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MGM:R #018 - Portable Ops Pt. 9 - Mean Gene

June 07, 2021 Metal Gear Mondays Season 2
MGM:R #018 - Portable Ops Pt. 9 - Mean Gene
Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action
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Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action
MGM:R #018 - Portable Ops Pt. 9 - Mean Gene
Jun 07, 2021 Season 2
Metal Gear Mondays

Attention, recruits - there's no turning back from here. Let's get out there and stop this nuclear launch at whatever cost. This week, Warren and Chris take us to the end of the mission.

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Attention, recruits - there's no turning back from here. Let's get out there and stop this nuclear launch at whatever cost. This week, Warren and Chris take us to the end of the mission.

Support the Show.

Psst... did you know that you could converse with fellow listeners on our Discord? Yes, even now. Right this very moment.

Find more cool links and goodies on our Linktree. And, we have to mention the amazing Metal Gear Mondays Interactive Database that "Dragonhide" put together for us. You can search for anything across every episode. Super cool!

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Here's to you dear listeners and welcome back to another episode of Metal Gear Mondays

Reventions where you'll find your favorite conversations around Metal Gear and Kojima

related content delivered to you through tactical podcast action.

I'm your host Warren Minix and with me as always is a double agent from the CIA.

Chris Hampton, how we doing?

What's up y'all?

I just, uh, I call me a sleeper agent I guess.

I'm awake and ready for the mission.

I love, I love sleepy Chris.

I can't wait for this.

Sleepy time.

And uh, yeah I love it.

And Tori is actually on special assignment from the Department of Defense as of right



So, uh, before we roll into everything I will throw out there.

We're going to go all the way to the end of the game so this is our last story episode

for the season.

So we're going to hold off on like the overall final thoughts.

We actually had talked about this well before Tori was unable to make this particular episode

but we weren't going to talk about like our total overall thoughts on the end of the game.

We're going to hold that until we get to the listener response episode.

So if you guys can June 25th is the absolute latest you can put in a listener response.

Actually the email is the best contact the Metal Gear Mondays is the best way to get

out there.

So if you guys could send to that email and label it, uh, label it what you guys need as

far as the listener response episode for that.

We've gotten a bunch in already so thank you for everyone who has.

So we're going to go through the end of the game.

We got a few boss fights to discuss and the rest of this story.

So do you have anything else to add Chris until I drop our patron that we're going to

shout out?

Is there anything else you want to add before we move on?

You know, uh, I'm just happy to be here and let's hit it.

I love it.

All right.

So we got our patron shout out.

So our patron for this particular episode is, oh, there it is.


Thank you.

There's a little foley for you.


Boy Pusse 69 420.

Boy Pusse.

So yes.

Boy Pusse 69 420.

You are the man and, uh, B O I. So just so we have that and Pusse as in P U S S A Y.

You are the man.

Thanks a ton.

Make sure we're talking to you in discord because I love meeting new patrons and learning

people's real names.

This is like one of my favorite things to do in the discord because everybody has silly

names and stuff in their discord handles.

But you're the man, dude.

A proper shout out to boy Pusse for 2069.

Here's to you boy Pusse.

Cheers, my man.



What are you drinking?


Uh, so I have a Fiji artisian water and put a little, put a little flavor, put a little

flavor in it and maybe a little, a little something extra to give it a little zip for


All right.

All right.

All right, man.

I'm ready.

I think, I think we get started on our final story episode.

You ready?

Yeah, let's do it.

Let's bring this mission home.

So we, we left off where we had defeated Metal Gear Raxa knowingly killing Alisa slash

Ursula and Jonathan has sacrificed himself in the name of Big Boss.

So we are literally hard cut.

Jonathan has died and now we need to exact revenge, stop this plot.

We learned that there is another Metal Gear, the Metal Gear we just defeated was a prototype

or a, you know, not the full practicing model, which is not great.

So Intel suggests that we go to a power station, which is just south of the ravine.

Now I only brought this up because if the game had more maps like the ravine earlier

on, we had talked about a couple of good maps.

We talked about the town and there was like a couple of interesting places, but the ravine

is actually like pretty vertical and a pretty large map and we have to get through it.

We find our way into the station.

We have to get to the switchboard because we don't have a ton of explosives.

So if we have a few calculated explosives at the switchboard to cut the power, which

would then let us know and break into where they're holding the Metal Gear Raja, the

proper one.

What did you think of this whole plot slash map of the ravine and the power station?

I mean, it was sad to lose our boy, Jonathan.

He's been with us since the beginning.

I know all of us have had very sentimental attachments to our dear boy.

Yeah, Jonathan was a man.

He was.

Down like a true champ, you know, trying to save the boss.

And that's got to be a pretty heavy emotional weight to carry for a snake.


All these men losing their lives for him, you know.

But so that was pretty cool.

Then the like the McGuffin part of like, oh, actually, that's not the big bad.

The other big bad is.

It's like, OK, well, the game, it's like it's almost like a near thing, you know,

where you don't really start until you beat the game.

Sure. Yeah. Yeah.

Your Metal Gear is in another castle.

Yeah, it's like Metal Gear, Portable Ops, Plus Mode, Secret Boss.

I love it.

Yeah, to get like ending E, which is the real ending or what?

I don't know. It's a lot.

It's a lot in near, definitely.

Yeah. And yeah.

I guess it's OK here because it's.

You know, the boss fights are probably the most standout part of the game

from a game perspective and where you get like the biggest

break from the sneaking part and the like dragging bodies around.

So I'm not really ever going to complain about the boss fights in this game.

I welcome them. Cool. Yeah.

So as far as this ravine map, though, because I actually like

the sneakiness of this particular map, because there is a lot of guards

between the ravine and the power station that's got the got to like climb

through the and shimmy across.

There's the bridge you got to get across to get into the building.

And there's it's a lot of that.

If the sneaking that you were sort of discussing

was more like this, I think I don't know if it would have elevated it per se.

Maybe it would have been a little too much early in the game to be this,

I guess, involved.

But I it sort of really felt like playing

like a Metal Gear Solid 3, I guess, because that would be the closest

to the engine slash like timeline of playing the game.

It felt it felt pretty good.

Like it felt right. It was a great map, very big and open.

But also it had a lot of familiar places we had been and a lot

of places to hide and like we really had to map out, you know,

what the hell is that guy that keeps finding me?

I like that stuff too.

But yeah, I'm glad you like boss fights, because there's going to be a lot of them

in the story episode. We're going to do a gauntlet, a gauntlet, a rogues gallery here.

Yeah, to your point, yeah, the verticality of the ravine area is pretty cool.

And it is you have a bit of familiarity with the space when you go back into it.

So it's sort of like you've mastered the the the gameplay by this point

and you get to really do some neat nifty tricks.

That's always the fun part of any game, right?

Like where you finally got the gameplay down, Pat, and you can like

do some movie starship on the screen. Right.

Exactly. And you don't need to have like a machine gun.

Like you can do it with the tools you've had since the beginning.

I totally agree with that.

Yeah, I totally agree.

So story wise, we find out so we get to the the red X, which is the switchboard,

but we can't just drop any regular explosive.

They claim it's better to have a time detonator because we'd only have five minutes,

something like that.

So now that we can choose when we ignite the the detonator,

then we can use that five minutes to get in.

And as soon as we drop the charge,

we see that no, we go into a dope cut scene and no is losing his shit.

He has not completed his mission.

Why is Snake alive?

That all that kind of stuff.

He's killing everyone that's in his path.

And he essentially is doing this like whole, why are you, you know,

why do you choose to live?

Like what what what do you bring to the table?

What what makes you so special?

And he wants Snake to answer.

It's not that Noel needs to know.

It's very weird.

But this is where they finally dropped the bomb that not only is Snake known

who Noel has been, I guess, after seeing him, but it's Frank Yeager.

It is Gray Fox, Cyber Ninja from the jump.

And he knew him as a child soldier in Mozambique.

And I I'll admit on this, obviously in the research and playing the game,

but I didn't realize that Frank Yeager, I knew the Yeager part was like a nickname

because he was a hunter is what they called him.

But I didn't realize that Frank wasn't his actual first name.

They called him like what the Frank Yeager is the Frank Hunter

because he was such an upfront little boy when it came to his training

or when he was there in Mozambique.

I never knew that until playing this again.

I don't know how I miss that, that he wasn't like Frank Jones.

And they just started calling him Frank Yeager.

It's a full code name.

So before we get into the fight, what do you think of this cut scene?

I think that.

This is kind of the first time that we see Gray Fox slash Noel slash

whatever, since he's being crushed by that milk, your rats, right?

Right. And it's an interesting parallel to like that.

Cyber Ninja cut scene where he's in the hall, you know,

in middle of your solid one, you're walking up and it's just gritty,

gruesome and a little foreboding, right?

I think this is, from my perspective, a bit of a callback to like what

witnessing what it what went on in that hallway might have been like.

That's true. That's a great little piece, because he can, he's clearly capable.

We've known that since we've known who Gray Fox is.

Oh, he's violent.

You know that he can slaughter everyone.

Right. He's a violent mother.

He's awesome. I love I love Gray Fox.

Yeah. Also like, OK.

So I didn't know that the Frank thing was like,

you know, the word Frank was his name.

Right. I didn't know either.

I really didn't know. So this time, Frank, like Franklin, Franklin,

Joseph, great, Jager or whatever.

But it's so funny to me how important names are in middle year.

Right. Yeah.

Especially like coming from a place where people are named

Jim Bob and Bubba, like not a lot of thought is put into a person's name,

it seems, really.

But here it's like, oh, my God, this stuff is cemented in the stars.

Almost. It's like your name is the prophecy of who you are.

Right. It's weird.

And yet so so straightforward.

So Frank.

Frank. Yes.

Well, let me be friend.

Exactly. So yeah, outside of the music being super ominous

during that like five minute timer that's hitting us,

we get into our second fight with Noel.

Yeah. And what I'll throw in there, we already talked about verticality

because they're starting to really open up the maps.

And this is pretty noticeable, too, from the first map that we fought

Noel into this. But I don't know what it was.

And maybe it's just it seems like the same fight he's supposed to be.

I would have thought he was going to progress in difficulty.

But at this point, I was able to like exploit when you get close to me,

does like that dope like spin with his like his sword or whatever you want to

call it. And you can just roll past that and just clip him

with whatever you're trying to kill him with.

And it was a lot easier in this particular map.

But I try also wanted to like get a feel.

So I played it, right?

Didn't do that just to see how he reacts and some of the, you know,

the word choices and dialogue.

He's he's it's a pretty cool fight.

I like the look of it. What do you think of this fight?

Yeah, it's interesting.

I mean, it's the old Indiana Jones thing of like, don't bring a sword to a gun

fight. So it's not that difficult of a fight,

especially when you're snake and you're packing an arsenal,

which by this stage in the game, you are packing an arsenal.

Sure. Yeah, everybody, your whole team could be packing an arsenal at that point.

Yeah. So it's not challenging.

It's almost like this is just sort of like a cameo

of a character to like give a little bit of fan service.

You know, yeah, especially after a drop that he's Gray Fox.

I wasn't expecting a second null fight when I had first gone through the game.

I figured, oh, cool, no.

And he's going to be like, you know, once you know he's Gray Fox, it's like,

and I'll catch you in the next game.

You know, I really thought that's what was going to happen.

And it's not the case. You know, it was it was cool.

And again, you can do the shoot between reloads, you know, the normal

the normal stuff.

Aselots taught us well for so many years on how to do a proper boss fight

when it comes to that kind of stuff.

But he's cool, man.

And when we beat him, we it's a nice little reunion.

I actually I again, we talk about this every time we do this,

but the character stuff

is pretty good. It's not.

And it didn't feel cheesy.

They sort of have a record recognition of each other.

And you know, as part of the crew, he literally comes back with snake.

I mean, he might be a little defeated, but he's we got him.

Like we just took like their ace in the hole.

Like that's crazy that we got Noel by the end of this game.

That's fantastic. Yeah, it's fun.

It makes no sense at all.

But it's fun. Exactly.

It's why he shows up in what metal gear. Yeah.

Right. The OG metal gear.

Yeah. So now we have found out where the metal gear is being held

and they have a silo.

So Intel gets us to the silo.

And I don't know about you. The one thing I did notice is the music is like

we're at the end of this game, baby.

Like it is boom, boom, boom.

It's got that crazy like it's super intense.

But we got the ramp and the silo.

Now, the silo is a map we've I think personally,

I think I played like four to five times just story wise moving back and forth.

So I was able to I knew exactly what to do.

Like it was really fantastic.

I really felt like I got like this game is mine.

And there's some cool platforming for the game.

You know, I don't want to compare it to other platformers.

But we get into the complex.

We I mean, again, metal gear taught me well, chaff grenades.

You can hide from every camera pretty easily.

You get your keys to get to the elevator.

And we all know what happens on the elevator.

So just before we talk about that boss fight,

did anything stand out to you when it came to the silo

before we roll into the next boss fight?

Because it is quick.

Well, yeah, it's super fast.

It's the game has picked up so much pace by this point

that you're pretty much on rails and just being rushed.

This is the climax.

So, yeah, not much to say.

But it. I do appreciate how like quick they pick up the pacing here.

Yeah. All right.

So we get on to that elevator.

We head down and we get a pretty pretty interesting cut scene

with a boss fight.

Now this we did kind of pick on him a little bit

when it came to the bad guys episode.

But Cunningham ends up on one of those like hover things that were in.

I guess they were previously established in Metal Gear Solid 3.

He's got his own that's like pretty armored, which is pretty cool.

But there is. Yeah, exactly.

Think of those old commercials.

Do you remember those?

I do remember.

Do you have the one that also like you could pull the piece up

that attached to the thing to let you go up the stairs to?

Oh, yeah. You could like click the thing.

You could like, I love that.

But I do remember the the literal hover round.

They go to the Grand Canyon.

Those are the two. Yeah.

Yes. And they look like you can do whatever you can do.

Oh, that's amazing.

But you're right. It does kind of look like that.

Yeah. So yeah.

So we picked on Cunningham a little bit.

The main thing was because he did the whole.

He wasn't like a double agent or anything.

But this is where we learned that he actually has been working

for the Department of Defense this whole time.

So he has had his own motivations, unrelated to Fox, unrelated to the CIA.

And it was all about how and we did pick on this.

He has like the bum leg.

He literally is missing a leg and there are cyborg ninjas and shit.

Like he really felt like he just sort of got left to the wind.

So we went to the Department of Defense, who he thinks is going to take care of them.

It does a lot of exposition, talks about a bunch of stuff.

And the thing that was interesting is Big Boss was planted to be there

to be the hero and make Jean launch Metal Gear.

Like they planned on Metal Gear being launched and he was planted.

Like they would need him to be in there.

And he tries to say like, hey, join me, Snake, we're going to do this themselves.

And I don't know.

I thought it was a pretty good offer, but Snake says he's fighting for himself

and a little cheese.

But I don't know.

I kind of liked it, especially after losing Jonathan.

We just got Noel back.

We, you know, we sacrificed Alisa and Ursula.

It feels pretty, pretty good before the boss fight.

I mean, is any of that makes sense to you?

I know we kind of picked on it in the character focus, but was

did this surprise you that Cunningham was like he was on his own journey

this entire game and that Snake was a plant?

Yeah, I mean, it is.

I guess like this is the first time this idea has really been presented

in the game of like, you know, there are there are parallel events happening

outside of the perspective of the player, which is rooted in in Boss's experience.

Right. You're just in here.

Yeah, but for a game where you're actually, I think the first time in

money or series, you're focused more on collecting almost like

a Pokemon, these, these different dudes to like outfit your, your crew.

It's nice to like get more story material behind those characters.


It really makes them feel like more of a part of your crew or

like more of a foil to what you're doing.

You know

The example with Jonathan for example like I don't think Jonathan that events where Jonathan sacrifices himself

We would have the impact that it has in the game if you hadn't built that relationship

With a character by playing with them. I

Agree yeah in Cunningham. We like I said we talked about him, but he's he's compelling his voice acting is really good

He makes a very good impression. He screams bad guy

But he he's good. He meant he he did do the whole you know, you and I aren't really that all that different

You know the the obvious thing that happens in every villain

But but yeah, I agree. I thought the story wise it makes sense

It's he it's he it's obvious why he's so compelled to to I guess achieve his victory that he's looking for

But now let's talk about the boss fight because it is a little

Comical I don't know. I don't know what it is. I

Am flying around you're on an elevator moving and I

Don't know it just you throw up you throw I threw grenades or flashbangs or chase anything that would get him to like drop his little

Elevator thing down

Shoot him pop pop pop rinse and repeat

I don't know it looked cool like I did like the moving background like all constantly moving because you're on a

You know, you're on the descending elevator, but uh

outside of that

He does wheel the Davy Crockett. I will give him that yeah

What do you think of this fight though? And I don't want to like poo poo on it

But I don't know it didn't seem as mobile as I wanted

Yeah, I think it was a little stale after a while

I don't really like


Encounters in this game where you're fighting against things that are flying around you. Yeah, it feels like a really unfair

Advantage to enemies because of how clunky the controls are sure

Especially without that second joystick, you know, I

Agree I agree. So what do you think of his pretty unceremonious death? He just sort of oh, yeah, it's like

Just squished up. He's gone. You know

Yeah, I mean a

It's a bummer because I like I like him a lot and I mean they all can't be winners when it comes to

the whole I guess his biggest reveal is he had the dope intro to the game and

He had ulterior motive that does tie in

We'll talk about it when we get to the end of the game like the end end of the game

It really does tie to the motivations that inform the future of the games

So he does have like plot like juicy

But I don't know pretty pretty unceremonious fight it felt very like just whatever

You know what I mean? I had no desire to like trank him or I was just like let's get on with this

Where's the fun fights? I don't know just didn't do it for me

Yeah, well

All right, our boy dies and we get down to

Jean in the control room so we get to the control room and this is where I

Like Jean and we you guys had swayed me the other way when we did the episode

I was high on Jean and then you guys brought me to like regular

Jean I'm lukewarm now

However, I think this is where I was referencing it Jean now has killed everyone and we know that he's capable of that

He did the whole you don't know who the traitor is and they all kill each other

So clearly he's a sociopath. He whatever gets him to his end is what he wants

But out like this is cool. It's a pretty awesome idea

for a boss arena like just the massive control room for

Metal Gear Raja the true one

But this is where like my notes here man. I have a whole page on

It seems Jean knew everything all the time

He planned to launch the Metal Gear Raja at the Pentagon

So it was never he wanted to make it look like it was Russian

Going on American soil that messes with NATO and the United States and especially the philosophers the New World Order

He wants to make the peninsula the armies heaven to breed the perfect soldier making him the true successor

And it just felt I don't know it was a lot

It was a lot when I was like, oh my god, what is happening?

What did you think about this there was a little bit of rebooting which we'll talk in a minute

But what did you think of at the end of the day? Jean's reveal of his real plan?

Yeah, I mean well

His plan is like this New World Order, right and the philosophers legacy is the key to that which is the

The persisting MacGuffin right now is the philosophers legacy, right?

I don't know

Jean has some big aspirations

in his world domination scheme


I was listening to this when we were when I was playing through the game and thinking to myself like

Yeah, no, like the patriots are not gonna allow this to happen

You know, like you would you would think right zero would not allow this to to be a thing

Right, but zero can't be involved Kenny

Dun dun dun

Yeah, I mean

Jean has this like big boisterous soapbox moment

But it's clear

When he's giving this exposition that he doesn't realize like the the part that he's playing

in the the game

Right around the philosophers legacy, you know, he's he's

Seeing his moment and he's going for it just like vulgan did before him

Well that whole vulgan thing too

He I don't know if he's throwing shade at the boss like this is where they

They like retcon a slight bit of the mgs3 story

They basically say that

It was planned like the whole thing where boss told us because vulgan

Shot the davy crocket into russian soil that informed her plan moving forward

But now he's saying

That that was that was planned

Like vulgan the whole vulgan decisions he made was also a plan and kind of throw shade at the boss saying like

You know, you let her to this decision and all that like I don't know I

I'm okay with it because gene is clearly like he's out. He's off in his own planet now

So he can say and do whatever he wants

It's a little bit of unreliable narrator because that's something I do really like about him is you will listen to him because he has like that

Parasite thing so he can alter the history books by just saying what he wants

So I do like that in a sense

But I don't know I just felt the shade was a little real for the boss and I just want to make sure I

Personally say like don't don't fucking throw shade at the boss bro. Yeah, that's not cool

That's not cool. That's a line. You just don't cross especially with snake

you know

Snake very much sees himself as the protector of the boss's legacy and that's gonna be

That's gonna be the source of conflict for a lot of events moving forward in this game

so this is like

I don't know gene saying like

Telling your mama jokes to snake. I mean it feels like that right? Yeah, and he's like no, you don't do that

You don't tell you you don't that's a line. You don't cross about the boss

Exactly. Yeah, and he's just like you're a dictator like you're not a you don't have like a special calling

You're not going to be the savior here. You're just another asshole in a long line of assholes. Like that's just what you're doing


So yeah, so gene launches metal gear and his little

Duel like he I think he I think his exact words are he takes out both bases of the philosophers

But with hitting the pentagon and Russia like he's gonna screw over they basically if you take down both

They're not going to be able to recoup and he wants to wipe them off the earth

And in a crazy surprise thing

Ursula and Alisa survive

They survived the metal gear raja fight. They show up

To I guess help because now they're both against gene and this is where I think like gene is pretty bomb

She can read thoughts. She's a telepathy. She's a telepath. She's a she has that ability. She's a psychic

But genes reflexes are so fast

I was like, oh shit. It's gonna get real and the next scene. Bam. She's killed

Like he just stabs her dead on the floor

Uh, that was pretty shocking. I thought that was actually

like pretty

Pretty pretty like bomb and they reconfirm that big boss's son

Sons quote unquote will both save the world and create metal gear and attempt to take the world by like

They really like hammer home like metal gear solid one's gonna happen. Like like it's it's it's pretty cool. Um

I I liked it, uh

Did were you shocked that they survived that that Ursula Alisa thing? Did you yeah? Are you I was absolutely because like that was a big explosion

You know

Yeah, we lived through that

I guess a telepath that can probably control maybe protect yourself in like a gene gray kind of way

maybe like a

Some there's some psycho mantis

Shit going on. Yeah for sure. Definitely as usual pretty common in our metal gear games

That's the thing is like what is this like x-men supernatural


in metal gear games that really just I don't

Feel it was a huge part of one

Like psycho mantis was yes. I was just gonna ask you this. Where do you where do you think it shows up?

It starts in two in my opinion with vamp, right? Is he the first one vamp and fortune right? They feel the most

Right. I totally agree. And I it's that is that an artistic choice. You think that is it like a kojima?


Trying to one up himself in that sense because I think that's why like

Three and one feel so special three had x-men. I mean they do control bugs and shit

But I think that's why one is still like I always find a way to argue back that that's

That's my favorite like I don't know. It just feels very it's more about shadow moses and the incident not

The special powers of everyone. You know, I mean, yeah, I agree with you. I mean

Shit uh

I guess it's like I don't know that it it's some weird like well, we just have to make things interesting

But maybe it was uh, well, how do how do we design interesting boss fights?

You know, sure in the first game it was a lot of guns and tanks and like typical military stuff

Same for the nes games and then

you know

Now we have like people using projectile bees and

Using and apparently doing instant transmission. Yeah, or whatever whatever gene calls it

Right instant transmission psychic


Controls. Mm-hmm and hyper reflexes and all that stuff. Yeah

Well, all right. So speaking of instant transmission and crazy reflexes. What do we think of this boss fight?

I'll let you start this. Hmm. I mean

The fight is really good, you know


This is like

sort of a cqc

Up close. Mm-hmm these boss fights with gene and I really like that

Because it feels like

Mono-y-mono very fair


Footing, you know, sure definitely


But other than that, I don't know if they were

It's so funny that he dis is the boss, right? He dis is the boss right before this and we get into this

This fight where he's using like some cqc stuff himself and a knife to

In a in that in like a way

That reminded me of the boss fight from three

At the end of the year

Because absolutely getting up close with him is really dangerous. You have to like kind of

State keep your distance and like whittle him down a bit before you go in

If you rush in he'll like combo you and you always just get stuck and

and whatever but um

Yeah, for him to like shit talk the boss and then like now face my cqc. He's not that great

Uh of a funner

Outside of the cool

I like he when he throws like 55 knives. Yeah, because he has the super crazy reflexes. It looks cool

Like it's it's it's presented. Well, it's like a little bit of like an oscilot

fast shooting

Knives right?

Yeah, exactly and that's I like that. It wasn't just another gun, you know, it wasn't like another like

Osilat adjacent. Well, I mean shit. It's not like they could give him a deck of cards and rip off of gambit

They had to do something

Put it past them if i'm honest with you

Get out of the card

Be amazing

But i'm gonna be honest that I know we don't make it as a strategy guide

But my my main thing was if I go into like a fight I do my best to have stun grenades and they are

So helpful like you can almost win anyway

As long as you stun him because he is still a human like his reflexes are fast, but

A grenade's gonna work no matter how fast your reflexes are. That's true

So I like that. So yeah, man. So not an unceremonious fight. I I I like this whole chat the fight

we beat gene

And he sort of admits that obviously in his defeat that snake big boss is the true


And he basically gives snake a bunch of money that he amassed to make armies heaven like he just sort of says like here's the ropes kid

and uh

He does do the whole I already you know, I already put in the


For the metal gear like you can't stop it. There's nothing you can do about it

It's I I we're I we're past the ending already my fight with you was to distract you

and uh

It's pretty funny how I was like, okay, and they just shoot a bazooka at it

That's the answer it's not bad

So what do you uh, what do you think about like so after all this shit we just said gene

Still sort of saying like hey

Maybe i'm an asshole, but my plan's pretty cool. Like it's not a bad plan

We should do something like this because aren't you tired of

You know being a tool of war

For someone else kind of a thing

So I like that gives him and it has nothing to do with the philosophers money if i'm not mistaken

It's just all the money he's amassed

By being his own thing. So it's like his own

Some of money that's probably not accounted for somewhere

It's got he's got a little checking account. It's been yeah putting 10% his paycheck in there. Yeah slowly building it over time

Yeah, you know might have a couple of


Yeah, gene's got a pretty diversified portfolio. I would think probably got some real estate

Kind of like blue chip stuff real solid investments. Nothing risky

Exactly just slow playing it, but just aggressively slow playing. I totally agree. He's a safe guy. It's a safe bet

Probably owns a lot of walmart stock

Yeah, if I was to think about

Mean gene's portfolio. Yeah, think about recession proof, right? Yeah able to to survive any sort of issue where you're gonna go

Walmart that's why he invested

So we're gonna talk to gene about he gets a great deal on all this

Oh, that's amazing

Ah, so yeah, so we blow it out of the sky. It detonates in space

I guess after everything and it's it's pretty cool. Oh, they're watching it free fall like I like that that that was that was pretty fun


We're pretty much, you know

Nice job. We saved the day and the cia director

Is now doing his own thing obviously in some undisclosed location

And he's interrupted by

Ocelot, which is really the first time we know it's ocelot. We've we've we know ocelots in every game

So we're not we're not an idiot and there's been a secret informant like sort of

Funneling information to gene and all these other people. So we kind of had an idea but adam

Is the triple spry from like he's the triple spy for the philosophers the director has the briefcase

He's got the documents. He's got philosophers names the data where the parts are scattered across the world like the legacy


He's prepared to take it to a bunker

because metal gear was launched in the space so

The intent is is that no matter what happens the philosophers would survive if the plan succeeded

They were always going to be they were always going to be able to keep moving on

And ocelot basically goes like is this everything and they're like, yeah, we got him and he just clears the whole room

Fucking kills everybody

And I the line I like and then I'll let you I'd like to hear your thoughts on it

He says he destroys them because they stole quote-unquote and they're not, you know in line with the true

the spirit of the true patriot

And I kind of like that. Yeah, that's a pretty good line

So what do you think of the cia plot with oscelot towards the end here?

Uh, I mean it makes sense. You know oscelot is

gonna be our sneaky

switch agent

Um for the whole series really

So this is in character for him for sure

Um, I think it's it's great that oscelot gets to come up in with gene to

Give it. Yeah, you know, I agree

Yeah, I think that's cool. Um

Yeah, and of course like the patriot shadow

Whatever this is like totally setting up

four, right? If I if I have the timeline correct

When this game came out four came out shortly after

Yep, you are correct. So so we're headed up to like

Really figure out who the patriots were, right, which is we haven't gotten much information on that

Since the ending of melior solid 2

Right, they were right a very small piece of melior solid 3

Just it was more of a setting up the story

Explaining to us what the legacy was why it's important and why people are after it

But now we're getting into the meat of like the patriots themselves who are

Setting up this like

The next big event

And it's gonna change the world, right? Like we're really not we're just not gonna recognize

The world that we come back to after these events

Yeah, it's it's good

Story stuff, which is what we always have been going back to with this. It feels very especially knowing

Everything afterwards now it this is cool. Like this is

This is pretty good seeds that are being planted to

Establish just what the fuck is going on with

This story wise because if you go from three to four, it's pretty bonkers. Like you're like, what the fuck is this like?

We were in the jungle now. It's there's like the they sound like cows. They have muscle tissue

They're jumping all over it. Like it's just a war zone everywhere all the time getting dropped pretty big

by pedal cow robots

That have little whips on them

Yeah, and and I think I so I think I'm gonna say this here

Because I we I know we've all said it and I think it's like the kitschy thing to say but oscelot

Really does find a way to be a fucking great character in every game

I I tried to like challenge myself to be like, what's the weakest performance of oscelot?

And I don't know if I have an answer because I obviously you could say this game, right?

But he's in it for such a short time that like you can't really give him crap and he is

monumental in

affecting the plot and he's got great lines and I love that he's been fucking with everything from the beginning like that's

Oscelot's cool, man. I really appreciate like what he does

In every game. I I know that he's like remembered but everybody's sort of like he's always like the bronze medal

In most people's like rankings, but he's

He's really cool, man

And he finds way to be interesting in every every game and it's it's just special

And I this was the time where I really noticed it, you know oscelot's probably one of the more fun characters to write

In this series if I was a writer, I would have a lot of fun writing him just because he's so

He's so animated, right? Right

It's great and motivated like he he has motivation

Every time you meet him and even and again three was the funniest thing because in three

He's so different than we knew him. He's this young

You know hot shot colonel kind of a thing like it's nothing like we have seen him in previous games

And it's just interesting. I really like that and for him to like drop that spirit of the true patriot

We see the seeds are being planted for the patriots, which we'll learn about later

And uh, so yeah

All is well snake makes it out. We we have won the day and the philosophers are not going to be able to pull their bullshit

In the future, so we'll learn about future, you know issues, but fox's rebellion was covered up

And camble which again an awesome performance. He confirms that snake is one hell of a hero

And snake learns to fight for what he believes in so this is where we're finally

Snake makes a massive move of not just trying to make mom happy, right?

He now

Trust himself to make his own honestly in his own way

I I can't really vouch for because we talk about this every season the will of the boss

I do think when it comes to snake

The will of the boss for the snake is for him to stand for what he believes in

Regardless of what that is. I do feel like there is some decent closure

He doesn't have to mention her but you can tell that he has resolve

He has

moved forward from really this is the last time I know they're gonna bring it up in peace walker and things like that

But this was like the real time that he has like post-traumatic boss disorder

You know what I mean?

boss post-traumatic

boss disorder

Yep, what are the symptoms?

symptoms of that are


Probably probably can't sleep well would be a guess of mine

Probably mood swings would be my guess heavy drinking maybe out dependence on substance. You think twitchiness?

Maybe uh, I don't know. He's

Fidgets with his gun so much

He could so you're right because maybe the sneaking suit like masks some of that because it makes like calms his body down

That's that's a good point. Yeah, I think I think that's a thing

But I liked it if it feels it did feel like a way for like all right the snake

We knew is getting much closer to the snake. We know

in previous games

And it felt pretty logical. It didn't feel

Forced it felt like the game was building towards that and you know going back what we know about

Outer heaven and all that we get it. We see why big bosses the way he is


That's pretty bomb and we see a fox dossier on snakes bedside

Is he back? I don't know. We'll see

Gray fox is a wreck

We have no idea if he'll ever recover. I mean, we kind of have an idea

Yeah, I think we have an idea. Is he gonna recover? Yeah, we kind of have an idea. That's not true statement

Uh, we have the the benefit of

Having been to the future already

Right like three to four games that include him in some way or another. Yeah, so what do you think?

Uh, like I said, we don't have to do final thoughts as far as like how it involves everything anything more than what we've discussed

But like as an ending story bits

Everything how do you feel about the ending of this game? It's really solid. Honestly like this game does not waste

Any of its breath when it was telling a story?

I love how

Right from the silo and the game picks up pace

It carries you right through which is great for this game, right? Because it's it's been designed as such a pickup put down thing

Up into that point that you really need some sort of like big

Climactic moment to carry you through the ending and finish the story off

So I'm glad that they decided to get

away from like sort of the rhythm

the gameplay loop that you have

To throw a bunch of like boss gauntlets at you and finish out the story in a really strong way

I like that. Yeah, it's good. Uh, like I said, I I

Think the progression it feels pretty good and we've picked apart this game in so many ways

But story was something we always sort of said

That's you know, and they lean on it. They know it's a strength and they paid attention to it and for what it's worth

the design of the game was

Understood they had to that was they had a big challenge. They did

And we'll we'll talk about that when we get to the listener response

But I'm interested to see a few of them. I've read a few of the responses already

There's some fun ones in there. I'm gonna be honest with you. Yeah, so we get to the after credits

We know it's coming right credits roll

We know we're expecting a phone call or something. We hear a phone ring

and oscilat

Picks up the phone. We know it's him from the voice

And he's being given like really great intel

That even gene was confused about

And oscilat is on the phone with his informant. So someone's been giving oscilat the advantage to

What information to feed everybody throughout the game? And he's talking about genes

genome soldiers

creating the perfect soldier

And when they have the ability to do that

They establish

the patriots

Which is pretty fucking bomb

Now with the code name chat

They talk about I think he says something like someone, you know, know who shares a code name with yourself kind of a thing and

We are we kind of get the vibe. We are aware that major zero was

basically channeling this information through oscilat

To establish the patriots and this here now we can talk about this because it ties in with melgiosolat 4

I think we can talk about this a little bit

This is pretty cool that this is the game because I don't remember this

This is the game that establishes the major zero is like

The big bad for the fucking series at the end of the day, right? At least as far as emotionally

What do you think of this? I think this is a pretty dope

Uh of the call scenes because there's some good ones the mr. President is pretty fucking bomb

But this one's pretty good. Like I like this. What do you think about this after credit?

Yeah, I liked it. Um, you know, this is like

More hype to me than the marvel post-credits scenes

So I I love the the phone call

Uh, I don't know if you'd call it like a cold cut or what the term would be. I'm not educated in that way, but

Yeah, the the little

Almost like a spoiler setting up like a teaser that's like, oh shit. Well, what's gonna happen in in next time in the middle of your universe

Um, yeah, these are great little

Comic-y bits that I feel are just so over the top in the way that they try to like do this

Mission impossible

clandestine spy thing

and tell that story

But it's it's perfect. It's kitschy. I love it


Agree I and I I know we I love them all but it was kind of refreshing after playing that'll get solid three

Which was like super not that it was confusing but

Eva was working for the Chinese and she didn't get the right half

So now the other half it like there was a lot of stuff going on. This is pretty

Cut and dry like it's the the mystery is who's talking to oscilat

But they do sort of tell us like they do and it's

How fucking cool is that that it they what they the choices they make in metal gear solid 4 story wise for that ending

And that's the fucking stinger from the previous game. That's fucking cool

Like I when you think about it, they set up zero and then the next fucking game story wise

Which is the end quote unquote of the saga to turn it into that outro with the end blank blank is major's and you're like what?

Big boss shows up. It's that's it's cool, man

I got I got a little goose bumpy about it when I was just like this is fucking cool

Really dug this

Yeah, me too. It was it was awesome. I really loved it

Yeah, this this whole thing justified like

Uh, I don't think we have to argue about canon and all that we've definitely talked a ton about it in the discord with the patrons and stuff

But it's stuff like this it's moments like these where I'm like, I don't

It is canon to me like this was this justified itself completely this fucking story was awesome

Like this was fantastic. Even if I want to pick apart some of the gameplay, but

I can't if someone were to ask me the story of metal gear

I would have to include portable ops in my outline, right the some of the stuff that happens in this it establishes some pretty fucking

Big deals major zero is massive

And he I know he's exists prior, but he is

Involved starting at portable ops, which is like the second in the timeline like it's crazy how long they

Pay attention to this that's good writing. I think that's that's good stuff and I I like that


uh before we

Before we close out. Sorry. It's a little shorter guys, but uh, it was tough to pace this out and with the boss fights

I tried to make this make sense for everyone when it came to it

I mean, it's still a pretty full up here

But uh, we just we didn't we didn't want to uh rush anything or make anything too crazy long and crazy short

But to get through these I mean the game really ramped up in pacing for the last like two hours of the game

At least in my experience the last two hours or what we just talked about

Um, do you have any final thoughts that aren't just like to involve conversation?

But before we as far as story is concerned

We are wrapping up

Portable ops. We are through our second game. Yeah in our long

timeline that we have established in this

MGM are yeah middle gear pocket monster edition was great. Uh, I

I joke but you know, it it was a great little slice of the middle gear universe to to play through

And the story if you if you haven't played this game

You should check it out just for the story alone

Um, definitely the gameplay if you've not played it before

You're gonna go back to it. It's gonna be dated and you're gonna be thinking that the whole time

Uh, but just power through it

And this the last two hours that we covered in this episode this alone is worth the price of admission

Agreed. I totally agree. It's kind of why I like that. This is a concise episode because this

This is a great

Like if I were to pick our episodes going back like maybe the opening and the outro would be enough to like just go back

You probably don't have to you know, re-listen to everything if you wanted to but I love this is the stuff

That's like really good and for anybody that was wanting to hear Tori

And her thoughts on the ending and all that trust and believe guys when we get to the listener episodes

We will have this out

So we'll be able to make sure that she gets asked the same questions because

We have talked obviously off mic about all the stuff

But I have been going out of my way to not know how everybody feels about the games until we get to recording the episodes

Because it makes for more fun of a conversation. So I don't actually know

Tori's exact thoughts on how she feels about this game by the time she gets to the end of it

I know how she generally feels about metal gear. She tends to be more positive and forgiving of some of faults

But when we get to the listener response

Uh, I will make sure that in some way shape or form

I want to make sure she gets to answer some of these questions because I know she wants to answer them

So yeah, man, we have finished

Our second game in the long timeline that we have established and we have wrapped up not only another episode

But another game for metal gear monday's revisions

Guys, thank you for listening two seasons down wherever you guys are grabbing our stuff

We would absolutely appreciate a rating a review feel free again listener responses to

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That would be a great way to reach out. You're more than welcome to uh our patrons

Thank you a ton again. We shout it out boy. Pussay

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Thanks again guys a ton for the patrons

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I feel good. This was a great way to end

This one this one didn't feel really drawn out or anything like that. I had a really good time with this

I thought this was gonna be like a dark spot in

The timeline and we might have a couple in the future, but

I I had a good time with this and I'm like super thankful

For still being a host here and even being offered last year or whenever I was been part of this crew

But this was this was a fun one. I really had a good time and thank you to everyone who listens. Thank you to the patrons

And thank you chris and tory but chris and you're here. Where can people find you on the internet and what else you got?

uh, you can just go to metal gear monday's dot com


Or hop in the discord say hi

at proto dude

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Gonna be all my gamer tag stuff

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Just uh instead of checking me out though. You should just get this game and check it out

I like it. That's a good point man's got a point

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Um, but yeah, you can catch me in the discord

I usually do the film stuff and I talk too much about music

So I have to figure that out, but that's my thing

And uh, yeah big old thanks to everyone again, and I think it is time

To let it rip jack

Let it rip