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MGM:R EXTRA OP #001 - MGS Movie Casting

December 14, 2020 Metal Gear Mondays Season 1
MGM:R EXTRA OP #001 - MGS Movie Casting
Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action
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Metal Gear Mondays — Tactical Podcast Action
MGM:R EXTRA OP #001 - MGS Movie Casting
Dec 14, 2020 Season 1
Metal Gear Mondays

Since the announcement of Oscar Isaac's casting as Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid movie, the MGM:R crew has been dying to answer that burning question in the back of your mind. Who would our cast selections be for this movie? Tune in to find out the top picks from Warren, Tori, and special guest Alessio - and don't forget to ask Chris what his cast sheet looks like.

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Show Notes Transcript

Since the announcement of Oscar Isaac's casting as Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid movie, the MGM:R crew has been dying to answer that burning question in the back of your mind. Who would our cast selections be for this movie? Tune in to find out the top picks from Warren, Tori, and special guest Alessio - and don't forget to ask Chris what his cast sheet looks like.

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Psst... did you know that you could converse with fellow listeners on our Discord? Yes, even now. Right this very moment.

Find more cool links and goodies on our Linktree. And, we have to mention the amazing Metal Gear Mondays Interactive Database that "Dragonhide" put together for us. You can search for anything across every episode. Super cool!

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Here's to you dear listeners and welcome back to another episode of Metal Gear Monday's


Today is a special sort of one-off episode as the red alert went off and some Metal Gear

news has hit our dossiers.

Oscar Isaac was cast as Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid film, so obviously we need

to give this some discussion.

Now I'm not going to do this alone, with me as always is our casting director, Ms.

Tori Cortez.

How we doing?

Ooh, I like that.

I'm a casting director.

We'll see.

And then unfortunately, so we're subbing in for Chris tonight.

He's on a film location scouting mission.

So we have Alessio, ghost dad himself, Summerfield joining in as well.

Glad to have you back, man.

What's up?

Due to SAG regulations, I'm actually going to have to go by Christopher Fritz for this


As a and credit.

Yeah, of course.

So yeah, so here's what I'll say.

We're here to talk about the casting of the film because it seems to be the good idea

to fancast.

I think there's a little bit more than just like going down the list right now.

I do want to just have a mini discussion about, so Oscar Isaac is in the Metal Gear Solid


Do we all sort of agree that it's Metal Gear Solid?

They should follow the first film.

Alessio, how do you feel about that?

That's what I want them to do.

What I'm worried that they're going to do is that it's going to be an original story

set in the Metal Gear universe.

Like I, yeah, I don't know.

I don't know how to describe it.

I feel like if the choices were an original story or an amalgam of all the stories, I

think I would rather go with some sort of amalgam.

But if we could pick one game, I think Metal Gear Solid 1 makes the most sense.


Now, see, I don't understand why they wouldn't open themselves up to make the whole series.

You know, if they're going to really milk this thing for what it's worth and they could,

they'd better not, you know, crunch it all up into one.

That's actually my hugest pet peeve with movies that are adapted from any other series.

I think it's due to money.

It's a bunch of executives in an office telling themselves that no one will ever pay to see

a second one.

Because it just happened with Annihilation, the film that Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac



Well, there's three books and they just made the one movie and they literally came out

and said like before it even came out, they were like, we have no intentions of making

the second and third.

So yeah, I don't know.

I think it's just like a production standpoint of like, well, if we put 150 million in, if

every time a sequel comes out, if it's going to sell worse and worse, is it worth the investment

kind of a deal?

Yeah, I guess not.

So now do you think that they're going to like pull a ride on us and say that it's Metal Gear

Solid and then like whiplash it's a flash forward and it's Metal Gear Solid 2 out of


Oh, that'd be amazing.

That'd be super meta if they did that.

They're like jokes on you punks.

It's Metal Gear acid, the movie.

Get dunked.

It's just a top down camera of people playing card games.

Oh, God, it's great.

So obviously we have our boy Oscar who is cast and we just went over and sort of agreed

on the main cast that is the Metal Gear Solid movie.

So we're going to agree that this is going to be a movie based on the video game Metal

Gear Solid.

So there will be no major zeros, well, technically Siggins and some other characters in there.

So we're going to basically go right down the list and basically do our dream casting.

We can maybe give a little bit of flavor text, but maybe as we get through a few of these,

maybe there'll be some indulging on why you think someone would act well, maybe based

off of another character who they're who they're kind of going by.

So I think the easiest way to do it is we sort of round robin it, we'll just pick a

character, discuss who our person is and maybe a little bit of flavor text why and then we'll

just keep kind of going down.

Does that seem to make the most sense for you guys?



I think when we're done, what we should do as well is cast the 1987 MSX Metal Gear cast

because, you know, I'm dying to see what machine gunner.

Who would you guys cast as machine gunner?

Well, we obviously know who my Solid Snake is.

It's Michael Bean, obviously.

I love it.

All right.

Well, then I would say if without further ado, if you guys are cool for it, there's

anything else you want to say before we get started, I would say the floor is open to

either of you.

I want to make a quick correction.

It's machine gun kid.

I don't want to be fought over my.

I already heard the Twitter police like freaking out.

Some dude with like a bloody with like a bloody Brad tattoo is like already like polishing

a pistol off in my alleyway by my apartment.

He's scratching off your name with lipstick.

Oh, God.

Yeah. Sorry about that.

I misspoke, please.

Hey, it's cool, man.

I'm on this show again for like all of five minutes and already put both my feet directly

into my face.


Let's see.

When this recording is done, we're going to have to have a quick chat.

You got time for a little roundup when we're done here.

We need to just figure out some back of the house stuff, if that's OK with you.

Warren's going to hit me.

OK, Metal Gear Solid, the film.

And I'm going to say I'm actually going with starring Oscar Isaac.

So I tried to be a little bit more understanding that Oscar Isaac is cast.

I will tell you when we get to it who my person would have been.

But I'm going to say that Oscar Isaac and I'm kind of going off that.

So maybe based on his age or something like that, I would say.

I'm going to start with Colonel Campbell, if that's OK with everyone here.

I think they're going to stunt cast.

And I would say like a Denzel Washington.

I guess filled with that.

I didn't go there personally, but I also guess I wouldn't be surprised.

Yeah, I got a question for you guys, because that brings up a very interesting point.

I think Denzel would be a killer Colonel Campbell, but I think that brings up an

interesting point.

Do you guys think that the Metal Gear

fans that exist on the Internet are going to throw a shit fit if anyone gets

cast as a different race than what they are in the game?

God, I hope this is my plea to you guys.

Please don't.

Mother Tory has spoken.

Yeah, I mean, and like I threw in a sub, like maybe like a Tom Beringer would kill it.

But I just feel like it's great stunt casting and he needs to do it.

And with his, you know, I feel like him and Zero kind of have like their hearts

there, even though they're obviously just kind of shitty.

But he just plays such a good like you want to be on his side kind of character.

Yeah, it would definitely be my my baby Campbell.

If I had to do it, I can almost see this is a not this is not who I cast,

but just as part of this conversation.

I could almost see to like them doing like a zazzy beats is a sniper wolf kind of a thing.

You know what I mean?

Like and I think that would be cool.

But like I also feel like we're going to get a lot of Ghostbusters all all women cast

like shit shitty bad takes if if anybody changes color.

If you know what I mean?

Sure. I don't know.

It's interesting.

The keyboard armies are there.

Anyway, sorry, I just want to get that.

I just want to clear that shoot that shot into the air.

All right. What do you got, Tory, for Campbell?

So this was based mostly in his voice.

But then I thought about it and and thought maybe he could do this role justice as well.

And I cast Mike Ermentrout from Breaking Bad.

Why don't I remember his name?

It's my guess. Oh, his real name.

Yes, real name.

Let me go to the Internet to Jonathan Banks.

Jonathan Banks, that's his name.

Yeah, he's a super cool guy.

Yeah, he's great.

That's a great pick.

He definitely strikes me as a seem some shit, man.

Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking, too.

Mike Ermentrout, I like that.

I had just for some reason now that's the only I guess that is

like kind of his fault, but I always think of him as Mike Ermentrout.

Like I don't call him by his actor name ever.

Have you guys seen the scene in Better Call Saul,

where it's him and the dude who plays Trevor from GTA?

Like getting in each other's grill.

It's a very, very funny scene.

No, but I want to see my clips of it, but I didn't watch it like from the show.

Yeah, it's like Mike recruiting like a dude.

Yeah, like a dude to ride shotgun on like a sketchy deal.

And it's just very funny.

I think it's like first few episodes, maybe maybe first season of Better Call Saul.

All right, check it out.

It's dope.

All right, Alessio, who's your Campbell?

I don't know why my mind immediately went to this, but like no country

for old men era, Tommy Lee Jones.


Like I almost feel like he'd be too serious for Campbell,

but I could really see him doing a good job when he like breaks down about Meryl.

I was just going to say that.

Yeah, I was going to he could probably pull off the metal gear solid piece

of it pretty comfortably, though. For sure.

For sure. That piece.

He's definitely got chops.

I'll give him that.

Mm hmm.

Mm hmm.

Jones now I'm trying to like tweak and like how I'm excited to hear the rest

of your cast now, like how it plays off of Tommy Lee Jones playing Campbell.

All right, so there we go.

So we have our Campbell across the board.

I guess that I tried to go in somewhat of a I think I went kind of in

alphabetical order here.

DeCoy Octopus is next on my list.

And I chose Jackie Earl Haley.

If anybody doesn't know him by his actor name, he played Rorschach

in The Watchman, as in the movie.

He's just done like a lot of bit stuff.

The thing I hate him the most in is he was the new Freddie in the newest

nightmare. Oh, interesting.

Not his fault, I would say.

It was just a bad concept for the character.

But he just does really great sort of like one off work where he just has to

do like one thing really well.

He's really good at that.

And he strikes me as a he can like, I don't know, I guess I could say that

like the way he can like pull off that you barely know this character,

you know, nothing of them that he could sort of pull off like, who is this?

Like he looks like he's simultaneously 40 and 80 for like 30 years now.

So I feel like someone like that could sort of sell that.

He's so good at blending in.

That looking at his cast list, I have seen these films and did not even know

he was in them.

Alina Battle Angel, Robocop, Shutter Island,

like the list just like goes on and on like the dude's invisible, I feel like.

Yeah, he's he's really good, man.

And there's a lot of stuff that like people want to sort of pick on him for

certain things. But when you really like break it down to what he's in, he's he's

good, man. He can really pull off the character stuff almost as good as anybody

that would be in his league, I guess.

Hell, yeah. So what about you, Tori?

Decoi Octopus?

I actually like Jackie Earl Haley for Psycho Mantis now that you've brought him up.

Oh, you think he could do the voice, though?

Yeah, that's my only downfall.

I like him for the look of Psycho Mantis.

So my Decoi Octopus slash Donald Anderson.

And I don't know why.

I really don't know why.

I just Idris Elba came to mind.

I just feel like again, it was mostly in the voice.

Donald Anderson slash Decoi Octopus in that game had a like a full rich

deep voice that I really, I don't know, I guess stuck with me.

And it just put Idris Elba in my brain.


Oh, so you're going like essentially the route of like, we never ever see Decoi

Octopus, we only see him like as the Darpeche.

Yeah, because that's the only frame of reference I have.

I mean, mm hmm.

Yeah, I guess she's what you see that dopes like Shinji Mikami artwork of him.

But it's still him or her, I guess, really.

You don't know anything about him.

Yeah, I feel like I may be misremembering this and maybe I can do a little

Internet slew thing while we go.

But I swear to God, I feel like you can see him for like

from like the back of his head in like a random cut scene in MGS.

Oh, wait, I just isn't there a brief even from his front, just flash of like,

I would have to show this to you guys.

Hang on. I don't even.

I think he shapes, but it's in the torture scene, right?

Well, I'm thinking of twin snakes.

I think there's definitely a thing where they do like a flash of, you know,

they killed, you know, they basically killed the DARPA chief.

And I think psychomantis is in the room when they sort of say that.

But he's he or she is not even like in focus, like they are.

Yeah, so this frame at all.

Yeah, you see the back.

Right. In the discord is the one I'm thinking of.

Yeah, I think there's also a quick like it's one of the quick like little

like cut scene, like shot, shot, shot with the little like weird zooming in sound.

I think there's like a quick cut of him and in whenever Vulcan comes to

to like pick him up out of the cell.

Sure. I think in the original PS1 game.

But yeah, anyway, I mean, it doesn't matter if you see see them or not.

But I also, thanks to some random poking around, I never realized

that a decoy octopus is Mexican nationality.

Really? Really?

Something new. Yeah.

I don't know where that info came from, but I don't even that's definitely

not in the original guide.

Like apparently Metal Gear Asset 2 has a decoy octopus card description

that says a member of the newly reformed Foxhound, a master of disguise

originally from Mexico. Oh my God. There we go.

They're well justified. There we go.

Got to play Asset 2 now. I'm sure it's in our list.

It's crazy. That's awesome.

What a fun little tin bit.

It's fantastic.

I love that stuff.

I'm going to do like bar Metal Gear trivia and piss everybody off.

And be like, what nationality was?

So what about you, Alessia?

Who do you got for decoy octopus?

It would have to be Ishmael from Metal Gear Solid 5.

No, I'm kidding.

It would.

A tip of the hat to Tori's tin foil had her image that she just sent us.

So my decoy octopus pick and I'm going to screw up the pronunciation hard.

It's it's Ralph Fiennes, right?

Ray Fiennes.

Ray Fiennes. That's right.

OK, I knew that the name is always screwed up.

Anyway, Voldemort from Harry Potter, essentially.

Sure. Because like what a stunt casting.

What a stunt cast right there for decoy octopus.

Yeah, dude, just give him just give him that same makeup.

And we'll call it a day.

That's great. He's good, though.

Like he's a fantastic actor.

So yeah, for sure.

I love the chops are there.

I love that we're casting huge names for people who appear in this movie or game

for all of like five minutes.

Hey, I picked I picked character actor.

I'm going as functional as I can here.

I'm trying to be the the budget supervisor of this.

Yeah, for sure.

For sure. Line producer Warren.

Yeah, exactly.

And the key grip.

All right.

Gray Fox is who's next on my list.

And I kind of went more for known for action versus acting,

just because they obviously can just be in a suit per se.

I went with Scott Atkins.

If anybody is familiar with Scott Atkins,

he is sort of known for like offbeat action films.

But I would say if anybody wants to just do like a quick little internet search,

he's got a pretty dope.

Oh, my God, audition reel for Batman.

That's great. He was in Pink Panther.


He I guess he's in a bunch of born movies, too.

Yes, he's always like the assassin in a movie or something.

He's never like the main unless it's like an offbeat film, obviously.

Oh, he's in Zero Dark 30.

Yeah, he like he's he's got some good stuff in there.

And he clearly has the chops.

He's in great shape.

Like he would totally justify someone that sort of, you know,

disassociates themselves with probably who they actually are,

just because he's just sort of this like forgotten action star kind of a thing.

But he can hold his own.

And I guess that I've been pretty impressed with like he just seems to get passed over.

Like I said, some of his audition tapes are pretty solid, if I'm being honest.

And he doesn't really get the credit that he probably gets in some of the films he's actually in.

But he'd probably be cheap.

So I'd go for him and my backup plan would be Ray Park, who was Darth Maul.

Also, Scott Atkins' child is named Carmel.

So bonus points.

Beautiful. And I'm not mispronouncing Caramel.

It's just their name is Carmel.

Also, you could totally paint Scott Atkins hair white and give him a red bandana.

And he would be Gray Fox or Metal Gear 2.

So I could absolutely see it.

Yeah, he really fit like the overall package of Gray Fox.

I'm going to die when all of Warren's casting is just straight up the casting of the movie.

Yeah, I'm trying to be as like so so focused as possible.

Do you guys think as a quick aside, do you guys think that the casting director for this film

saw the Internet explode with fan casting and just downloaded as many of them as they could

and just they're leafing through them for their own picks?

I mean, maybe. But some of them are pretty bold.

Right. I don't know if like at least I did some of my own sleuthing just so I could have sort of an informed choice.

But I don't know. Some of these are like pretty wild.

I was like, how can you they're not going to be able to afford some of these people?

Yeah, such a non role, you know, they mean just because they look like them in a shot.

Yeah. And I hate to say it, too. I mean, I know it's a Sony film and I know

obviously it has cultural cache for a very certain group of people.

But like, I really don't think this movie is going to have more than like a hundred million dollars for a budget like revenue or budget.

And even a hundred million dollars. I can't imagine.

No, and like for budget. That's too much.

I mean, even like a much.

Yeah, and even like a well, a hundred million is like the same budget that like

what am I thinking of that the the thing sequel from 2012 had or excuse me, the thing prequel from 20.

No way.

It got a hundred million dollar budget to make that.

Yeah. And when that's the thing is like, we don't really have a lot of middle class movies anymore.

So it's like, I think for something like this, it's like, they're going to have a big CG budget.

They're going to have a big marketing budget.

But I think the actual budget for the film itself probably will sit somewhere between like,

I'd say 85 and 125 million dollars.

So it's like, for all intents and purposes, this is going to be like a double A movie.

Yeah. Like, yeah, this is going to be beefier than

beefier than, you know, a 10, 20 million dollar movie where like that's

I think that's going to happen more often now with studios just because the way things are going.

Yeah. And the probably a lot more dialogue stuff, too.

Where it's just like two people talking, marriage story, 20 million dollars.

Screw it. Yeah.

So we'll see, though. Yeah.

But I would say max 100 mil.

I totally agree with you.

I don't I don't see this being like a powerhouse where they're just dropping every penny.

Yeah. And in video game money, that's bullshit.

Like fucking death stranding costs like 500 or 300 million dollars.

Like, I know.

Well, that's right.

This movie is going to cost $60 to go say so.

Seventy if you want to.

Seventy nine ninety nine.


What do you have for Gray Fox, Tori?

So this one, like the other so far, has been all in the voice, especially because

of my pick, I kind of feel silly about this, actually, is Ian Hart,

who voiced Voldemort in The Sorcerer's Stone.

He had that that real.

Graspy, the stone that.

Oh, this guy.

I love that you're all great.

I'll audible casting because they.

Yeah, I don't know.

So you can't see him in person.

You just get a phone call.

Like you sound like the guy.

Get him in our movie.

Yeah, I mean, I don't know.

Some of my choices, I felt like we're better representative of could this person

actually portray the character?

But this one, I got to say, was just all how he sounds.

I'll see if I can get you like a cut of like bone and sinew from him.

Super weird.

I recognize this guy off the bat, didn't know why, scrolled through his filmography

and 1998's enemy of the state is why I recognize this.

Me too. Oh, yeah.

He was one of the like the goons, right?

He was like one of the CIA goons.

Yeah, nice.

Yeah, opposite Barry Pepper and Jack Black.

Oh, I forgot Jack Black's in that movie.

Who's the other one?

Jack Black, Barry Pepper.

Who's who's like the not funny guy, but funny, a Jimmy Kennedy.

Oh, right.

Jimmy Kennedy's in that.

What? Hold up. Regina King.

Regina King. Yeah.

That's his wife.

Yeah, she's. Oh, my God.

I completely did not know that.

Oh, go back to I got to go back.

Yeah, it's a really good movie.

And we have to go back in it.

Oh, I love Gene Hackman.

Yeah, he's great.

He's so good in that movie.

I had a weird dream.

I may have talked about this on the show at some point.

I don't even know what I have said and have not said at this point.

I had a very bizarre, super realistic dream that me and Gene Hackman

were at a pool party in his backyard shooting the shit for two hours over drinks

when I was 12 years old.

So I have a lot of affection for Gene Hackman.

Like I woke up and told my parents and my mom was like, why?

Like, here's a number you're going to call.

You see them every Friday for the next 12 weeks to get an assessment.

Crazy. But hey, Harry,

Gregson Williams did the music for Enemy of the State.

So maybe we can get him back for the movie.

True. Yeah. Of course. Of course.

I think it was Skrillex.

So they're like, Skrillex is going to be scoring the medal year.

Well, that's I'm telling you right now, we we sort of joked about it in the discord.

And that was I kind of have that at the bottom for me personally.

Like if I wanted to say something,

I just get the feeling like Junkie XL or somebody like that is going to do this movie

if it does come out in like proper time.

Like obviously, production six years, he's probably not going to be relevant.

Yeah, I hope they do it.

But my fear is like I don't want it to be like a weird like

Dust Brothers Fight Club late 90s, like video game shitty, like hackers score.

Do you know what I mean? Yes, I 100 percent do.

Yeah, anyway, it could work in either way.

It could be like the guy that did Fifth Element score,

which like futuristic, but great.

But then he also did the score for Golden Eye and it sounds terrible

because it's supposed to be like a real world.

Yeah, it's I feel like I feel like we could have a version of this film

that takes itself too seriously.

And then we could have a version of this film where Oscar Isaac is controlling

the Nikita with a PS1 controller so that they can so that they can stick in

goofy comments like press triangle to, you know what I mean?

Like, oh, no, I hope that I don't know.

Oscar Isaac can sell a lot of shit for me.

Oh, for sure. He does some really good stuff here.

Just so we can, you know, because we have a hard out at some point here.

Yeah, Jim Houseman is next on my list.

Oh, hold on. Oh, sorry.

No, no, no, I just want to get my.

Gray, it is this is a classic throwback.

We were just talking about this, man.

It is the I said, go looking boy.

Do you mind if I keep this picture that is Robert Patrick?

Oh, shit. OK.

I can give you that.

He definitely has the chops to be like that weirdo.

Yeah, I was I was trying to think to myself, I was like, who looks like they could be like

he was he was spry at one point, but now he's super old.

And like in my in my mind, you would only see his face

when the mask opened at the end and he has like one of his eyes fucked up and stuff.

You know, yeah.

So I don't know. Yeah, like the age, his face or something for the long.

He had a long run of being like the, you know, henchman three for a while, too.

So he kind of fits that bill perfectly of like clearly could be something big

in the future, which is, you know, the whole point of of Gray Fox's.

He was dope at one point.

And now he's sort of passed his prime in a suit.

So for sure, live a miserable life according to him.

Also, no wonder that man has such a beautiful southern accent.

He's from Marriott, Georgia. I just realized. Oh, beautiful.

So thanks. Anyway. All right.

Jim Hausman, who, you know, kind of a bit part, but still sort of very important

as far as the mission itself that happens on Shadow Moses.

Daniel Day-Lewis, dude, obviously.

So I went with you.

I went with William Hurt.

Oh, nice. My actual pick, by the way, was Kurt Russell,

because I think it'd be a very funny cameo.

Oh, that's not bad. What do you got, Tori?

Who's your houseman?

Can't tell you why, but John Hamm's name popped into my mind.

Oh, I like that.

That's not bad. I'm going.

I'm going for broke, guys. I don't care.

Can he pull a good mustache off?

I don't think I've ever seen him with facial hair.

Yeah, no, I don't think so.

I don't know if there's much he can't do.

So I'm going to give him credit, but I went like he looks good.

Yeah, I went like pull off a mustache first

and William Hurt like somehow jumped at the top.

I think it's because he's in the Marvel movies, this Thunderbolt,

so he just naturally fits the fills the really quickly.

Yeah, I don't see any John Hamm with mustache,

but with beard, he looks great.

Oh, I've got one.

Tori is like, let me open my trapper keeper and flip to the 17th.

And for some reason out of nowhere, John Hamm, Dequi octopus.

Oh, wow, that's very good.

It's just all must.

That's just it's 10 gallon hat, John Hamm.

10 gallon hat.

That's loaded. Oh my God.

Jesus, he's going to drop a country album in like three months.

It's awesome. Fantastic.

All right, another bit part

as far as Metal Gear Solid is concerned,

but somebody that needs to have a little bit of staying power

because it would be Johnny Suzuki.

Yes, my pick for this character was Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter himself.

Oh my God.

Is it because of the Swiss Army, man?

A little bit.

Yeah, Swiss Army was sort of like my litmus test

for like he could clearly handle this.

What about you, Tori?

Oh, man, I haven't seen that yet, but I am going to.

At first, mine was Matt Doran or Matt Doran from The Matrix.

He played Mouse, but then I gave it a little more thought.

For some reason, came up with Owen Wilson.

Hey, that's blonde.

And I like that. That's kind of meme-y.

That's sort of meme worthy, but it's still he's I don't know.

I like I like Owen Wilson like like

Armageddon, Owen Wilson's pretty fucking fantastic

and for like a non role.

Well, you know, you'd have to go.

You have to say, wow. Wow.

Well, I was just thinking they'd have to write in some part for

he and Meryl to have this just like, I guess we're talking MGS one,

but some some dialogue between him and Meryl where he goes, wow.

Like we'd instead of Snake getting out of the locker

where not locker of like the prison cell that

Decoy octopus dies in spoilers.

He gets out and instead of Shizaki like already knocked out in the corner.

It's we get to see that interaction where she gets out.

She punches him. He says, wow.

And then she gets grabbed out and she gets dressed.

That's what it would be.

I want a hard to are and I want to see full taint on that Johnny

Suzuki face down with like a with like a terrible tattoo,

like lower third ass cheek on the right side.

100 percent. Yeah. It's mom, too.

It says mom. Yeah, mom. Mother.

It's mother, but it's misspelled.

It's like M O O T H E R.

Actually, it's Mothra.

Oh, my God.

All right, Johnny Suzuki, what about you, Alessio?

Dude, I said go full meme Lord and make it Adam Driver.

Oh, my God.

Full man, muscle meat, super goofy, like the highest

waisted pants he could ever get.

Oh, absolutely.

And the scene that kicked it for me was just like

Oscar Isaac looking through the grading down at Johnny,

like shitting himself and it's just Adam Driver.

And Adam Driver is like, God, I'm cold.

And he's just like sneezing and shitting.

Dude, yeah. He's I mean, I outlook.

I love him. He's so good.

Yeah, he's great. He's so good.

Like and he would totally he would like absolutely own this role

if they were like, you need to take this seriously

because if we make five of these, like you're actually like kind of a big deal.

And we could technically put you in every movie.

Oh, yeah. No, he he takes every part super seriously.

I love that man.

Totally agree. All right.

A big one here.

Liquid snake.

So I have recently been on like a I have a man crushed

is sort of fading, but I still think this guy has the chops and given the time.

My vote for liquid snake would be Dan Stevens.

Does anybody know Dan Stevens?

Did you guys are making me feel like I don't know a single actor?

So Dan Stevens, I know a reason why I say this is I recently have brought

like an underrated movie to a podcast and the guest that came out in 2014.

He's so good in that movie where he's

sort of a super charming terminator, let's just say.

But he played the beast.

Yeah, he played the beast and Beauty and the Beast.

He's in Downton Abbey. Yeah, he's got a lot of chops.

Oh, I've seen a picture of him in Downton Abbey.

That's why he looks familiar.

Yeah. And he's incredibly handsome.

Blonde, you know, has a little bit of a British accent, but can definitely turn it off.

Is he the lead in Legion?

Yes. Yeah, he's the lead in Legion.

Yep. OK, cool.

But he's fantastic. He definitely has the chops.

I don't know if it's for him.

I think it's a little bit of when I say fan casting.

Dan Stevens is really high on my list, even if his stock is sort of waning

as he's part of the Disney machine that eventually will just make people

not remember that they're good actors.

Well, hey, but maybe that's all the reason for him to never mind.

I was going to say, that's all the reason for him to take on this great film.

Oh, wait, it's a video game.

Yeah, it's another franchise film.

But I could see him like owning a lot of his stuff there.

I'd be really down to see him.

All right. I think he could.

And he's handsome just like Oscar Isaacs.

Perfectly fucking fits.

What do you got, Tori?

Liquid snake.

I forgot Mr. Kingslayer himself, Nikolai Kosterwaldo.

That is a very good decision, I think.

Thank you. That's a good one.

He's got that.

He's got a really smoky voice, but I don't want to use that against him

because I think he could be anything so good.

Yeah, I bet he could alter his voice enough.

He was my pick for Joel, too.

Oh, nice. If they did the last of us thing, I was like, man,

you can pull off like there's the scene where he's in like the tub

in Game of Thrones, where he's got like the like he's all fucked up

and he's talking about like how rough it was being like part of the King's army.

I was like, oh, shit, that's Joel.

Like, oh my God.

So so last of us on HBO did get green lit.

I guess. So yeah, it could be drops.

Yeah, but that would be dope if it got to it.

What about you, Alessio? Liquid.

Dude, I don't know. Liquid.

I don't I don't know why.

I went Michael Fassbender so hard.

No, he's great. He could do it. He's a great villain.

I don't know. I can't imagine him.

And maybe it's just because I've been watching Prometheus and Covenant

as of recently with him in it.

But I I don't know if he could do the long hair,

but I know he could do the charisma really well.

There there has to be something he's got half half long hair.

He doesn't always do the buzz cut thing, right?

Yeah, let me see if I can find a picture of him.

Oh, hell, yeah, he could totally rock it.

Yeah, just didn't have like longer hair and shame.

I don't want to like draw attention to that.

It's a good movie, but it's just a sad movie.

I guess there's a movie called The Devil's Horror.

Oh, boy, that he's got long hair that I'm seeing.

It looks like a medieval like a medieval film.

Well, definitely sounds like something that's going to send you that picture.

It looks really good. It's almost like that's just liquid.

Yeah, that's crazy.

It there it is. Liquid. Liquid.

All right, moving on.

Mei Ling, our our favorite little Kota caller.

So I think Tori will like my pick as I went with Ellen Wong because

I think Tori also picked that.

Yeah, she's I've always had a crush on Knives Jow.

I'm just going to admit that now.

And you said you also went with that, Tori?

Oh, hell, yeah.

Oh, yeah, got it.

First crossover. That's awesome.

Look at that.

What about you, Alessio?

I'm going to break the streak.

I went with Karen Fukuhara.

She's so good.

Yeah, so I it's weird because like I had her face in mind

and I knew her as just like, oh, it's that one that one actress from Suicide Squad.

But you didn't see her face.

Yeah, no. Well, yeah, exactly.

But I was like, I swear to God, I was like that actress from Suicide Squad.

I don't know why I think it should be her.

And then I looked her up like out of character and I was like, oh, 100 percent.

Like she looks like she would kill it.

I was I was waiting for you to make a boys joke where she has no dialogue.

I haven't seen boys yet.

Oh, it's good.

And she's got a good role in that, but she doesn't speak.

She does eventually a little bit.

Well, not in spoilers.

Yeah, OK, it's real integral to the story, whether she speaks.

Is it? Oh, yeah, I mean, all right.

I was I was I was I was totally teasing.

Karen Foucajara is dope, though. That's a great pick.

That was my my alt.

I think she's a dope alt for me. Nice. All right.

Next, Merrill Silverberg.

Or Silverborough depends if she's Irish.

I went.

So this is where I'm going to start like dropping my like my dollars, I feel like.

I think that like an Emily Blunt would be good at this role.

Oh, interesting.

She pulls off the army stuff really well in the movie she's in ever since the

choreo and what lived I repeat.

Edge of tomorrow, she can definitely pull off like if she has to be bad as she will.

I know that's not necessarily Merrill's role in the first movie,

but she needs to be able to convince me that she could hold her own when the time comes.

So Emily Blunt hits my sweet spot there.

What about you, Tori?

I've got Carla Gugino for Merrill.

You would recognize Carla Gugino,

probably first and foremost from Spy Kids.

If you know that.

If I know you like, I think you do.

I love Carla Gugino.

No, she just did Gerald's Game.

She was in soccer.

She was in Sin City.

Oh, she was hunting a Hill House, the haunting of Blimey.

And she was in the Watchmen movie, which is really funny.

Oh, nice. We talked about Jackie Rohali.

Really? Yeah.

Carly Jean is great. I love her as an actress.

I love her, too.

Love her. Got it.

What about you, Alessio?

This is I think this is the bomb that Alessio is going to drop.

I'm ready. Oh, man, I wish.

So mine's super obscure, and I don't know why my mind went to this.

But the actress that played Valentina and transporter three.

She's not really been in a ton of stuff,

but she's just like this red haired Russian girl that Luke Bay Zahn discovered.

Her name is Natalia Rudakova.

And I just from like a look and attitude perspective,

I think she could really kill it, but she doesn't really have.

I don't know how to describe it.

She doesn't really.

She doesn't have like MGS four Meryl vibes to me,

but she definitely has like MGS one Meryl like look and attitude.

I feel like. Yeah, got you.

She definitely has if I remember that movie correctly, too,

she's isn't she like the package or whatever?

Yeah. So she's definitely got that that rookie

kind of situation to her.

I don't really recognize a lot of the stuff she's in,

but I've seen that movie, so I know who she is.

Yeah, she'd be great. I'd be I'd be down for her.

Sounds great to me.

All right.

So I believe I put Naomi Hunter next.

And I think I didn't stunt cast per se,

but I think I went more on the like.

I guess like Metal Gear Solid 4 Hunter.

So I just want like a lot of Vava Vavum from her

as far as like just how she could like pull off

like I'm only wearing a lab coat kind of a thing.

But obviously has.

Vava like I wasn't just going to.

Yeah, I have some research I need you to do under my lab coat.

I went with Haley Atwell.

Haley Atwell.

The name sounds very so she she plays Chris Evans's

love interest from Captain America.

She's in she's in a lot of her own stuff,

but she's Peggy Carter, which is like, oh, excuse me.

Sharon Carter, no, Peggy Carter,

because Sharon Carter is her niece.

You hear that?

It's people sharpening their pitchforks are coming for you.


Well, I think they're just excited

that I mentioned Haley Atwell in this movie

because she would she would kill it.

She looks great.

She's got chops.

She's literally in every Marvel film that I have not seen.

Yeah. Well, she's in all she basically

is always tied to Steve Rogers.

So anytime she older Steve Rogers involved,

she is his love interest, but she's pretty convincing.

And if I was a super soldier that slept through 100 years,

I'd want to go back for her to.

Apparently she is currently filming Mission Impossible 7.

Yes, I heard that she is casting that

and she's going to fucking kill it.

Do that's awesome.

What do you got, Tori?

So this is the first one I couldn't decide on one for.

So I've got a tie between Eva Green,

who you'll know as the Bond woman from Casino Royale.

Oh, yeah, she plays Vesper Lind.

That's right.

And Kate Siegel, who you'll know from the horror movie Hush

or the haunting of Hill House and a minor role

in the haunting of Bly Manor.

Katie, see, what a hot thing really good.

She would be ironically Katie Segal.

Is definitely a different person.

OK, good. I just wanted to make sure that's where you were going.

Well, so Alessia was talking that she's in a lot of scary stuff.

She's married to the guy that made Bly Manor and Hush.

Flanigan, Mike Flanigan, who does he sleep?

So that's why she's in a lot of horror stuff,

because he directs them and she's a very good actress.

So I agree with that.

I agree with that casting completely.

She's fantastic.

What do you got, Alessia?

Let's hear your Naomi.

I went I went hard into the original British voice from MGS One.

This is a lot of like me casting based on like

my 13 or 12 year old brain playing the first game.

Kind of like how I imagine these people.

Sure. Rachel Weiss is who I was.

That's a good choice.

I think I think like about a boy, 2002 era,

Rachel Weiss would probably be perfect.

I feel like modern like lobster.

Rachel Weiss is kind of getting to the point where like

if she was cast, she definitely would be like 20 years older than

than Naomi is in the game.

But I think she's surprised you didn't go the mummy Rachel Weiss.

I forgot about that.

Rachel Weiss and Constancy.

Here we go again.

Oh, yeah, I forgot about I forgot about Constancy.

Pre Daniel Craig, Rachel Weiss is like lit for Naomi.

Like Naomi Hunter. Yeah.

And then post Daniel Craig.

She's got chops.

She's all about the she's all about not starring in movies like The Mummy.


So next I have Natasha Romanenko.

Now, I tried to like do like a lot of hunting down for like

legitimately decent Russian actresses that I maybe had seen in Americanized

stuff because I think it'd be really funny for them to be sort of in there.

And I had nothing really like blew me away that I knew their work or anything

like that. So I didn't want to just go stunt, Cassidy.

But I went with a new me, Rapace, as my

defer for Natasha.

You should know her less.

You because you just watched the Alien movies, Prometheus and Covenant.

So she's in those movies.

She was the girl with the dragon tattoo in the one that isn't the English one.


So yeah, I could dig her.

And she clearly like knows a way around a weapon, which makes her perfect for

Natasha. I don't know.

Her voice always reminds me of Charlie Gainsburg for some reason.

Oh, yeah.

Sort of that like soft spoken European voice.

Sure, sure.

What do you got, Tori?


I have probably nobody is surprised by this.

I have Mili Jovovich.

Yeah. Oh, nice.

I think that's actually a good pick.

Yeah, she's I mean, we've heard her do this ridiculous

accent as a

oh, shit, Katinka in Zoolander.

Katinka Ingeburgovina.

Nah, I forgot.

She's by the way, she is fantastic in those movies.

I don't think I've ever realized how many movies Warren watches until right now.

And Warren is an encyclopedia.

I love. Yeah, for sure.

I do my research.

All right.

All right.

What about you, Mr. Alessio?

Dude, mine is a super weird curveball pick that would probably piss people off,

but would make me very, very happy.

I think it would be very funny for this to be like the comic relief character

to some extent, because I feel like she was always kind of crazy

whenever you would talk to her.

I went with Kristen Wiig.

Nice. Fuck yeah.

I love that. I don't know why.

I would it would kill me to just see her in a crazy wig, just chain smoking.

And I was going to say the the cigarette,

like three quarters hanging out of her mouth.

I think that like at all times.

Yes, I think that's what would do it.

That's a great kid. That's a great pick.

Yeah, I like that a lot.

Yeah. And that would absolutely be just like comedy, like comedy.

Just like and it just be like in the codec.

She wouldn't even meet her in person.

Like it would be like obvious.

Just like hard cut to her like scratching her ass and like not wearing pants.

Like in some secluded room, taking a call from Solid Snake.

Fantastic. Yeah. Just handguns everywhere.

Yeah. Yeah. Oh, that's amazing.

All right. Now we got like a three

Pete here of some like massive characters, at least if you go in order here.

So I am going with Otacon.

So Mr. Emrick himself, I have two and it's depending on how they want to sort

of build the relationship between Snake and Otacon.

Like if they're trying to go dark and gritty,

I have a different person versus if they want to just like sort of stick with

the with like the game.

If they stick with the game, I like Ben Wishall.

And if they want to go a little more serious, I would do a Sillian Murphy.

Ooh, Sillian Murphy.

Yeah. Now, if you don't know Ben Wishall,

he's been in a bunch of like, you know, like Shakespeare plays and things like that.

But he actually plays Q in the Bond films.

Oh, OK. Nice.

So he sort of already has like the, you know, I build computers,

you know, that kind of guy.

And he's just got he's like Ooz's charisma, but also looks like he's like

probably 10 years too young to be in the job he's doing kind of a thing.

So he really has that look down if he needs to.

He's probably got more charisma than Hal has.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you're not wrong.

But I always took so that you're not wrong there.

But like, how does Hal survive?

Right. I always feel like he just finds a way to like

chat his way out of like one guard too many.

That's because Isaac Lim is Hal Emre.

Yeah. He's just a heart of gold.

Yeah. Yeah. I don't I can't can't do it.

It's amazing. What about you, Tori, for Otacon, Mr. Emre?

Actually, it's crazy.

I had Isaac Lim cast as my Otacon.

No, I actually. They couldn't afford.

They couldn't afford them.

Uh, my actual pick was Nicholas Holt.

Yeah. About a boy boy. Oh, shit.

Do we go with the same dude? Yeah, we did.

Oh, my boy. That's awesome.

Good old good old beast from X-Men.

Good old Mad Max. Crazy, crazy boy.

He's so good in Mad Max, though.

Isn't he in Skins, too?

The British show, the British. Oh my God. No way.

Yeah. Like the lead, I think.

I could believe that.

I don't know if I've I don't know if I've seen, you know, anything from that, though.

But he's I like him. Nicholas Holt's good.

Holy shit, that that is him. Wow.

Yeah, dude, he's a yeah, I don't know about a boy's on the brain.

Go watch it. It's Christmas. It's a good movie.

Oh, yeah, true.

All right. Next big name here, Psycho Mantis.

So obviously, I do truly feel that

Doug Jones could could handle this.

Doug E. J. would own this fucking role.

But you're talking about United States Senator Doug Jones.

Oh, correct. Yes.

He needs to have well, they got to have that background, right?

He's got to, you know, we need some backstory for him.

So get him in the government. Yeah.

But I wouldn't be surprised or and I'd actually be down if they did Bill

Skarsgard, who played it.

In the new movies, he's got a little length to him.

He can be a little creep.

And he's definitely got like the ability to sort of contort and voice himself as needed.

All those Skarsgard's just freak me out.

They're like way too good at being like creepy sociopath.

I know. It's so good.

I wanted to find a reason to get

Stella Skarsgard in here, but he's just far beyond anything I would put him in with this.

But but yeah, so Doug Jones or Bill Skarsgard would be mine,

depending on how they feel, but probably to save some bucks.

They could probably go with Dougie.

What about you, Tori, for Psycho Mantis?

The person I couldn't unsee when I thought about this was Adrian Brody.

It just. Oh.

Once he got in there and my brain was him.

That might be the dark horse pick of the entire episode.

He is just I could see it.

Take it. He would take it crazy.

Yeah. His nose is too big to fit in that fucking mask.

That's a good point. It's a custom mask.

If James, if James Reichmuth were here, he'd just start punching if he heard any of this.

Yeah, that's that's a good pick.

I mean, he sort of gets a bad rap.

I think he's good in some stuff.

I think he definitely has the chops if they wanted to sort of because that's the thing, right?

When who would they lean on more?

Like, because Psycho Mantis, you could market the film off of as like part of the villain group, right?

Like if you showed the whole Foxhound unit could be like the poster and all that.

And then like sort of snake in the background, I guess.

But yeah, I could see that's a good one.

But you, Alessio, are we going to have the doubles here?

I just went Doug Jones, man.

Like he's just too perfect.

Like he, I mean, one, I'm in love with Abe Sapien, like in general.

But like he's fantastic in that role.

But like, yeah, too.

It's like, I don't know.

Doug Jones looks like looks like he was born to play this role.

And in the fucking discord, they know him as the bye bye man.

Please stop doing that.

Doug Jones has given too much to film for people to remember him as the bye bye man.

Oh, the movie's terrible.

Not because of him.

Oh, I didn't realize.

I didn't realize that there was a 2005 remake of the cabinet of Dr.

Kelly Gary. I'm going to have to check that out.

I didn't know that either.

Our boy, Doug Jones. Oh, that's fantastic.

I did not know that. Doug Jones played Billy Butcherson.

That's neat.

You didn't know that?

No, I didn't know that.

That's awesome.

That's okay.

I like I said, research, research.



Next big, big one for me, which again, he could clearly be like the

the true villain of the movie, I guess, as they if they wanted to.

My hand, my hand.

Two things, two things that get me for this.

And I think one's more of like a stunt casting and one would be more like longevity.

I do think Vigo Mortensen would probably own this character if he really needed to.

But I for the one that really in my heart, I think could own it is Jerome Flynn.

If you guys are familiar with him, he played.

Oh, boy, Bron.

Oh, yeah.

So I think he could pull it off.

If he had good hair, I don't know if that's a thing he could do.

But if he has good hair and a good mustache, he could own it as far as because you need

that like that needs to sell like the mystique of Ocelot to just be like, Google, what is this guy?

If the Lord could endow him with good hair, you just get that guy.

I just don't know how he looks with good hair.

He looks good with a you know, with a suit of armor and a and he's got a hell

of a disposition about himself where, you know, he can he can laugh at anyone.

And I also think it's funny.

So he's got that going for him.

Tory Revolver.


It's funny that somebody mentioned Daniel Day-Lewis earlier

because after seeing there will be there will be blood.

I was convinced that this guy could do Revolver Ocelot.

He's just like there will be blood.

Daniel Day-Lewis is such an enigma.

Daniel Day-Lewis could do literally any role you gave him.

I think the difficulty is getting him to want to do it.

Yeah, that's that's fair.

I think so.

I don't know. Revolver Ocelot is is crazy.

So that's true.

Yeah, I was outside of him being retired.

I would what I would laugh what I would absolutely love is during the entire

production of this movie, we would have a real life Revolver Ocelot out on the streets.

Oh, absolutely.

He is full method.

So I would love I would do anything to get recordings of him like on set,

not, you know, filming just being Revolver Ocelot.

All over the flip and fucking guns and shit.

It would be so awesome.


If if if Daniel Day had to be in one like franchise pop culture video game

property, I feel like this would be the one I would I would absolutely want him to be in.


Yeah, he fits both.

He takes himself too seriously, which almost works like a total for this sort of franchise.

I totally agree.

What about you, Alessio?

How you feeling for Revolver?

Dude, I I thought it would be a very funny reference to the entire

voice actor debacle to have Kiefer's father, Donald Sutherland play Revolver Ocelot.

Also, I think he's got the look like pretty damn nailed.

I don't know if he could do the voice or the or the charisma, but I think in like

in a still photo, you could dress up, Donald Sutherland to be for totally Revolver Ocelot.

Did you watch the undoing that just recently came out?

I did not.

Is he in it?

He's in it.

He's not like a huge role, but he's pretty pretty big in it.

But the last episode, he's got like such a great like monologue.

And he just was out like, I'm a cocksucker, but not in the gave proverbial way that

people butcher it now.

I talk about like an old school cocksucker.

Like, it's so good that I like you over like a cocksucker.

It's so good.

It's great.

He would totally kill it.

I totally agree.

I love it.

Hell yeah.

All right.

Siggent, the DARPA chief, which I did.

I did basically keep them separate from spoilers, D.

Quinn octopus.

I think somebody's just screaming.

Somebody's just like, quite spoiling the 35 year old game.

I think Jeffrey Wright would fucking own being Siggent in general, but like just

also the DARPA chief in this movie.

So I think Jeffrey Wright would kill it.

If anybody knows him, he plays Felix Lider in the new Bond films.

He was in the hungry movies.

Just a long line of just like he's just a great classically trained actor

that is really good in the movies he's in.

So I love him.

It's awesome.

What about you, Tori?

Oh, I already gave mine.

I'm going to stick with the Idris Elba.

Idris Elba.

So OK, so there wouldn't be you technically wouldn't have

D. Quinn octopus you would have.

What's it called?

The DARPA chief we meet is the the only time you would see the quote unquote DARPA chief.

Yeah, I just again, I never separated the two.

That was my bad. Love it.

Totally fine.

It plays with our expectations.

I I might be shitting on some Hollywood royalty here, but I'm going to have to

say that we need to take a time machine to de-age my pick a little bit.

But I'm going to give it to oldest living and earliest surviving best actor

Academy Award and I believe I believe I might be wrong.

First black actor with an Academy Award, Sydney Poitiers.

But specifically from like I would say specifically like maybe 80s era.


Sydney Poitiers.

That's perfect.

He's good. He's good.

He just he's got a really good look to him.

Yeah, I agree.

Yeah, he's got and he's got the look his voice his voice is right there too,

because I I don't know about you guys, but obviously when you know,

years down the road when we get to Metal Gear Solid one, that's like one of the

first like sets of cutscenes that I know really, really well because I start

Metal Gear Solid one a lot.

So like if it hadn't been for the revolution, I know all those lines so much.

Yeah, exactly.

So I like I could see him like owning those fucking lines so easily.

Just yeah, I think what is fantastic.

I think I've got the sound effects of the Darp

Achieve dying of a heart attack hard burned into my memory for the rest of my life.

That's what you're going to echo.

Yeah, with the crazy echo.

That's so good.

That's awesome.

OK, so then I started like sort of I forgot to add I did want to put Baker in there

because we do President Baker.

I totally I missed I missed Kenneth.

So I'm going to have to do some speed casting real quick.

I chose I had two picks that I would have gone with.

I would have said Brendan Gleason.


If you guys are familiar with him, he definitely looks the part.

He's a fantastic actor that has shown up in everything.

He is the dad of Donald Donald Gleason, who is in Harry Potter movies.

He was in what's the other one he's really good in.

Ex Machina in Bruce in Bruce.

Well, I guess it's so good.

Yeah, Brendan Gleason is just like he's was in the 28 days later movies.

I think they're the first one 28 days later.

He's just like a classic actor that just runs people into the ground

when he's like sharing a room with them.

Or I would pick.

Oh, why is his name escaping me because I didn't have it in front of me.

Brian Cox would have been my other one for Baker.

If you guys know Brian Cox, he was the captain in Super Troopers.

But he's like a legitimately good actor who has been in like all the boring movies.

He was in Trick or Treats.

Men X man, right?

He plays striker and X men.

So he's just got a long laundry list of great shit.

And my favorite crossover, Ex Machina, man.

X, X, X, Menachina.

X Menachina.

I like that.

So, Tori, hey, who do you have for a baker?

I have Brendan Gleason cast as kind of baker.

It's already done. It's booked.

Like, I don't know why it's not on IMDb yet.

It's crazy. I.

Yeah. So you're rushed to find a cast.

What do you got? No, no, no.

So it's funny as the words left my mouth, I'm going to have to research.

My brain went, no, you're not, baby.

I got this.

And I think you shave his head and shave his face and 100 percent.

It has to be the actor's name is totally.

It's giving me right now. Hold on.

It has to be.

Oh, for fuck's sake. Come on.

What is this actor's fucking name?

Gainty's like, John C. Riley, Jesus Christ.

Oh, yeah. OK. Yeah.

He could pull it. He's got chops.

100 percent.

And we'll we'll Ferrell movies.

So just liver spot the shit out of them and have him slumped over

with a bunch of pillows under his under his shirt.

And we'll call it just everything hurts all the time.

Yeah. No, I love I love I love John C. Riley.

Oh, don't touch.

Yeah, he's great in Magnolia and lobster.

Oh, he's so good at Magnolia.

He's very good at Magnolia.

All right, moving on, Sniper Wolf.

I had two that I picked that I basically went depending on how they

wanted to age Sniper Wolf, because I do think that both these women

are flames regardless of their age.

I had Famka Jansen, who is like she's in Goldeneye, but she's been in like

Rounders and she was Jean Gray in the X-Men movies.

But then I also figured get a little Kojima in there and I picked Leia Seydoux.

She was fragile in the destiny.

Excuse me, she's fragile, but she's not fragile.

Oh, God, I'm thank you.

Yeah, get it right.

Got him.

What about you, Tori?

Sniper Wolf.

This is a weird out of left field pick, I think.

But it's again, because of the voice, I can hear her doing the softer

spoken kind of monologuing Maggie Gyllenhaal.


Interesting, interesting.

Maggie, is it a soft maggy Gyllenhaal?

OK, sure. She's she's she's Jake's sister.

Right. Yeah, that's just what it is, right?

She's not she hasn't earned her own chops.

Oh, no.

You know, it's it's Jake's big sister, you know.

Oh, my God, that's amazing.

And then who for you and will she have green hair?

For sure, green hair.

And I went surely staring.

Yeah, it's Charlie's the wrong.

The wrong.

Yeah, yeah, but no, I don't know why.

But surely staring, I think would would kill it.

That's a rule. Sure.

I can see that looking good.

Yeah, I could see that.

I feel bad because she like after the fast movies,

I'm kind of like bummed out that she's in those movies

because she's I don't really like her character in that.

But like clearly, like she can kill it.

Yeah, I can see her having a great, you know,

when she's shuffled off this mortal coil scene.

Yeah, it's yeah, I don't know.

It's so weird to me because she absolutely killed it in Mad Max.

Yeah, for some reason, the the casting for I don't know, even in like,

I mean, I didn't watch the films with the fast trailer that she was in.

I was like, what are you doing, girl? Get out of there.

Her name is Cypher in those movies.

Give her some credit. OK.

Cypher is her name in that.

And is she willing to trade her humanity

in exchange for steak dinners from The Matrix?

No, ignorance is bliss.

But no, she's Jason Statham's sister, I think.

His character sister, I think, where it's like Jason's sister, Jason's big sister.

Come on.

I OK, so then I did have Solid Snake just in case

anybody wanted to sort of like officially fancast it,

because I will argue that Oscar Isaac was not my first pick.

Hang on.

We have another character to do before we get to good old Solid Boy.

I was just going in alphabetical order.

Do you want me to go back? Oh, my bad. My bad.

No, you're good. It's OK.

That's all right. OK. I just thought we'd save.

You want to go? OK. You know what?

Vulcan Raven is another character that we would like to talk about

in this film being cast.

So I don't know if you guys watch the show Banshee,

but I casted Gino and I want to say it's Gino Seagr's is how it's pronounced.

If you know him well enough, I'm not saying I loved him in that show, per se,

because his character sort of overstayed his welcome, but he is a giant.

Holy shit, he looks perfect.

He is a giant man that had tattoos all over him,

and he literally has the deepest voice ever.

Well, he regularly talks.

If you want to just take a clip of him, he would be a perfect, a perfect Raven.

Yeah, he looks he literally looks like Raven.

Yeah, he's so good.

And like I said, just watch like a 30 second clip of him.

I think he shows up in like late second season of Banshee.

It won't be spoilers or anything, but he's just got such a great

like just how he carries himself is literally Raven because he plays

an American Indian that is all about like his homeland and all that stuff.

So it's all about like, you know, being one with nature and all that.

He literally already lived it in a previous role.

Yeah, just like slap a slap of Raven on that man's forehead

and get it thirsty for blood.

Get it. Good and thirsty.

That's a good pick.

And he's a big man, too.

So like he could clearly carry five thousand rounds for his gun.

He could also carry me.


He could carry on my wayward son.

Tory, Vulcan Raven, who is your pick?

Well, I guess I went with the obvious here, maybe.

But Jason Momoa was my Vulcan Raven.

I. Yeah.

I like that.

I feel like it would be better if it was Jason Momoa

pre game of Thrones, because they think Jason Momoa is just Jason Momoa

in things now. He's not like. Yeah.

Yeah, it's like he's not like, wow, that guy's really cool.

It's it's almost like the rock.

Like you just can't separate the persona from the human anymore.

Yeah, especially since he's a DC.

He's Aquaman now.

It's just what it is.

Well, I was thinking even even Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa as Cal Drogo

was a pretty good representation.

Oh, sure. Oh, for sure.

For sure. I what I mean is like the popularity of him as a human being.

Like I wish you could roll it back because like now if he appears in things,

it's not it's not Vulcan Raven.

It's Jason Momoa as Vulcan Raven. You know what I mean?

Yeah, you want like Baywatch, Jason Momoa, right?

I think he was in wasn't he in Baywatch?

Am I wrong there?

I think the rock is in Baywatch, actually.

Well, he's in the movie Baywatch.

I'm talking about the TV show Baywatch.

Oh, I didn't realize.

He had Jason Ianoe was his pronounced name and he was in 2044 episodes.

Baywatch from 1991.

Moran is a human robot when it comes to

he also is in the TV movie, Hawaiian wedding Baywatch.

So just give a little bit more in child.

That's my favorite TV movie.


Alessia, what about you for Mr.

Raven? Same as these.

Momoa. Yeah.

Momoa. I like it.

OK. Well, pre pre DC.

Momoa is where your your heart lies.

I mean, I'll take him at any point.

I just I just wish people could like bleed into the character.

You know what I mean? Like sure.

Yeah, I don't know.

It just becomes it becomes

cameo calling at the.

You know what I mean?

Like, yeah, because I think he would kill it in the role.

But I think everybody would be like, oh, my God, it's Jason.

I'm all you know, like, is that Jason Momoa's music?

Yeah. Why are all these?

Why are all these moms that metal gear?

What's happening? Oh, it's Jason Momoa.

Oh, they have Jason Momoa.

Oh, that's so bad.

Yeah. But anyway, no, I think you'd be good for it.

And then obviously our final piece, like I said,

Oscar Isaac is Solid Snake.

But did anyone have like a fan casting

prior to finding out it's Oscar Isaac?

I will give Oscar Isaac his due and say that I do think he can do the role.

I like Oscar Isaac in a lot of films and even the bad ones he's in.

I wouldn't say he's the reason they're bad.

And he clearly has shown that he can do a little bit of both.

He's done the Army soldier.

He's done, you know, drama, I would say he's done like what?

He was a tech billionaire, you know, like disassociated.

He's just a madman and he's been in a lot of shit.

So I will give him the due and I he can hold the franchise.

So fingers crossed.

But if I had to pick anyone, I did go for Chris Evans,

just a heavily bearded bandamn.

Interesting. Chris Evans, who I think would fucking nail it.

And clearly he has the ass for it.

Chris, did you watch the leaked Chris Evans sex tape?

In order to confirm that?

No, what was it?

Metal rear solid?

He played a cameo in that.

So that's just got, you know, got it got it right off the bat there.

What about you, Tori?

Did you have like a dream casting?

It's OK if you didn't, I just wanted to throw a line out there.

No, I definitely do.

Mine is Carl Urban.

I just think he's he's got the look down.

He's got the attitude down.

He's in the boys most recently.

Oh, wow. Yeah, he definitely does look the part.


Carl Urban, so I've known him a long time

because I love him to death.

It's so funny how like people all watch a movie and they're like, oh,

shit, that's Carl Urban.

Like he's in Lord of the Rings.

Oh, shit. He's in the Star Trek.

Yeah, he's all over the place.

He is dread.

Oh, dude, talk about an underrated action movie.

I fucking love dread.

He's so good.

He's really good.

Yeah. Yeah, Carl Urban's great.

That's a fucking and he can clearly like he can ham it up.

Again, I'd recommend the boys for anyone who hasn't seen it.

He can ham it up.

He can be serious.

Yeah, he's even in the Marvel universe.

He played what Slag or whatever his name is.

He's in like the he's in the Thor movies.

He's like one of the like third rate villains who like gets a big

comedic set because he's in the one with Tiger with TT.

Let's let's let's just not forget his greatest role,

which was playing Julius Caesar on Xena Warrior Princess

in 2001 and 1990.

That's amazing.

I remember wasn't he in that like show, like Become Human or whatever it was called

that lasted like one episode?

Oh, shit on sci fi.

I know what you're talking about.

Almost almost. Yeah.

Well, I said like a season or like half a season.

He had like the best name like Kinex or something crazy like that.

Amazing. Oh, he was on Ghost Ship.

I didn't know that.

That's dope.

What about you, Alessio, before we round up this bad boy and get you out of here?

Yeah. So I went with I was going to to me.

He's the guy from re Antoinette.

But to most women over 40,

he is going to be Christian Gray from Fifty Shades of Gray.

I went with Jamie Dornan.

I don't know. I don't know why.

But this Northern Irish boy for me

looked like he could he could he could do he could do it.

I could. Did you see what's the thing I know him from the most?

Did you see the fall?

No, I did not. But that's all my he's really good in the fall.

He's like a he's like the villain in that show.

And he's just like really, really charismatic and like really nails it.

And that's when I was like, oh, shit, because when they first Fifty Shades of Gray,

come out, I was like, yeah, the dude from the fall.

I was like, that sucks for him.

It's like he's going to be in the Fifty Shades movies.

Yeah. Oh, I'm sure he got paid very well.

Yeah. I mean, everybody knows him from Trolls World Tour.

Oh, of course. Yeah.

He played Chaz, everyone's favorite troll.

I watched it every night.

Yeah. Oh, yeah, it's my go to bed movie.

I totally agree.

All right. Well, thanks for coming out, Alessio.

Yeah, of course. Tori.

We definitely, like I said, the bat signal from Shadow Moses went out.

We had to definitely do something about this casting as soon as we could.

But we wanted to give it its proper do and actually like do some research

before we just drop an apple.

It sucks having to having to find my way into this abandoned military

facility every time we want to record.

I don't know if people at home know this or not, but we record from the ruins

of Shadow Moses Island every time we record this podcast.

But yeah, Out of Con's Lab was just fine after all of the damage, you know.

Yeah, it's crazy.

The pre-production that the pre and post production

of Alessio puts into these to get that echo out of here.

It's just amazing.

Yeah, we just throw some space heaters in the corner and call it a day.

Yeah, it's just engines running.

There is a weird energy from Gray Fox in there, though.

So sometimes it gets crazy.

You just get some random.

You just hear the background.

Oh, yeah, I forgot about this.

All my notes get blown around for some reason.

I love it.

So yeah, so thanks again, guys.

We do have plenty of stuff coming up in the new year, even a few more episodes

before this year is over.

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You can find me on Discord server sometimes and sometimes some other

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That's Y-N-G-N-E-I-L.

Love it.

And Ghost Dad.


Where can they find you in anything you want to plug?

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And yeah, that's that's pretty much it.

Well, that's awesome, man.

Yeah, I'm excited.

I hope some of the patrons have gotten a little little previous taste of this.

Oh, yeah, it'll be fun.

You just dropped a giant personal accountability bomb by Mason on this episode.

Yeah, it's neat.

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Outside of that, thank you again, guys, for joining me on this.

Chris, enjoy your location scouting.

We can't wait to have you back.

And let's let it rip, Jack.