyler, thank you for chiming in on that.

And yes, that is I think that's as true as it comes, because I tried to date it

as best I could and that was very close to where I would chime it in.

So yeah, so now some portable app stuff.

Listener and patron Nick wanted to shout out the track Calling to the Night

and that is an underrated track in the pantheon of melodramatic Metal Gear music.

He then continues with I'm glad that portable ops got a full treatment

and is getting some deserved love while it's far from a perfect execution.

Portable ops deserves recognition for its creative experimentation

with gameplay mechanics and systems as well as its very limited

very Metal Gear story, which was doing a lot of things first in its themes

and plot points that would be adopted by future mainline MGS titles.

It's clunky from its home on the PSP, but not one for fans to miss

with all of its sweet, sweet, Metal Gear, melodrama, military soap opera,

absurdity that we've all come to know and love.

And I think I think we think we agree on that.

That seems like right up right up our alley as far as like

are what we have done with the episodes at the end of the day.

It's weird that the Canon sort of got called in because this feels like a Metal Gear game.

Yeah. On so many levels.

I think so. I think so, too.

And again, we we've spent plenty of time sort of like harping on the PSP and all that.

But yeah, the story, I think, you know, I'm not going to ask it a rank at Chris,

but I do think it was a strength.

And I think that the mechanics and stuff that that Nick had mentioned here,

the systems.

So outside of being in the menu, like for minutes, every other couple of minutes,

you're picking right, you have to check your loadouts, you have to check your spot.

What intel did you grab? Who am I going to send on this mission?

Outside of if that itself felt tedious, I think the actual UI and the layout

was actually clean, like, yeah, like I think it's it's and it felt very Metal Gear felt on

sort of on point, right?

Yeah, I mean, I sort of forgot that because I was playing it on a large screen

that it was a game designed for small screens, you know, so it

probably by necessity had to be a super clear thing visually, right?

Right. With massive ABC.

Right. Exactly.

Yeah, but it works, you know, and it does, I think,

play well with the type of gameplay you get in the game.

Yeah, definitely.

And I don't think it ever knocked like that never felt like it was that was what

was slowing the game down for me. I waited for it.

I was ready to mock it.

And it it really felt like part of the game.

Like it almost felt like a tactical RPG, in a sense.

Like, I'm like, oh, I got to pick all my little pieces before I

start the mission.

If it was like, obviously, if I was replaying to like,

get a load out or something or get some intel.

But when it came to like moving forward with the story, it was ready to hate it.

And it wasn't really much of a problem.

I actually enjoyed it more than I thought it would.

So as far as characters go, so Tori

called out to some of the listeners while we were recording an episode

and they were talking about if we recruited any extras.

And I know I know I brought up paramedic at the time.

So Lee Elbubio is his is his discord name.

But Lee has actually like been super active when it came to like the interview

responses and like questions like questions for our interview guests.

He's been like really active with that.

I love getting his insight on certain things.

So when he was asked, he basically said, I bumbled into recruiting paramedic.

Just went to the back of the hospital, the scavenge,

and the radio room was highlighted and she parachuted onto the roof for some reason.

I recruited Python, Reikov and technically no,

but didn't start a new play through.

So if he had played again, he would have had those characters.

Balls, the recruiting gene as you have to kidnap 200 soldiers before you fight him.

No, thank you.

And I believe the others take more than one play through to unlock.

So yeah, maybe in 10 years, I might do a play through again.

Right on. I like that.

As far as characters, I know we mentioned it slightly, but

what was that something that you were like trying to do?

Did you were you like going through a guide and saw like, oh, shit, I can get Reikov

if I did A, B and C. Yeah, I kind of sneaked and peaked at like what sort

of legacy characters I could get.

So I tried, but there are some difficulty spikes in how you unlock some of those guys.

So I don't know.

I'm not that persistent in when it comes to my gaming.

Few folks got left behind.

But aren't you a destiny player?

Isn't that like your whole thing is like, just make sure my skill curve keeps

getting better so I can grind out new gear or anything.

Oh, man, I haven't touched destiny in like.

About a month and a half, I think you're all about sailing the high seas.

Yeah, I've just.

I've been playing a little bit of the.

What is it?

Pirate game, you just were talking about it.

You mentioned it. Yeah.

Yeah, see if these. Yeah.

Yeah, I've actually been playing a little bit of that because I wanted to play

through the Jack Sparrow stuff.

So I'm playing that with a friend of mine.

It's really good.

Like the story stuff.


If anyone ever wants to like hop on and run through one of those tall tales,

like hit me up.

I'll do it. It's fun.

Now, you said you like trying to do on the Jack Sparrow stuff.

Was it the Jack Sparrow stuff that like pulled you in?

No, it was my my buddy wanted to do it and he pulled me in.

So. OK, he's a big Pirates guy.

Is that what like Pirates of the Caribbean is in the movies?

He's a he's a bit of a Disney head, I guess.

Yeah. But.

Yeah, I don't really go in for Disney stuff hardcore like that.

Like I saw the first Pirates movie and I thought, oh, this is good,

but really haven't pursued it beyond that.

Some of them get a little long.

We did. We're long.

How many are there now? There's like, I think there's five.

No, that's so many. Five.

That's probably. They always have.

They always have good actors playing the villain.

Yeah, that's true. I tend to like if they have Bill Nighy

and I think what was it?

Jeffrey, not Jeffrey Rush, and so on.

And then they had a in Tanshiru.

What what is that guy's name?

He was in Skyfall, but he played like Barbosa.

Oh, yeah. Or not Barbosa, right?

He played like a really famous pirate that I am like butchering

any sort of lore that has to do with pirates.

That David Jones, right?

Well, David Jones was Bill Nighy.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. That's right.

And it just it's they're fun, I guess,

but the first one did feel very special at the time, you know?

So and that's got the best line ever of the best start,

believe it in Ghoststones, Miss Turner.

Yeah, you're in one.

It's like such a great like trailer moment.

But yeah, so back to battle gear.

Look, when it came to the some of the recruiting characters,

I think my I liked it better.

Like I planned on oh, if I, you know,

use the tranquilizer to kill instead of a shotgun

to kill a person to kill a boss fight, I would be fine, right?

I would probably get a character out of it.

It would work to my to my benefit.

But as far as as far as that, though,

I actually liked like a paramedic because it was just one of those.

Like I think you had to do something a certain amount of times,

but it was nice because you were it was it just had to do with

like the gameplay.

It was like if you did a certain part of the story, you were rewarded

with the character, you know?

Yeah, if that makes sense.

I just but otherwise, yeah, I wouldn't have done the kidnap 200 soldiers.

I think I got pretty high up there, though.

I think I got close to 100 just naturally.

Sort of like getting into the gameplay loop.

Once you could just hit a button to like send them back to the truck.

Really didn't mind so much like taking them, you know?

Yeah. So but I got I got pretty high when it came to it,

just because I think I was just getting good at it again.

I think I was trying to get my chops back up for when we get to

some of the, I guess, earlier games, because I the clunky controls of

like interviewing and like no, you're to the middle of your solids,

who is was rough trying to get those dog tags.

I kind of suck at that, at least from that era of.

Of that. Now, I got another one here.

And unfortunately, it doesn't have I don't want to like read someone's

email address out. I don't want to do that.

Doesn't have a name attached to it.

So just just for their anonymity, feel free to reach out if it's

if you have a means to if this is your literal response.

Email. So it says not to be the ultimate gene downer.

But I got to disagree with Warren's love of this boss arena.

I can appreciate the thrill of a close quarters battle,

but this one left me feeling a little too much like solid snake and liquid

on top of Metal Gear Rex or riding and solidus on top of some rando building.

The difficulty wasn't anything to complain about,

but the restricted setting does leave a bit to be desired

in the way of creative tactics.

So all right, I know that I tend to be I have my moments of being critical,

but I think I'm the I guess I'm the one that brings the love a lot.

I try to see the best in people.

Well, I like how some random building is like the New York City

yeah, I mean, is that email or wrong?

No, do we know what building it is?

You know, it could be anywhere, I guess it's it's the one with the

Washington statue out in front of it.

Is that true? Is it like a special building?

Like is it a an actual like, oh, the this building?

Yeah. Oh, well, that's you know what?

Just for the sake of the emailer, I would I would love to hear what this is

so we can like have a little bit of federal hall.

So that battle is on top of federal hall.

Yeah, that's incredible.

Some random building.

It's all Metal Gear solid, too, is really good.

Guys, oh, my God, that's such a cool little thing.

And why did I never I don't know if I've ever processed it?

It's it could be a famous, you know, like something special.

And of course, in Metal Gear fashion, it's a fight on top of federal hall.

That's incredible.

It is legit.

Oh, I love that.

So yeah, sorry, emailer.

I don't want to blow up your spot.

So if you do not mind, feel free to reach out again, just so maybe

in a future episode, we'll give you some love because that was a hilarious response.

So I have a response from a thief who is a very special patron.

He likes to chime in through the literal comment section in Patreon.

And we're actually going to be dedicating a PC episode

to him, one of the Patriot Club episodes coming up in the near future

by the time you listen to this.

I'm really looking forward to that.

And I don't want to reveal what it is about yet, just in case,

because I think the community will be excited to hear what we end up talking

about that one.

But I want to make sure I bring up a few things.

He brings up a lot of peace walker in this, which is fine.

I'm not going to call him out on it.

But he he basically says the unique content of portable apps really is amazing.

It does feel like experiencing a new Metal Gear game.

And it fills the gap in Metal Gear.

He says coverage. So I'm gathering he's mentioned in the story.

And he says the game is actually decent.

I feel like Big Boss plays MGS one, but with the aspects of peace walker.

So that makes sense, too.

And he puts in parentheses, peace walker is my favorite game.

OK, we get it.

Let's find he drops a few things about some stuff, especially about OG MGM.

But he he likes that we are practically his Metal Gear timeline, the podcast.

But he then puts but it's more fun. OK.

And he enjoys he he loves to just have a list going of how many times they've retconned the series.

This was a good one to start doing that already.

And he says that including peace walker Metal Gear 3 and 5 portable ops are so close to a secret

like a sequence in story that doesn't involve like dramatic changes.

They tend to have like an ebb and flow.

So he's definitely feeling the build up of the story as you go through each of those four games,

which is really cool.

And the thing I like enough is that he mentions that the four of them also find their way

of building up the mechanics and the quote unquote legend of Big Boss.

I think that's that's a pretty fair way to sum it up, at least as far as

if you're looking at it from the protagonist's side of you.

Like you're just it's another like notch in the belt of yo shit.

Did you hear about that thing Big Boss did?

Yeah. In like the 70s, you know.

Did you when so when it came to this?

I guess like we've talked about the bosses.

We've talked about the baddies, the good people when it came to this.

We had a lot of good discussion around.

Big Boss and three and our main like discussion point was how it was still David Hader, right?


And he wasn't solid snake.

He was Big Boss, two totally different characters.

And it felt like two different characters.

It didn't feel like we're just like having a laugh and doing the same guy.

But he's a clone dad of him, right?


How did you feel when it came to the voice work in general, just because, you know,

it's a lot of text and a lot of reading.

But in the moments that there is voice work by most of the characters,

how did you feel about Big Boss and his interactions with most of the other characters

just as a whole because we've done individual ones.

But overall, how did you feel like a motive, happy, sad, like not really was it worth it?

Yeah, I think so.

I mean, the story, I think, was compelling for sure.

And it was among some of the most well written connections between characters.

Like, I believe the interactions between the snake and the bosses

that we went up against in this game.



I can't say that for all Metal Gear games.

Now, I got to name names or anything.

But yeah.

Yeah, I think it is emotionally compelling.

You know, I mean, what do you think?

Yeah, I think the one thing that I kept sort of bringing up outside

of just saying the story, the story, I did appreciate you just brought up.

I like that Big Boss had.

A history with most of the characters or at least he was like a Jason character

to someone very important.

So maybe he never met Jean, but Jean and the boss were tight.

Right. So like they already had these sort of like added stakes that

usually it could feel cheap, right?

Like they're just saying someone that was super important in previous game

to like fake, like make them sound important.

But I didn't get that vibe with this with at least the story of this game.

It didn't feel like they were just saying, well, we got to put the boss in

because everybody loves her.

So we got to like drop her name or something just to keep players interested.

No, they kind of doubled down and tried to say like Jean was the next boss.

And he was like in his own mind and gave him his own like special power,

which really did play a role in a game that came out a decade later.

You know, like little things like that going back, you don't really

like catch on. Like it's just sort of like, oh, yeah, I forgot all about that.

He talks and people listen, you know. Yeah.

But it's it's clearly like I said, you mentioned that the Kojima stamp

of approval in a sense. And clearly he had a little notebook and was like,

oh, shit, this talking and listening thing is a pretty good idea.

And I want to, you know, take that and evolve it and try to do this violent, you know.

It was it's cool. And, you know, like I said, we definitely tossed around all of the

like the good the characters, the relationships.

I know Tori would love to hear us bring up Jonathan one last time.

Oh, Jonathan.

Her favorite boy in all of all of Metal Gear Portable Ops.

But yeah, just I think the the character, like I said, it felt like

it's such a pun or a terrible way to turn this phrase.

But it did feel like a bite size.

Like here's like a little story of Big Boss.

Like it didn't feel like it was supposed to be this massive thing.

It just felt like, oh, right. In 1972, Big Boss did this.

Like if he had a whole book, it'd be like Chapter Six.

You know what I mean? It wouldn't be like why the book was written.

Does that make sense?

Yeah, I think that's exactly right.

Yeah. I like I like that a lot.

And that ties into a see legend of Big Boss.

I think that's that's the big the big thing that

I think that works for me because it Big Boss as the years have gone on.

Like I love the boss.

I think that tends to be like my default favorite character.

But Big Boss, as we've been focusing on these games, he's starting to climb

where I'm like, damn, this guy is pretty bad ass.

And I know we we had talked about Metal Gear 4

because it's like the end of the saga.

And I guess for spoilers, but I mean, come on, guys, we're going to Metal Gear

podcast there. But when you get that, you know, and

Yada, Yada as Big Boss, what the?

And he shows up at the end, that whole thing.

It's really cool, man.

Like, like it's a great send off.

And Big Boss is just a fucking dope character.

And this is just another way to build up how fucking cool he is.

Yeah, I think so.

As far as the canon, we got a lot of stuff about canon.

We've definitely talked about canon a lot in the episodes, in the discord.

But I did something was sent to us that I think at least sums it up enough

that I think it would be convincing enough for at least you and I on it.

I made sure to drop it in the notes.

But it has in Metal Gear Solid 4.

There are a few portable app scenes present in a cut scene.

The scenes that are shown are Gray Fox fighting Big Boss.

Big Boss fighting with Cunningham.

Big Boss fighting Raja.

Some sort of a crash, I'm assuming it would be Raja if I'm not mistaken.

Alisa dying in Snake's Arms and Jean's death with Big Boss looking over.

That's most of the game as far as the story.

Yeah, yeah, I think so.

So yeah, there's no null.

They don't really technically mention that Alisa and Ursula were, you know,

not two different people and psychokinetic powers and all that.

But that's that's pretty fair.

There's a Metal Gear.

You have the guy that was a defector, quote unquote, from the CIA.

He got sort of a can.

He was sneaking around with the Department of Defense.

The big bad is, you know, dying at Big Boss's hands.

You get a little bit of null in there because it's Gray Fox fighting like that's

that's enough for me.

I mean, even if the whole game is in quote unquote canon, that's

I don't know, a game feels pretty canon to me.

That seems to be a pretty good like nod to portable ops being like we trust it.

We're in. Yeah, I think so.

I feel like it is inclusive enough and it matches the tone, you know,

well enough that it makes sense. Sure.

Yeah. And I wish I did a tiny bit more research of where this is in the game.

But I know it was sort of to it was I know it was like a big old

like this is what happened to Big Boss.

Like it was about like snake learning about what the fuck was going on

prior to a lot of this stuff, you know, because before is where it's like

we're we're well past anything going on in portable ops and we saw three were

in like, I think, isn't it like the distant future of like 2016 or something?

Something like that. Yeah.

But we got a lot of people saying that really cool that Ryan Payton and Cosmo

Genochi and technically all the other interviews because just as they were

scattered through some people had sent in, you know, big shout outs to fingers

and Peter Lurie, who came in and chatted with us early in the year before our season started.

I really appreciate having you.

We're like, yo, that was awesome.

Like thanks for talking to someone I haven't heard talk about Metal Gear in a long time.

And fingers was cool because he was like, you know, he's got coaching

frequency and stuff like that.

So it was nice to have some some music chat to. Yeah, it was.

That's right. You were on the fingers one with me, right?

You were there, right?

I think I don't know.

I can't remember.

I think you were on the finger.

Like, I think I made I made it a point to be like, if we're doing a music one,

if you can be there.

Yeah, I'd like you not that you have to.

You're not only identified as being a musician to me, but I know sometimes

it's fun hearing you talk about it.

You can see the little glint in your eye when you start talking about.

I like to bring that out of you.

Yes, talking about music. God, I.

I'm so excited for shows.

Oh, my God.

Can't wait.

I feel you. I'm slowly.

I'm going to get settled because I had a I have a real problem with shows.

And we'll go as often as I can.

And I'm trying to like take my time.

At least I'm learning to remember how good they were.

And honestly, I miss playing shows.

Yeah, playing is fun.

It is.

Really do.

Speaking of interviews.

So new new goofing.

New booze.

He's one of our patrons.

He did try to chime out just as we're going.

We actually surprisingly had a decent amount of like death stranding chat

because we had done we did stalker as one of our like MGM goes to the movies pods.

And there was a lot of relation of death stranding to the like the concept of stalker.

I won't have to go into the details.

But if you if I can say that they're somewhat related,

you can understand where stalker is sort of coming from.

And new new boogevon one is actually concerned.

He was like, hey, have we ever tried to reach out to low roar?

And maybe we'll just see if something like that.

So I figured, all right, I'll throw it in this app.

Maybe we'll reach out the lower roar.

You know, I would be down to talk to lower roar.

Oh, yeah.

And just in case if anybody doesn't know the copy written music in death

stranding is fucking incredible.

It's a bummer that it's copy written music because if you watch someone play,

you can't hear that part.

But especially how cinematic it is in that game.

Really impressive atmosphere.

Yeah, really, really, really well done.

I have one final one from original shez.

But before we start jumping in.

I know last time we did at least a couple of iTunes reviews.

We got a few more since 2021 had started.

So I figured I might as well drop a couple of men just so people know that if you

chime in, we like to do our best to make sure that you, as listeners,

recognize that we love you guys.

We try to give you any credit that we can.

So let's Dali Wally at some point in 2021 had mentioned that this podcast

is incredible for MGS fans.

We're a great way to relive the games with others who love it as much as you.

So thank you. Let's Dali Wally.

You're pretty dope.

Yeah, thank you.

I'd like to hear that.

And that's the right answer to school.

And then it says, why me do me?

I have no idea if it's why we do me or wane, wane dome.

But two thumbs up.

Someone who routinely watches Metal Gear Playthroughs on YouTube to pass the time.

I'm absolutely thrilled I found this podcast.

It truly brings back my childhood in a vivid way.

That's so touching. Thank you.

Yeah, I like that one. Thank you.

I have one question that I hope that I'm not wrong in saying we've definitely

talked about it in passing, but I want to like put the hammer down

because original sheds.

That's the name.

Ask the question.

Do we want more Metal Gear?


I think I'm good.

Being real.

Yeah, like I think I think Metal Gear has run its course and I'm OK with that.

And I want to see some new stuff out in the world now.

I want to I want to see what comes after Death Stranding.

I want to.

I don't I want to live in a world where we just keep reusing the same old

IPs and ideas.


Does that include something along the lines of like we had?

I think we've recorded together.

I know I less the own Tory and I definitely discussed the casting of the movie.

Allegedly, you know, coming out sometime in the near future with a director

who's interested, would that be something?

Is that like at least that scratch the itch?

I think that's different.


Because if you think about it, Metal Gear is kind of like

what a movie could be like if it was a video game.

Sure, because it's so cinematic.

But I feel like seeing the reverse interpretation of that,

how heavily they borrow from the the cinematic pieces of Metal Gear

is going to make or break that movie.

Yeah, I I'm not worried because, you know, I'm no screenwriter.

I have no idea how to make good movies.

You know, we're at what's a bad movie versus just watching them.

But like, is it going to be buttshots?

Right. Is he going to crawl into a vent?

We're going to get a great look at like snakes butt while he's going.

All right. They did that.

Really sultry.

The Doom movie, didn't they?

They did a first person thing.

Yeah. Yeah, that was bad.

We should. Yeah.

I don't want to eat cheesy things like that, but, you know, like some of those

like long shots and hall passes.

Right. You know, that stuff is like real good and moving.

Yeah. Yeah. Even even on older consoles, it's still

was very, very jarring, very stark and impressive.

I totally agree.

So I'll circle back real quick.

So I P you mentioned that now.

How about like remakes?

What if Blue Point got their hands on Metal Gear Solid

and gave you like a fresh PS5 era metal gear solid remake?

Would that be something that you're OK with?

Yeah, I mean, I'm OK with whatever.

I'm not. But do you want it?

I guess is what I'm asking.

I don't know, man. I don't know.

I just it's not like this is recorded or anything.

So you're not going to be like held accountable for what you have to say.

I'm just I want to know because this is something we don't really chat much about.

Here's what I want is some finished.

I want some finished video games.

I'm tired of playing like all this stuff that just comes out and it's half done.

Like, you know, I was really excited about biomutant that was coming out.

Yeah, how'd that go?

All right.

It got really bad reviews.

I ended up getting it anyway, because I just wanted to experience it.

It seemed like a new fresh idea of something.

And it's got a lot of great qualities, but there are also a ton of problems with it.

And I think that's largely to do with the fact that.

It kind of got blown out of proportion, you know, in the marketing.

It's it was an indie studio that was like being published by a bigger studio,

but they're still in D. They're still small. Sure.

I don't know. But then I have like cyberpunk,

which I still just can't bring myself to finish that game.

I deleted it off my Xbox like two weeks after it came out,

have not looked back and probably never will touch that game again.

I know. And it's a bummer because you want to say that, too, because even even this,

like, I guess five is the most recent example, because sorry, guys.

Look, we can mention survive, but I don't know if I can talk about survive

without just disappointment.

Like I won't talk about survive, but it I can include it for a sense

because at the time, the Fox ending still looked fantastic.

But I did I do miss the error when games would come out finished.

Right. And like Final Fantasy Seven was one of my favorite games last year.

And it's a chapter of the game.

It's going to be five parts, four parts.

We just got like the PS5 baby, you know, six hour interim before the next game.

And yeah, it while while I love the experiences I'm getting from it,

it it does feel like this piecemeal thing.

The Metal Gear never really had that at first.

Like you got a complete bat shit story

and like crazy gameplay stuff, but it was a total package.

And I guess to piggyback on your sort of thoughts, not that I want more metal gear.

I don't know if I want more metal gear, but what I want

that I don't see as much as at least I thought I would.

I want that franchise to exist that sort of does

to video games that Metal Gear did.

That makes sense. Yeah.

Like I want to feel it doesn't have to be innovation.

It doesn't have to be the best game ever made, but I just want it to feel

like sort of someone who's up their own but a little bit.

Sorry, Hideo, we love you, but,

you know, a little all tour, right?

So very unique.

You're going to get very unique experience based on whoever makes it.

It doesn't have to be one person.

It could be a studio that's incredible, but they also like double down

on all the stuff that would make a game good for casual players.

Yeah, like no one can make fun of like Metal Gear Solid

because the gameplay is isn't tight.

Like the fucking game plays tight as shit in that game

and the story is good and all that stuff.

And I just I feel like I'm out on Metal Gear.

Like I'm happy with what we have.

I love that there's a community out there that multiple podcasts

YouTube channels and developers still talk about Metal Gear.

It's clearly something special because it's lived on for so long.

Oh, yeah. Five generations of consoles.

And it's just one of those things where I think I'm looking for

the new the next game series to sort of take that like little part of my heart

to move forward and that way I can like truly sit back and just appreciate

Metal Gear for what it was and not what it could have been or something like that.

I'm ready to close the door on Metal Gear,

but I don't want to close it until something else takes that like mantle.

Yeah, I think is I think is where my heart lies

when it comes to the do me one more Metal Gear question.

Yeah, I think that's.

You know, you always want to say be careful what you ask for, right?

Right. And I think this is one of those things like if you

keep asking for Metal Gear, we got Metal Gear Survive.

Are we going to keep asking for it?

And see what we get after that?

Yeah. Because, you know, I don't know.

I don't really want to deal with that.

Sure. Sure.

I'm going to divulge a quick little Metal Gear Survive

tidbit to you. I don't think I've ever said it on on my kid.

Now it'll be part of this listener response.

So when Metal Gear Survive came out, I was doing another podcast at the time

and I was ready to shit on survive.

And I I've tried to like stop that side of me

or like I just want to hate something so it can't be good.

Right. I felt a little sort of childish at the time.

And I think I want to say the first half hour,

maybe the first 40 minutes of the game.

It's not a bad like tutorial.

And I remember playing it and being like 40 minutes in and like, oh, my God,

is this game like like going to be good?

I remember like, all right, wow, this big.

There was a cool opening cinematic like game looks great.

The I love the concept of like you have all your stuff.

And then as soon as they were like, here's the gameplay loop, I was like,

oh, thank God, this game.

Shit. Yeah.

It was so frustrating to to actually be like

like Metal Gear got me again.

I got the itch and I was like, oh, my God, I'm not Snake.

But, you know, I feel like I'm part of Mother Base or I'm

I'm going to run into him or do something.

And they did some fan service in that game in the end of it.

But to get that little rush in my heart of like, oh, my God,

is this going to be like a unique Metal Gear in quotes experience

to then just throw up a fence, poke them with the stick.

And you'll be fine.

But it's like, all right, this is a bummer that that it wasn't as good.

But that's where my my heart was.

And I think that was like probably the start of like, maybe I should

like give games a fair shot before I.

Shit on them or do whatever.

Like I didn't follow the bandwagon.

I just sort of created my own like in my head.

I'm just like, this is going to be bad.

And I mean, luckily I was convinced correctly.

But yeah. So is there anything, Chris, that you want to

sort of air out or finish up as because I think we're wrapping up here.

I didn't want to go too crazy long on this final one.

We we've done our final thoughts, but if there's like one lasting.

You know, impression from this game or maybe in its relation to a future game.

Is there anything you want to chime in before we we cut the cord here?

I mean, I feel like.

You know, we can't say thank you enough to the community.

So thank you again for all you listeners.

Stick in with us.

Writing out the show and sneaking around.

So that's all I got to say.

I'm so sneak sneaking around, you know, in our sneaking suits.

That's amazing.

But yeah, I'm going to echo Chris, a massive shout out to the listeners

to our patrons.

Our we got such a cool little community man.

And I know I mentioned it in like our last

legit mainline podcast, but Chad and Nick, who are.

In so many words, they are like our they help us out with just so many

little logistical things that go on behind the scenes of the show.

They help mod our discord channel and just help with everything else going on.

They even chime in when it comes to podcasts now and they've kind of

got their own little fan base going up on the thoughts that they have

because it's like a whole unique like taste on whatever we're talking about.

And it's just it's really cool.

And I, you know, a year ago, I didn't really know most of these people

outside of listening to them on a podcast.

And it's just awesome how nice everybody's been.

And I just want to give a massive shout out to Chad and Nick.

And then, of course, our patrons and overall the community, like even if you do,

even if we're not your favorite podcast or the change to the new hosts

have has been a little different, even the criticisms are constructive

and not, you know, sort of keyboard warrior, slap, slap, slap, you're done.

It's been very like I love what you do here.

Do you guys ever think about going into this?

Right. Like it's it feels like, OK, they're trying to actually assist

in us creating a better show for people, which is not something I'm used to,

like, all the time.

Yeah, I think that's right.

Like the it's certainly an engaging audience.

And it's not one that's.

I don't know, combative or anything like that.

Sure. But yeah, so.

I think that it's time.

To let a rip check.

Let a rip.