Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action

MGM:R Trivia

December 22, 2020 Metal Gear Mondays Season 1
MGM:R Trivia
Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action
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Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action
MGM:R Trivia
Dec 22, 2020 Season 1
Metal Gear Mondays

The flames of competition are stoked amongst MGM:R crew and listeners both! The gang welcomes resident artiste, Shaun Wilkins and Discord Dandies, Darcy Soussan and Tyler W. Who's brain carries the most trivial information about Metal Gear? Tune in and find out.

Huge thanks to dragonhide from our Discord community for putting together this excellent set of questions!

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Show Notes Transcript

The flames of competition are stoked amongst MGM:R crew and listeners both! The gang welcomes resident artiste, Shaun Wilkins and Discord Dandies, Darcy Soussan and Tyler W. Who's brain carries the most trivial information about Metal Gear? Tune in and find out.

Huge thanks to dragonhide from our Discord community for putting together this excellent set of questions!

Support the Show.

Psst... did you know that you could converse with fellow listeners on our Discord? Yes, even now. Right this very moment.

Find more cool links and goodies on our Linktree. And, we have to mention the amazing Metal Gear Mondays Interactive Database that "Dragonhide" put together for us. You can search for anything across every episode. Super cool!

And, if you need to contact the show, feel free to do so using this link.

Here's to you dear listeners and welcome back to another episode of Metal Gear Monday's

Revengeance. We are doing a holiday release trivia episode with some patrons. Holiday

in the sense of course of the release, not the content, obviously that will be Metal Gear

Solid related. Now I'm not doing this alone. With me as always is the ghost of Christmas

past, Mr. Chris Hampton. How are you doing bud?

I'm here and let me be clear.

Let me be clear.

I have.

Oh here we go. Can you finish?

I'm just happy to be talking to you guys again. It's been a minute.

It has been a bit. So why don't we make it a full reunion? I have the ghost of Christmas

future with me as well. Miss Tori Cortez. How are we doing?

I am here to scare the shit out of you in the name of Christmas.

Good. That's my favorite part of Christmas. Christmas Carol is a great Christmas tale

though. I love that.


Wait, are we talking like in the Muppet sense, like I'm the ghost of Christmas past?

Sure. In the Muppet sense.

The Muppet sister goat too, huh?

You know the Muppet Christmas Carol, the premier version of the Christmas Carol. Like

fuck Dickens. Let's talk about the Muppets.

Fuck Dickens.

What about the later?

We're Marley and Marley.

That means I'm the little creepy baby though.

I don't want to be a little creepy baby flying through the sky.

You know.

You don't want to be that.

No. That's not very...

I haven't known you very long, Chris.

That's kind of creepy.

That's more like I can picture it really easily though, Chris.

I think you look great being swaddled and letting me learn my errors of my ways of my previous

decisions, Chris, if I'm going to be completely honest with you.



All right.

That's all. You can make it any visual you'd like.

You know.

This has been a cool intro.

It's weird because, you know, we haven't talked in a minute.

I guess we're all shaking their cobwebs out.

Got to do it, right?


All right. Well, before we get started, then, I do want to give a quick shout out to Matt

or Dragonhide, if you are in our Discord.

He's one of our listeners and patron who has basically made a fantastic trivia quiz that

spans at this point.

I mean, I know knowing him, it's going to get bigger, but it spans four of the main console

titles since the Metal Gear Solid era.

So there will be no MGS5 tonight, but we're going to go through one, two, three and four

just so we can get our headcanon ready for our questions.

Now our contestants who have been patiently waiting as we go through our fun, terrible


I'm going to start with Tyler.

So Tyler, I'm going to start with how are you tonight?

I'm doing pretty solid.

I've been working nonstop, it seems like.


I absolutely know that feeling.

Now, how long have you been a listener to Metal Gear Mondays?

Uh, I think I'm actually coming up on a year officially.

Oh, birthday.

Yeah, I had told the story before in the Discord about last year, middle of last year, maybe

a little bit after that.

I hated my job, so I was just jerking around on my phone looking for Metal Gear Solid

music and for some reason Metal Gear Mondays showed up and I just benched all the way through.


Good to hear, man.

And I'm glad that you like the Revengeance Era, so we'll keep it up for you.

What's your favorite Metal Gear game?

Uh, if I want to be like serious talking, I'll say like Metal Gear Solid 3, but if I'm

just like straight up, don't care what anyone has to think, I'll say Metal Gear Rising.

Metal Gear Rising.

I mean, this isn't like recorded or anything.

So like just feel free to speak.

This isn't like cataloging your thoughts.

Oh, yeah, no, I love Metal Gear Rising.

The moment I realized this game wasn't like kicking around was the moment when rules of

nature just blast through your eardrums and you're like, oh, they're serious about this

game and you just go through the whole thing nonstop.

That's awesome.

Have you been like a long Metal Gear fan?

Like, you know, as long as you've been gaming or you get into it late?

Um, I've always known about it.

Never really put the time into it.

And, um, weird story was that I was actually interested when they announced just the Phantom

Pain, not even Metal Gear Solid.

And I was really interested and they ended up being Kojima.

So I'm like, oh, he caught me.

I'm like, I want to know what this psychopath has to offer me.

So I ended up going all the way through.

Um, I had a, I have a really close friend who would tell me things about it.

And then I'm like, all right, let's just jump into it and figure it out.

So jumped in, beat everything by the time Metal Gear Solid popped out and then now

we're here.

That's awesome, man.

And then what's your favorite game of 2020, at least so far.

I know we're pretty close to the end there, but do you have a favorite?

It's a strong tie between Ghost of Shishiba and Doom Eternal.


All right.

Not bad.

So we've met Tyler.

We are now going to move right down to, we're going to talk to Darcy.

So how are we doing Darcy?

And how long have you been a listener?

Hey, I got nothing witty to say from my opening like you guys.

Close to two years now, actually, I was kind of on and off for the first year

and then I started consistently going to the entire series, probably January,

February got caught up and then yeah, I've been here ever since.

That's awesome, man.

And what is your favorite Metal Gear game?

Well, like Tyler, I'd say Metal Gear Solid 3 more for its like content

and just how well built that game was.

But I feel like Metal Gear Solid 1, the original MGS has like a very special

place for me.

So it's a pretty good tie between that one.

But if you made me choose, I'd still say MGS 1.

Seems like we get along real well Darcy.

So I like that.

I think you and I have the exact same brain space.

And as far as gaming this year, do you have a favorite game from 2020?

Oh man, then this year has been just awful in so many ways.

Gaming included, I feel like.

Yeah, no kidding.

And all I've been playing is honestly NHL 21.

That's the newest game I've played this year.


So I have to say that, I guess.

All right.

Well, yeah, obviously you're putting time into it.

So I am.

That's awesome.

No shame.

We might talk about that because I did used to like love me some hockey games.

So I might have to get into that.

And then we have Sean.

I guess I'll throw him under the bus.

He does our artwork and I love him to death.

So Sean, say a little something and how long have you been a listener?

Well, I'm just really honored.

You guys saved the best for last.

So thank you for that.

The humility and the ball.

I know.

I got them both, you know.

I've been a listener.

I think we were talking before this with Warren.

I started listening right around the time that they took their hiatus.

I think that was between Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5.

So I don't know.

Was that 2017, 2018?

Somewhere around there.

Um, but yeah, so I just saw this on the, uh, I have a job where I can listen to

podcasts all day long.

So I just, I literally go through the longest shows I could find and they had

like hour and a half, you know, two hour long episodes on like, that's great.

I love Metal Gear and just kind of went from episode one and then got caught up

and got devastated when I thought the show was over and you guys just keep it going

for us.

We're here, man.

Don't you worry.

So what about favorite Metal Gear game?

You got a fave.

So I was born in 91.

So I was like a little too young to really get Metal Gear Solid 1 when it came out,

but I have five older brothers and one of them that's a gamer is 10 years older than


He had MGS 1.

So I would play it on PlayStation and you get to the opening scene and as soon as I

get alerted because I'm used to Tomb Raider and you can kill everybody just by

pressing a trigger, I just would run to the PlayStation and shut it off because I

was so scared.

But when I really fell in love with the series was probably 2001, 2002.

I was really in the anime and then of course Metal Gear Solid 2 had a beautiful pale

blonde haired boy.

So I'd have to say that's where I got my toes wet with the series and that's kind

of consistently just been my favorite game.

That's awesome.

And so Russo Rhydon's your waifu.

Oh, yeah.

Big time.

I mean, you don't hear that often enough.

Yeah, because everyone's a fucking coward.

That's why.

Called out.

That's awesome.

And then let's hope you've been gaming a little bit this year, but do you have a

favorite for 2020 as far as a game this year?

So, yeah, I am a huge fan of a Tee-loo 2.

I love that game.

It was so good.


And I just checked my steam and I put about 55 hours into a cyberpunk.

So I think those two are tied for my favorite this year.

All right.


I'm glad that you can actually play cyberpunk.

It's it's hard.

I'm the kind of person who will call bullshit on many games that like bug this much, but

it's just addictive.

Well, for your favorite game to be Tee-loo 2 and then cyberpunk, one game that runs perfectly

fine and the other game that can barely run.

It's just kind of crazy.

I think I'm just lucky that I decided to get it on PC rather than consoles.


Yeah, no kidding.

All right.

So without further ado, I think if it's okay with everyone here, I think we should

let's get started with some some trivia.

That's okay with everybody.

Let's do it.

Yeah, Captain.

Oh, yeah.


So we've catered the questions and I say we Matt Dragon hide catered these questions.

So I think it seems fair that we just go in chronological order of release.

So we're going to make our way for separate rounds.

We're going to do Metal Gear Solid one Metal Gear Solid two, three and four and we will

treat it that way.

And as we've talked before, like I said, take some time, come up with an answer.

You're going to send it to us separately and then we will reach back out and that way

you guys can tell us the answer you have provided.

We'll go from there.

All right.

So I will start with the first question.

So now each one of you can answer and you're going to send it to the separate chats that

we have set up our first round for Metal Gear Solid one.

I am going to pick a question that has to do with equipment and on-site procurement as far


who was that?


No, that was awesome.

Just trying to get a sense of where everybody's at.

So at the start of Metal Gear Solid one, when you're at the heliport, which item can you

find inside a truck?

That was so fast.

I'm so proud of you guys.

All right.

Nice addition.

I have to, right?


So all the answers are in.

So Tyler, what was your answer?

I put so comp you, so comp you, you that my friend that my friend is correct.

So I give you a tasty there.

So we'll just we're just going to say 100 points.

Let's do it that way.

Let's see Darcy.

What was your answer?

I too went with so comp.

Also correct.

Well played.

So 100 points all around thus far.

Sean, what did you answer?

Shaft grenade.

Unfortunately, the rain falls on Sean today.

He did not receive so sorry Sean.

It's okay.

It's okay guys.

Time for everybody.

All right.

So first question down well played.

So 100 points to Tyler and Darcy zero for Sean.

We'll get there.

Tori pick a question from Metal Gear Solid one to ask our contestants.


Now I like me some some quotes.

So let's see here.

Which one do I want?

So okay.

Hosts are we are we just asking for who said it or are we asking

for who said it and who are they talking to?

I think realistically who said the quote?


Because they said it to us.

That's okay.

That's deep.

Maybe maybe not.

Who said this?

All of the heroes.

All of the heroes I know are either dead or in prison.

One or the other.


All right.

I love Sean's fish.

Thanks Sean.

I thought I knew this game.

That's amazing.

That was awesome.

Well, as it turns out, you did know this game.

All three of you knew this game.

Flirtini's all round.

The answer to that one was solid snake and can anyone just for

fun not for points say who he said it to?

I feel like Meryl Campbell.


Is there a third answer?

I was thinking Meryl first.

It is Meryl.

It is Meryl.

Very nice.



There's not enough hype in this episode yet.

I know I'm so sorry.

I'm trying to figure out ways to like add more stuff.

All right Chris.

Give him a question my dude.

Oh yeah, we're going for the first game, right?

Yes, only Metal Grissad won for now.


All right.


The question is about some behind the scenes knowledge of the


So my question to you guys is.

James Flinders is the alter ego of which cast member?

Yeah, that's right.

I stumped you guys.

Can we say the character like who they play?

You say the name of the.

The name of the voice actor.


I was just typing the person he voiced.


That's why I got Google opened up on the side.

Just kidding.

Here we go.

Minus the down the podcast.

I think my track record already says that that's not true.


You have to be mean about it.

All right, everybody get their answer in.

Looks like.

Looks like everybody got it right.

Cam Clark.

The one and only.

That just sounds like a name he would go by.

Fun fact.

Do you guys know he was a one of the original voice actors of

the first English dub of Akira?

I think he actually did a con of the.

No way.

Nice a little extra bit of trivia.

Dude, I didn't know he was in a kid.

That's amazing.

Now we didn't see that version.

I don't believe I think it was like released like a long time

ago and maybe only theaters, but yeah.

That's pretty dope.

I had teaching us a finger to.

All right.

All right.

Question for for Metal Gear Solid one.

We just call this the potluck sort of a grab bag could be


There's not really a theme to it.

What do you get for for beating?

So what do you unlock when you beat the game and let and keep

Merrill alive in Metal Gear Solid one?

Right Tyler, time to tick and.


All right.

All right.

It's either one of the order.

I'm gonna feel so dumb.

It's all right.

I literally was like, wait, I'm supposed to be looking at these.

Going through going through it.

All right, fan that you so you guys all got to correct.

It is the bandana which awards everyone with infinite ammo.

So well done everybody.

If I were to I was trying to keep it safe, but I wanted to do

the final fantasy seven.

So fantastic guys.

Tory, let's go one more for Metal Gear Solid one before we do a

little trivia break.

All right.

How many types of cardboard box are there?

Oh my God.


You just need to know the number or like what's just how many

box just how many.

All right, not that I got it right though.

You know, that's funny.

You should say that because you did once I was dumping all of

you and yet here we are.

It is three.

Luckily that would have been my guess, but I did not know that

answer at all.

I could even remember where they are.

Test and stood.


You can remember where they are.

Yeah, they take you.

Yeah, they get the helipad at the start of the game.

Got that nuclear building is the second and snow field where

sniper wolf is their third.

There it is man in order by the way.

What can I say?

Hey Chris, why might as well wrap it up.

Let's do it.

Let's do one more from Metal Gear Solid.

Oh, one more.

One more from solid.

Yes, one more.


I got to pick a pretty difficult one.

Then here we go.

Yes, please.

You don't have to pick one that only I know so I can get caught

back up.

All right.


So the question is the ending credit song.

The best is yet to come.

It's not sung in English.

What language is it sung in?

That's a good question.

That's a good ask question, Chris.

I don't know.

I'm just going to answer.


No, why do you have to auto correct it?

Oh, now I'm curious.

Oh, okay.


All right.

We are in.

Tell me.

Well, okay.

So, Sean, I'm sorry to say it is not French.

The answer is Irish and Gaelic Gaelic Gaelish is Irish.

So Tyler, I guess we'll accept your answer to be in a nerd.

So I do like history.

I'm not great at it, but I do know a decent amount of things.

All right.

I see you.

All right.

I would have given it to him.

History buff to match our own.

No, I'm not.

I'm probably not as good.

I just like learning about history and I actually failed out of your APU

of history.

It's weird.

Oh, no.

Well, I guess.

Boy's winning now, Tori.


That's true.

It's because the topic was at Metal Gear.


Hey, Chris, you just awarded me points that I didn't earn.

Oh, sorry.

It's okay.

That honesty.

Griffin door getting 10 points.

That actually is my house.

Basic of a bitch that I am.

Yeah, we can tell.

Oh, it's the courage you could smell on me.

You guys are talking Harry Potter houses now.

Indeed we are.

No, what are you talking about?

All right.

So round one is complete.

And I'm going to go through.

Let's let's just just get a little taste here.

So we have Tyler with 600 points, basically a perfect score.

Same with Darcy at 600 and Sean slightly behind at 400, but it

doesn't mean that it's over.

So I'm not going to do.


Look how high.

Yeah, yeah, that got you.

Now we know.

Sean snuck up on you about 400 points.

So we're going to move right on in to Metal Gear solid to arguably

some people's favorite.

So let's see what we can get here.

The question that I thought that spoke to me the most was a little

again, I'm always going to start with equipment and on site.

It's like one of my favorites besides putting out bombs.

Give another use that the coolant spray can be used for.

You do not have to put multiple options and there are multiple

correct answers, but besides putting out bombs, what's another

use for the coolant spray?

All right.

So everybody's in.

There are multiple answers for this particular question.

So I'm going to go through and just make sure everybody's there.

All right, not bad.

So technically you guys all got it correct.

So I will word you guys all 100 points.

The correct answers could have been as a fire extinguisher,

of course, as a bug repellent and as to stun or blind guards.

So Tyler had said distract guards, which is accurate.

Sean said to disable guards, which again, stun and Darcy said

that you can use it for cockroaches or bug repellent.

So congrats to all plus 100 points and Tori.

What question do you have for them?

The question is what is the name of the ship Snake infiltrates

in the tanker chapter?

I keep forgetting how bumping.

MGS to sound track is.

All right, we're all in.

Looks like good God.


I guess you all are just too smart for this show.

I thought I jumped the gun too.

I was like, wait, no.

The answer is of course the USS discovery or the discovery.

Okay, I was going to ask.

Congratulations contestants.

Yeah, that was awesome.

That seems to be like a forgotten detail.

We thought that was going to be like a stumper.

It's 2001 Easter egg, right?

Mm hmm.

That is correct.

In nine years when me, Chris and Tori talk about the game, we'll mention that.

And then we'll have like an episode in length segue about that wonderful movie

and booked combinations.

I know it's got to eventually happen where we just talk about that movie,


Yeah, absolutely.

I would think.

All right, Chris, what is your question?

Oh, yeah, my turn.


All right.

So here's a good one.

According to the design document.

What was Hideo Kojima's original intended title for Metal Gear Solid 2?

Oh man.


This is a dumpy boy.

I don't see Discord going up.


We are.

I don't know.

So this is a fun answer.

That is a fun answer.

It is a great and fun answer.

I might have to enter a fun answer of my own at this point.

I don't try to remember, but.


Oh, wait.

No, I think I remember.

I think I remembered.


Electric blue.

That's absolutely it.

That feels like a line from the game.


I feel asleep.

Okay, so.

I think we can only allow one submission.



Sorry, Tyler.

No, man.

All right.

Are we going to be like chess and like once you touch the piece, you can't take finger off.


I think so.

There was already a submitted answer.

We'll call that the Queens Gambit rule.

Add that to like subsection B of the rules list.


It looks like.

Nobody got it right except for Tyler on a second try.


The answer is middle.

You're solid three.

That's a little bitch.


He just wanted to skip.

I know he just wanted to skip to that was like his whole joke.

I remember I actually remember.

I guess like the post mortem after that game sort of came out.

He had like a whole thing about like, well, actually my plan was for middle gear solid three.

It's like, okay, Kajima, whatever dude.


I mean, I guess I don't know.

It's kind of stupid them in my opinion.

Maybe because, um, yeah, never mind.

I have no, I don't know because metal gear to sell its snake was the same thing as MGS one.



Pretty much.

Mm hmm.



All right.

We're going to move on next question.

We're going to go back to a little bit of quotes here.

And again, you only have to say who is saying the quote.

You do not have to worry about who they're saying it to.

I can't do any impressions because I don't want to give it away.

Today is another bad day.

Is there anyone here that can give me happiness?

All right.

We're starting to spread the field here a little bit.

So the correct answer is fortune.


Oh, now I was Sean and Tyler got that correct.

But Darcy did not.

He get to take that one Darcy.

I will Darcy.

I guess vamp, which is incorrect, but I'm not going to say you're sort of off thinking

that vamp would have said that, which is part of why I like that question because

there is a little lover's interpretation.

It's funny because I started typing fortune and I stared at it.

I'm like, no, I think I'll go with BAM.

And so I really missed that one.

Here we are.

So that's good.

Here we are.

All right.

Take that.

Now we're now we're starting to spread the field a tiny bit.

So Tori, what is your next question for middle gear solid to?

My next question is how many claim war mines are there on the EF connecting bridge?

There's mines there.

I'm guessing here.


All right.

Answers are in.

It looks like Sean was the one to get it right this.

Holy shit.

We seven claim more mines.


Nice job.

John up again.

Yeah, like it.

All right.

Start this way.



We still got two more rounds guys get ready.

All right, Chris.

What question do you have for our contestants?



Question is category behind the scenes.

Which movie allegedly inspired the team to reach out to Harry Greggson Williams for the score?


What's in the box?

Is it a request to repeat the question?

I don't know.

You don't know if you want me to repeat the question.

I just I'm just trying to figure out what you mean by which team.

I'm sorry.

The team who made the video game.


What's the name?

We're looking for the name of a movie that inspired them to reach out to

Oh, okay.

to do score for metal gear solid to?

I think it's I think it's oh, I have to guess on that one.

I have to guess you're wanting to know the inspiration that they wanted to go and get him.




All right.

I was gonna say Konami there for a second.

Classic movie.

I got to say I won't spoil anything but the answers I've seen so far are great choices.

Great answers.



I love this third one.


All right.

Looks like all the answers are in and nobody's gotten it.

Well, the answer was the replacement killers.


It was not Shrek.

It wasn't.

It was not Shrek.

So sorry.

It was not 2001 Space Odyssey.

I think that's like who did 2001 Space?

It was not.


I guess the trick would have been that it would have had to have been a score that this particular composer had done previously, which is where the rock comes in.

He did the rock.


So you're close, but that's not the movie that got them to pick him.

He did do Shrek.

He did all the Shrek's, but I didn't think he did all the Shrek's for it.

It's like also I can remember like that's the only movie.

Like it must be Shrek, right?


Shrek is God.

Shrek and Snake have similarities.

They have a ton of change on them.

Is Donkey Lake with snakes in?

Or Revolver Ocelot?

All right, guys.

So Darcy with 800 points.

Solid outing.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

Tyler with 900 points doing well.

And Shawn right now, it's a tight race with 800 points.

One question separates the team right now, which is fantastic.

We're now going to move on to at least as far as the Metal Gear Mondays team with Revengeance, our sole title that we have reviewed by this point.

So now I'm going to timestamp the shit out of this.

And here we are with Metal Gear Solid 3.

Oh, good.

Hopefully everybody kills this one.

Time for war.


If you guys didn't listen, you get negative points in this round.

Yeah, exactly.


So, OK.

All right, here we go.

Equipment on-site procurement.

Virtuous mission.

What item do you get for defeating Vulcan with a non-lethal victory?

Nice change in music, Warren.

Oh, yeah, gotta keep it.


A non-lethal victory over Vulcan.

And I will only take what it is by title in the game.

I only know how to do it.

I don't remember what I got, though.

I don't know.

I'm just here to enjoy Eeralt's presence.

That's another 400 points.

I gotta say, all right, so I am legitimately enjoying the answers.

It does suck that you're all hovering, right, where you need to be in a sense.

However, the correct answer...

I thought you were going to say, it does suck that you're all wrong.

I mean, unfortunately, yes, that is absolutely correct.

So, the correct answer was the Cold War uniform.

So, Darcy did say USSR.

Maybe that's the closest.

However, it is the Cold War uniform.

The Davy Crockett, of course, is the nuclear device that he uses in the beginning of the game.

Slightly off of the Cold War uniform.

And Tyler had said Spetsnaz.

Again, great choice.

I just wanted to be specific about that particular one.

So, Tori.

It'd be cool to have an actual Davy Crockett uniform, though.

Yeah, you just look like a giant handheld nuclear.

A giant missile launcher between your legs is what it is.

Is that what it is?

The historical Davy Crockett, like the Coonskin...


The Raccoon-Skin hat.

And the frontier shirt.

And a musket.

And just incredibly well endowed.


He'd be musket, really.


What do they call them?

Naked Snake.

Naked Snake.

Alright, Tori.

What question do you have for our contestants in Metal Gear Solid 3?

This question is brought to you from behind the scenes.

Who sings the title song Snake Eater?

First and last name, please.


No, no, not that.

I love Auto Spell.

I'll give you credit on this one. I love Auto Spell.

There it is.

I can't think of her name.

Drug by Sean is typing.

Yeah, I don't know.

I know who it is. I just can't think of her name.

So I'm just going to forgo.


The name is Singer N.A.

Smash A.


The correct answer is, of course, Cynthia Harrell.

Or as Auto Correct would have it, Cynthia Barrel.

Cynthia Barrel.

I appreciate her caliber.

Oh my God.


I'm going to throw back.

I am going to go.

I'll let myself out.

You know what? I'm going to give you 800 points just for that reference, Warren.

All right, so I'm in.

He's right in the game.

It's just not like I don't have the answers in front of me, so I'm not even going to have a chance.

So this is great.


I'm just really glad this isn't a winner. It gets to be the one who survives situation.

Oh yeah.

As far as you know.

Chris seems to be stump boy.

So what do you got, Chris, for maybe a brain buster for our Metal Gear Solid 3 round?

Let's go behind the scenes again, I suppose.

So the subsistence version of Metal Gear Solid 3

features a movie on the disc titled Existence.

Roughly how long is that movie to the nearest half hour?

It's a movie that's not that far.

Chris likes making these just like, just toss up.

I want to let you all know I would never have gotten this.

Me neither.

Oh, but somebody might have.

Oh my god.

What was I doing in 2006?

Besides having puberty going on.

Watching that movie, maybe.

Oh yeah, I love it.

That's what I was doing.

No shame.

Alright, looks like all our answers are in.

Everybody's in?

Oh yeah.

Yep, everybody's in and everybody got it right, except Sean again.

I don't know.

Again, Sean.

I'm just going to go ahead and say,

I'm just here for the LOLs.

Welcome to the show, Sean.

So you're the perfect person to bring on to this.

That's great.

We wanted to get as wide of a variety as we could get our hands on.

Man, I thought I was good, guys.

I thought I knew the shit.

You're right there.

You're at 800 points.

You got eight out of like 12 questions right so far.

I'm just here for the LOLs.

Welcome to the show, Sean.

So you're the perfect person to bring on to this.

That's great.

We wanted to get as wide of a variety as we could get our hands on.

I have like 12 questions right so far.

That's pretty solid if you ask me.

It is three and a half hours, man.

Three and a half hours.

No, wait. How long was it?


Three and a half hours.


What's psychopath?

What's that on a PS2 game?

What is this movie?

Oh, you know.

Well, it's called Existence.

It's only one psychopath.



You know what?

I'm just going to add a movie.

What's that two movies to it?

Oh, you know what?

I got to do it.

So this will be also considered behind the scenes.

So Richard Doyle, the voice of Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid 4.

He voices which character from Metal Gear Solid 3?


I love how some of you give an answer with an, with like a question mark at the end.

I'm saying it or I'm typing it like I'm thinking it.


So Richard Doyle voiced the Fury and Sean guessing Lyndon Bain Johnson will off there.

I had no idea.


So yeah, he was actually Fury.

They got LBJ to voice LBJ.

Oh, yeah.

That's just, that's just real.

They should have taken the phone calls.

They should have taken his phone recording when he was talking about it.

He needed like a more structurally secure pants because his nutsack ripped through his pants all the time.

Oh God, of course you did.

Of course you referenced that.

Missed opportunity.

If there's a chance for me to bring up Janetilia, I'm going to do it.



So Tori, any Janetilia questions from Metal Gear Solid 3 or do you just want to pick something else?

I mean.

I need the points Tori.

All of these could pass for Janetilia related questions, I'm sure.

How big is it?

So Snake is in the answer.

I mean, oh man, now I'm looking at a whole slew of questions that would be hilarious to ask right now.

Uh huh.

Let's see, let's see, let's see.


Who said this?

This is a war major.

A Cold War.

Fought with information and espionage.

Metal Gear music is so good.

Can you repeat the quote?


We'll repeat the quote Tori again.

This is a war major.

A Cold War.

Fought with information and espionage.

I can't.

I can't.


Starting to spread the field out a little bit.

I thought I was supposed to be able to mute my mic so I was going to cough, but no worries.

No, you're fine man, don't even stress it.

Alright, we have all of our answers and one of them is correct.

The answer is Colonel Volgen.



As I was thinking about it, I thought, oh wait, it's a snake talking to Major Ciro and wait, no.

That's Major Ocelot, isn't it?

Chris, that makes more sense.

Correct answer.


For Tyler, you gave Tyler points for that.

Oh wait, sorry.

Yeah, it is.

I'm kidding.

That'd be, let me correct myself.

Totally fine.

As you complete that thought, also come up with an idea for your next question as well.

You still put, Chris, you still put plus zero, but then still gave him the total points.

Yeah, we'll just have it for later.

Okay, so how do you unlock the tuxedo camo?

I could have gone with the easy answer.

Guys, I'm bad at this.

No, what are you doing?

Wait, so, Warren, are we doing it where they do lose points?

The incorrect answer.

No, no, no.

I just, I gave him.

That's brutal about it.

No, I gave him the, you gave him, you still gave him the points that he didn't earn because he got the question wrong.

No, he had 1200 before.

No, he had 1100 before.

Yeah, 1100.

Oh, you edited it.

My bad.

I saw, I'm sorry, my bad.

You're correct.

So give him, make sure Tyler has the problem.


Get out of here, Warren.

We got this down.

Get out of my score keeping pin.

Oh, you guys are broken a thousand.

That's nice.


On that day, Warren left podcasting.

Okay, Chris, so all the answers are in.

And what do you, what do you got?

Yeah, so, looks like everybody got it right.

Oh, shit.

Hold on.

Tyler got it right.

Oh, shit.

Sean, you, you got it too right.

You got too much of it right.


You can give me like 300 points if you need to.

I don't know that it works that way.

I appreciate your.

You're the host.

You make the rules, buddy.

I mean, yeah, it's kind of true.

I do.

But no, we're not going to accept that as a correct answer.


We're, we're a strict interpretationist.

You got to go buy the book.

So sorry.

That's the kind of devout crazed Metal Gear fans we are.

You know, we have to be or else the Twitter hoard comes after us.

Sean, what do you say that made it too right?

He have to be three times is what he said.



I don't know the answers to these questions, guys.

That's okay.

What matters is that you're trying.


Except for that one answer with the N.A.


I didn't, I just sent an answer.

I didn't try though.

Oh, that's amazing.

That's how I made it through high school guys.

Teachers take pity on you.

Fake it till you make it.

All right.


That's how I'm the artist of the show.

Much like Sean's teachers, we are absolutely, I don't, I wouldn't say we're taking pity

on you, but we are certainly charmed by the hilarity in your failures.


He's there certainly owning it.

I don't take that negatively at all.

So of course, after three rounds, Sean is sitting at a total of 800 points.

Metal Gear 3 was a little rough for Sean.

Tyler is sitting at 1300 points, a tie with Darcy at 1300 points as well before we enter

our final round.

Wait, Sean, didn't you say 3 was your favorite?

It kind of was.

Hey, you guys want to know a fun fact?

I know like nothing about part four.

So this is going to be really good.

Oh boy.

Oh, I can't wait to have one.

I've only played once.

All right, cool.

What are the cut scenes?

I can't wait to ask this question then because I really like my first one.

So Metal Gear Solid 4.

I'm going to obviously talk about equipment and on-site procurement.


This equipment nerd.

I am the iPod.

Did you say nerd?

No, node.

The iPod that comes in the game obviously comes with 10 pre-installed tracks on the iPod.

All you have to do is name one of them.


They are important.


Oh my God.

Dude, this is fantastic.

Oh man, people really know they're Metal Gear Solid 4.

We're really starting to spread it here, man.

Sean, I'm so sorry.

There is some stuff that has Metal Gear involved, but it's not called the Metal Gear podcast.

And I would say if it was like one word off, maybe I'd help there.

It's literally not Metal Gear Solid.

It's the MGS4 Integral podcast and there's also the Metal Gear history years.

I didn't write all that.

Oh, is that what the...


Oh, no, correct.

Yeah, fuck.

So Darcy had said taken on the Shagohad, which is correct.

Tyler had said the Backyard Blues, which is also correct.

So 10 points there.

That's fantastic.

I'm so happy some people knew that.

That was like one of my favorite parts of 4 early on.

All right, Tori, what question do you have from Metal Gear Solid 4?

All right.

Name all four members of the Beauty and the Beast unit.

Cue music.



All right.

We're all in.



Sorry, the addition to your answer, Tyler, made me giggle.


We have Laughing Octopus, Raging Raven, Crying Wolf, and Screaming Mantis.

Oh shit, they even know the one I knew.


Sean, you got one of them.

Sean, you even know the one I knew.

No, it wasn't even right.


I had an Xbox 360.

That's a quote, man.

That's a quote right there.

I didn't even know the one I knew.

Crying Mantis, sorry.

I knew.

So, it looks like Tyler and Sean have got it right on the money.


And Tyler throws in an extra Psycho Mantis kind of.

Tyler and Darcy, Sean.

Yeah, it's fine.

Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.

Sean's like, oh no, no, no, it's like...

Tyler was my middle name, actually, so I'll take all his points.


That's how that works.

I wasn't going to interrupt or correct Tori.

I'm too kind.

Oh, it's a Canadian thing.


I can't wait to hear what...

Chris, I hope you're going to ask the question that I hope you're going to ask.

But what question do you have for our team here?

I have.

I mean, there's like, you know what question I'm going to go for.

I would think so.


So behind the scenes is the category.

Question is, Metal Gear Solid 4 holds a Guinness World Record for the longest cut scene of

video game.

Not sure if this has been surpassed yet though.

So your nerds come and fact check us all you want.

I don't care.

How long to the nearest 10 minutes is that cut scene?





I mean, I would have been as almost as close.


I love it.


Oh my God.

We got some snipers.

Oh man.




Am I way off?


You're so far off.

You have no idea.

I need you to sit down for this.

I've been sitting this whole time, guys.

Stand up and sit down.

Let me just put this thing down.

No, it's as far as it goes.

So it looks like Tyler and Darcy got it right.

The answer, the like answer is 71 minutes.

It's the time.

Oh yeah.

I'm going to say 71 minutes cut scene.

Sean got 28 minutes.


I thought like there's no witness right, but I thought I heard that somewhere.

Oh, my sweet summer child.

That's just the intro to Metal Gear Solid 3.

I was just going to say, I'm like, isn't that just like the opening cut scene for most

games in Metal Gear series?

Seems average.

Let's see.

Let's see.

Let's see.


All right.

So here we go.

I am going to also, let's see.

You know what?

I'm not going to take it from Chris.

I'm going to go with a, let's do a quote here and I'll try to be, let's see.


So I'm going to go with a quote and it is, you were smoking again, weren't you?

This is a non-smoking flight.

Who said that in Metal Gear Solid 4?

All right.

Answers are in.

The gap spreads further and further.

A couple of correct answers there.

Sean, unfortunately it was not Dr. Naomi Hunter.

The correct answer is Sunny.

Oh, that was my first fucking guess too.

Those are gut, man.

I've been going to go to heaven.

I almost said Otacon.


And Darcy and Tyler got the answer correct with a proper answer of Sunny.

We said it in Metal Gear Solid 4.

So Tori, what is our, at least as far as the main rounds, what is our pen ultimate question

for our contestants?


Let's go with the Dreben we meet is apparently one of many Drebens.

What number Dreben is the one we meet?

Oh yeah.

You can do this, Sean.

I'm like, you have way too much faith in me.

I'm like, willing to answer through my microphone into him.

Guys, I don't know this game.

I'm sorry.

I actually felt like I knew Sunny.

I actually knew like the cutscene was like 70 minutes.

I'm like, wait, was it 28 minutes?

The right one though?

That seems too short.


We have all the answers.


Two of our three contestants did get this one right.

It is Drebben 893.

Oh shit.

I was way off.

Sean, would you like to share your answer?



So close.

I thought it would be 1 plus 3 equals Metal Gear Solid 4.


That's fair logic, I think.

No, that's just something I came up with on the fly to sound like I thought.

It's not bad.

That's like, that's Kojima logic though.

Some people would easily be like, dude, did you realize if you took like 1 and 3 and you

get Metal Gear Solid 4?

It's like the number 21.

Totally do that.

Or 23 or whatever.


23, yeah, you divide it into 666.


Oh my God.

I love that stuff.

All right, Chris, as far as the main rounds, what is your final question for our contestants

from Metal Gear Solid 4?

Okay, so question is, who is the voice actor for Drebben?

Oh my God.

People answer so quickly.

So fast.

Should I answer guys?

I don't know the answer.

I'm eager to know your attempt here.

Guys, I'm not racist.

This is like the most popular black voice actor.

It's not a bad answer.

It's sad that I know his Japanese voice actor and what he does for them.

Sean, I gotta tell you, that actor voices another character in this game.

Oh, in this very game?

I believe so.

Is he still...

Yeah, he's in it.

Can you back me up guys?

Yeah, yeah, the character you're thinking of, Sean, he's also in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Oh, I knew he was in Metal Gear Solid 1, Twin Snakes.

Oh, Twin Snakes, yeah.

He voices...

He's a playfreak, Jager.

So, Phil Amar voices Vamp, who also shows up in this game.

Okay, yeah.

But that is not the correct answer.


So go ahead, Tori, what is the correct answer?

The correct answer is Kari Peyton.

Kari Peyton it is.

The other two got that correct.

So, rounding up the scores, if I'm not mistaken, still a tie for first place with 1900 points.


They're gonna make Chris pull out this nuke.

That's what we're doing, maybe.

And Sean with a strong outing of 800 points.

I gotta say, man...

You can think consistent, my man.

I knew he was in Metal Gear Solid 1.

Yeah, you killed it in Metal Gear Solid 1.

You were like right there, and you even did fine in Metal Gear Solid 2.

So now, my understanding is Chris was prepared if there was a tiebreaker or anything that

we had to do just to get a final piece.

Chris, what is the question you have for our contestants to do a tiebreaker to actually

give us a true first, second, third ranking for our contestants?

So, the question is...

How did most of the Metal Gear Mondays cast first experience Metal Gear Solid?

That's an easy one.

Oh, shit.

Damn it!

It looks like I'm gonna have to go deeper.

Go deeper, Chris!


Sean, you still with us?

Am I answering this one?

That was a tiebreaker.

Man, we can participate, man.

We don't want you to sit down on the sidelines.

It would be so great if you got this one right.

It would be great.


I mean, if we keep getting ties on these and you keep getting 100 points per answer, you

could technically come back.


So, how did most people get introduced to the series?

Is that the question?

Introduced to Metal Gear Solid.

What's the most common way that the host...

Oh, gotcha.

...will be talking about on the show, you know?

There it is.

Look at that.

Oh, my God!

Look at you guys know so much about Sean.

They got the right deal.


So, of course, the Pizza Hut demo.

Everybody got it.

And I am...

I also...

I don't believe I've actually said it on mic, but I have absolutely...

I was also introduced through the Pizza Hut demo.

Y'all are losers.

Wasn't Tony Hawk on that same demo?

As well as Gran Turismo is the demo disc I got too.

In medieval?

Yeah, medieval.

Oh, my wife is just playing the remake of that too.


I heard that.

Maybe I'll check it out on my break.


I don't know.

I think demo disc is more solid than some of the games today.

All right.


Yeah, good.

Chris, I'm gonna let Chris just ride this out until he stumps you guys.


So, Season 1 of Metal Gear Mondays.

What was the name of Alessio's production company?

Oh, that's a great question.

Look at you.

Look at that.


Now, we joked about it.

But is it gonna happen?

I think it might.

I think it might.

I might have to go ahead and do what the current incumbent president hasn't done and concede

this trivia quiz.

Because I don't recall.

Just don't give up.

Just call FOD.

I will type the first thing that comes to mind.

And it is not at all original.

There it is.


No, that's not it.

Well, the only person that got it right was Sean.

Hey, guys, I'm really into independent filmmakers.

Hell yeah.

So it's not good night astronaut.

Should we tell Alessio for you?


It's not AC Summerfield.

But it is forever an astronaut.

Oh, yes.

Oh, that sounds so familiar.

They were close with a good night astronaut.

Yeah, it was very.

I saw astronauts like, oh man, like everybody freaking knows everything.

Forever an astronaut is just such a good like production studio name.

Oh, absolutely.

It stuck with me.


It's a good one.

No, I got to say, Chris, the tie has been broken.

Has it?


The tie has been broken.


Oh my God, it did not.

I'm so sorry.

It's not broken.


Keep getting everyone hype.

I'm going to go.

Then let them be here anymore.

Nobody needs to hear more music.

See yourself out, Warren.

Let me dip back into my middle here.

Monday's lore basket.

Former host.

Zach James.

Was a janitor stationed where?

We talked about the joke answer or the real answer.

Oh, the joke answer.


He's Sean knows the jokes about the show.

Do I like the show more than the games?

The characters are a little bit more three dimensional.

I can definitely say that.

We're more westernized.

That's for sure.


Less on the nose too.

All right, Darcy.

Oh, here we go.

Here's a first thing that came to mind.

I'm going to go.

Well, the tie has been broken.

There it is.

See, I was just being pre-cog.



Tyler and Sean got it right.

The answer is moon face alpha.

So Tyler.

You have 2100 points.

You have 1100 points.

That's a nice comeback there.

A very close race there with a thousand difference.


But you know, you try.


Sean did such a great job.

Just worked so hard.

Guys, I'm just happy to be here.


I'm happy you're here too.

It was a wild ride, Sean.

Very bumpy on my side.

And then of course Darcy, it was neck and neck.

Most of the time with Tyler.

Game for game.


You guys know your stuff.

Probably more than I do.

Yeah, I was really impressed.


We were punched for punch there for a while.



So I guess that man, you can tell it Chris.

I'll let you.

I guess that's it.

We've got a first prize.

So Tyler, you will be receiving a dark souls,

solar amiibo.

Oh, nice.


It's not male gear related.

We decided to do something that was like more in what's going

on to the discord this year.

So we're going to trigger Toby.


Poor Toby.

Well, I got to say, yeah, thanks for coming on guys.

And I don't know when we're releasing this.

I know it's coming up before the end of the year.

I think before Christmas, but thanks a ton guys.

And thanks to everyone who listens.

I would be interested to see if anybody without Googling or

anything, what was your scores?

Because picking the ones that they did,

I went through because I had talked to dragon hide and I would

have gotten a 1600 would have been my total score.

So I would not have won had I had gone based on the answers

because I had to like actually go through my own and delete the

ones that we actually did.

So really awesome work all around super fun to do this.

And the fact that we have so many more questions still,

we're probably going to do this more often just because we can.


So I'd say thanks a ton for like all you guys for making time on a

on a Friday night to hopefully have a beer or relax whatever you

guys do to to chill out.

And thanks for hanging out with us on Friday night.

This was super, super fun.

And I don't know you guys have anything to plug.

You guys like pluggy guys.

So Tyler, you got anything you like to chat about before we

close this off?

I know the other day we were chatting in the discord about


When I completed a game, I like to write a small review.

Eventually I, if I ever have the non laziness to do,

I do want to go back to school for writing.

So if you want to just check out my nice throw in the wind.

There's that you can also find me on.

On a PlayStation at prohibitions to 595.

Hey, normally playing whatever is near or playing siege or just

doing nothing.


Cool man.

What about you, Darcy?

You have anything you want to anything you want to plug?

Oh, you can find me almost anywhere with my gamer tag or

describing name of LP snake 701.

I've had that since 2001 actually.


Hotmail asked me to enter something.

So Lincoln Park and snake came together.

And of course they, someone took it and they randomly

assigned me to 701 and it's been my quote number ever since.

So I was going to ask if it was liquid phosphorus snake.

I thought that's actually property snake.

Those are both much better than the original, but okay.

No, I feel dumb.

No, they're both like techno shredders.

Oh yeah.


So I like that Xbox, PlayStation, LP snake, anything online,

Instagram or whatever social media platform anywhere.

And that's me.

Awesome man.

And Sean, what about you?

Don't have much to plug.

I'm hoping maybe when stuff possibly gets better in the world,

I'm going to try to get back out there and try to work on some short films.

But you know, you guys can always visit me in my dreams.

So that's what I got for you.

Or if you want to go to my Instagram, I periodically post the artwork that I'm working on.

That's just my name, Sean Wilkins, SHA, UN Wilkins.

But uh, you're relatively new to the show.

It bears repeating that our logo was done by Sean here.

It's been an honor to get to work with you guys and just be a part of this community.

I think everyone on a discord is really cool.

Usually if you're on the discord, I try to go to creative and post stuff there first.

Unless it's something like personal work that I like do for you Warren or something like that.

Anything I'm just creative about, I try to post there.

Oh yeah, I'm going to keep you commissioning you until you tell me to stop bothering you.

Chris, what about you? Where can people find you? Anything you want to chat about?

You can find me in Night City.

Damn right.

That's where I'm going as soon as we get off this call.

I'm going to go back in front of my Xbox and play some cyberpunk.

So yeah, I don't know. Also in the discord, I'll be chatting about it there too.

You're romancing anybody there in Night City, Chris?

Well, I've never really that far into the main story yet.

I kind of just went off.

Like, you know, the game puts you on the path and says, Walk forward.

I turned left and...


That's how you have to play those games. Who cares about the mission?

Yeah, right. It's so like fallout in New Vegas.

I have like different expectations for this game though, so I'm not as disappointed.

But you know.

Sure. Nothing wrong with that.

What about you, Tori? Got anything you want to plug?

Nothing to plug. No.

But you can find me playing a certain Metal Gear title.

In the discord, maybe. Maybe streaming here and there.

Otherwise, youngNeil on Instagram and I don't know, some other.

Twitter, that's the one.

The social media is. That's Y-N-G and E-I-L.

Awesome. Yeah, so you can find me at Warren Minix on all the socials.

It's the joy of having a W and an X in your name. So it makes it super easy.

If you're into gamer tags, I'm untaggable gamer.

And if you guys have any time, my band, even though it's been about a year now,

but my band has an album out, Spooky Forest. Check us out on Spotify. Do all the fun stuff.

And let us know how you felt about doing like a trivia episode again,

because we have a lot more to work with.

So by all means, feel free to comment in or let us know just how this episode worked out for you guys.

And maybe if you played along, what was your score?

You can go to, find some sweet merch. We do have some stuff for Patreon as well.

You can go to Metal Gear Mondays for Patreon, which is super huge and we are very appreciative.

And we try to include our patrons as this particular episode would hopefully prove that.

Obviously, if you are listening to us on whatever platform you're listening to,

please give us a rate and review. It does go a very long way as far as the algorithm.

And outside of prepping for our next season of Metal Gear Mondays Revengeance,

I think it's time to let it rip, Jack.